Gym dramas

It was your fault!”

Sienna walked into the Storm Blaze Gym where she worked. She sighed as she realized her two colleagues were once again fighting. She sipped onto her coffee as she walked to the main part of the gym where her colleagues Shannan and Hunter were screaming at each other.

Shannan?” Sienna noticed the blonde haired guy was pale and leaning against the main desk.

Hunter smirked, his green eyes sparkling with mischief. He and Shannan had never gotten on, Shannan had always been the better gym trainer. People preferred Shannan’s classes over his. And now he had something to upset Shannan with.

You should ask Shannan about how he feels about you, Sienna.” Hunter smirked at the look on Shannan’s face.

WILL YOU JUST SHUT UP!” Shannan yelled, his deep blue eyes flamed but his grip on the desk tightened as he began to breathe hard. Sienna walked over to him, and she placed her hand onto his shoulder.

You like her don’t you?” Hunter said grinning, knowing he was making Shannan more upset.

Sienna had to push her shoulder against Shannan pushing him gently into the desk, so she could prevent him from punching out Hunter.

Hunter, go and take your class.” Sienna told Hunter, shooting him a look.

Not until he tells you.” Hunter sneered as he saw the look of anger and embarrassment building up in Shannan’s face.

SHUT UP!” Shannan yelled again and Sienna could feel him shaking.

Sienna and Shannan in a tree…”Hunter began to sing the words out.

Hunter. Shut. Up.” Shannan had to wheeze out of the words. His anger making it hard to talk.

Kiss her Shannan. She is right there.” Hunter said.

Shannan’s hand clutched onto the table and Sienna moved so she could pull him into her arms.

Oooo.” Hunter said with a grin.

Hunter, go to your class before I do decide to let you get punched.” Sienna warned as she rubbed at Shannan’s chest.

Hunter grinned more as he said “Aww, she wants to be alone with you.” but he left to go and take his boxing class.

Breathe.” Sienna said, her hazel eyes were full with concern.

I got a class.” Shannan muttered as he pulled out of her arms and walked out of the room.

Sienna said with a soft sigh “I wish Hunter was right and you did like me Shannan.” a part of her was sad.

She didn’t have a class for two hours so she went to the local Starbucks and got herself a Caramel Mocha. Sienna sipped at as she went over class plans and finished off the mocha. She threw it into the nearby bin and decided to get onto one of the tread mills.

Sienna had been going on the hard level on her treadmill for about an hour when the room began to spin but she shook it her head, trying to shake off the dizziness. She haven’t ate anything yet but she thought she would be fine. When she fell off the treadmill, hitting the ground hard.

Everything went black and when she woke, it had been about ten minutes. She let out a small groan, turning her head to look at what was pushing on her wrist. There she saw Shannan checking her pulse.

Sie?” He asked, his deep blue eyes were full with concern as she tried to sit up but swayed, he laid her back down. “Don’t sit up, the ambulance is coming. I am really worried about you.”

You were not this worried about Ellie, when she collapsed.” Sienna said referring to the other female trainer.

I don’t like her, like I like you. Sie…I love you so much.” Shannan admitted. “I hate saying this but Hunter was right.”

A smile lit up her face as she reached her arms out to him and he pulled her into his arms. She said “I love you too.” as she laid her head against his chest.

The next day, when she came back into her work after getting the all clear from the doctors, she heard that Hunter and Shannan were again at each others throats.

Hunter’s face went stormy. He walked off into the kitchen and opened Shannan’s protein shake and slipped in a mixture of Ipecac and castor oil and mixed it up.

Shannan rubbed his face in pure frustration but couldn’t help smiling when he saw Sienna.

I cleaned up our room. I am so happy that you are moving in.” He told Sienna with a smile that made his eyes shine. He was so happy that she was moving in.

Sienna couldn’t help but let out a soft sigh and a smile as she hugged him. This, This is something she had wanted since the one night where they were locked in the gym and now she got it. Shannan slipped his arms around her and said “We don’t have any classes until tonight. We could go home and get you settled in.”

