A change of heart

It was a very slow day at Country General, a nurse Thalia was reading a book when she heard a noise coming from the men’s toilets. She put down her book and walked to it, in case it was one of the patients. She heard it again and sounded like someone in pain.

“Doug!” She called to an attending resident who walked over and pushed open the door. Their Chief Resident Mark fall out and let out another groan. Thalia let out a gasp of shock;

Mark’s left eye was black, one of his cheeks was dripping blood, his pants were ripped off and his legs struggled to support him. She moved his shirt gently to see purple covering where his ribs were and he gave out a hiss of pain as she touched his stomach as he moved into her arms.

Doug looked at his bottom and his stomach turned seeing blood dripping from there. He looked at Thalia who was as much in shock as him. How could someone get into the male doctor’s toilet without anyone seeing? And worse how could this happen without anyone hearing?

Mark’s head was spinning from all the shock and pain, he grunted leaning his head against Thalia’s shoulder. Thalia took a deep breathe to keep her anger from boiling over, she had to stay calm for Mark. She could kill whoever did this to him. But right now he needed her.

But more, she was angry at herself. She was the nearest to the toilet and someone managed to sneak into the toilet without her knowledge. She had let this happened! Guilt swept over her and she blinked back tears.

Thalia stared at first at her boyfriend in her arms and she said “We need to get him into a room.” he clutched onto her uniform, he muttered out her name and stay.

“I’m gonna stay with you.” She said. “I’m gonna stay with you.”

Doug attempted to help Mark to a nearby room with a hospital bed but Mark freaked, thinking Doug was trying to take him away from Thalia.

“NO! NO! Want Thalia! I want to stay with Tha…” He swallowed hard. Thalia said “Mark, it’s going to be okay. It’s going to be okay. I’m not going anywhere.”

Thalia held him close and helped him into the room, lying him onto the bed. He grabbed her hand and tears rolled down his face. He stroked her hand as she sat down and Doug called for an MRI and various other tests.

“How long?” Doug asked Thalia.
“What?” Thalia asked as Mark slept after he was put into an induced coma to help him with the swelling on the brain.

“How long have you and Mark been together?” Doug asked.

“Four months.” Thalia admitted, she looked at Mark.

Two days past, Thalia was working when a big emergency came in. Thalia went to help patients but froze, there was many different patients. She blinked as her head began to spin, she didn’t know where to go.

Her heart began to pound in her ears and she stood in the middle of the emergency department, the room spinning. Doug took her arm and managed to walk her into Mark’s room where he placed her into Mark’s arms carefully.

Thalia couldn’t react at first and Doug placed a sick bucket in front of her in case she got nausea. She stared straight ahead at the patients and she blinked as Mark called her name. She fought against the flood that was filling her mind and she let out a sob.

“It was my fault.” She squeaked out. Mark and Doug looked confused.

“What was your fault?” Mark asked stroking her light brown hair out of her face. There was tears in her ocean blue eyes.

“You getting attacked. I was nearest to the toilets..I should have seen…” She let out another sob. “IT WAS ALL MY FAULT!”

“Thalia Rose Night, look at me.” Mark said using his professional tone. Thalia looked up at him. Tears rolled down her face.

“It was not your fault. None of this was your fault.” Mark told her. “Don’t you blame yourself for something a monster did.”

Thalia buried her face into his good shoulder and he rubbed her back. Doug said “I didn’t realize that she was feeling so guilty.”

“Because Tha doesn’t reveal her feelings until they overspill.” Mark whispered holding her close. He looked down at Thalia and said “Shh, it’s okay. My star, it’s okay. It was not your fault. Thalia, I love you so much. That’s why I wanted you when it all happened. That’s why I was so afraid that Doug was taking me away from you.”

Thalia fall asleep and Doug left them alone. Mark kissed her head and went to sleep. He woke up screaming an hour later and Thalia sat up, she went to comfort him.

“I want Doug, GET OUT!” Mark barked at her. Thalia looked startled but did as she was told. Doug came out after a while and went to Thalia.

“Thalia Rose Night, you are banned from Mark Greene’s room. If you go in there, I will have to call security on you.” Doug said sternly.

Thalia stared at him in shock and she felt her heart shattering. She looked at his room and back at Doug.

“Why?” She asked.

“I am not allowed to tell you that information.” Doug said. Thalia nodded numbly and she went to her office. She stared at an envelope that held an offer at Seattle Grace Hospital.

She walked out of her room and stared at Mark’s hospital room. She walked in and said “Why Mark?”

“GET OUT!” He yelled.
“Mark, why are you doing this? I love you.” Thalia said.

“I hate you Thalia Rose Night, get out now.” Mark said and Thalia felt her heart shattered into tiny pieces.

“What?” She asked.

“I.Hate.You. I want you out of my life.” Mark growled.

Thalia walked out of the hospital room and to her office, Doug looked over at her and there was no where to explain the expression on her face.

“Thalia..what are you doing?” Doug asked concerned.

“Taking up an offer.” Thalia said dialling the boss Derek Shepherd’s number.

“Offer?” Doug asked alarmed. “Thalia, Mark will come around.”

Thalia talked to the person on the other end of her mobile and hanged up.

“It’s too late. They need me to start straight away. Doug, tell Mark..that he will always be in my heart.” Thalia said and stuffed the few items, from her desk into a box.

Doug followed Thalia out to her Black Toyota Rav 4 and said “I never wanted to ban you from his room.”

“He hates me Doug.” Thalia said before getting into the driver’s seat. Doug watched her drive away.

“Be safe Thalia.” Doug whispered.

Days past, Doug was working on paperwork when Mark called out his name. He looked up and walked in.

“Hey Mark, need anything?” He asked and checked his stats.

“Where’s Thalia?” Mark asked. “She..she hasn’t been in.”

Doug froze, he looked at Mark. He said “She has been busy with patients.” he didn’t know how to tell him that Thalia had transferred.

“Don’t lie to me.” Mark said annoyed.

“After you told her to get out of your life, she took a job offer at Seattle Grace Hospital.” Doug admitted.

“In…In…Seattle?” Mark asked. He felt a lump in his throat developed.

“Yes.” Doug said.

In Seattle Grace Hospital, two months later

Thalia walked down the hall to her patient talking to Derek when her mobile rang. She looked at it and put it back in her pocket. She had no desire to speak to Mark. He had crushed her heart after giving her a big speech on how it wasn’t her fault.

“Your ex?” Derek asked concerned.

Thalia sighed and nodded as she looked at him. Derek put an arm around her and pulled her close. He liked his new employee.

“Thalia, he doesn’t deserve you.” Derek said and Thalia looked at him. Their lips touched and Thalia closed her eyes as Derek deepened the kiss. He wrapped his arms around her. He said “I will protect you Thalia.”

They walked into their patient’s room who threw his IV at them and said “I don’t want it in!”

“Mr. Smitmonkey, you need it in to make you feel better.” Derek said calmly.

“Fine.” Mr. Smitmonkey grumbled.

Derek fixed the IV up and Mr. Smitmonkey told him a story about his cats.


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