Nanowrimo 2015 (15067 words)

The hallways of Storm Oak Academy buzzed with new students starting the new school year as well as older students returning.

Maisie walked through the opened pine timber doors, pulling her luggage behind her. She looked at the Chandeliers that were hanging from the ceiling. She let out a sigh, as she saw it was yet another fancy rich boarding school. All she wanted was to do her middle and high schooling in a normal non rich school.

Great.” She muttered as she saw the line for the office. She glanced around for a seat when she spotted him. Maisie groaned at the sight of the youth worker Hunter. That’s the last thing, she needed in this stupid rich school, him!

She walked to a nearby seat and pulled out her phone, updating her DragonBook Status.

Meanwhile best friends: Avielle, Poppy, Tucker and Cooper were in their cabin. They had been at the school since year one. This year they were starting year six. Avielle looked outside of the cabin and spotted the new gym teacher Shannan doing push ups on the lawn.

God those muscles.” She said looking over at Poppy.

Jeez, make it more obvious Avi.” Poppy teased. “HEY HOT TEACHER!” she yelled to Shannan who glanced over to the cabin.

Sorry bro!” Tucker and Cooper called to him before quickly shutting the door. “Jeez! You gonna scare the bloke right out of the school!”

Shannan raised his eyebrows before shaking his head. That’s preteens for you, always yelling before thinking.

Hey Shan.” The female gym teacher Matilda walked over to him.

Shannan tried not to blush, she was so beautiful!

Hey Tilly.” He said. “First class in ten minutes.”

He groaned in his head, that was so lame! She would know that class started in ten minutes.

Are you okay?” Matilda asked as they began walking towards the gym. “How’s your shoulder?” Shannan recently had shoulder surgery. “I mean, should you really be doing push ups?”

Shannan let out a sigh, she had a point but he relaxed by exercising.

Maisie picked a welcome pack from a table in the office, there were different coloured packs. She chose the rose pink one. Then she chose a green egg with lemon yellow spots. There was a huge table with eggs in many different colours.

An office lady handed her an appointment card which was blue text on a light green background. Maisie glanced at it and then glared at Hunter’s name. She walked down the hallway and turned left then walked to her dorm room. There was no way in hell was she going to the appointment. No way!

Maisie got to her dorm room, pulled out her key opening the door and stepped in. The walls were an ocean blue, the floors were timber and there was light green curtains covering the windows. The right corner had a queen size bed and there was a flat screen TV with a DVD input, an Xbox one, PS4.

On the floor was a purple velvet carpet. The bed had a blue quilt from the Mercer and Reid Tropea range, Sundare pillows and a sleep number mattress.

Lunch time soon came around and Hunter glanced at his Armani Exchange Stainless Stell AX2058 watch. His lunch appointment had yet to turn up but he knew Maisie. He knew that she would try avoiding turning up to the appointment with every way she knew possible.

He couldn’t help but let out a sigh, he got up from his KAB Controller Black Leather Chair and walked out of his office. He decided if she didn’t come to him, he would have to go and look for her. Maisie was in the gym and she threw a ball at the basket ball hoop.

Shannan and Matilda watched from their office, it was interesting because she had not missed a shot yet.

We need to see if she wants to be on the school’s basketball team.” Matilda told Shannan, impressed by this young girl’s skills.

Shannan was about to answer when he gasped as a shoot of pain went through the shoulder he had surgery on. Tears stung his eyes and he was close to throwing up, due to the pain. Matilda looked concerned as his face turned pale.

Breathe.” Matilda told him as she looked around the office, before she went and picked up an empty rubbish bin. She looked even more concern as Shannan leaned over, fighting against the nausea. Sweat began to pour down his face. Matilda looked around his desk until she found his pain relief injection, which had to be put into his spine.

He closed his eyes as Matilda moved his shirt collar so she could get to the right spot on his spine. He knew he needed it, but at the same time, he really hated needles.

Til..Til!” He let out a whimper and his stomach turned and flipped, he threw up into the empty rubbish bin.

Hunter walked into the gym, shooting a concern look at Matilda and Shannan who gave a nod saying that everything was fine. He spotted Maisie, who was on one of the metal benches.

Good afternoon Maisie, you got an appointment with me.” Hunter told in his serious tone.

Maisie shrugged as she glanced up at him, from her water bottle.

I don’t want to talk to anyone.” Maisie told him in a no nonsense tone. There was a look of sadness in her green eyes and Hunter gave a look of surprise at the fact she had said ‘anyone’ which must have meant not just him.

Come to my office, Maisie.” Hunter sighed as he stood there. He knew he had to get her to open up, it was an order from the principal.

FINE!” Maisie snapped at him. “But I’m not talking about the incident, so don’t fucking try!” her green eyes flashed angrily as she looked at him.

Okay, take a deep breathe.” Hunter said, wanting to calm her down.

Don’t act like you care! If you cared, you would have not banned me from seeing you at Stormy Hook Primary.” Maisie spit out the words.

Hunter walked out with her towards to his office. He knew that Maisie was hiding something and it was fueling her rage.

It wasn’t my choice.” Hunter explained as he opened his office door. Maisie sat down, looking down at the light green carpet.

She scoffed.

I fought the school to let you to have counselling from me.” He told her sitting opposite from her.

SURE!” Maisie yelled, she was shaking slightly.

It was going to be tough for Hunter to get her to open up to him or for anyone to get her to open up for that matter. He tried to think up some calming topics, they could talk about or calming questions that he could ask her.

Something had happened to Maisie, he was sure of it. It must be a pretty horrible incident for her to be so angry and not want to talk about it. But it was his job to find out what had happened and to try and find a way for her to cope with it. But at the moment, Maisie had a brick wall up with spikes on the top, to protect herself from any-more emotional harm.

On the north side of the school, in one of the grade ninth classroom, four students were bored out of their minds. The students were listening to the teachers, a guy with short black hair and grey eyes called Phillip and a youngest lady with long black hair and green eyes who were talking about Calculus.

Kip, a 14 year old with an orange Mohawk and golden contact lenses was asleep on his Calculus textbook, he yawned and pulled his textbook closer. Xavier, a 13 year old with curly blonde hair and ice blue eyes blinked sleepily and play with Apple Watch, the one with 18 carat yellow Gold Case with bright red buckle.

Alayna, a 16 year old with Coffee brown hair and ocean blue eyes, slipped a light pink piece of paper with purple writing to Ellie, a 13 year old with honey blonde hair and light green eyes. Ellie read the note before she nudged Kip awake and told him to show the note to Xavier.

The note said “Distract them. Let’s get money from the office. And go on a trip somewhere.”

A look of mischief appeared in their eyes as they both nodded. They looked out into the hallway where the red fire alarm lived. They waited until Phillip and Tiarna were distracted by an argument from the gym between two students before they sneaked out of the classroom. Kip walked up to the fire alarm and pulled it down.

A loud alarm rang through out the whole school which made Phillip and Tiarna jump in surprise. Before they could react, there were piles of students fleeing their classrooms and teachers attempting to keep the chaos under control. While this was happening, Xavier and Alayna ‘borrowed’ the staffs’ credit cards and any spare cash, they could find.

Kip and Ellie found the principal Natalie’s Lamborghini Sesto Elemento which was very shiny and metallic black. They were all very thankful that there were black tinted windows in the Lamborghini as Alayna, who was the only with the license drove through the school’s light brown gates.

Music pounded through the car’s surround speakers as they drove down the Gateway Motorway to the airport DFO which had some good shops for travelling. They had book cabins on the cruise ship ‘QE2’ and had time to pick up supplies for their trip.

As Alayna circled the car pack, Kip head banged along to Lenny Kravitz’s ‘Are you going my way.’

Eight Thirty Two Am, the next day

Across the Storm Oak Town, a new boarding school ‘Ocean Mountain Breeze Academy’ opened it’s doors for the first time.

Teachers were in their classrooms, preparing for the first day and some started to decorate their classrooms.

The principal walked around all the different grade floors, checking that all the dorms were ready and had a feeling of safety and comfort so her new students would feel secured and in return, settled in fast.

Nine O Clock came around faster then expected. Teachers watched as the cars began to come up the long silver stoned driveways and pulled up at the drop off point. Taxis stopped at the Silver and Green gates, dropping off students ready for their first days.

Some teachers greeted students arriving in Helicopters; and on Pegasus and Dragons, which landed in the back oval. All the students seemed excited and curious about starting their new year at the academy.

While, Ocean Mountain Breeze Academy welcomed their new students; across the road was another school. This school had been opened for two years. The school was preparing for the new year as well.

Unlike Storm Oak Academy and Ocean Mountain Breeze Academy which only accepted Humans or those without active powers; Palm Ocean Academy accepted all students and their academy was ten times the size of both Storm Oak Academy and Ocean Mountain Breeze Academy.

Instead of dorm rooms, there were about seventh hundred cabins. Each cabin had four bedrooms, five bathrooms, two media rooms, two kitchens and two study rooms. There was one eating areas but most of the students went to the Academy’s restaurants.