I like that idea. It’s a good idea.” She said softly and walked with him to the kitchen where their stuff sat. He grabbed his protein shake from the fridge, placing it into his bag. The house was only ten minutes down the road and once they got home, Shannan drunk his shake.

Hunter had made sure, there was no taste of the mixture he put in it so Shannan wouldn’t be suspicious. Sienna sat on the king sized bed, Shannan had put down some nice purple blankets and some purple pillows.

Sie.” Shannan stumbled in and he was pale. “’m gonna…Sie!” he was panicking and his face was wet with sweat. Sienna jumped up and wrapped her arms around him, she helped him to the bed and found an empty bucket. She placed it in front of him.

All hospital were closed due to a dragon problem.

Shannan laid on his side facing the bucket. Sienna got a wet cloth and put it on his head.

Ellie, please get Ellie.” Shannan whimpered referring to his best friend of twenty years.

Sure.” Sienna said softly, ignoring the hurt she felt at the request. She run to the gym, thankfully being ten minutes.

She rushed into the gym and down to the part where Ellie was.

El, Shannan needs you.” Sienna said giving Ellie, the key.

Ellie frowned at the tone that Sienna had and said “He loves you Enna.”

Sienna shrugged and sighed out “Yeah. Sure.”

Hey Sienna. You got a visitor in your office.” Hunter called to her smirking.

Sienna gave an annoyed sigh but before she could walk off to the office, Ellie showed Sienna a text message from Shannan asking where Sienna was. He meant he wanted Ellie there in case Sienna needed help doing something. Ellie looked worried because the text didn’t make too much sense, words were spelt wrong and grammar was messy.

Sienna spun looking at Hunter who was grinning.

What did you do!” Sienna demanded, her eyes flaring angry to the point where they were a dark brown.

Oh, just a mixture of Ipecac and Castor Oil.” Hunter sneered, his amber eyes sparkling.

You will regret that decision. Hear my words, you will regret it.” Sienna said, her Russian accent coming out thick.

How is poor Shannan?” Hunter asked.

Past’ Zakroi!” Sienna yelled in Russian which meant shut it!

Sienna went back to her new house and walked in to hear Shannan’s sobbing coming from the bedroom. It was hysterical and distressed. She walked into the bedroom, she frowned as he tried to stand up as she came into his view and she rushed to his side, catching him as he nearly collapsed.

Sie…” He sobbed out her name, he was in a horrible distressed state. Sienna began to suspect that Hunter didn’t tell her all the ingredients in his mixture.

Sienna managed to get him sit down and she pulled off his sweat soaked shirt. She frowned at how much he was shaking and said “Ellie is getting some stuff from the chemist. The hospitals are closed due to the dragons.”

Don’t leave me Sie! I love you not Ellie.” Shannan cried out. “I need you.”

Sienna wrapped her arms around him lying her head against his chest playing with his chest hair.

Shannan laid down falling asleep and within a few days, he was better and Sienna and he settled in their new lives as a couple.

Shannan sighed as Hunter wouldn’t leave him alone and he had to get his class notes in order before his boxing class started.

Hunter, please. Leave me alone.” Shannan sighed. “My boxing class is starting in ten minutes.”

Hunter said “I hired a new trainer. His name is Derek. I’m sure you have heard of him.”

The name sent rage pounding through Shannan and a loud bang rang throughout the gym, as his fist collided with his desk.

You hired…hired…the guy whose responsible for…” Shannan clutched his jaw.

His anger made him nauseous and he swallowed, he had not thought about his deceased wife Ruby and their daughter Lucy, not since the night, he lost them due to a car accident that Derek caused. But Derek was never charged and Shannan didn’t understand why. Why the person who took the most important people away from him, didn’t get punished. Where was the justice in the world?

His stomach flipped and turned and made knots, he stood up and walked out to Sienna’s office. He found Sienna who was sighing and grumbling under her breathe.

