Losing his love

“This is so boring.” Ivy sighed to her best mates Matt and VJ as she stared at her maths homework. She tapped her pen against the kitchen table while Matt digged through the fridge, looking for any hidden treats and VJ was texting his mum.

She looked over at the kitchen door as it opened and the local doctor Nate walked in. He was frowning and Ivy asked “Had a hard day at work?”

“Yeah. Ivy I have a question for you?” Nate said as he sat next to her.

“What’s up?” Ivy asked placing down her pen.

“Can you tell me your surname?” Nate asked with a tinge of suspiciously to his voice.

Ivy felt her heart began to pound and she said “Night. It’s Night. Ivy Rose Night.”

She knew if Nate found out, her real surname was Cooper, he would find out that her sister was his ex wife.

Nate crossed his arms and glared at her, not looking satisfied.

“Before it was Night, what was it?” He asked and Ivy looked at with fake look of confusion.

“I’m not sure, what you mean.” Ivy told him and Matt and VJ looked at him with concern.

Nate knew very well that Ivy was avoiding telling him the complete truth, he had been trying to be patient and gentle, he wanted Ivy to be able to trust him and tell him whatever truth she was trying to hide from him, he turned and looked Ivy straight in the eyes,

“Ivy, look me in the eyes and tell me you’ve never had another surname,” he said calmly and seriously.

Ivy whimpered slightly as she run off to her room. She couldn’t reveal those details and she sat on her bed, hearing Nate’s footsteps. She wrapped her arms around her legs and she rocked slightly. Tears welled up in her eyes, she was trying to ignore the flashbacks of Sophie’s abuse.

Nate realised he may have pushed a little too hard, he went after Ivy.

Nate went into Ivy’s room, the door was unlocked, he went and sat on the bed close to Ivy, he reached out and put his arms around her instinctively as he saw how upset she was,

“I’m sorry,” he apologised, “I didn’t mean to push so hard, I want you to know you can trust me Ivy.”

“I never was a Cooper. That surname was not me. Night…they were my parents. Not the Coopers and ‘she’ was not my sister. Sisters don’t hurt sisters.” Ivy whispered, she let out a sob. “I didn’t want you to know. I thought…I thought you would stop loving me.” Ivy closed her eyes fighting back the tears.

Nate’s arms tightened around Ivy subconsciously,

“Whatever she did doesn’t affect the way I feel about your Ivy, you’re completely different people,” he said, his tone was gentle, but he realised why Ivy had been trying not to tell him, he looked at Ivy’s face, he wiped her tears gently,

“Thank you,” he said gently, “For being brave enough to tell me.”

The next day, Ivy was at the hospital because of a fire at the hospital and she walked up to Nate, wanting comfort.

“Ivy, I have patients.” He said a little roughly. “Please go and wait at the waiting chairs.”

Ivy frowned as she said “Is the teachers okay?”

“Jeez, you are acting like Sophie.” He said and rushed off to an emergency. Ivy stood there quietly thinking and she run out of the hospital. Ivy found herself walking through the forest she had been scared of and her stomach began aching.

Nate had been rushed off his feet, he was stressed and exhausted by the time he’d finished his shift. Nate walked into the empty waiting room, he looked around for Ivy, then he remembered what he’d said without even thinking and realised how much it must have hurt her to hear that from him. Nate felt a pang of guilt run through him, he had to find Ivy.

Nate asked around the hospital if anyone had seen Ivy and was soon pointed in the direction of the forest, Nate felt a cold shiver go up his spine, he knew how Ivy felt about the forest.

Ivy felt tears rolling down her face as she continued walking, she lifted her shirt up to see a burn and she wrapped her arms around her stomach. She walked to the cabin where Sophie would torture and she pushed open the door. She sat down into the cage and curled up into a ball.

Tears rolled down her face as her spine hurt as well due to some wood dropping onto her back. Ivy wanted to text Sophie, she heard she might had escaped. She wanted Sophie to ‘punish’ her.

Nate found his way too the Cabin, he knew where it was, his face was pale with sheer tiredness and worry, he managed to push the door open and walked in, he looked around and his gut twisted, he hoped Sophie hadn’t escaped, it didn’t take him long to see where Ivy was, he pulled her out of the cage, then noticed the burn as he shirt pulled up slightly.