The media room had two blu-ray Players, every blu-ray possible, The two televisions were cinema screen size, and there was every possible gaming console! With every single game, organized by genre.

Soon ten thirty came around which was when the light green and blue gates opened to allow all the cars, dragons, pegasus, floating trains, flying taxis, chariots and lots more of transport to drop off their passengers. The hallways leading to the main office and waiting areas were quickly flooded with excited new students who were looking forwards to their welcome class as well as returning students, looking for their friends.

At the huge timber Dutch door, Jax and Madelyn, twin brother and sister stared. The Dutch door was light brown in colour and huge.

Madelyn looked at Jax and asked “Promise me something?”

What?” Jax asked looking at her.

That we will always stick together.” Madelyn said.

I promise Maddie.” Jax said. But if only he knew what the new school year would bring them.

It was eleven of the first, twenty nine fifty five. Palm Ocean Academy was in full swing as older students had started on the first and new students were arriving in cars, taxis, flying trains, UFOs, Pegasus and many other different type of transports which also included Spaceships.

Georgia, Madison, Quentin and River were listening to their teachers Hayden and Lucy talk about maths.

Make them stop.” Madison groaned as she stretched and doodled on her maths notebook. Quentin got an idea and gave River a smirk of mischief. Quentin didn’t have to say a word, River knew what his idea was and Georgia bit back a giggle as the two boys sneaked over to the fire alarm.

On the other side where all the new students were gathering, Anabel was waiting on a chair, as she quietly watched the crowd surrounding the office where the welcome packs, eggs and baby animals were on tables, waiting to be picked up by the new students.

She was very excited about getting her welcome park and wondered if she was going to get an egg or baby animal to hatch or raise up during her school years.

Lying back, she watched all the different types of people when she glanced over at an office two doors down from the main office and she looked quite confused to see her boyfriend Phillip in a conversation with another teacher. She was 18 but due to the fact she was half species, she was in grade 8.

That frustrated her deeply because she was old enough to date anyone, she wanted but had to go to high school with others who were younger then her. There was only four other half-species that were leopards, she met so far. And they ignored her because they had gone to the same primary school.

Her shoulders slumped but she texted Phillip using her apple watch to his apple watch, telling him to turn around. Phillip looked confused at first but he did turn around.

Anabel started braiding and playing with her light brown hair, as Phillip walked over to the leather back seat, he saw in her eyes that she was nervous as anything about the fact he was the youth-worker at the school. Her leopard ears were flattened and her tail drooped.

He sat next to her and stroked her leopard ears, she relaxed slightly. He continued the stroking as he said “It’s going to be okay. We are still going to be together, nothing will change with our relationship. Okay.” He noticed she wasn’t convinced.

I….I…” She frowned at him unsure.

We are sharing a cabin and a room. The principal said as long as we can be professional during school hours then it should be fine.” Phillip said.

Anabel nodded and whispered “Love you so much.” she then noticed the office was heaps more quieter.

Story two

Year is 7809 and setting is Sea side Dragon Academy.

Jax Rick Night paced back and forth in the main hallway, he was waiting for his friends to arrive to the academy due to the fact he had a huge idea and needed their help to do said idea.

It was the new school year for Sea side Dragon Academy. His friends Mason Suzuki Dawn, Alexandria Piper Night and Madeline Esther Desert had gone home back to New Orleans, California and Michigan for Christmas. Jax’s mum and dad worked in the Army and Navy so he didn’t see them often.

The last time Jax saw his parents were four years ago in 7805. Jax’s light blue eyes lit up as Mason, Alexandria and Madeline rushed over to him.

Jax had long black hair and grey eyes that people say could be scary to look at times, he wore the Seaside Dragon Academy uniform which was Dark Blue and Red. Mason had a purple Mohawk and striking red eyes, he wore the gym uniform, just red. Alexandria had blonde hair and ice blue eyes, she wore a purple T-shirt with dark blue jeans and cowboy shoes. Madeline had dark brown hair and amber eyes, she wore a blue dress and flat shoes.

They chatted as they walked down the hallway to their first class which was maths. They put their backpacks into their lockers that floated to them before they walked into the classroom. Their teachers Phillip and Madeline were writing up sums on the board.

Madeline noticed how Phillip looked at Ellie, he would smooth his black hair back and kept on touching Madeline’s arm. Phillip had black hair and deep hazel eyes that always held some sort of sadness in them.

Jax had planned for robotic spiders to invade the special education class. He told the others, it was planned that Madeline and Jax would get the money and booked the cabins on QE2 while Mason and Alexandria would get the keys to their principal Tessa’s Lamborghini.

After four long lectures or what seemed like long lectures. There were loud screams.

Story four

The heat was horrible for the farm which belonged to the Night family who owned the organisation ‘Animals for Life.’ It had been three months since the last rain pour and it was concerning for Madelyn and her workers- Anabel, Arabelle, Gabriella, Zarita, Tori, Christian, Hunter, Gunnar and her boyfriend Phillip.

It was hard making sure that every cow and horse had enough water and food to survive on when the tanks and lakes were getting empty! The ground was so dry so grass wasn’t growing much. The cattle seemed restless and pawed at the cracks in the ground where their delicious green grass were once for their enjoyment.

Madelyn gave her black stallion Mystery’s mane, a pat. Her boyfriend Phillip should be home any day now from the cattle drive. But Madelyn was concerned, it was a long trip and she knew that anything could happen especially now, with the high fire risk.

Talking about fire, Madelyn could nearly smell smoke…hang on a minute…smoke…she COULD smell fire. Coming from south east directions where there were many paddocks!

Anabel! FIRE!” Madelyn yelled as she saddled Mystery urgently. In these cases, the quad bikes would be more a danger then use. And they didn’t have time to go and get them. The horses were right there.

There was a-lot of paddocks with many different kinds of animals: Cattle, Sheep, Llamas, Alpacas, Goats, and also to mention all the other animals! The dogs, the horses, the pigs, the chickens, the geese, the ducks and buffalo! They could all be in deep deep trouble.

Also ‘Animals For Life’ Animals were sometimes kept on the property when there wasn’t enough space at the centre.

Anabel got her print horse ‘Puzzle’ ready and called their south east neighbours, the Dawn family, alerting them. Soon the Dawn twins came riding up their drive-way.

Should we call the Walkers?” Lucas asked as he slowed his Arabian horse to a halt beside Anabel and Madelyn. He smiled at Anabel.

Do you think they would call our farms if they smelt fire?” Madelyn questioned. “And would the Summers family call?”

No.” Lucas’ twin brother Clayton sighed

They began to galloped towards the east paddocks hoping to find no fire. Most of the cattle from both farms were in those paddocks.

The Dawn and Night families were close but the Walkers and Summers families hated the Dawn and Night families due to some huge fight that happened sixty years ago! Madelyn, Lucas and Clayton were not even born yet, neither were the owners of the Walkers farm- Mia and Taylor, and owners of the Summers farm- Tanvi and Phoenix.

But the Walkers and Summers farms refused to even acknowledge the Dawn and Night farms even in life and death situations!

The smoke was starting to sting Madelyn’s dark green eyes and this made them water. She wished that Phillip was with them. She heard the sound of hooves coming alongside her and she glanced to her left to see Phillip on his Palomino Stallion.

They had to get the cattle and the llamas out of the east paddocks. But there was a barrier of flames blocking them from half of the cattle.

The five managed to get the llamas and most of the cattle of the far west paddocks. But for the cattle that were trapped, they were at a loss of how to save them.

Flames were too high, too intense! There were painful sounds of terrified moos coming from the east paddocks, Lucas and Clayton bit back the tears. Most of the trapped cattle were theirs. The cattle were the Dawn’s main thing that bought in money and they were trapped behind a huge wall of fire and a fence separating them from the Summers’ property.

Madelyn called the Kilcoy Rural Fire Brigade and tried the Summers to alert them to the danger of their property but like normal the Summers didn’t pick up. Madelyn couldn’t help but sigh, why did they have to ignore her calls. They were neighbours and the fight was over sixty years ago. Why couldn’t they just let it go already?!

She rubbed her face before she jumped off Mystery. She stroked Mystery’s neck and fear spiked inside of her. Her property was in danger. Her animals.

Nature was messing with her most favourite place and the only thing she could do was wait for the Fire Brigade to arrive. And this was breaking her heart.

She walked towards their house, the fire was far away from the house which was now one of the most safest place at the moment, plus there was a creek you had to cross to get to the house which was still a little damp, thankfully.

Phillip placed his hand onto her arm and she looked at him as he pulled her into his arms.

It’s going to be okay.” Phillip told her despite he sounded unsure.

Why are you saying that like you are telling yourself that? Babe, did something happen on the cattle drive?” Madelyn looked up at him concerned.

He looked more tired then usual, he was tired after cattle drives but he looked even more tired this time. Something in her heart told her something was wrong, something had happened to him. She reached and touched his cheek gently. They had been together for many years and started ‘Animals For Life’ together.

