Twists and Turns with Heartbreak added

I only own Alexandria.

Alexandria was doing her paperwork, she leaned back. She worked for CID in SunHill Police Station and had a habit of letting her paperwork pile up. Her boyfriend Mickey’s arms wrapped around her as he appeared by her side and he buried her face his face into her shoulder.

“Mick? Hey, what’s wrong?” She asked concerned as he began to cry and she pulled him close to her. “Shh, I have you. I have you. What happened?”

No response, just more sobs. Alexandria moved so she could settled into his lap and noticed he flinched. She felt fear shot through her. And anger.

She moved her hand through his blonde hair and whispered “I love you, no matter what happened. Okay.”

“He…he attacked me.” Mickey cried. “Lexi, it hurts so badly.”

Alexandria whispered “ in..I’m gonna kill whoever did this.” she rubbed his back. “Mick, look at me.”

Mickey looked up at her and she kissed him deeply, he closed his eyes deepening it and he whispered “How can you still love me?”

“Why wouldn’t I?” Alexandria asked. “You got nothing to be ashamed or disgusted about.”

Mickey held her close and laid his head onto her shoulder, tears rolled down his face. He whispered “I do feel ashamed Lexi. Delaney…I still feel him.”

Alexandria rubbed at his back and held him close. Over the few weeks, the whole station tracked Delaney and when they finally caught him, Delaney announced to the whole station what he had done to Mickey. The other officers began treating Mickey like a victim expect for Alexandria who treated him normally.

One day, Alexandria gave a sigh as Mickey walked into the office. She glanced up hearing the footsteps and he gave her a look of concern.

“What’s wrong Lexi?” He asked hoping that she would tell him. He hated how everyone had been treating him differently since Delaney attacked him.

“My head…” Alexandria began to say when she swallowed. “Mick…!” Mickey grabbed her metal rubbish bin. Alexandria closed her eyes fighting back the nausea that was rushing over her and a few tears rolled down her eyes as Mickey picked her up, holding her close.

“Who made you stressed?” Mickey asked after her stomach had calmed down a bit.

“The DCI. He is on my case about my paperwork and the fact I can’t find the missing girl.” Alexandria sighed.

She laid her head against his shoulder, a few minutes went past when she felt Mickey tense up a little bit. She opened her eyes and met his blue ones.

“What’s hurting?” She asked and Mickey sighed at the question.

“My butt.” Mickey whispered. “Lexi, I am happy you are with me.” he pulled her closer. “Everything down there hurts.” he placed his head onto her head. “I love you.”

“Love you too.” Alexandria replied and she kissed him. Mickey kissed her back and held her as they fall asleep in the chair.

Later that day, Mickey was having really bad flashbacks and he was curled against Alexandria who had her arms wrapped around him.

“I’m so tired.” Mickey yawned before falling asleep in her arms. Alexandria laid down in the couch in their office and held him close.

The next day, Alexandria had just finished up her paperwork when the DCI stormed up to her. She looked up at him.

“Good to see you done your paperwork but you haven’t found the missing girl yet!” The DCI yelled at her. This caught one of the sergeant Smithy’s attention.

“I….” Alexandria tried to defend herself.

“And worse you turned to Mickey and relied on him to take away your stress when he has enough to deal with.” The DSI yelled.

That hit Alexandria hard, she turned to Mickey because she had always turned to him. At the time it didn’t occur to her that it wasn’t a smart idea and guilt spin around her. She glanced at the blue carpet silently. Smithy frowned and went to Mickey who was getting coffee.

“Hey Mickey, just letting you know, the DCI just yelled at Alexandria for going to you when she’s stressed.” Smithy told him.

“Great…the last thing Lexi needs.” Mickey sighed.

He went to the DCI’s office and glared at him.

“I want Lexi to come to me when she needs to! At least, she doesn’t treat me as a victim. I don’t need you to tell her off for seeking my comfort. I’m her boyfriend! Now where is she?”

“You got enough stress to deal with without her. And she is in your office.” The DSI said.

“She makes me feel normal Gov.” Mickey said. “She makes me feel like what Delaney did hasn’t broken me.”

“I was just looking out for you Mickey.” The DCI sighed.

“Gov, I seen Lexi at her worse and I want to do everything possible to prevent her from going back to that place.” Mickey told him.

Mickey walked out of the DCI’s office and to the office that he shared with Alexandria. He opened the door and frowned at what he saw. Alexandria was sitting against the couch, her arms wrapped around her legs and she had a look of pure fear in her eyes.

“Lexi!” Mickey said in alarm, he rushed to her side and picked her up. “Lexi, what happened?”

Alexandria shook her head and buried her face into his shoulder. He picked up a piece of paper that sat next to her and he got chills down his back.