Nate lifted Ivy in his arms and headed towards the door of the Cabin,

“I’m sorry,” he said meaning it from his heart, “I didn’t mean it, you KNOW you’re nothing like her. Let me get you as far away from here as I can.”

The next few days, he was especially busy. Ivy tried to patient and laid in her hospital bed but she was in pain, she hit the buzzer.

“What?” Nate demanded. “What do you want Ivy?”

“I…” Ivy froze hesitating. “Sorry I hit it on accident.” She watched Nate placed it on the food tray.

“Just don’t do it again.” Nate said.

“Nate…I loved you.” She said and Nate walked away without thinking what she meant.

Ivy looked at a text from Sophie quietly and she unhooked all the machines and the IVs. She stumbled out and went to meet up with Sophie. Her stomach was hurting and she knew where Sophie was waiting. The house that Sophie would torture her mostly in.

Nate got around too seeing Ivy, but when he went to the bed he found it empty. Nate frowned, then he realised what Ivy had meant, his face drained of colour and he shot off to where he knew Ivy would be, he felt sick to his stomach at the thought of Sophie anywhere near Ivy.

Sophie smirked as she pulled at Ivy’s brown hair and Ivy whimpered gently.

“So, my little sister is dating my ex.” Sophie said as she threw Ivy into the ground and she placed a lighter against Ivy’s stomach. Ivy begged for her to stop and Sophie grabbed at Ivy’s throat tightening her hands around it.

Nate didn’t bother too see if the door was locked, he rammed into it and it flew open making him almost fall into the house, he looked up at saw Sophie and Ivy.

Nate saw red when he saw Sophie hurting Ivy, he pulled her off Ivy and flung her in to a corner hard, he was mildly satisfied when he heard her hit against the wall.

Nate scooped Ivy up, it took a lot for him to loose his temper, let alone make threats especially against a woman, but he turned to Sophie and snarled,

“I will break your scrawny little neck if you go near Ivy again.” Nate walked towards the door carrying Ivy close too him protectively.

Ivy was wheezing and she felt her vision blurring. She tried not to throw up and she woke up in the hospital bed. She was tempted to hit the nurse buzzer but she didn’t. She curled up into a ball and her throat was hurting like hell.

She wanted to run, she wanted to run fast. She gazed up to see Hannah watching her, a nurse and one of her best mates.

“I’ll go and get Nate.”

“Hannah…don’t…please. I’m a Cooper, I’ll just harm him like Sophie did.” Ivy said. “I’m Ivy Rose Cooper. I’m just like my sister Sophie.”

Nate walked in just as Ivy finished her words, he had been worried about her and had been checking in on her, he managed a smile of thanks at Hannah as she went past him.

Nate went too Ivy’s bedside, he sat carefully on the bed next too her and took her hand, his eyes went to Ivy’s,

“You’re a Night,” he said firmly, “You’re nothing like Sophie, Sophie’s an insane animal, you’ve never hurt me, I trust you with my life Ivy, I love you too pieces,” he said softly.

Once Ivy was out, she was a little clingy towards Nate and she would wait for him at the hospital. One day, she came in after her school when she overheard him complaining to Hannah.

“She won’t give me a break. She is always here.” Nate ranted. “Sophie used to do the same.”

“Umm Nate…” Hannah tried to warn him.

Ivy looked down at the ground and left. She went to home and sat on the couch, she wanted to go back to the city. She used to play the guitar down there and she knew that Nate needed some space. Ivy however was not supposed to be outside of supervision of Zac, Nate, Hannah or Leah due to the injuries.

She wrote a letter explaining the decisions she had made and begged them not to tell Nate or come after her. Ivy felt her heart aching as she packed a bag and went to the bus stop. Soon she was at her city apartment, that she had bought with her inheritance and she sat down thinking.

Nate felt his heart sink as he turned around and saw Ivy,

“Ivy….” he began when he saw the look on her face. Nate went towards Ivy,

“Don’t you run,” he said, “not at some stupid, idiot thing I said.”

Ivy gazed down and said “I am not sure what to do. I’m…” she let out a sob and she sat on the chair tearfully. “I don’t wanna be clingy but I need you so much.” as she began crying. She looked up at him and she said “I don’t wanna be like Sophie.”

Nate had a very busy week but noticed that Ivy wasn’t around much. One day Ivy run to him crying when he had a huge emergency going on and she clinged to him.

Nate bit his tongue, he knew he was liable to say the wrong thing, then he looked into Ivy’s face and realised nothing was more important than her at that moment, he knew there where enough people around to deal with the emergency for once.