And then when her parents died, he helped her rebuild the farm and turned it into what it was, a cattle and llama farm that supplied Milk and beef to local supermarkets and even at times internationally. Llamas were famous for their wool and so were the Alpacas and Sheep and the goats provided milk. The dogs and horses were used to round up the cattle.

Her question made Phillip go quiet for a few minutes. He placed his head onto her honey blonde hair, he rubbed at her back, enjoying holding her after a long two weeks. He couldn’t tell her what had happened, not yet anyway. Not until the fire situation had been resolved, it was already stressing her out.

I’ll tell you, after the fire has been put out. I promise Mads. I promise but not until everything is safe and out of danger.” Phillip let out another sigh, he played with her hair. “It’s going to be okay. Mads. The cattle, the cattle might find their way out of the danger. Summers still haven’t fixed the hole in the fence most likely.”

I know.” Madelyn whispered as they sat at the couch in the living room. “I know that.”

It’s going to be okay.” Phillip repeated. He knew she was holding back how she was really feeling. “You haven’t let down your papa.”

I know…” Madelyn whispered, her voice shook. “I know.”

There was tears in her eyes and her voice shook again.

Before he could say something, the school bus pulled up and the door opened. Madelyn couldn’t help but smile as her and Phillip’s two daughters Grace (5 years old) and Lexi (6 years old) run in as well as her two daughters Jazz (11 years old) and Allie (11 years old) from a previous marriage, her two nieces Becca (4 years old), Phillip’s two daughters Chloe (14 years old) and Elysse (10 years old) from previous marriage and his two nieces Aeryan (5 years old) and Anna (4 years old).

Half of the year Jazz, Becca, Chloe, Elysse and Aeryan went to a boarding school for horse riding. Allie and Anna went to a dancing boarding school. They would be leaving at six pm. Grace and Lexi lived with them permanently.

Grace hugged Phillip, she was a daddy’s girl while Lexi pulled out her homework to do.

Anabel had custody of two daughters Sarah (4 years old) and Ashleigh (6 years old) and her two nieces Emma (12 years old) and Zinnia (12 years old). They stayed with Anabel permanently and went to the same school with Grace and Lexi.

Phillip’s twin Toby helped them take care of the kids and he had custody of his four daughters; Sammie (13 years old), Meghan (12 years old), Nina (7 years old) and Kathryn (7 years old). Sammie and Meghan went to the dancing boarding school with Allie and Anna so they could keep an eye on them.

Nina and Kathryn stayed with Phillip and were in a special needs school because Nina was blind and Kathryn was deaf. Toby made sure that no crazy exes or crazy sisters could go near the kids or the farm.

I think that Paige is responsible for the fire.” Toby told them. Paige was Anabel’s older sister and mother to Emma and Zinnia. Anabel looked concerned and called Sarah, Ashleigh, Emma and Zinnia to play in the living room so Anabel could keep an eye on them.

All together there were 18 kids. Oldest being 14 years old and youngest being 4 years old. Lucas had two kids; Piper (3 years old) and Kevin (12 years old) and Clayton had a daughter Ella (2 years old). He held Ella and rocked her, his mind far away despite his wife Lucy trying to comfort him.

Lucas’ wife Ruby helped Madelyn make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for afternoon tea. Madelyn looked out of the window when she heard sirens and she walked out with Phillip as the fire engines flew up the drive way so they could direct the firemen to the fire.

Phillip bit back a gasp as his stomach cramped and pain shot through it. He flinched a little bit.

Shall continue this later, what shall happen to Phillip, you shall wait and see muhahaha

But first up.

The story of how Madelyn and Phillip met and got together. Before the farm and many kids came along. How their love were so strong that it saved them from the suffering that made their lives miserable.

Phillip let out a sigh of frustration, as his iPhone 5’s alarm went off alerting him to get up for work. He coughed as his flu was getting worse but his boss wasn’t a big fan of him missing work.

The last time, he missed a work day due to being in hospital, he was put into the group where the most violent clients were. And by the end of the day, he had ended up bruised and battled. At least it was bowling day.

He went to his cupboard and pulled out a black shirt, slipping it on before he put on some blue jeans. He waved his hand through his black hair grabbing the keys to his Black Holden Maloo HSV Ute. At least he’ll see the Storm Oak Disability Service.

The clients at Storm Oak Disability service were so different to the clients he worked with at Ocean Mountain Breeze Disability Service. Especially the young lady Madelyn.

She was so beautiful, with her honey blonde hair that was always in a French braid and those dark green eyes, he couldn’t stop thinking about those dark green eyes. And man that New Orleans accent.

Two hours past

Madelyn was waiting for the bowling club to bring her bowl of chips out which she had planned to soak in vinegar. She glanced up from the book she was reading when she heard the bowling club’s door open and she looked over to see Phillip walk in with his clients.

He gave Madelyn a tired smile, his hazel eyes dull but a small sparkle appeared when he saw her. He crossed the room to where she was sitting and he put a small piece of light purple paper into her hand. He patted her shoulder before he back to his clients and making sure they were all ready for bowling and defusing fights about who was bowling with who.

Madelyn opened the small purple paper to see writing in silver pen. It said “Madelyn, please meet me at ‘Chocolate Riverside Restaurant,’ in South-bank at seven pm.”

The gym bustled, it was busy at this time and Anabel watched a fight between Commando and Shannan.

She noticed Commando leaning against the wall. Concern crossed her face as he wasn’t responding to Shannan’s remarks like usual.

This is so boring.” Jess grumbled to her friends Ben, Jake and Kat as Mike and Dave went on and on about maths and time.

Lets distract them.” A mischievous look.

This is so boring.” The common complaint of Storm Oak High Rising Disability Services most independent group “Puzzle.”

Ruby, Stella, Hunter and Quentin were listening to Phillip and Jackson talk about maths and time.

Hunter and Quentin looked to the behavioural group ‘Caterpillar’ and smirks appeared on their face.

They sneaked

Anabel walked into the gym ‘Storm Oak Gym’ where she worked, she sipped on her Double Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks. She heard loud shouting coming from the equipment room down the hallway to the left of the entry room. Anabel couldn’t but sigh, she wondered what her boyfriend Commando and their work partner Shannan were fighting about this time!

She walked to the equipment room to see Commando and Shannan yelling at each other, both getting really riled up. Then she saw something that really concerned her.

Commando was leaning against the wall and he was starting to breathe really hard. Shannan was screaming something but it was very inaudible.

Wow. Wow. Stop!” Anabel said in her trainer voice, it was a voice that wasn’t easily ignored, she stood between Commando and Shannan. She gave Shannan, her stern trainer glare.

He stole you from me!” Shannan yelled and Commando moved to Anabel’s side. She wrapped her arms around him and she frowned as she could have sworn that he was vibrating.

Shannan; Commando didn’t steal me. You lost me all by your own doings, you lost me because of yourself.” Anabel said when Commando’s body went limp in her arms. “Wow, hun! Commando, open your eyes.” she glanced at Shannan. “For once, Shannan, don’t be a jerk, get your phone out and call the emergency services!”

Shannan scoffed and shook his head before he said “And he thinks his fitness team is the strongest. He did indeed steal you from me.”

Shannan, you kicked my dog. That is why I dumped you. Now call triple zero.” Anabel yelled.

Oh by the way, I also kicked your boyfriend. Right in his stomach, where he had surgery.” Shannan sneered before he walked out of the room.

Anabel let out a gasp of pure shock, she sat onto the couch so she could support Commando more easy. She lifted his legs up onto the couch and leaned his head against her chest. She pulled her iPhone 5S and dialled triple zero, asking for an ambulance. Commando began to stir and he woke up, his stomach began to cramp really badly and he shot Anabel a look of pure panic as trying to warn her.

Luckily, Ellie walked in as he began to swallow hard and Anabel yelled to her “Throw over the rubbish bin! His gonna puke, El.”

Ellie grabbed the nearby metal rubbish bin and placed it in front of Commando who lost his burrito breakfast.

Slowly.” Ellie and Anabel told Commando as he sat up, leaning against his knees.

He reached and held onto Anabel’s knee as his head began to spin and Anabel asked “Did Shannan hurt you?” she didn’t know if Shannan said what he said to scare her or if it was true. She needed Commando’s confirmation.

Yes.” Commando let out a gentle sigh before he decided to try and stand.

Wow, hun, sit back down. You can’t stand just yet.” Anabel said as she caught him, as he stumbled and Commando placed his head onto her Chocolate Hazel hair and gazed into her ice blue eyes as she sat him back down.

His grey eyes were tired and he laid back down leaning against her chest.

It wasn’t your fault. Mads. It wasn’t your fault. I love you.” He told her as the ambulance officers came in.

Mummy!” Anabel woke up to her daughter Kayla calling her. She and Commando had four kids but Kayla was the only one who called her mummy.

Her other kids Madison who was 15 years old called her mum, Hunter who was seven called her mom and Anastasia who was five called her mama.

Four disability clients- Fabrian, Kaelea, Brett and Hope were listening to their disability support workers Nate and Maleko talk about hygiene.

