Goodbyes can be forever

It was a hot summer day, Tilda was relaxing in the bowling alley with her disability group when she saw her boyfriend Phillip walk in and he was looking quite pale. His work partner glared at him when he sat on the couch trying to catch his breathe.

“COME ON!” She yelled as she reached for him and Phillip flinched. Tilda stormed over and stood between them.

“Leave him alone.” Tilda said warningly as Phillip stood up shaken and he leaned against Tilda as his disability clients walked in.

“Tilda…” He wheezed as he held onto her and Tilda managed to get him to sit down. She grabbed his backpack and found his asthma puffer.

Just then his work partner grabbed out her wand and waved it in the air. Phillip let out a painful gasp and he began to lean against Tilda even more.

“Stop it!” Tilda hissed at his work partner and Phillip whimpered as his work partner waved it again. His stomach began to turn and he swallowed hard. Tilda knew what was going to happen and she managed to get him outside. Phillip looked at her as he managed to sit down on the bench.

“She’s been abusing me at work for-” He gazed down as he tried not to cry. Admitting it was extremely hard especially to Tilda. Tilda sat down and placed her arms around him.

“How long?” She asked gently.

“I have to get back to work.” Phillip muttered.

“Babe…” Tilda said frowning. “Please, don’t shut me out.”

Phillip shook his head as he whispered “I…” his fingers stroke her hand as he was fighting back tears. “I-will you-.”

“You are doing respite service tonight…” Tilda said and Phillip nodded.

“Please..will you come with me tonight? She’s on duty too.” Phillip whispered and he gazed up at her eyes.

“Sure.” Tilda said and kissed him as she wrapped her arms around him.

Night soon came and Phillip greeted Tilda nervously at the Respite Centre, his eyes were red from crying too much after he had not cleaned a plate good enough and he gotten a beating from Kirriah.

“What happened?” Tilda asked concerned. Phillip whispered “She hit me.” he showed her to his office.


Phillip flinched as he looked towards the hallway to hear angry footsteps.

“Two years…since she started.” He muttered and Tilda frowned as he pulled her against him.


Phillip began to sob again and Tilda rubbed at his back, she hated him being so scared and upset.

“She scares me.” He sobbed into her shoulder and his door was fling open. Kirriah looked pissed! Phillip cowered in his chair and Kirriah grabbed him knocking Tilda onto the ground.

“LET HIM GO!” Tilda yelled but the door slammed in her face as Kirriah took Phillip to her own office. Tilda got up slowly and realized that Kirriah had locked the door from the outside and it couldn’t be opened from the inside. She felt sick when she heard Phillip’s cries of pain.

She studied the lock and she cursed as she realized there was no way to kick the door in. Tilda noticed a bed in the corner of the room next to the couch. She sat on the couch when the door opened and Phillip stumbled in. Tilda rushed over and helped him to the bed.

“She…she hurt my…” Phillip couldn’t talk probably due to tears and he laid down pulling Tilda close. He didn’t want anything to happen to her.

That night, Phillip felt Tilda thrashing in her sleep and he woke up, he turned to her and rubbed at her back to wake her up gently. She woke up and she let out a small sob as she laid there for a few minutes which then turned into harder sobs.

Phillip pulled her close and began to rub at her back trying to calm her down.

“I got you sweetie, I have you.” He said as she buried her face into his shoulder which caused Phillip some pain due to some things Kirriah did to it. Phillip pushed the pain out of his mind and rubbed at her back.

“I’m so-sorry.” Tilda sobbed as she pulled away but Phillip shook his head.

He moved so she was lying against his chest, he had a feeling that he knew what she had nightmare about but he knew better then trying to get her to talk about it. Tilda buried her face into his shoulder and sobbed before calming down. She moved her hand across his shirt which he rarely wore while he was sleeping.

A few days later, the service Tilda attended moved to Phillip’s one. She stood in the corner and she quietly watched him with his clients. Her green eyes gazed over slowly and Phillip rushed over, luckily getting there in time catching her as she collapsed.

Phillip frowned as he laid her down in the sick bay and felt her head. To his relief, she had no fever. He sighed softly as he stared at her, she had been annoying him since she joined the service. Unknown to him, Tilda had noticed this and she had been keeping her emotional stress from her ex being on parole, a secret.