Nate too Ivy into a side room and hugged her tightly.

“Sophie…Sophie got Julian out of jail.” Ivy cried hard. “I’m scared!” as she held onto him. She noticed that Nate was looking at the emergency and she felt guilty as she held onto him. She waited till he left to check on his patient and despite him telling her that he would back later.

Ivy walked home and locked her bedroom door, she laid down trying not to cry. When the window broke and she felt Sophie forcing her down onto the bedroom and Julian…she blacked out.

When she woke up, she saw Hannah in her hospital bed and she asked “What happened?”

“Does Nate know I’m here?” Ivy asked.

“No, his in surgery with a patient.” Hannah said.

“I got bashed up, nothing more.” Ivy lied not wanting anyone to know.

Nate went to Ivy’s bed, Hannah had told him she had arrived back all bashed up.

Nate pulled a chair up by Ivy’s bed, worry written all over his face, he was exhausted through to the bones and now he was so worried he felt sick. Nate’s eyes went to Ivy’s face,

“What happened?” he asked, “Why did you leave?”

Because I know I been driving you insane. I heard you say it to the other doctor.” Ivy said quietly and she pulled her blankets up around her, she knew she was bleeding from where Julian hurt her and she didn’t want Nate to know the full story. Sophie had threatened him if Ivy said anything.

Nate frowned slightly as he noticed Ivy pull the bed covers right up, it made him look more closely at her,

“Ivy, work has been driving me insane, not you,” he admitted quietly, “What happened?” Nate’s eyes went to the blood which was now showing through the bed covers, then they went stormy with anger, he changed his question,

“Which bastard did that to you?”

“He…He…” Ivy let out a sob. “Sophie said I told you, she’ll hurt you.” tears rolled down her face. “He hurt me badly.” she continued to cry. When Sophie appeared behind Nate and grabbed him.

“I warned you Ivy. He’ll hate you after this.” Sophie hissed.

Nate didn’t even have time to struggle, Sophie knew that taking by surprise was the only way she would get the upper hand, Nate managed to say too Ivy,

“Ivy, don’t listen to her, no matter what I won’t hate you, it’s not your fault.”

Nate was missing for four years and Hannah and the rest of the town drove Ivy out. Ivy sighed as she sat in her new apartment, she was not in a good place and heavily addicted. Nate arrived back in town and automatically went to Zac and Hannah to find out where Ivy was.

Nate found out what had happened and ended up on Ivy’s doorstep, he stopped in front of the door and hesitated, it had been four years, he wondered if she even wanted to see him again after what had happened too her. Nate swallowed, he was stood staring at the door, all he had wanted for all those years was to hold her again and now he was scared of knocking.

Ivy sighed softly, she had a strange feeling to go to the door and opened it. She looked at Nate and she threw herself into his arms. She didn’t know what had happened or what Sophie had done to him but she needed him more then anything.

Nate held Ivy close to him as tears started to run down his face before he could stop them,

“Ivy,” he managed to get out, “Missed yo so much.”

“Missed me? But I caused this.” Ivy whispered as she held onto him and she rubbed his back. That night he was squirming due to the things Sophie and Julian had done. He had flushed Ivy’s drugs down the toilet and she asked “Is there something in your ass?” as she moved closer to him.

Nate felt his cheeks burn with embarrassment, he had been trying not to squirm, but he was horribly uncomfortable, he managed to nod, finding he couldn’t get words out.

Ivy laid him against her and got it out but he became distanced and went and stayed at Hannah’s. Ivy let out a sob of anger and she stared at the razor that he had left behind.

“Maybe his better off without me.” Ivy said softly.

Nate spent most of his time in the bedroom with the door locked, he wanted to hide from everything, he didn’t feel safe going outside of the bedroom door, it made him want to throw up, he knew what was happening too him being a Doctor, but he had been so badly abused he had forgotten how to cope with it, he wanted Ivy there, but he was scared that something would happen too her.

Nate heard Hannah knocking on the door, he didn’t even want to answer her. Nate yelled,

“Leave me alone! I just want to be left alone!”

Ivy came over by Hannah’s request and she managed to unlock the door. She was an expect in field of unlocking stuff and she climbed onto Nate’s bed. She said “It was not your fault. You know that. And I’m not ashamed of you because there is nothing to be ashamed of. Let me help you.”