The paper said that Alexandria’s ex husband Julian had escaped from the highest secured jail. It shouldn’t have even been a possibility!

But that night, things turned horribly wrong when Delaney took Mickey hostage. It was two weeks before the station could find Mickey and in that time, Alexandria was getting more angry as the days went past.

By the time they found Mickey’s location, Alexandria was fuming. She stormed up the stairs that lead to the house and she kicked the door so hard, somehow it flew off its hinges.

“Alexandria…” Smithy started to say but she ignored him.

Smithy sighed as he followed her in and Alexandria turned to the door on the left, she could hear Mickey’s cries of pain. She sent the door flying to the ground and Delaney jumped away from the bed where Mickey was. Smithy reached to grab Alexandria who was glaring at Delaney.

“Smithy, do not touch Lexi. For your safety.” Mickey said in a hoarse voice.

“Why?” Smithy asked as the DCI and Phil arrested Delaney.

“Because she might not realize it is you.” Mickey said slowly sitting up. He knew he had to bring Alexandria back to the reality. But it could be a hard thing when she was as angry as she was.

He walked over to her and then saw something else, he could see something had happened when he was away.

“Lexi.” He took her hand and managed to take her to a clean part of the bed. “Lexi, can you hear me?”

“Mickey?” Alexandria asked.

“Lexi, look at me.” Mickey said, he could see her eyes were going back to the normal ice blue instead of the dark blue they were before.

Alexandria blinked and soon managed to make eye contract with Mickey.

“Take a deep breathe.” Mickey said softly. He pulled her into his arms and she did as he asked.

That was when something caught his attention, he moved her T-shirt away from her shoulder which had a massive bruise and he felt his heart break.

“It is just a bruise.” Alexandria whispered. Mickey touched her chin so he could look at her direct.

“Lexi. It’s not just a bruise.” Mickey whispered. “It looks like it goes down to the bone. Please don’t reject my comfort. I want you to come to me when you need me.”

Alexandria nodded and her bottom lip quivered.

“Was it Julian?” Mickey asked as he looked at her. The ambulance officers were waiting at the door.

Alexandria nodded and some tears fell. Smithy looked at the ambulance officers and said “Mickey, you need to go to the hospital.”

“I’m not the only one.” Mickey sighed.

“I’m fine Mick, really.” Alexandria protested.

“I want to be sure that shoulder isn’t broken.” Mickey said when pain made him squirm slightly. “I’ll go to the hospital, do all the kits. But only if you let your shoulder be looked at.”

Alexandria sighed but nodded.

A few weeks past.

Alexandria was doing her paperwork but Julian had been ringing her phone. She was feeling really nausea and anxious and was trying to hide the fact from Mickey. He had just started counselling and the DCI had told Alexandria not to go to Mickey for any comfort.

Alexandria looked up as the DCI stormed in and he was angry! He walked up to her desk and glared at her.

“Why isn’t your paperwork done yet?!” He demanded.

“I-” She tried to explain herself.

“And what about the missing girl?! Are you even trying?!” He yelled at her.

“I am!” Alexandria wailed out the words as Mickey walked in. He rushed to her side as she began to sob.

He pulled her into his arms and held her as the tears came hard and fast.

“I’m not allowed your comfort. The DCI said so.” Alexandria sobbed and Mickey could feel her shaking.

“Yes, you are allowed my comfort. I don’t gave a damn what anyone says. I love you and I told the DCI I want you to come to me, so please don’t listen to him.” Mickey said, as he shot a glare at the DCI. “Lexi, I love you. You make me feel normal.”

Alexandria nodded and she heard her door opened again, she felt Mickey’s body stiffened. And everything went black.

Two years past and Alexandria had not seen Mickey. The station had given up searching but Alexandria never did. She searched in her spare time behind her bosses’ backs.

Soon she found him and he came back to work in a few weeks.

“Hey sir.” Mickey said to the DCI. “Can I work with Smithy?”

Alexandria frowned as he had been wanting to work with everyone but her. She walked over and said “Mickey, can I have a word?”

“Sorry I’m busy Alexandria.” Mickey said. Alexandria blinked at the use of her full name.

Smithy walked out with Mickey and while they were investigating a robbery, he asked “Why don’t you want to work with Alexandria? Do you blame her for the abduction?”

“No!” Mickey gasped. “I haven’t realized what I been doing.”

Alexandria was sitting in her office when her stomach turned, the burrito she ate from Taco Bell which playing wreckage with her stomach and she fought back the need to throw up. She paced back and forth but her nausea was getting worse.

She sat on her couch leaning against her knees when Mickey walked in. He gave her a look of concern and he grabbed a metal rubbish bin. He held her close as she began to gag and she threw up.