Hope who had dark brown hair and amber eyes noticed that Nate’s hazel eyes wandered as Thalia- a beautiful lady with honey blonde hair and green eyes walked past the classroom. Nate had short chocolate brown hair, a goatie and his hazel eyes held a sadness.

Both Kaelea and Hope let out giggles. Kaelea had red hair and ice blue eyes, Brett had long black hair and light green eyes, Fabrian had a clean shaven head and deep ocean blue eyes with clear shaven face and Maleko had curly blonde hair and light brown eyes.

Nate had a feather on his arm with his twin brother’s name around it. Maleko had a traditional Hawaiian Shells tattoo on his shoulder, a dragon on his back and on his left arm was an orange Hibiscus flower with his wife Leilani and his daughter Kalena’s names in the middle of the flower.

Hope passed a light pink piece of paper to Kaelea and Kaelea opened it to see it said “Time to distract Nate and Maleko.”

Fabrian and Brett smirked at each other before they both looked towards the light blue wall that separated them from the behavioural room which had the group ‘Caterpillar.’

Their group was called ‘Puzzle’ and due to how independent they were, they needed less supervision then the other groups- two behavioural groups ‘Caterpillar’ and ‘Butterfly’ and two medical groups ‘Jadeite’ and ‘Ruby’ then there was the other high functioning group ‘Edge’ which had less problems then the behavioural group but not as much independence as the Puzzle group.

This meant sometimes if they could, they could distract the staff members and make them leave the room for various reasons. It also meant that it was okay for them to leave the room without reason despite this was against the rules but Nate and Maleko were easy going and preferred playing on their phones then teaching what was needed unless it was the boring hygiene lesson.

Fabrian and Brett walked out of the room when Nate and Maleko’s phones rang, they walked into the Caterpillar room and managed to set off some of the clients which cursed a chain of behaviours and walked back into the room sitting next to Hope and Kaelena. Nate and Maleko quickly put down their phones, hearing the loud screaming and thumping and bangs and more screaming from the Caterpillar room, they rushed in to help the staff to calm down the clients.

Whilst Nate and Maleko were distracted, Brett and Kaelena got all the wallets from the staff’s handbags and backpacks, while Fabrian and Hope got the keys to the boss Ivy’s Red Mustang Fastback.

Brett was the only one who had a drivers license so he hopped in the drivers seat, Hope took the front passenger seat and Fabrian and Kaelena sat in the back. They drove out of the school’s gate and down through the streets, stopping at their houses, to grab their suitcases before driving through the Gateway Motorway to the airport DFO.

Brett grabbed some cool branded clothes from Billabong and other clothes brand. For the plane trip to United States of America, he decided to wear a black Diamond long sleeve T-shirt and Levi Strauss Black Commuter 511 5 Pocket Jeans with Ledger Lace up Shoes and a Rose Apple Watch.

Fabrian got a blue AEO flagstaff flannel T-shirt, blue classic boot-cut jeans and patent leather boots with a white digital Timex Original.

Kaelena decided to buy a ‘Black Floral Allover Print Trefoil Tee’, Moscow Mix Printed Track Pants with Pink Energy Boost ESM Shoes and a miCoach Fit Smart watch in black as well as a Los Angeles Lakers Flat Brim Hat and Stella McCartney Gym Bag.

Hope got a VonZipper Spectrum T-shirt, Night Hawks Jeans, Etnies Womens Brigade Shoes and a Roxy Kai Watch and a Black Billabong Spliced Shoulder Bag.


I’m bored.” Quentin complained to his mates Madison, Anabel and Brett. They were listening to their staff members Phillip and Chase talk about maths.

We need to distract them.” Madison let out a sigh of complete boredom.

Her words made Quentin and Brett grin in unison, they knew why she said this. Brett stood up with Quentin and told Phillip and Chase that they were gonna fill up their water bottles in the disability service’s kitchen.

Quentin and Brett went to the next room causing a couple of fights to break out. Phillip and Chase heard the screaming, they rushed out to help Ellie and Madelyn. While they were distracted, Quentin and Anabel got the staff’s credit cards while Brett and Madison got the keys to the disability director Skyler’s four seat black Holden SS-V Redline Ute.

Annabelle Pearl Night rode through her paddocks where her cattle and llamas were. She was checking on them, making they were all healthy and fed and had enough water. As she galloped through back to her horse stables, she couldn’t help but smile as she saw her vet Phillip’s Red Holden Maloo R8 LSA Ute come up the driveway.

She rode Mystery into the stables and took off his saddle and bridle before placing him into his stall and closing the door, locking it. She gave him some food and patted his mane after wetting it a little bit. Then she walked out to meet Phillip who was just parking.

Annabelle let out a yawn as she walked into the gym where she worked and she frowned as she heard yelling. She let out a sigh as it was her colleagues Commando and Hunter. They were constantly fighting and it was also prone to getting out of control.

It was your fault!”

Sienna walked into the Storm Blaze Gym where she worked. She sighed as she realized her two colleagues were once again fighting. She sipped onto her coffee as she walked to the main part of the gym where her colleagues Shannan and Hunter were screaming at each other.

Shannan?” Sienna noticed the blonde haired guy was pale and leaning against the main desk.

Hunter smirked, his green eyes sparkling with mischief. He and Shannan had never gotten on, Shannan had always been the better gym trainer. People preferred Shannan’s classes over his. And now he had something to upset Shannan with.

You should ask Shannan about how he feels about you, Sienna.” Hunter smirked at the look on Shannan’s face.

WILL YOU JUST SHUT UP!” Shannan yelled, his deep blue eyes flamed but his grip on the desk tightened as he began to breathe hard. Sienna walked over to him, and she placed her hand onto his shoulder.

You like her don’t you?” Hunter said grinning, knowing he was making Shannan more upset.

Sienna had to push her shoulder against Shannan pushing him gently into the desk, so she could prevent him from punching out Hunter.

Hunter, go and take your class.” Sienna told Hunter, shooting him a look.

Not until he tells you.” Hunter sneered as he saw the look of anger and embarrassment building up in Shannan’s face.

SHUT UP!” Shannan yelled again and Sienna could feel him shaking.

Sienna and Shannan in a tree…”Hunter began to sing the words out.

Hunter. Shut. Up.” Shannan had to wheeze out of the words. His anger making it hard to talk.

Kiss her Shannan. She is right there.” Hunter said.

Shannan’s hand clutched onto the table and Sienna moved so she could pull him into her arms.

Oooo.” Hunter said with a grin.

Hunter, go to your class before I do decide to let you get punched.” Sienna warned as she rubbed at Shannan’s chest.

Hunter grinned more as he said “Aww, she wants to be alone with you.” but he left to go and take his boxing class.

Breathe.” Sienna said, her hazel eyes were full with concern.

I got a class.” Shannan muttered as he pulled out of her arms and walked out of the room.

Sienna said with a soft sigh “I wish Hunter was right and you did like me Shannan.” a part of her was sad.

She didn’t have a class for two hours so she went to the local Starbucks and got herself a Caramel Mocha. Sienna sipped at as she went over class plans and finished off the mocha. She threw it into the nearby bin and decided to get onto one of the tread mills.

Sienna had been going on the hard level on her treadmill for about an hour when the room began to spin but she shook it her head, trying to shake off the dizziness. She haven’t ate anything yet but she thought she would be fine. When she fell off the treadmill, hitting the ground hard.

Everything went black and when she woke, it had been about ten minutes. She let out a small groan, turning her head to look at what was pushing on her wrist. There she saw Shannan checking her pulse.

Sie?” He asked, his deep blue eyes were full with concern as she tried to sit up but swayed, he laid her back down. “Don’t sit up, the ambulance is coming. I am really worried about you.”

You were not this worried about Ellie, when she collapsed.” Sienna said referring to the other female trainer.

I don’t like her, like I like you. Sie…I love you so much.” Shannan admitted. “I hate saying this but Hunter was right.”

A smile lit up her face as she reached her arms out to him and he pulled her into his arms. She said “I love you too.” as she laid her head against his chest.

The next day, when she came back into her work after getting the all clear from the doctors, she heard that Hunter and Shannan were again at each others throats.

Hunter’s face went stormy. He walked off into the kitchen and opened Shannan’s protein shake and slipped in a mixture of Ipecac and castor oil and mixed it up.

Shannan rubbed his face in pure frustration but couldn’t help smiling when he saw Sienna.

I cleaned up our room. I am so happy that you are moving in.” He told Sienna with a smile that made his eyes shine. He was so happy that she was moving in.

Sienna couldn’t help but let out a soft sigh and a smile as she hugged him. This, This is something she had wanted since the one night where they were locked in the gym and now she got it. Shannan slipped his arms around her and said “We don’t have any classes until tonight. We could go home and get you settled in.”

I like that idea. It’s a good idea.” She said softly and walked with him to the kitchen where their stuff sat. He grabbed his protein shake from the fridge, placing it into his bag. The house was only ten minutes down the road and once they got home, Shannan drunk his shake.

Hunter had made sure, there was no taste of the mixture he put in it so Shannan wouldn’t be suspicious. Sienna sat on the king sized bed, Shannan had put down some nice purple blankets and some purple pillows.