Nate’s eyes went slowly to Ivy’s face, he wrapped his arms around her,

“Missed you,” he whispered, “I don’t want you to get hurt, I don’t want you to be disgusted every time you look at me.”

The next day, Nate was back at work when Hannah walked in with an upset Ivy.

“Mate, here.” Hannah said handing Ivy to him who wrapped her arms around him crying. “She’s had a hard day at school.”

Nate cuddled Ivy too him to try and calm her down, he hated seeing her crying,

“It’s okay now Ivy,” he said gently, “You’re safe and I’m here.”

“It was my fault. Everything that happened was my-my fault.” Ivy sobbed. “That-That’s why you- you got r-r-” she was shaking and coughing now. She was clutching onto him tightly.

Nate’s arms tightened around Ivy,

“None of what happened was your fault Ivy,” he said, “You’re the only person I feel comfortable around at the moment, whatever happened it had nothing to do with you. I love you to death.”

A few weeks past and while Ivy was in school, Nate was attacked badly by Sophie and Hannah had helped him. When Ivy got home, she found her stuff out on the lawn and she went to find out why.

“Ivy, he wants you gone.” Hannah told her.

“Nate?” Ivy asked looking at him and he nodded.

Ivy began to beg and Nate glared at her. Ivy realized it was no use. She stared down and went back out. Ivy let out a sob as she went to find a cave in the forest.

Nate watched Ivy go, then his legs gave out from underneath him and he collapsed, he put his hands too his face and let out a sob, he didn’t know how to cope with anything right now, his brain was on overload and he couldn’t stop shaking, he couldn’t make sense of anything.

Hannah hugged him and got him help. That night there was a thunder storm which was Ivy’s biggest fear and she had not found a cave yet. She sat on the ground and started to sob into her hands, she didn’t know what to do anymore. She felt very lonely and curled up into a ball under a tree.

Nate woke up in bed, he automatically reached for Ivy, the realised she wasn’t there, he flinched as he heard the thunder, then he scrambled out of bed, he hd to find Ivy, he knew she was scared of storms, he pulled his trousers and shoes on as he was running towards the door.

Ivy digged through her bags and found her razor. She pulled down her pants and placed the razor against it and began to move it. She didn’t want anything anymore, she had lost Nate and it was all too much for her.

Nate almost fell over Ivy as he was running, he stumbled too a stop and looked down at her, then realised what she was doing and grabbed her wrists, ending up kneeling in front of her in the mud.

Ivy looked up at him in surprise and she looked at the razor quietly. She let out a sob as she didn’t understand why he was there. She whispered “You are better off without me.”

Nate was glad it was pouring with rain because that way Ivy couldn’t see the tears running down his face, he took the razor out of her hand and threw it into the trees, he pulled her too him and held her close too him,

“I was completely out of my mind after the attack,” he said, “I didn’t know what I wanted Ivy, I don’t think I even knew what I was saying. I can’ t imagine my life without you.”

A few weeks later, Nate was with Hannah at counselling which hurt Ivy but she didn’t say anything. She decided she won’t go to him if she needed help if he didn’t come to her. She was doing her homework when her ex Andrew came in and bashed her up good.

Ivy heard Hannah’s car and attempted to put everything that was out of place back into place and run to the bathroom to cover up the wounds and bruises.

Nate walked in as Ivy was coming out of the bathroom, she looked very flustered, he looked at her closely and saw bruising, he frowned,

“Ivy?” he asked, “What’s been going on? You’ve got bruises……….” Nate managed to roll Ivy‘s sleeves up, “….. everywhere,” he finished, worry in his face.

Ivy shrugged as she said “Nothing much…just a visit from Andrew. How was your counselling?” she looked at Hannah who said “He has another appointment in an hour.”

“Better go and get ready so Hannah can take you.” Ivy said quietly as she pulled her arms away from Nate and she went back to her new room so Hannah could have a single bed in Nate’s.

Nate scowled, he went after Ivy, realising what he had done,

“Ivy you come with me,” he said determinedly, “I feel safe with you and I’m not leaving you here.”

“You don’t feel safe with me. I can’t even sleep in your room anymore.” Ivy lashed out suddenly and there was tears in her eyes. “It’s always Hannah.” she let out a sob and she fall to the ground suddenly and began to cry.

