A Second Childhood

I do not own any of the Criminal Minds characters. I only own Shaianne and Lucy.

Shaianne tapped her foot to a song on the radio. She worked for the Behavioural Analysis Unit in Quantico. She was doing her paperworks that her boss Hotch had told her to for what must have been the millionth time.

She took a sip of her coffee and glanced up as Emily and JJ walked into the office talking about stuff. Shaianne went to asked what they were talking about when she blacked out. As she fall to the ground, she found herself thinking the coffee was sweeter then normal.

It was about five minutes before she woke up and when she did, Emily and JJ was staring at her in shock.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Shaianne asked and noticed that she was in Rossi’s office

“Shaianne, look down.” Rossi said seriously and Shaianne looked down. She screamed as she realized that she looked like she was six years old.

“Wha…HOW?!” She shrieked.

Her best mate Lucy looked over from the couch she was sitting on and said “Be thankful, you are six and not four!” crossing her arms. Hotch walked in looking concerned at his female agents.

“Your coffees were spiked and the unsub left a note saying that he is the only one with the antidote.” Hotch said seriously. “I have called in Morgan, Reid and Garcia.”

Garcia walked in and said “You are so cute!” as she looked at Lucy and Shaianne. Shaianne pouted and said “How am I supposed to work like this?” she crossed her arms which made Emily laugh.

“You are not gonna work.” Hotch said.

Shaianne sighed when Morgan walked in and she walked up to him. She looked up at him and reached up.

“Up please.” She asked and Morgan picked her up, he was used to kids and was contented with holding her.

“Did anyone get any picture of the unsub on the CCTV?” Morgan asked.

“The CCTVs were down for maintenance around the time it happened.” Garcia said.

Hotch was about to answer when Lucy wrapped her arms around his leg and gazed up at him. Her amber eyes widened. He looked at JJ who lifted her up but Lucy wasn’t happy, she reached out to Hotch who raised an eyebrow. Lucy gave a whimper which surprised herself.

“Hotch, come on.” JJ said as Lucy began to wiggle wanting to be in her boss’s arms who she felt the safest with. Like Shaianne felt safest with Morgan. Lucy blinked sadly and turned to her second choice, she reached to Rossi who took her into his arms.

Lucy stuck her thumb into her mouth placing her head against Rossi’s shoulder, shooting looks of hurt towards Hotch.

“They are going to need clothes and other items until they are changed back.” Garcia said. “I’ll go with Morgan and Rossi to the shopping centre.”

“If they are changed back.” Emily said looking at Garcia. “We should use one of the safe house to raise them up if needed.”
Hotch nodded and said “Morgan, would you be okay with raising Shaianne?” Morgan gave a nod.

“I’ll raise Lucy.” Rossi said and muttered something soft in Italian to her.

Both girls looked up at the opportunity to get a new wardrobe each. Children clothes were totally adorable!

“A sparkly blue dress?” Lucy asked. “Like Frozen?”

“Shoes that lit up when you walk?” Shaianne added.

Garcia said “Yes, if we can find any.”

“Aladdin is ten times cooler then Frozen.” Shaianne said to Lucy who shook her head. JJ said “I have some spare car-seats.” she went to her office and picked them up. She had a son around Shaianne’s age.

Shaianne scowled at the car seat as Morgan and Rossi took her and Lucy to the Black SVU.

“I am not a baby, I don’t need to sit in there.” Shaianne said and struggled as Morgan buckled her into the car seat. She crossed her arms while attempting to glare at Morgan.

“Yes you do Missy, you are six years old.” Garcia said getting into the driver’s seat.

“I can’t undo this.” Lucy whined as she pulled at the buckle. Rossi sat next to her while Morgan sat in the passenger seat.

“You are not supposed to be able to undo it.” Rossi pointed out. Lucy sulked until they got to the shopping centre. The girls followed happily until Rossi and Morgan bought them kiddy backpacks with a leash attached.

“NO!” Both wailed. Garcia said “You can choose which backpack you want but you are gonna wear them.”

“No!” They sulked, crossing their arms. Morgan said “There is an owl one Shai.”

Shaianne stopped sulking and asked “An owl one?” Owls were her favourite animal.

“Yes, an owl one.” Morgan said showing her the backpack. Shaianne looked at it quietly and gave a nod of approval.


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