Sie.” Shannan stumbled in and he was pale. “’m gonna…Sie!” he was panicking and his face was wet with sweat. Sienna jumped up and wrapped her arms around him, she helped him to the bed and found an empty bucket. She placed it in front of him.

All hospital were closed due to a dragon problem.

Shannan laid on his side facing the bucket. Sienna got a wet cloth and put it on his head.

Ellie, please get Ellie.” Shannan whimpered referring to his best friend of twenty years.

Sure.” Sienna said softly, ignoring the hurt she felt at the request. She run to the gym, thankfully being ten minutes.

She rushed into the gym and down to the part where Ellie was.

El, Shannan needs you.” Sienna said giving Ellie, the key.

Ellie frowned at the tone that Sienna had and said “He loves you Enna.”

Sienna shrugged and sighed out “Yeah. Sure.”

Hey Sienna. You got a visitor in your office.” Hunter called to her smirking.

Sienna gave an annoyed sigh but before she could walk off to the office, Ellie showed Sienna a text message from Shannan asking where Sienna was. He meant he wanted Ellie there in case Sienna needed help doing something. Ellie looked worried because the text didn’t make too much sense, words were spelt wrong and grammar was messy.

Sienna spun looking at Hunter who was grinning.

What did you do!” Sienna demanded, her eyes flaring angry to the point where they were a dark brown.

Oh, just a mixture of Ipecac and Castor Oil.” Hunter sneered, his amber eyes sparkling.

You will regret that decision. Hear my words, you will regret it.” Sienna said, her Russian accent coming out thick.

How is poor Shannan?” Hunter asked.

Past’ Zakroi!” Sienna yelled in Russian which meant shut it!

Sienna went back to her new house and walked in to hear Shannan’s sobbing coming from the bedroom. It was hysterical and distressed. She walked into the bedroom, she frowned as he tried to stand up as she came into his view and she rushed to his side, catching him as he nearly collapsed.

Sie…” He sobbed out her name, he was in a horrible distressed state. Sienna began to suspect that Hunter didn’t tell her all the ingredients in his mixture.

Sienna managed to get him sit down and she pulled off his sweat soaked shirt. She frowned at how much he was shaking and said “Ellie is getting some stuff from the chemist. The hospitals are closed due to the dragons.”

Don’t leave me Sie! I love you not Ellie.” Shannan cried out. “I need you.”

Sienna wrapped her arms around him lying her head against his chest playing with his chest hair.

Shannan laid down falling asleep and within a few days, he was better and Sienna and he settled in their new lives as a couple.

Shannan sighed as Hunter wouldn’t leave him alone and he had to get his class notes in order before his boxing class started.

Hunter, please. Leave me alone.” Shannan sighed. “My boxing class is starting in ten minutes.”

Hunter said “I hired a new trainer. His name is Derek. I’m sure you have heard of him.”

The name sent rage pounding through Shannan and a loud bang rang throughout the gym, as his fist collided with his desk.

You hired…hired…the guy whose responsible for…” Shannan clutched his jaw.

His anger made him nauseous and he swallowed, he had not thought about his deceased wife Ruby and their daughter Lucy, not since the night, he lost them due to a car accident that Derek caused. But Derek was never charged and Shannan didn’t understand why. Why the person who took the most important people away from him, didn’t get punished. Where was the justice in the world?

His stomach flipped and turned and made knots, he stood up and walked out to Sienna’s office. He found Sienna who was sighing and grumbling under her breathe.

Babe?” Sienna asked in concern. “What is wrong?” He kissed her head. Sienna turned around and she reached up to him, she had tears in her eyes.

Sie? Sweetie, what’s wrong?” Shannan asked as he lifted her into his arms. “Sie? Shh. Talk to me.”

Sienna buried her face into his shoulder and sobbed out, words that made Shannan’s blood boil and his heart ache. “I will never be as good as Ruby.”

Shannan shook his head and whispered “You are better then Ruby, Sie. One hundred times better.”

How can you say that?” Sienna let out a hiccup.

Ruby and I, we were in midst of a divorce and custody battle over Lucy when the…” Shannan sighed pushing Sienna’s hair out of face.

Sienna smiled as she looked at him and kissed him. That night, at home, Sienna was making Grilled Balsamic Bruschetta Chicken for their dinner.

Sie!” Shannan yelled from the bathroom which was attached to the bedroom which was only a few feet from the kitchen.

Yeah Shan?” Sienna called to him.

I need you!” He called back, there was a sense of urgency to his voice.

Sienna made sure her chicken was safe and couldn’t burn. She walked to the bathroom and walked in to find that Shannan was leaning against the toilet. His face was white as a ghost as well soaked with sweat.

Help.” He sighed, gazing at her with miserable blue eyes.

Sienna wrapped her arms around him and stroked his blonde hair gently.

Hmm.” She checked his forehead and grabbed a thermometer, she placed it under his armpit and waited for it to beep. Shannan moved his free hand through her hair. Sienna frowned at the thermometer because it said that Shannan’s temperature was 45.

Once she managed to get him to bed and he was asleep, she threw the chicken into the bin before getting in beside him, wrapping her arms around him.

The next day, Sienna finished up her Zumba class when Ellie walked in and said “Shannan and Hunter are arguing. Shannan isn’t looking too well.”

God darn it! He has the fucking stomach flu! He is not supposed to be here! He is supposed to be at home in bed.” Sienna almost yelled out the words due to the worry she felt.

She rushed down the hallway and turned into the treadmill area where Shannan and Hunter was arguing. Shannan was leaning against the treadmill and his eyes were a dark blue, there was winkles on the right corner of his forehead.

It’s a donkey!” Hunter yelled referring to the poster on the wall.

Sienna looked at the poster which had a picture of a Reindeer on it. Sienna walked over to Shannan and slipped her arms around him.

It’s a reindeer.” Shannan said confused.

Donkey!” Hunter protested. Shannan felt bile building all of a sudden and he swallowed, Sienna pulled him closer to her and grabbed the nearby blue bucket stuffing it under his chin.

Shannan’s whole body shook with the pain that it took for him to throw up everything he had eaten since Breakfast. Tears welled in his eyes and he let out an angry sob. He hated feeling this weak.

She managed to get him to the new office, they now shared and laid him down on the lockdown bed. He kept on slowly blinking his eyes.

It hurts Sie!” Shannan cried out the words, it sounded like it was difficult for him to talk. “Don’t go!” He panicked as she got up to get the thermometer. Sienna sat back down and looked at him, she wrapped her arms around him.

Ellie can get it. Text her.” Shannan whined softly and Sienna frowned at the tone of his voice.

Shannan was a very healthy person and it was rare for him to get sick but when he did, it could linger on for weeks. Sometimes getting better then crashing again. Sienna saw the fear in his blue eyes and pulled out her iPhone 6S and texted Ellie.

She pulled off his shirt which was soaked with sweat and he was burning up so she assumed it wouldn’t be comfortable. That was when she realized his spare clothes were at their place but he did seem more comfortable without having a shirt on.

Just then Hunter walked in and said “Heads up. I hired Derek.” Sienna tried not to react, especially in front of Hunter. She felt Shannan sit up slowly and move closer to her. He watched Hunter left before he wrapped his arms around her lying her down against his chest.

It is going to be okay Sie.” Shannan told her.

How can you know that?” Sienna asked in a whisper. It was hard for her to act tough when Shannan was holding her. It was where she felt safest.

She buried her face into his left shoulder, Derek was her ex and someone who terrified her.

The next day Shannan was doing his class when Sienna walked in, she sat down on the couch and Shannan frowned as he crossed to the room to the couch. His class was fine on their own, he was still in the room.

It’s okay. Whatever it is, it’s going to be okay.” He said sitting next to her. “Come here Sie.”

Sienna hesitated and didn’t go to his arms like usual. Shannan frowned but pulled her into his arms. However he was more concerned when she didn’t relax like she would usually. He began to stroke her hair. But it didn’t work, this alarmed him.

Okay, I’m gonna take you to my office and Luka can take the class.” Shannan decided, Sienna was acting unlike herself and it really scared him.

Sienna didn’t reply but blinked sadly at him; when a lady with blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes walked in. Ruby. This made Shannan looked around in confusion, and he tightened his grip on Sienna so she couldn’t bolt off. Ruby was supposed to be dead! He verified her identity at the morgue.

Ruby meet Sienna. Sienna is my girlfriend and my soul mate.” Shannan said in a no nonsense tone which Ruby knew quite well. He pulled Sienna closer rubbing at her back and placed his head onto her head.

Really?” Sienna asked, her voice cracking with tears.

Shannan looked at her and said “Listen to me Sienna Rose Night. I love you! No one else. But you! And one day I will love a little girl who shall call you mummy.”

He looked at Ruby who was staring in shock and said “I still want that divorce Ruby. Before you disappeared, I wanted to divorce you and I still want to divorce you.” he then nodded to Sienna “Nothing has changed besides the fact I have my Sienna.”