Nate picked Ivy up, he went to his room with her and put her on the bed,

“This is our bed from now on,” he told her, “I know I sleep better when you are there, I’m sorry, I’ve done everything wrong.”

The next day, her teacher walked up to him and asked “You know Ivy is the most retard kid I met? She can’t read a basic book.”

Ivy was at home in tears but she didn’t want to bother Nate with it because Hannah told her not to.

“Stop crying! Nate will come home and then he will be stressed.” Hannah’s hand collided with her and she was sent flying against the wall when Nate walked in.

Nate pushed Hannah out of the room roughly,

“I’ve never hit a woman before Hannah, but I swear to god I will belt the living daylights out of you if you touch Ivy again!” he yelled.

Nate turned to Ivy and put his arms around her

Ivy whimpered and sobbed as she tried apologizing but Nate ended up kissing her. She cuddled against him tearfully and she whispered “Why you love me?”

Nate smiled warmly at Ivy, he kissed her again gently,

“Because you are the most wonderful person in the world in my eyes, I can’t find the words to say how much I love you Ivy,” he said softly.

A few months past and Nate had to do medic work for the army. Ivy was climbing a tree for sport at school when her left foot slip and she went falling. She hit her arm hard and she went to the hospital.

Hannah stepped in front of her and said “Nate is back, don’t you fucking dare go to him for help.”

“Hannah, I need someone’s fault. My arm, it really hurts.”

Hannah sneered and grabbed her sore arm and Ivy wailed as she twisted it more.

“Like now.”

“HANNAH STOP!” Ivy cried. “STOP!”

Nate heard and recognised Ivy’s cried, he went running, he grabbed Hannah off Ivy with a yell and hit her hard across the face,

“See how you like it!” he yelled at her as she fell, he shoved her out of the room and slammed the door, he was almost panting with anger.

Nate turned too Ivy and put his arms carefully around her,

“Let me look after that arm,” he said gently.

Ivy sobbed quietly as she laid her head against his chest and she held onto him with her good arm. But he didn’t know how much Hannah affected Ivy until Ivy came down with a stomach virus. Ivy woke up shivering and shaking, she stumbled towards the toilet and threw up. She looked towards Nate’s bedroom and wanted him but Hannah glared at her.

Nate woke up hearing a noise, he got out of bed and went in his bare feet and pyjama bottoms too the bathroom, he saw Ivy and went too her, worry in his face,

“You can sleep with me tonight,” he said gently, “I want to make sure you’re away from her.”

Ivy looked at Hannah unsure and backed up him. She hesitated and she whimpered gently. She rarely rejected his comfort and she stared at the ground. Hannah laughed slightly and said “I taught her not to go to you. She knows she’ll get punished.”

Nate went to Ivy and picked her up, he knew he could easily have Hanna Certified Insane and locked up,

“I’ve had enough of that Bitch,” he growled, “I’m making sure she never bothers you again.” Nate took Ivy into his room and locked the door in Hannah’s face.

The next day Ivy had to do research on the Army and came across stuff about what happened to Nate. She read through it and she frowned quietly. Ivy closed down the computer and went to Nate and hugged him when she saw he was in a flash back and rubbed his back.

Nate could feel Ivy rubbing his back, he knew it was her even though he was in the middle of a horrible flash back, he slowly began to calm down when he realised he wasn’t alone, he put his arms around Ivy, struggling with tears.

Things were fine until he was held hostage in the hospital by Hannah and Sophie and Julian and Andrew. They managed to make him angry towards Ivy who was completely devastated. Zac took Nate to counselling. Ivy was in the city and she went to the a cafe, she sipped on her coffee when another customer locked the door and she saw a gun.

The manager pulled her close to him and said “Be quiet.” she nodded and felt nerves in her stomach.

Nate listened the to the news on the radio as Zac was driving them back, he diverted Zac too the area, in case they needed a Doctor, he hoped there would be no casualties, he didn’t know Ivy was in the Cafe.

Ivy watched the guy going back and forth when he aimed the gun at her. She shook with fear when she felt pain go through her shoulder and then her neck when the police came in. Ivy laid on the ground and she whispered “I love you Nate. I hope you find someone to make you happy wherever you are.” she coughed slightly.

Nate was in the back of an ambulance when the medics came out surrounded by police, the where carrying a stretcher towards the ambulance,

“Bullet wounds!” one of them shouted at him, “bleeding heavily and unconscious!” Nate pulled on his surgical gloves as the medics carefully put the person in the back of the ambulance with him, then he looked at the persons face and froze for a few seconds as he saw Ivy,

“Oh hell,” he gasped, he went in to overdrive, he wasn’t going to let her die without telling her he loved her.

