Romance and Fire-Not Always A Good Mix


Shannan jumped half a feet in the air as he heard a loud bang. At first he was startled then he realized that it had came from the Team Blue’s house which was next door to the staffs’ house. He frowned as he decided to go and investigate.

He walked down the pathway and opened the door to Team Blue’s house. As he walked in, he saw a pot plant in the living room had been blown into smithereens.

Okay then.” He sighed, he knew straight away what happened. Shannan went to find Sienna who was prone to blowing up stuff with her fire power when she was mad.

She was crying hard in her room and he walked over to her.

What happened Sienna?” He asked concerned as he sat down next to her.

SIENNA LIKES YOU SHANNAN!” Jodie called from the exit that lead to Team Orange’s house. “Really Really likes you.”

It was true but Sienna was embarrassed about it.

SHUT UP!” Sienna wailed. KA BOOM!

The bathroom door fell off it’s hinges.

Jodie, go and train with Brett.” Shannan ordered.

Sienna let out a sigh of frustration and then KABOOM! The Mini Fridge and various drinks and food were gone.

Sienna, take a deep breathe.” Shannan told her pulling her into his arms.

She looked up at Shannan, studying his blue eyes and that was when his lips touched her. She slipped her hand around his neck lying it on his good shoulder.

A smile spread across her face and she said “I like that.” some vines with pink flowers spread across the nearby wall.

Her powers were still uncontrollable and tied to her emotions. When angry, she was prone to blowing up nearby stuff, luckily no humans or pets yet. When she was happy, sometimes vines with pretty flowers grew on nearby furniture and walls.

Shannan hugged her close, lying down. His arms wrapped around her and she wrapped her arms around him, they fell asleep, Sienna’s head on his chest.

The next day, Jodie was really getting on Sienna’s nerves, asking questions that Sienna didn’t wish to answer. Sienna looked up from the book that she was reading and said “Jodie, go to training. Shannan will be waiting.”

Shannan is an asshole.” Jodie said.

Take. That. Back.” Sienna growled, a nearby cactus began to smoke from Sienna’s anger.

Shannan walked in to see where Team Orange was, none of the members including Jodie had turned up. He noticed the smoking cactus and knew he had to calm down Sienna before it exploded.

Sie,” He said using a nickname for her, for the first time. “Sie, come here sweetie.”

Sienna looked at him, silent as a stature, she strolled over to him and she swallowed back an angry sob as Jodie kept calling Shannan names. Thunder began to clap and rain poured down, result of Sienna’s upset state.

Shannan looked up at the storm that was happening and knew he had to calm her down.

Look at me, Sie. It’s ok-.” pain shoot through his left shoulder which had surgery on a week earlier. Jodie had thrown a medicine ball at it.

Sienna’s eyes turned a stormy green. Gritting his teeth, Shannan wrapped his arms around her. Fire sparked near Jodie who came to realize what big mistake she had made.

Ice began to edge towards Jodie as well which was result of Shannan’s pain.

Let’s go to my bedroom.” Shannan said to Sienna. “I am going to be okay.”


Too late.

The cactus was dust. Other victims were a porcupine stature, a wooden kitchen chair, a sheep fleece mat, a newly made blue berry pie which was cooling down, a jellyfish tank as well as a Mac computer and a iPhone 5S.

Jodie run off to find her team while Shannan noticed that Sienna’s eyes had gone a dull green. He took her to his bedroom.

You need to go to the hospital and have your shoulder looked at.” Sienna said sleepily. She had never used her powers that strongly before.

And you need sleep.” Shannan said sitting down with her. He hated hospitals.

I’m fine.” Sienna yawned.

Not sure if the cactus plant would agree.” Shannan pointed out.

I’ll sleep if you have your shoulder looked at.” Sienna said. “I’ll sleep in the hospital bed with you.”

As she said this, Brett walked in and said “All hospitals are closed due to a dragon problem.”

Later that night, the pain really hit Shannan like a rock as he was cooking dinner for Team Blue. He stumbled to the living room and nearly collapsed.

“Sie! Sie! Help!” He yelled. Sienna looked up from My Kitchen Rules Australia and rushed to his side. She studied the newly hanging icicles and nodded. She managed to get him to the couch while Levi, another Team Blue members finished off cooking.

Shannan began to gag really badly and Sienna grabbed the nearby metal rubbish bin handing it to him. She held him close as he began to throw up.

Sienna helped him to the bedroom and he whispered “Stay with me.”

Sure Shan.” She said softly as she put his rubbish bin next to him when Brett rushed in and said “Storm Oak Hospital is opened.”

Brett helped Sienna get Shannan to the hospital. Shannan was in too much pain to protest much against the hospital and fell into the hospital bed, he pulled at Sienna’s hand and she laid next to him. He slipped his good arm around her pulling her close.

Dr. Greene came in and began to check his shoulder, pulling off the bandage and the old padding. He started to clean his shoulder which set Shannan off.

Sie! Make him stop! MAKE HIM STOP! SIE! SIE! PLEASE! MAKE HIM STOP! SIE! MAKE HIM STOP! SIE!” Shannan screamed trying to summon an ice wall around him and Sienna but didn’t have the strength to do so.