Babe?” Sienna asked in concern. “What is wrong?” He kissed her head. Sienna turned around and she reached up to him, she had tears in her eyes.

Sie? Sweetie, what’s wrong?” Shannan asked as he lifted her into his arms. “Sie? Shh. Talk to me.”

Sienna buried her face into his shoulder and sobbed out, words that made Shannan’s blood boil and his heart ache. “I will never be as good as Ruby.”

Shannan shook his head and whispered “You are better then Ruby, Sie. One hundred times better.”

How can you say that?” Sienna let out a hiccup.

Ruby and I, we were in midst of a divorce and custody battle over Lucy when the…” Shannan sighed pushing Sienna’s hair out of face.

Sienna smiled as she looked at him and kissed him. That night, at home, Sienna was making Grilled Balsamic Bruschetta Chicken for their dinner.

Sie!” Shannan yelled from the bathroom which was attached to the bedroom which was only a few feet from the kitchen.

Yeah Shan?” Sienna called to him.

I need you!” He called back, there was a sense of urgency to his voice.

Sienna made sure her chicken was safe and couldn’t burn. She walked to the bathroom and walked in to find that Shannan was leaning against the toilet. His face was white as a ghost as well soaked with sweat.

Help.” He sighed, gazing at her with miserable blue eyes.

Sienna wrapped her arms around him and stroked his blonde hair gently.

Hmm.” She checked his forehead and grabbed a thermometer, she placed it under his armpit and waited for it to beep. Shannan moved his free hand through her hair. Sienna frowned at the thermometer because it said that Shannan’s temperature was 45.

Once she managed to get him to bed and he was asleep, she threw the chicken into the bin before getting in beside him, wrapping her arms around him.

The next day, Sienna finished up her Zumba class when Ellie walked in and said “Shannan and Hunter are arguing. Shannan isn’t looking too well.”

God darn it! He has the fucking stomach flu! He is not supposed to be here! He is supposed to be at home in bed.” Sienna almost yelled out the words due to the worry she felt.

She rushed down the hallway and turned into the treadmill area where Shannan and Hunter was arguing. Shannan was leaning against the treadmill and his eyes were a dark blue, there was winkles on the right corner of his forehead.

It’s a donkey!” Hunter yelled referring to the poster on the wall.

Sienna looked at the poster which had a picture of a Reindeer on it. Sienna walked over to Shannan and slipped her arms around him.

It’s a reindeer.” Shannan said confused.

Donkey!” Hunter protested. Shannan felt bile building all of a sudden and he swallowed, Sienna pulled him closer to her and grabbed the nearby blue bucket stuffing it under his chin.

Shannan’s whole body shook with the pain that it took for him to throw up everything he had eaten since Breakfast. Tears welled in his eyes and he let out an angry sob. He hated feeling this weak.

She managed to get him to the new office, they now shared and laid him down on the lockdown bed. He kept on slowly blinking his eyes.

It hurts Sie!” Shannan cried out the words, it sounded like it was difficult for him to talk. “Don’t go!” He panicked as she got up to get the thermometer. Sienna sat back down and looked at him, she wrapped her arms around him.

Ellie can get it. Text her.” Shannan whined softly and Sienna frowned at the tone of his voice.

Shannan was a very healthy person and it was rare for him to get sick but when he did, it could linger on for weeks. Sometimes getting better then crashing again. Sienna saw the fear in his blue eyes and pulled out her iPhone 6S and texted Ellie.

She pulled off his shirt which was soaked with sweat and he was burning up so she assumed it wouldn’t be comfortable. That was when she realized his spare clothes were at their place but he did seem more comfortable without having a shirt on.

Just then Hunter walked in and said “Heads up. I hired Derek.” Sienna tried not to react, especially in front of Hunter. She felt Shannan sit up slowly and move closer to her. He watched Hunter left before he wrapped his arms around her lying her down against his chest.

It is going to be okay Sie.” Shannan told her.