Ivy woke up in hospital and she whimpered slightly when Hannah stormed into the room and locked the door. She was pissed because Nate had massive mental breakdown.

“You know he is spending the night in the psych ward BECAUSE OF YOU!” Hannah yelled. She knew better then to hurt Ivy so instead she made Ivy feel extremely guilty.

Ivy was let out but she disappeared off and hid in her second house she and Nate bought. She was quietly doing her homework and she looked at the scissors, they looked so sharp.

Nate tried to get up out of bed, but found restraints on his ankles and wrists, he scowled, he must have had one heck of a breakdown for them to have to restrain him, Nate yelled as his head pounded, he wanted to see how Ivy was, but he couldn’t get up, no matter how he tried to get out of the restraints.

Zac rushed to him and said “She’s at your holiday house.” as he took off the restraints. Ivy laid on her bed and tears rolled down her face as she patted their Maine Coon cat Drumstick. She was thinking everything Hannah said and just cried.

Nate drove up to their Holiday Home and went in, he went too the bedroom and relief flooded through him when he saw Ivy there, he jumped when Drumstick jumped off the bed, then went over too Ivy and wrapped his arms around her without a word.

Ivy buried her face into his shoulder and sobbed hard, she couldn’t get any words out and Hannah came in smirking. She grabbed Nate and raped her over and over until he broke. Ivy stared at Nate’s hospital door and tried going in but Nate yelled for he to get out.

“Nate…” Ivy whimpered trying to calm him down.

Nate didn’t want anyone near him, not even the doctors or nurses, he didn’t want to drive Ivy away, but he was so ashamed and so hurt all he could do was yell, he wanted Ivy there, but the words coming out of his mouth where saying differently. Nate stopped yelling suddenly as Ivy didn’t go, his eyes went to her face,

“Why do you even care?” he asked her, slightly more calmly, “I hate myself, how can you love me if I can’t even like myself?” Nate fell back into the pillows and closed his eyes, he didn’t want to cry again.

“Because you didn’t do anything wrong. Hannah did the wrong thing. You shouldn’t blame yourself. I love you Nate and…” Ivy looked at Zac. “You want me to go, so I’ll go.” she walked past Zac. “You know where to find me when it’s time.”

She went home and got her Holden Ute and drove to the one place, she used to play her guitar every Sunday. Her own home she owned was nearby.

Nate’s eyes went to Zac, Ivy had gone before he had time to even speak, he let a quiet groan out,

“I’m going to lose her,” he said flatly, “I don’t deserve her anyway.” Nate turned his back on Zac and rubbed his face.

“Nate, you need to fight for her. She wanted to be here for you. She wants to make you happy. She loves you mate.” Zac said. “She told me if you wanted, she would marry you tomorrow.”

Ivy played her guitar as she sat in her usual spot and she felt tears rolling down her face. Her eyes flickered to the bridge over the highway and she climbed up there and looked down.

Nate stood carefully, his legs where shaky, but he did want too see Ivy, he looked at Zac again,

“Can you drive me?” he asked, holding on to the wall, “I don’t know why she put up with me, but I love her, I’d do anything for her.”

Zac drove him to her and helped him to Ivy who was over the rails and just staring down the bridge.

“Hannah was right.” She said to no one in particular. “I’m just like Sophie. That’s why no-one loves me. I’m a Cooper. I was never a Night. Nate deserves someone way better then me.”

Nate pulled Ivy into his arms,

“That’s not true, I’m the one not good enough for you,” he said quietly.

“It’s my fault you got hurt. Hannah said…” Ivy looked down. “Hannah said if I told you what happened..then she would make your life hell.” she let out a sob as she held onto Nate. “This was my fault.”

Nate cuddled Ivy,

“It wasn’t your fault, Hannah would have gone ahead and done something anyway, Ivy, if I thought it was your fault I wouldn’t be here,” he said, “I love you and I need you more than anything else right now.”

Things were excellent until Ivy became a client at Nate’s disability service. She kept wanting to spend time with him but something always came up. One day one of the other clients were sitting in his lap when Ivy moved her and curled up against him which really upset the client.