“I’m sorry, Lexi. I don’t blame you.” Mickey whispered rubbing at her back.

“It was my fault.” Alexandria whispered, her head was pounding hard. Mickey found her migraine pills and put one onto her mouth. But she threw it back up.

“No it wasn’t. He is a sick sick man.” Mickey whispered. “Come on, I need to take you home.”

Alexandria tried to stand up but she sat back down.
“Mick…Mick…I…” She swallowed hard again and Mickey moved her hair as she began to throw up again. Mickey frowned and he called Smithy who had been staying with him.

“I need to get Lexi home, but she can’t walk. I need your help.” Mickey explained.

Smithy said “It’s not safe for you to go home.” and Mickey looked confused.

“Why?” Mickey asked worried and he laid Alexandria down onto the overnight bed.

“He’s still around. There have been sightings.” Smithy confessed.

Mickey shivered and Alexandria sat up, she pulled him close and he closed his eyes. The memories were just too much for him to handle.

He leaned into her and held onto her.

“Lexi, I need some space. I’m gonna go on patrol with Smithy.” Mickey said and walked over to Smithy. Alexandria nodded and she began to worry that she was too much for him to cope with. She waited for her migraine to subside before she stood up and walked to the DCI.

“I want the job in Quantico, USA.” She announced. He looked surprised.

“Does Mickey know?” The DCI asked.
“You can tell him. He will be fine.” Alexandria whispered and took off the ruby necklace that Mickey had given her.

“Will you be fine?” The DCI asked.

“It’s not the matter will I be fine, it is the matter that I have to be fine.” Alexandria sighed. “Even if I stay, I still have lost him.”

The DCI nodded and gave her a plane ticket. He knew she would take up the offer so he had already booked the plane.

“It leaves in an hour. You was a good officer. The Behavioral Analysis Team is lucky to have you.” The DCI said.

Alexandria nodded and went to her office, packing her stuff. She left the necklace on Mickey’s desk. A tear rolled down her face as she drove home and packed up her stuff.

Mickey walked into the office and looked at the necklace in confusion.

“She has accepted a job in Quantico.” The DCI told him.

“In USA?” Mickey asked turning around.

“Yes.” The DCI said.

Mickey drove to the airport but he got stuck in traffic. He finally got there, and packed his car, he run to the entry, dodging people with tons of bags. He rushed inside and looked at the board which said that the plane to Quantico had departed. He looked out where the plane took off into the air, it was too late.

Alexandria was on that plane and now flying to Quantico, America. He sat down, tears rolling down his face. She was gone, to a new job and a new country. Smithy walked to him and sat down.

“She’s gone Smithy.” He sobbed. “I was too late.”

Alexandria leaned back in her seat, and watched the food trolleys go up and down. She grabbed some peanuts and ate them.

Four years later

Alexandria enjoyed being with BAU and had started dating a guy called Rossi. She was chatting with Reid and Morgan when Rossi walked in, he put his arm around her and said “We have a couple of cops from the UK coming to help us with a case.”

“Good idea.” Reid said when the cops came in. Rossi felt Alexandria tense up as she saw Mickey.

“Stai Bene?” Rossi asked Alexandria. Which meant Are you okay in Italian.

Alexandria looked hesitant. She glanced up at Rossi.

“Principessa, Verita per favore.” Rossi said to her. It meant Princess, Truth please.

Alexandria shook her head and sighed.

“So many memories, he really hurt me.” She whispered.

Rossi glared at Mickey who was walking over. Morgan and Reid stood in front of Alexandria and Rossi, Morgan glared at Mickey.

“So you are the guy who broke Alexandria’s heart. Well if I was you, I would turn around and walk the other direction.” Morgan warned.

“She left me.” Mickey said.

“After you pushed her away.” Rossi said shooting him a glare, his Italian accent coming out thick.

“Maybe, I can show you how it felt for me. Then see if you will want to be around people. Aye?” Mickey asked making eye contract with Rossi.

Rossi sighed softly and said “I have been abducted before. Longer then you was. Four years. But I never pushed my family and friends away.”

Morgan, Reid and Alexandria looked at him in surprise.

“It was before I was working for the BAU.” Rossi said. “Hotch helped me through the hard parts.”

Alexandria said “You chose to push me away Mickey. I treated you normally but you wanted nothing to do with me.” she felt nausea building.

She spun to Rossi and said “Mi viene da vomitare. (I feel sick…I feel like throwing up).” her voice shook. Rossi took her arm and helped her to his office. Hotch noticed and said “Will she be okay Rossi?”

“Yes.” Rossi said and closed the door to his office.


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