How can you know that?” Sienna asked in a whisper. It was hard for her to act tough when Shannan was holding her. It was where she felt safest.

She buried her face into his left shoulder, Derek was her ex and someone who terrified her.

The next day Shannan was doing his class when Sienna walked in, she sat down on the couch and Shannan frowned as he crossed to the room to the couch. His class was fine on their own, he was still in the room.

It’s okay. Whatever it is, it’s going to be okay.” He said sitting next to her. “Come here Sie.”

Sienna hesitated and didn’t go to his arms like usual. Shannan frowned but pulled her into his arms. However he was more concerned when she didn’t relax like she would usually. He began to stroke her hair. But it didn’t work, this alarmed him.

Okay, I’m gonna take you to my office and Luka can take the class.” Shannan decided, Sienna was acting unlike herself and it really scared him.

Sienna didn’t reply but blinked sadly at him; when a lady with blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes walked in. Ruby. This made Shannan looked around in confusion, and he tightened his grip on Sienna so she couldn’t bolt off. Ruby was supposed to be dead! He verified her identity at the morgue.

Ruby meet Sienna. Sienna is my girlfriend and my soul mate.” Shannan said in a no nonsense tone which Ruby knew quite well. He pulled Sienna closer rubbing at her back and placed his head onto her head.

Really?” Sienna asked, her voice cracking with tears.

Shannan looked at her and said “Listen to me Sienna Rose Night. I love you! No one else. But you! And one day I will love a little girl who shall call you mummy.”

He looked at Ruby who was staring in shock and said “I still want that divorce Ruby. Before you disappeared, I wanted to divorce you and I still want to divorce you.” he then nodded to Sienna “Nothing has changed besides the fact I have my Sienna.”

Sienna let out a sigh before shutting her eyes snuggling into his arms when Shannan let out a soft gasp and swallowed. She opened her eyes, she knew he was still not one hundred percent. She watched his face pale.

Come on, lets go home.” Sienna said but Shannan couldn’t answer verbally because if he did, he would throw up.

Ruby grabbed one of the huge weights and threw it at Shannan but Sienna threw out her wrist blocking it from hitting Shannan. The weights collided with her wrist.

Shannan’s face darkened and anger flashed right across his face. His eyes went a dark blue and winkles crawled across her forehead. His sick feeling was replaced by fury.

You can hurt me in anyway. BUT- BUT hurting Sienna.” Shannan shook his head. “I have never hit a woman Ruby, you know that. BUT you dare even try to hurt Sienna or hurt her again, I won’t hesitate to hit you.”

Sienna had never heard him this mad or use the tone he was using, not even with Hunter. But his protective attitude over her, just proved how much he loved her.

Love you Shannan.” She whispered looking up at his now normal blue eyes.

Shannan took a deep breathe as the nausea made a return before he said “I love you Sie. From the moon and back.”

He picked up her wrist and checked it over to find that it was only bruised. Sienna hugged him but then checked his head to find that she was burning up.

I think we need to get you home Shan. You are burning up fast.” Sienna said softly, she helped him stand but as Shannan went to say something, he swallowed hard. Sienna managed to grab a bucket and tears sting his eyes.

Oh Shan. Hmmm.” She rubbed his back and he held onto her. Soon she got him home and she laid him down and he fell asleep.

Sienna let out a sigh as she and her team members sat in the dining area of the health and exercise centre where they lived. Due to different health and fitness problems, they had to attend the centre. Some because of their family but in Sienna’s case because she was constantly sick and had no family to take care of her.

Their team was Team Blue and their team leader Shannan was in hospital due to a shoulder injury. But Team Blue didn’t know this because the other team’s trainers had neglected to tell them the information, leaving them in the dark. This lead to a lot of beliefs that was not true.

He has given up on us, hasn’t he?” The youngest Ellie asked, her green eyes was saddened. They looked outside where the other teams were training. It had been two weeks since they seen Shannan.