Sienna let out a sigh before shutting her eyes snuggling into his arms when Shannan let out a soft gasp and swallowed. She opened her eyes, she knew he was still not one hundred percent. She watched his face pale.

Come on, lets go home.” Sienna said but Shannan couldn’t answer verbally because if he did, he would throw up.

Ruby grabbed one of the huge weights and threw it at Shannan but Sienna threw out her wrist blocking it from hitting Shannan. The weights collided with her wrist.

Shannan’s face darkened and anger flashed right across his face. His eyes went a dark blue and winkles crawled across her forehead. His sick feeling was replaced by fury.

You can hurt me in anyway. BUT- BUT hurting Sienna.” Shannan shook his head. “I have never hit a woman Ruby, you know that. BUT you dare even try to hurt Sienna or hurt her again, I won’t hesitate to hit you.”

Sienna had never heard him this mad or use the tone he was using, not even with Hunter. But his protective attitude over her, just proved how much he loved her.

Love you Shannan.” She whispered looking up at his now normal blue eyes.

Shannan took a deep breathe as the nausea made a return before he said “I love you Sie. From the moon and back.”

He picked up her wrist and checked it over to find that it was only bruised. Sienna hugged him but then checked his head to find that she was burning up.

I think we need to get you home Shan. You are burning up fast.” Sienna said softly, she helped him stand but as Shannan went to say something, he swallowed hard. Sienna managed to grab a bucket and tears sting his eyes.

Oh Shan. Hmmm.” She rubbed his back and he held onto her. Soon she got him home and she laid him down and he fell asleep.

Keep on moving!” Shannan told his class, his voice was high in tone hoping to bring out the excitement in his clients. “Don’t stop moving!” He looked quite impressed of how his clients were doing so well. He looked towards the door when he heard footsteps, and Ellie rushed in.

What’s up Ellie?” He asked concerned by the look in her eyes. Pure concern.

I’ll take over your class.” Ellie said nearly out of puff.

Why?” Shannan asked.

Your girl is sweating like hell. She is doing her Zumba class and keeps puffing hard. Mate, something is wrong.” Ellie said.

That was enough for Shannan who looked worried and surprised at the same time. Sienna was a type of person who ignored sickness unless it was him who was sick.

Class, Ellie is going to take over. Keep working hard!” Shannan said.

He walked out and down to Sienna’s class where she was doing Zumba. He noticed that her face was really red and she was sweating more then normal.

Okay, Sie. You need to stop sweetie.” Shannan said gently as he walked over, putting a hand onto her shoulder so she would stop moving. He then slipped his arms around her. Sienna looked like she was about to protest but before she could, bile shot up her throat and she swallowed hard.

Shannan held her close so he could lift her into his arms. He knew she wanted his help but she had always been taught to cope on her own.

I’m- I’m-” She swallowed again, and Shannan found the bathroom fast, he helped her over the toilet. He held her hair back as she lost her battle with her stomach and her cereal from breakfast.

He rubbed her back and she whispered “I’m sorry.”

Sie, you never have to apologize for being sick or needing my help. You know that Sie.” Shannan told her. After five minutes, he gently lifted her into his arms and took her home.

Shannan laid her down and found some Coca Cola in the fridge, as he walked into the bedroom with it, Sienna made a noise that warned Shannan that she may not be able to keep it down.


Sienna let out a sigh as she and her team members sat in the dining area of the health and exercise centre where they lived. Due to different health and fitness problems, they had to attend the centre. Some because of their family but in Sienna’s case because she was constantly sick and had no family to take care of her.

Their team was Team Blue and their team leader Shannan was in hospital due to a shoulder injury. But Team Blue didn’t know this because the other team’s trainers had neglected to tell them the information, leaving them in the dark. This lead to a lot of beliefs that was not true.

He has given up on us, hasn’t he?” The youngest Ellie asked, her green eyes was saddened. They looked outside where the other teams were training. It had been two weeks since they seen Shannan.

Sienna looked at the ground before she nodded her head.

Why?” Ellie asked.

Despite the fact we have done everything he asked, it must have not been enough.” Sienna whispered. Deep down, back in her mind she knew something was wrong. Surely Shannan would have not up and left. Would he?

Keith sighed as he came over with Gunnar and sat next to the girls.

He nodded to where their cars were and said “I want to go shopping.” which Gunnar nodded.

I’ll drive.” He said and got his keys to his Toyota Rav 4.

Sienna grabbed her black hand bag, the team walked outside and past Team Red. Team Red leader Scott had the four Team Red members- Jemima, Kate, Clay and Heriberto doing push ups.

Sienna couldn’t help but sigh out of guilt, at the fact that she complained about doing push ups.

Team Purple trainer Jelena noticed the look in the members of Team Blue’s faces. The look of abandonment and guilt. And hurt.

Come on guys, let’s go.” Gunnar said, he was standing by the car.

After a few hours past, the Team Blue team was back at the centre. Sienna was in the living room eating her Salt and Vinegar potato chips which was breaking Shannan’s healthy food rule. The Team Green leader Tamara walked past.

Sienna! Why are you eating those?!” Tamara demanded in shock. Team Blue were usually good at following rules but Sienna was especially, due to the fact Sienna had a crush on Shannan. This was not normal.

Shannan has given up on me. It is why he has not been here the last few weeks.” Sienna answered, her voice full of hurt.

Why follow his rules? I tried hard to please him, did everything asked of me and he just goes and abandoned me. He promised- He broke his promise.”

Tamara looked over at Shannan who just walked into the centre.

Sienna didn’t noticed where Tamara was looking as she said “I would love to date him Tamara. I really hate disappointing him.”

Tamara tried not to laugh at Shannan who went really red in the face and moved his hands in front of his pants.

Uhm. I think we need to chat.” Shannan said as he walked over to Sienna who stopped eating her chips. Tamara had to leave the room to crack up laughing because Sienna had gone just as red as Shannan had.

Sienna studied the strap that held his shoulder and she frowned.

What happened to your shoulder?” Sienna asked, a mix of concern and yet a little distrust and hurt. She studied the swing carefully.

I had shoulder surgery. Didn’t anyone tell you? No-one told you? I told them to tell you and rest of the team.” Shannan looked shocked as he sat down. Sienna touched the strap of his swing gently and moved her hand down, making sure not to do anything to hurt him.

Shannan used his free hand to pull her into his embrace. She had gone silent and she did this when she was trying to work through things in her mind.

Are you scared?” Shannan asked as she buried her face into his good shoulder. He cared for whole team but Sienna, she was special to him.

Sienna whispered “Yes.” her voice starting to crack with tears.

You got nothing to be scared of. Okay. It’s going to be okay Sie.” Shannan said using a special nickname for her, for the first time.

The door opened and Shannan looked over to see Keith walked in very calmly.

How cute.” His voice was too calm as he walked to the couch.

Keith…” Shannan went to explain his absence but instead watched his vision get spotty as Keith pulled his swing off and pushed his arm back, hurting his bad shoulder.

You stole Sienna from me. You will pay.” Keith hissed in his ear as he pushed his shoulder back even more.

I was never yours Keith.” Sienna said. “I have never dated you and I never will. SECURITY!”

Shannan began to gag and Sienna looked around, she grabbed a bowl from the bin and pushed it to him.

Keith let go of his arm as security rushed in and handcuffed him, taking him out of the centre. Shannan let out a wheeze as pain flooded his body and he lost his battle with his stomach.

Sienna pulled out her Samsung Galaxy phone and called triple zero, she kept one hand on his back. He was sweating and breathing hard.

Sie, stay with me. Please. Stay with me.” Shannan begged her between wheezes of breathes. “Please.” before he threw up again.

Shh, I’ll stay with you. Shan. I’ll stay with you.” Sienna promised.

Shannan looked up at him, studying her face, her beautiful long brown hair and her hazel eyes. He smiled and asked “Will you be my girlfriend?”

Yes!” Sienna couldn’t help but grin. “Yes!” she laid him down as she watched his face get whiter.

Shannan held onto her hand. He heard sirens coming.

You are not staying here, at the centre. It is not safe here for you. I want you to stay with me. By my side.” Shannan pleaded.

She moved into his apartment with him, she was so happy with him. One day, she had to work with the Team Purple team due to the fact that Shannan had caught the whooping cough. The training session had gone very bad because Jelena had been very cruel to her and humiliated her in front of both Team Blue and Purple.

Sienna went home to their apartment and walked in which woke up Shannan, who walked out of the bedroom to greet her home. He noticed she was quiet and her eyes were a lighter hazel colour. He walked to her and put his arms around her taking her to the bedroom.

Are you okay?” Shannan asked gently as they sat down.

I’m alright.” Sienna answered him as she placed her head onto his good shoulder.

Shannan frowned, usually if nothing was wrong, she would say she was good or everything is great. But I’m okay, that was what she said when she was trying to hide her feelings.

Let me ask you again.” Shannan prompted. “Are you okay?” his blue eyes deep with concern for his girl. “Come on my Moon and Stars tell me the truth.”

He was the only one who called her Sie or my Moon and Stars. She called him Shan or my Polar Bear.