Sienna wanted to do as Shannan asked her to but knew at the same time, it was important for his shoulder to get proper treatment.

He is nearly done Shan. He has to clean it up so it doesn’t get infected.” Sienna comforted him.

It hurts…” Shannan sobbed out.

Shannan buried his face into her shoulder and cried hard as Dr. Greene cleaned out his shoulder and put on fresh padding and bandages.

Sienna was fighting back sleep and Shannan patted her shoulder.

You need to sleep Sie.” Shannan said in her ear. “You have used up too much energy.”

In the middle of the night, Shannan woke up hearing the wind blowing hard. The wind had started so fast, like one minute to the next.

He looked down to see that Sienna was still asleep but she had tears rolling down her face as well as whimpering out of fear. Then he noticed that smoke was surrounding her, which he was sure from her fire power.

Sienna, Sie. Wake up.” Shannan said shaking her shoulder, rubbing her back. He had never seen her scared so he didn’t know how it would affect her powers.

The next day Shannan was out of hospital. Sienna walked down the hallway towards his office because she had questions about Team Blue’s meal plan. She walked to the trainer’s kitchen and stopped hearing him talking to Brett.

I don’t trust Sienna…” Shannan said sadly. “I don’t know if I can tell her about what my ex wife did to me.”

Bro, it will be hard for you to trust any girl. Do you love Sienna?” Brett asked.

Yes…” Shannan sighed. “I don’t trust her however.”

Sienna felt like her heart was shattering and she walked back to the Team Blue house.

Hi Levi, you go and talk to Shannan.” Sienna said sadly, her eyes going an ice green. Levi looked worried.

What happened?” Levi asked, he was the oldest boy and member of Team Blue.

He said that he doesn’t trust me.” Sienna whispered and rain began to pour down over the exercise centre.

Levi frowned and went to the staff kitchen. He walked in and said to Shannan, “Team Blue needs help with our meal plans. Just heads up, the rain is not natural rain. Think about it.”

No…” Shannan gasped in shock as he realized that Sienna had overheard the conversation. Tears welled up in his eyes, the last thing he ever wanted to do was to hurt Sienna. “No…”

She learnt to trust you Shannan.” Levi said softly.

How do I make it up to her?” Shannan asked, his bottom lip quivered. He without meaning to, had hurt the most important person in his life.

Talk to her. Explain your trust issues.” Levi explained. “She needs to understand.”

Shannan nodded and he went to the Team Blue house. Nausea began to swim around his stomach as he walked to Sienna’s door. He closed his eyes and swallowed.

Shannan knocked on the door and Sienna said “Come in.” her voice made him feel even guiltier.

Hey Sie. We need to talk.” He said as he walked in and sat next to her on her bed. Sienna looked at him silently and if looks could kill…

What about Shannan?” She asked, she rarely used his full name. At least she didn’t call him, Mr. Night.

Shannan frowned, this was going to be tougher then he realized. Brett only knew what his ex girlfriend was like because he had witnessed her hitting Shannan. He had never talked to Brett much about the subject either.

I love you Sie.” Shannan reassured her. “I love you more then anything. You are my moon and stars. I want to trust you, you are the one person I want to learn to trust.” He swallowed back a lump in his throat. “But it will take some time.”

Sienna noticed that a wall of ice had surrounded them and saw a look of fear in Shannan’s grey eyes.

I love you too Shan.” Sienna said as she realized there was a rational reason for him not trusting her or other girls for the moment.

She realized he was tensed most of the time when the two female trainers- Stella and Libby were around him.

My ex girlfriend…she hurt me really badly. Physical, Emotionally and…” He couldn’t finish off the sentence. He glanced at the blue blankets.

Sienna wrapped her arms around him gently and asked “Is she the reason you have issues with your shoulder?”

Yes. Sie, I-” Shannan let out a sob and buried his face into her shoulder.

He had a nap and a few hours later, he was working on his paperwork when he noticed that wind had picked up, very suddenly and out of nowhere.

Concern sent him running to Team Blue’s house. Something was wrong with Sienna, the wind didn’t have to tell him, he could feel it. And he began to feel sick in the pit of his stomach as he realized what Levi had meant by ‘She learnt to trust you.’

He rushed up the stairs and threw opened the Team Blue Houses front door, he rushed to the living room. There was a guy with a bald hair and dark brown eyes, he was advancing onto Sienna who was backing towards the wall.

Her green eyes were dark with fear and she looked to Shannan, he didn’t need to be told twice. He teleporting in front of her.

I would get away from my girl, mate!” Shannan warned as he stepped up to him. Anyone could harm him, even his ex but no-one! NO-ONE! Would get away with hurting Sienna.

The front door opened again and in step, a lady with long brown hair and ocean blue eyes.

Hello, Ebony.” The guy said. “Shannan, you would know Ebony. Yes.”

Shannan couldn’t help but give a whimper as Ebony walked in. Sienna saw the fear in his eyes and she managed to summon all her fire power creating a shield of fire around her and Shannan.

Shannan grabbed her hand and teleported them to his bedroom in a breeze of cherry blossoms. Sienna stumbled a little and he caught her.


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