Sienna looked at the ground before she nodded her head.

Why?” Ellie asked.

Despite the fact we have done everything he asked, it must have not been enough.” Sienna whispered. Deep down, back in her mind she knew something was wrong. Surely Shannan would have not up and left. Would he?

Keith sighed as he came over with Gunnar and sat next to the girls.

He nodded to where their cars were and said “I want to go shopping.” which Gunnar nodded.

I’ll drive.” He said and got his keys to his Toyota Rav 4.

Sienna grabbed her black hand bag, the team walked outside and past Team Red. Team Red leader Scott had the four Team Red members- Jemima, Kate, Clay and Heriberto doing push ups.

Sienna couldn’t help but sigh out of guilt, at the fact that she complained about doing push ups.

Team Purple trainer Jelena noticed the look in the members of Team Blue’s faces. The look of abandonment and guilt. And hurt.

Come on guys, let’s go.” Gunnar said, he was standing by the car.

After a few hours past, the Team Blue team was back at the centre. Sienna was in the living room eating her Salt and Vinegar potato chips which was breaking Shannan’s healthy food rule. The Team Green leader Tamara walked past.

Sienna! Why are you eating those?!” Tamara demanded in shock. Team Blue were usually good at following rules but Sienna was especially, due to the fact Sienna had a crush on Shannan. This was not normal.

Shannan has given up on me. It is why he has not been here the last few weeks.” Sienna answered, her voice full of hurt.

Why follow his rules? I tried hard to please him, did everything asked of me and he just goes and abandoned me. He promised- He broke his promise.”

Tamara looked over at Shannan who just walked into the centre.

Sienna didn’t noticed where Tamara was looking as she said “I would love to date him Tamara. I really hate disappointing him.”

Tamara tried not to laugh at Shannan who went really red in the face and moved his hands in front of his pants.

Uhm. I think we need to chat.” Shannan said as he walked over to Sienna who stopped eating her chips. Tamara had to leave the room to crack up laughing because Sienna had gone just as red as Shannan had.

Sienna studied the strap that held his shoulder and she frowned.

What happened to your shoulder?” Sienna asked, a mix of concern and yet a little distrust and hurt. She studied the swing carefully.

I had shoulder surgery. Didn’t anyone tell you? No-one told you? I told them to tell you and rest of the team.” Shannan looked shocked as he sat down. Sienna touched the strap of his swing gently and moved her hand down, making sure not to do anything to hurt him.

Shannan used his free hand to pull her into his embrace. She had gone silent and she did this when she was trying to work through things in her mind.

Are you scared?” Shannan asked as she buried her face into his good shoulder. He cared for whole team but Sienna, she was special to him.

Sienna whispered “Yes.” her voice starting to crack with tears.

You got nothing to be scared of. Okay. It’s going to be okay Sie.” Shannan said using a special nickname for her, for the first time.

The door opened and Shannan looked over to see Keith walked in very calmly.

How cute.” His voice was too calm as he walked to the couch.

Keith…” Shannan went to explain his absence but instead watched his vision get spotty as Keith pulled his swing off and pushed his arm back, hurting his bad shoulder.

You stole Sienna from me. You will pay.” Keith hissed in his ear as he pushed his shoulder back even more.

I was never yours Keith.” Sienna said. “I have never dated you and I never will. SECURITY!”

Shannan began to gag and Sienna looked around, she grabbed a bowl from the bin and pushed it to him.

Keith let go of his arm as security rushed in and handcuffed him, taking him out of the centre. Shannan let out a wheeze as pain flooded his body and he lost his battle with his stomach.

Sienna pulled out her Samsung Galaxy phone and called triple zero, she kept one hand on his back. He was sweating and breathing hard.

Sie, stay with me. Please. Stay with me.” Shannan begged her between wheezes of breathes. “Please.” before he threw up again.

Shh, I’ll stay with you. Shan. I’ll stay with you.” Sienna promised.