She woke up and found she was alone in the sick bay. Tilda narrowed her eyes trying to remember how she got there and the nurse said “Phillip bought you in. I’ll tell him that you are awake.”

“Nah, it’s fine Miss. Lion.” Tilda sighed. “He got enough to deal with.”

“Does he know about your ex being on parole?” Miss Lion asked. She had soft spot for Tilda.

“I’ve been annoying him..I’ll be fine, I can cope with it on my own.” Tilda whispered. She went to her room and closed the door.

She buried her head into her pillow to try and silence her sobs. At the moment, she felt completely alone and Phillip even refused to let her comfort him after Kirriah’s abuse. Her eyes flickered to outside and she found herself questioning if he would be better without her.

Tilda walked to his office to find him asleep on his couch and she walked over, kissing his cheek.

“I love you babe. This is for the best.” She placed her engagement ring on his desk and transformed into her Arctic fox form which was her valuable form.

She looked at Phillip and then run out of the centre, the distant paw prints disappearing into the desert. Phillip woke up after she had left and he sat up rubbing at his eyes. He went to get some dinner but started to get concern as Tilda didn’t turn up despite it was her favourite dinner- Steak.

Phillip walked to her room and frowned as she was not there. He walked to the sick bay and asked Miss Lion if she was in there who shook her head.

“She said that she have been annoying you lately.” Miss Lion told him.

“I was feeling stressed. I didn’t mean that.” Phillip rushed to his office and his heart sank when he saw the engagement ring on the desk. He whispered “Oh god…where are you?”

He could hear thunder in the distance and he grabbed his yellow raincoat. She was out there in the storm, something that she was terrified of and he had to find her.

Tilda quietly curled up into a ball at the back of a hole in a tree. Lightning made her white fur fluff up with fear and she let out a sob when she felt sharp teeth pulling her out. Her ex had found her. Just then Phillip jumped her ex sending him flying against the tree.

Phillip picked her up gently, her white fur were strained with blood and his stomach lurched with fear. He rushed her to his car and he sped her to the hospital who was most familiar with her animal form. Tears rolled down his face as he told himself just how stupid he was and how this was all his fault.

“Please sweetie, please…don’t leave me.” He whispered and she slowly wagged her tail.

He gently picked her up and rushed her into the hospital where her doctors Zoltan and Spencer were waiting.

“Bring her in here.” Zoltan said urgently and Phillip laid her onto the bed.

Phillip paced the waiting room when Spencer came out and he said to Phillip to sit down.

“Is she dead?” Phillip asked, his voice was cracking.

“No but…we had to use a black rose to turn her back to a child to save her.” Spencer said.

“What age?” Phillip asked in a whisper.

“Six months old.” Spencer said and Phillip buried his face into his hands crying.

About four years past, Phillip was bowling while Tilda was at school when he caught the eye of a beautiful girl with long dark brown hair and brown eyes. She was bowling quite good and trying ignore the arguments between a boy with light blonde hair and green eyes, and another girl with light brown hair and brown eyes.

“Kat, leave him alone.” She sighed as she skipped down the steps and sat down. Her staff members were chatting along-more themselves, not wanting to deal with another argument which happened every single Monday. She looked over and caught his eye.

She raised her eyebrows and said to Kat “Dude, check him out. He’s handsome!”

“Jess, no he’s not. His ugly.” Kat laughed as the boy stormed off to complain to the female staff.

Jess said “He’s not ugly.” when the male staff got off the phone and frowned. He walked to the female staff and talked to her.

Just then Phillip’s phone rang and he picked up.

“Phillip here. Healing Hearts ranch got burnt down. They are gonna come to the centre. Okay then.” He hang up and glanced over at Jess and the rest of the clients who was being told by their staff.

He saw the concern appear on her face and she frowned at this.

Phillip wanted so badly to go over there and comfort her but Kirriah and his new work partner Valputin was watching him. He sighed as he watched his clients bowl and soon they return back to the centre. Valputin hissed at him “Don’t get attached.” and pulled at Phillip’s hair.