Sienna was not one to talk about or express her feelings due to the fact as a child, she would be punished for doing so. Her parents would put her into a cold basement and locked her in there for the night.

No. No I’m not okay.” Sienna whispered as they laid against the purple pillows. “It was horrible! I don’t want to go tomorrow!” this came out as a wail.

Shannan give a few coughs and fought back the urge to throw up. Whooping cough was hell and he was even vaccinated!

What happened?” He asked once he was sure he would not throw up.

Sienna sobbed even more, “I don’t want to talk about it.”

Shannan looked at her concerned but before he could say anything, he started to cough really hard.

Shan, sit up a little bit.” Sienna said as she placed her hand onto his back and leaned him into his arms so she could rub at his back.

Shannan went red in the face from the coughing and had to lean against her. The next day, Sienna was at the centre and sitting in the living room going over her progress charts when the door opened. She didn’t look up until she heard two trainers arguing.

Jelena! Just zip it! What you are making all the teams do are slave labour!” Shannan yelled at Team Purple’s leader. His eyes were deep blue with anger, almost black. He noticed Sienna on the couch watching them and they turned a lighter blue as he walked over to her. He wrapped his arms around her as he sat down and whispered “I am sorry, I am sorry. I should have never left you alone with her.”

Panda Bear, it was not your fault.” She whispered back before she watched Jelena who walked over to them, her deep violet eyes sat on Shannan. Sienna shivered, there was a tint of something evil in her eyes.

Jelena asked with a tint of hatred to her voice “Remember August 21st in 2012 Shannan? I’m sure you do.” she reached to his shoulder. “Do you want it to happen again?”

August 21st in 2012. Jelena had broken his shoulder to the point where it had shattered five times in surgery and five times while he was recovering. It was why he had so many surgeries on it and so many problems.

Shannan swallowed at the memory and Jelena pushed her hand into his shoulder.

What…” pain shot through his body like a raging river as Jelena shattered his shoulder again. Shannan began to feel sick and buried his face into Sienna’s shoulder.

Shan, I’m taking you to the hospital.” Sienna said glaring at Jelena who security had grabbed with help of Scott who looked worried at Shannan. Scott and Shannan had been friends since primary school.

The ambulances were on strike because of dragons air bombing them.

Shannan said “Okay.” his voice dull due to the pain and he leaned against her as she took him to her Red Hot Holden Maloo Redline SSV Ute. She drove him to the Royal Brisbane Hospital, she helped him inside to the emergency Department to where doctors rushed over. He held onto her hand as the doctors onto the hospital bed.

His face was pale and his eyes, they were a very light blue.

I’m sorry but all of our operating rooms are busy due to the dragon issue.” One of the doctors explained to them. Sienna felt Shannan pull at her arm, she sat next to him and he laid his head onto her lap.

It hurts.” Shannan whimpered but sat up suddenly and moved his arms around her slowly.

Lay down.” Sienna told him as she laid him back down and he closed his eyes falling asleep in her arms. She kissed him gently and said “I’ll protect you Shan.”

The centre was busy because each trainer had two teams now. It was 2028 and the centre had gotten bigger so the directors decided to put more teams in. Shannan had Team Blue and Team Yellow. Team Yellow had members Jodie, Mel, Bailey and Nathan, they all had really hard problems which meant Shannan had a tough job ahead.

Scott had Team Red and Team Pink. Tamara had Team Green and Team Silver.

Jelena was fired and Tenealle, who had replaced her had Team Purple and Team Orange. It was harder for all the trainers because each team had four clients in it. Some of the clients had some really tough challenges including eating disorders and binge eating.

Team Blue members were Sienna, Anabel, Luka and Gunnar. While the four understood that Team Yellow had tougher challenges then them, and that Shannan had a tough job managing two teams, they were slipping from his rules and health food plans without noticing. Not on purpose.

Sienna and Anabel were hungry and so was Luka and Gunnar. They had gone to Shannan asking him for advice about what to eat but he was busy.

Shannan, can you help?” Sienna asked and Shannan let out a sigh.

Look, Team Yellow is more important. I need to check on Jodie.” He said with a tone that meant no nonsense.

But we need help too.” Sienna whispered but he didn’t hear her.

The four members of Team Blue looked at each other silently and sneaked into the dining room. Sienna went and got chips and Nutella bringing in a big bowl. They had tried to ask for help but failed. They felt like they had fail and Nutella was looking quite good at the time.

Anabel put the Fritos chips into the big bowl and then scooped Nutella into the bowl, mixing the two together when Tenealle walked past. She looked into the bowl and she felt sick by just looking at it. Tenealle went to Shannan and said “Team Blue really needs you. And I mean really needs you.”

This made Shannan frowned and went to the dining room to look what Tenealle said. He felt bad about he said about Team Yellow being more important. He saw the bowl and looked in, he grimaced at what was in there. Anger shot through his body and he sighed.

Guys!” He snapped. “That’s….That’s….yikes!” Shannan shook his head as he took the bowl and threw the mixture into the bin. It had been a long day with Team Yellow and now this.

Sienna gave a sudden whimper which made Shannan looked at her. Shannan said in an accusing tone, “Feeling sick now Sienna?” Sienna blinked at his use of her full first name. She blinked quietly as she realized he had not used her nicknames since Team Yellow moved in.

He then crossed his arms but then sighed again. Disappointment full his eyes. Each of the Team Blue stared at the table and Shannan waited for them to yell at him, to blame him for their mistake.

“Sorry Shannan.” They said in unison and looked up as Team Yellow walked in. Shannan saw the sad look that full his Team Blue member’s eyes. The four members looked like abandoned puppies. He went to say something when Sienna said “We will go. Leave you and Team Yellow alone. We know just how important they are.”

Sie…wait.” Shannan went to hug her but she stepped away from him, a look of pure distrust gazed over her eyes. Anabel put an arm around her and hugged her as they walked to the Team Blue bedrooms with Luka and Gunnar following.

Shannan felt his heart shattered into tiny pieces, Sienna had her I need help look but she had withdrawn from him, she was slipping back to her old self. She didn’t wear her Ruby engagement ring and Scott had said that he overheard that she told Anabel that she was single.

Due to the fact there was more teams now, the trainers had moved into the centre so they could keep up supervision but Shannan had been more busy with Team Yellow, he had accidentally neglected her and Team Blue.

He feared that was losing Sienna, the most important thing in his life. He had to fix that mistakes, Team Blue might been the team that were that first but they needed him just as much. And worse they had told him that they were sorry. They blamed themselves when he had snapped at them when they came to him for help.

Shannan rubbed his face with his hand and looked at Team Yellow. He told them to go and rest, he walked to the Team Blue bedrooms. He heard whispers coming from one of the bedroom, Anabel’s room.

He doesn’t care for me anymore. I don’t even think I am his ‘Moon and Stars’, well he hasn’t called me that for a long time.” her voice was breaking. “It changed when we moved back into the centre. All he cares about is Team Yellow.”

Shannan felt tears rolling down his face when Sienna flew out of the room, her eyes set for the bathroom. Her stomach wasn’t agreeing with what she had eaten. Shannan caught her before she fall over and she began to gag a little bit. He helped her into the bathroom and over the toilet, holding back her hair.

I love you, ‘My Moon and Stars.’ I am so sorry that I didn’t show my love for you these past weeks. I have organized to have our bedrooms combined.” Shannan could not help but let out a sob.

Sienna finished throwing up and looked at him confused.

Why are you crying? You didn’t do anything.” She asked tilting her head.

Because I hate hurting you. You asked for help and I snapped at you. I shouldn’t have done that.” Shannan admitted. “I have hurt the whole Team Blue.”

Sienna buried her face into his shoulder before she swallowed again.

We should have told you about how we felt instead of breaking the health rules. We should have gone to another trainer even.” Sienna whispered before whimpering fighting back the need to throw up.

The next day, Team Yellow were giving Shannan a really tough time. Sienna walked up and put hand on his back, she noticed he was stress because Jodie was screaming about not wanting to do anything. Anabel looked at Sienna and shook her head, Sienna knew she was shaking her head and it meant to keep what was going on with their times a secret, what happened a secret.

Shannan let out a sigh of frustration and wrapped his arms around Sienna needing a hug from him. He looked at her eyes and then he saw the ambulance at the house.

Something happened…Why is there an ambulance at the house Sienna?” He asked. The other teams were training which meant that it had to be to do with Team Blue.

Gunnar collapsed.” Sienna told him, she knew since he saw the ambulance that it was not a possibility to lie about it. “Hunter went with him to the hospital.”

One night, the trainers called the teams to a meeting to discuss their progresses. The teams walked into the room, sitting down and Shannan looked to see that Team Yellow had turned up. But there was only seven teams. He scanned each time and realized that Team Blue had not turned up.

He gritted his teeth in annoyance and got up. Shannan went to each of the Team Blue members’ bedrooms and stopped at Sienna’s in shock. Every single bedroom were empty, all the members’ items were gone. Team Blue had up and left the centre. While Anabel, Hunter and Gunnar had family so he was not concerned but Sienna.