Shannan looked up at him, studying her face, her beautiful long brown hair and her hazel eyes. He smiled and asked “Will you be my girlfriend?”

Yes!” Sienna couldn’t help but grin. “Yes!” she laid him down as she watched his face get whiter.

Shannan held onto her hand. He heard sirens coming.

You are not staying here, at the centre. It is not safe here for you. I want you to stay with me. By my side.” Shannan pleaded.

She moved into his apartment with him, she was so happy with him. One day, she had to work with the Team Purple team due to the fact that Shannan had caught the whooping cough. The training session had gone very bad because Jelena had been very cruel to her and humiliated her in front of both Team Blue and Purple.

Sienna went home to their apartment and walked in which woke up Shannan, who walked out of the bedroom to greet her home. He noticed she was quiet and her eyes were a lighter hazel colour. He walked to her and put his arms around her taking her to the bedroom.

Are you okay?” Shannan asked gently as they sat down.

I’m alright.” Sienna answered him as she placed her head onto his good shoulder.

Shannan frowned, usually if nothing was wrong, she would say she was good or everything is great. But I’m okay, that was what she said when she was trying to hide her feelings.

Let me ask you again.” Shannan prompted. “Are you okay?” his blue eyes deep with concern for his girl. “Come on my Moon and Stars tell me the truth.”

He was the only one who called her Sie or my Moon and Stars. She called him Shan or my Polar Bear.

Sienna was not one to talk about or express her feelings due to the fact as a child, she would be punished for doing so. Her parents would put her into a cold basement and locked her in there for the night.

No. No I’m not okay.” Sienna whispered as they laid against the purple pillows. “It was horrible! I don’t want to go tomorrow!” this came out as a wail.

Shannan give a few coughs and fought back the urge to throw up. Whooping cough was hell and he was even vaccinated!

What happened?” He asked once he was sure he would not throw up.

Sienna sobbed even more, “I don’t want to talk about it.”

Shannan looked at her concerned but before he could say anything, he started to cough really hard.

Shan, sit up a little bit.” Sienna said as she placed her hand onto his back and leaned him into his arms so she could rub at his back.

Shannan went red in the face from the coughing and had to lean against her. The next day, Sienna was at the centre and sitting in the living room going over her progress charts when the door opened. She didn’t look up until she heard two trainers arguing.

Jelena! Just zip it! What you are making all the teams do are slave labour!” Shannan yelled at Team Purple’s leader. His eyes were deep blue with anger, almost black. He noticed Sienna on the couch watching them and they turned a lighter blue as he walked over to her. He wrapped his arms around her as he sat down and whispered “I am sorry, I am sorry. I should have never left you alone with her.”

Panda Bear, it was not your fault.” She whispered back before she watched Jelena who walked over to them, her deep violet eyes sat on Shannan. Sienna shivered, there was a tint of something evil in her eyes.

Jelena asked with a tint of hatred to her voice “Remember August 21st in 2012 Shannan? I’m sure you do.” she reached to his shoulder. “Do you want it to happen again?”

August 21st in 2012. Jelena had broken his shoulder to the point where it had shattered five times in surgery and five times while he was recovering. It was why he had so many surgeries on it and so many problems.

Shannan swallowed at the memory and Jelena pushed her hand into his shoulder.

What…” pain shot through his body like a raging river as Jelena shattered his shoulder again. Shannan began to feel sick and buried his face into Sienna’s shoulder.

Shan, I’m taking you to the hospital.” Sienna said glaring at Jelena who security had grabbed with help of Scott who looked worried at Shannan. Scott and Shannan had been friends since primary school.

The ambulances were on strike because of dragons air bombing them.

Shannan said “Okay.” his voice dull due to the pain and he leaned against her as she took him to her Red Hot Holden Maloo Redline SSV Ute. She drove him to the Royal Brisbane Hospital, she helped him inside to the emergency Department to where doctors rushed over. He held onto her hand as the doctors onto the hospital bed.

His face was pale and his eyes, they were a very light blue.


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