Phillip yelped in pain as Valputin dragged him to his office and he begged “No Valputin, please. Don’t..” he looked frightened, Valputin was twice the size of him. He froze when he saw a cat in the office and he tried backing away due to the fact that he was severely allergic to cats.

“Valputin, you-you know I’m allergic to cats.” Phillip stammered. Just there, Kirriah yelled for Phillip because Jess and her friends had arrived. Phillip run out and he smiled at Jess softly as she smiled at him. That night he heard screaming from her room and he went into her room.

She was thrashing in her sleep and he rubbed her back to wake her up. She let out a sob as she woke up and he said “It’s okay, I’m here. You are safe.” Jess let him pick her up into his arms and she snuggled against him. A few weeks past and they got closer to Valputin’s anger.

Jess looked at Phillip with a smile as she did her work and Phillip sat next to her. He slipped his hand over hers and she cuddled against him as he whispered “You know, there is something I been wanting to do.”

“What’s that?” Jess asked and Phillip kissed her. Jess blushed all shades of red and kissed him back when Valputin stormed in.

Phillip pulled Jess behind him worried and Valputin grabbed him by the shoulders, in his left hand, he had a special bottle that would change Phillip back to his demon form which something that Phillip didn’t want. He had left his demon life behind him, he wanted to be good.

“No…not that. Please. I don’t want to transform to my demon form. I haven’t done that in five years and I don’t want to start again. I don’t wanna get the taste for having my demon powers back.” Phillip begged, near tears and Jess jumped Valputin sending the potion flying into the nearby trash.

Phillip looked at her amazed and he smiled before frowning when his Ulcerative Coltis, a side effect of losing his demon side began to play up and he muttered “I need to go to the toilet, Jess. Meet me in my office.” Jess nodded and walked to his office, she settled on the couch.

Jess noticed a double bed in the corner and she went to it and laid down relaxing in the soft duck feathers pillows. Phillip came in and he laid next to Jess, the cramping was quite bad and he was sweating in pain. She laid her head against his chest and he wrapped his arms around him.

Just then the lock beeped which meant someone had locked it from the outside and worse it couldn’t be opened from the inside. Phillip looked horrified as he sat up which made his stomach turn around in circles and he moaned painfully as he laid down.

“Do you have meds?” Jess asked and Phillip nodded pointing to the desk. He smiled gently at her as she got them and gave them to him. He studied her and kissed her hair after taking them. Phillip pulled her close and had a sleep waiting for the door to be opened again.

The next day, Jess was lying in her room staring at the sharks and fish. It was visiting day and she didn’t have any desire to attend it. Her little sister Anabel would be and she didn’t want to see the tears in her eyes when she realize that Jess wasn’t gonna move back to home with her.

Jess had two sisters, one older and one younger. Her oldest sister Anna had four children- Espe-16, Alexandria-11, Sienna and River-1.

Jess heard her door opened and Phillip walked in, he sat down on her bed and pulled her close into his arms. She felt his stomach cramping like hell and Phillip said “Ignore that…babe are you okay?”

“I can’t face her.” Jess whispered. “Have you been to the toilet?”

“Umm…” Phillip muttered.

“Umm?” Jess asked.

“Valputin isn’t letting me…” Phillip whispered looking down. “Oh..I’m scared because my little sister Rosie is starting today.” he turned away and he let out a sob.

A few months later

Jess was quietly playing with her Berry Milk Smoothie quietly, Phillip had been very busy with Rosie and she felt he had been ignoring. Each time she asked to talk to him, Rosie would come in and interrupt him. Jess sighed as she stood up and walked to her room.

Phillip watched as she walked away when one of the other staff members walked in.

“Jess, we have some news.” She said. “You might wanna sit down.”

Jess looked concerned as she looked over at Phillip who was with Rosie, helping her eat her dinner. She looked at the staff member Kayla who said “Do you want me to tell you in here or in my office?”

“In your office.” Jess whispered and followed Kayla into her office.

Kayla sat her down and said “Jess, you have been given custody of your nieces Espe and Alexandria. Sienna and River are in custody of their father.”

“Zac?” Jess asked hoping that who Kayla was talking about.

“Yes, but he said that Espe and Alexandria would be happier with you.” Kayla said. “And you can visit Sienna and River anytime.”


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