It was scary and in his opinion, worse that Sienna had left. She had no family besides him, no house to return to unless she went to their apartment.

Sie! Sie!”

Sienna woke up to her boyfriend Shannan’s panicked voice and she reached over to the bedside table turning on the light. Shannan was thrashing and tossing in his sleep.

Shan, wake up hun!” Sienna called to him because she knew better then to wake him up by touching him. “Shannan, hun, wake up.”

Shannan woke up breathing hard and really fast, he let out a sob as he looked at Sienna. He was soaked with sweat and urine, he had peed himself out of fear.

They-They were back.” Shannan gasped as he pulled her into his arms.

He had been kidnapped for six months by strangers and he feared that he would never see Sienna again. It was Sienna who had managed to find him and save him from the kidnappers. But when she had found him, it was in a position that Shannan never wanted her to see him in.

At first he had pushed her away but Sienna was quite different to the rest of her family, she did not give up and she refused to give up on him. She was persistent and paid a visit every day despite he would ignore her. When it didn’t work, he tried snapping at her and she still came.

When he asked why she was still coming, her only reason was that he was the one for her and she loved him too much to give up on him. Before he was kidnapped, he was a personal trainer who was in charge of her and her sister Jodie. Sienna and Jodie may have been sisters but Sienna described Jodie as a stranger to her. They even looked different.

I will protect you.” Sienna said as she hugged him.

How can you protect me?” Shannan said all of a sudden. “When you can’t even…”

Sienna looked at him quietly. She asked “Can’t even what?” her voice sounded soft.

Shannan let out an annoyed sob of frustration. Because of his brain injury, he couldn’t figure out his own thoughts.

It’s too much Sienna. Too much!” Shannan cried out.

Sienna nodded and she watched as he got up and went to get cleaned up in the bathroom. She was starting to feel very useless, like she did was she was at home with Jodie.

The next day, Sienna dropped a cup of tea and she let out a quiet sob. She felt like she couldn’t do anything right and she went to their bedroom, locking the door sitting against the wall and buried her face into her knees crying hard. Shannan got home from his therapy lesson, he noticed the broken cup and then heard Sienna’s sobs coming from the bedroom.

Shannan frowned as he tried the door knob and found the door locked. It worried him because she did this when she first came to the centre. He couldn’t let her slip back into her old self. She had came so far.

Sie, let me in hun. Let’s talk.” Shannan said through the door.

No!” Sienna yelled at him. This was old Sienna for sure. He knew he had to get in there.

Let me help. Sie, please let me help.” Shannan said.

He managed to find the spare key to the bedroom in a pot plant near it and he opened the door.

I’m fine.” Sienna grumbled.

Sure looks like it.” Shannan sighed as he sat next to her. “Sie, please. Don’t do this. Don’t shut me out.”

I can’t do anything right.” Sienna whispered as she gazed up at Shannan. There was tears in her eyes, she looked fragile and he knew what had happened. It was not the cup of tea. He picked up her phone and checked her recent text messages to find that she had been receiving quite abusive messages from her family.

Fear and worry surged through Shannan as he picked her up into his arms and sat on the bed, he kissed her and stroked her long brown hair. She wasn’t like what her family said she was. She was different to the rest of them. She was his moon and stars. But he feared that she felt fall and slip into old habits.

Don’t listen to them. They don’t know who you are.” Shannan said. “Sienna Rose Night, you are nothing like that. You are the bravest person I know. You saved me.” his stomach started to turn. “I love you Sienna…”

He blinked as nausea washed over him.

What’s wrong?” Sienna asked and noticed he was getting pale.

Tenealle woke up as she felt her boyfriend Pablo was tossing and turning in his sleep.

Pabs, babe wake up.” She said as she sat up with a frown. They lived in an exercise centre and were in Team Purple. The day before Pablo’s ex girlfriend had visited and Commando agreed for her to join Team Purple.

Tenealle turned on the light and called again “Pab, babe wake up.” She knew better then to wake him up by touching him. He was known to hit out in his sleep.

Pablo woke up sobbing and he said “Tene, I feel sick.” a sense of pure panic in his voice.

Tenerelle helped him to the toilets when they heard screaming coming from the Team Blue’s rooms. She left Pablo with a pat on his back.

Shannan sounds angry.” Pablo said as Tenerelle went to see what was going on. Tenerelle looked as Jodie walked out of the room in tears. Tenerelle frowned as she said “Jods, come here.” she gave a nod to the Team Blue living room. Pablo was not one to be in sick in front of others and always wanted Tenerelle to leave until he was finished.

She walked to the living room and sat on the couch. Jodie followed suit and gave a sob as she walked to Tenerelle.

He doesn’t listen to me Relle!” Jodie cried.

I know Jods.” Tenerelle sighed. “I will tell Commando and see if he will let you be in Team Purple.”

She saw Shannan coming towards the couch and got up.

She blocked him from getting to Jodie which only made Shannan even more angry.

MOVE!” Shannan yelled at her, trying to push back but Tenerelle stepped in front of him again.

I don’t listen to yelling. Just ask Commando.” Tenerelle put her hands on her hips and stared at Shannan.

MOVE NOW!” Shannan raised his voice up by a touch.

You need to start acting like a human Shannan.” Tenerelle said. She was not going to give into his yelling at all.

She is a failer! She only lost 3.0 kilos! She is so lazy!” Shannan yelled shooting Tenerelle dagger looks.

Tenerelle looked furious and said “This is the reason that Sienna left you. You was so hard on her that she couldn’t stand to be around you anymore.”

Shannan didn’t respond and was quiet. That had hurt. Tears rolled down his face.

Jods isn’t lazy. She is scared of failing.” Tenerelle lectured him. “And yelling isn’t going to get you anywhere.”

Tere! Tere!” Pablo yelled. “I need you!”

Tenerelle told Jodie to wait in the Team Purple living room.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” Shannan let out a sob. Jodie looked at him wearily as he walked over. “I’m sorry.” He repeated again.

Tenerelle walked to the Team Purple bathrooms to check on Pablo who sweating really badly.

Oh Pabs sweetie.” She touched his head when Commando rushed in and threw up.

Want me to get Michelle?” Terenelle asked referring to Commando’s wife Michelle Bridges.

Commando nodded and let out a groan as he closed his eyes. Pablo whimpers so Terenelle got Commando’s phone and texted Michelle about him being sick.

Team Blue was sitting on the grass of the Exercise centre where they lived. They were watching the other teams training while Team Orange laid next to them snoozing in the sun.

Team Blue were Brianna, Evelyn, Quentin and Tide. Team Orange were Tenerelle, Elliot, Bella and Ryan.

Commando, Where is Shannan?” Evelyn walked over to the leader of Team Black. Evelyn was twenty five and had long blonde hair and grey eyes.

In hospital. He had shoulder surgery.” Commando told her.

WHAT!” Both Team Blue and Team Orange yelled in perfect unison. “When was the surgery?”

It was two weeks ago.” Commando said giving them strange looks before he walked back to his teams.

Evelyn frowned upset, she would have visited if someone bothered to let the two teams know. She went and grabbed her keys to her black Holden ute. Evelyn drove to the hospital and found Shannan’s room.

She walked in and Shannan gave her a tired smile.

Hey Evie.” He said and patted the side of his bed.

No-one told us you had shoulder surgery. I would have come sooner if I knew.” Evelyn said.

Did they tell you about….” Shannan took a shaky breathe. “The car crash? I thought…”

Evelyn sat down and Shannan sat up slowly. He leaned in and kissed her which Evelyn leaned in, kissing him back. Shannan let out a happy sigh and said “I want you to stay with me.”

Shannan woke up in alarm but relaxed when he saw Evelyn. He slipped his arms around her. He started to stroke her hair slowly.

She was different to the rest of the team.

Team Blue members Brianna, Sienna, Quentin and Tide were discussing meal plans when they heard the door to the Team Blue house opened. They smiled as they looked up at the door as their trainer Shannan walked in.

Smiles disappeared as they looked at the fact he had two girls and two boys in orange with him.

Meet Tenerelle, Elliot, Bella and Ryan.” Shannan said excitedly. “They are Team Orange. Each trainer has two teams now.” he explained looking at his other team.

Sienna looked at the rest of her team and frowned. But then they nodded. Shannan frowned but it was not until the next day did Shannan realized just how unhappy his original team was. Especially Sienna. And more something was not right.

Team Blue did turn up to training but stopped as they looked at Team Orange who was training already.

Let’s go Team Blue. Shannan clearly too busy to train us.” Sienna muttered and shot Shannan a look of anger. Shannan frowned placing down a giant ball.

He didn’t like seeing Sienna upset or angry with him. He walked over to her and she backed away shooting him looks of hurt.

Sie, hun? What’s wrong? Talk to me.” He asked as he pulled her into his arms and Sienna looked down quietly.

Shannan frowned and looked around to see Team Purple and Team Yellow walking over.

Libby, please train my teams.” He said referring to the Team Purple and Team Yellow leader.


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