Nate knew Ivy just wanted to spend time with him, but the screaming was going right through to his bones, he didn’t want to yell at Ivy, she wasn’t doing anything wrong,

“You learn to share!” he half yelled at the client, “If you can’t then you don’t get to sit here.” Nate shoved the client off his lap and got up, he walked out of the room to try and calm down..

Ivy tried to practice her guitar but she would be told to stop because of Kiana who had severe migraines and Ivy knew it was shopping. Each client got one hour to themselves and she fingered her guitar quietly. She knew there was a pawn shop and she bit her lip tearfully. She placed the guitar into her backpack and she took her hour alone time.

She showed the pawn guy the guitar and got some money for it. Nate noticed one night, while Kiana was sleeping, he had not have told Ivy all night for playing her guitar. It was too quiet…way too quiet.

Nate went too see Ivy, he was worried now, he knew she loved her guitar.

Ivy was in her room reading her favourite books Dragon Riding and she was heartbroken, where her guitar stood were nothing now. She had locked her door and she was not wearing her necklace that Nate bought her for their marriage.

Nate had spare keys to every room, he unlocked Ivy’s door, then noticed the guitar was missing, he went over too her,

“Ivy, where’s the guitar?” he asked quietly.

“Sold it.” Ivy whispered as she went to the next page of the story, she fought back the tears that threatened to fall. “Sold all my instruments.” she also played the violin and Bass. But her Electric was her baby.

Nate didn’t say a word, he walked back out of Ivy’s room, went to the Pawn Brokers and got her guitar back, he hurried back too Ivy and put the guitar down on the bed by her, he leaned down and kissed her forehead,

“I’m sorry,” he said quietly, “I’m going to try and spend more time with you. I love you, I don’t want to see you missing out and hurt.”

He kept up the promise until Kiana had a big stroke under his care. Ivy rushed to him one day and said “I really need you.”

“I’m busy with Kiana.” Nate told her.

“But it’s important!” Ivy whined which got her a look because Nate did NOT like whining. Kiana whimpered in pain.

“I’ll be with you after Kiana.” Nate told her.
“NO! NATE I NEED YOU NOW FOR FUCKS SAKE!” Ivy wailed and Nate looked at her in surprise. She never yelled.

Nate was about to tell her off when he softened because he saw that her eyes were a lighter green. He pulled her to him and she begged “Make the memories go away. Make the memories go away.” Zac walked in and took Kiana out.

Nate cuddled Ivy too him gently, forgetting about his anger in worry for Ivy, he kissed her hair,

“I wish I could Ivy,” he said gently, “I wish I could make everything better.” He hated seeing Ivy upset like this, he was at a loss about what to do, except hold her and comfort her.

The next night, they had Kiana’s favourite food again because of her eating disorder and Ivy was fed up.

“Nate can’t we have fish and chips? We had Lasagne six times in a row. Hun, it’s a little boring you know.” Ivy asked. Zac looked up and mouthed “Don’t Ivy.”

“We are having Lasagne.” Nate said.

“BUT that is not fair!” Ivy protested and Zac began to shake his head at her.

Nate rubbed his hands over his face, he was stressed out and deep down he knew Ivy had every right to complain, but she had picked the wrong time,

“Ivy don’t,” he growled, “Not now please, just eat the lasagne.”

Ivy ate it and the next night, she looked frustrated and Zac said “I’ll cooked for you Ivy.”

“No, just don’t.” Ivy’s voice quivered and Zac knew she was close to tears. “I’ll just eat.” she did but went to her room instead of movie night. She locked the door and buried her face into her hands.

Zac frowned because he knew why she was being emotional.

Nate sat watching the movie, he wasn’t even concentrating on the movie, he got up and walked out of the room, Ivy had been very quiet, she hadn’t even complained when they’d had lasagne yet again, he was worried about her, he started to wonder towards her room.

Ivy sniffed as she sat in her bathroom and wrapped her arms around her legs. She hated that the guy who took her hostage had gotten out jail. She felt alone in the world and she didn’t know what the hell to do. She curled up into a ball and sobbed.

The next day, she was playing her guitar when Nate told her to stop and that Kiana had a terrible migraine. Ivy forgot a few hours ago and began to sing to her ipod and dance around the centre. Nate sighed and went to her and told her to be quiet.

“Why don’t you tell Kiana to suck it up or go somewhere else?” Ivy asked and then she realized she had overstepped her limits for the day. She knew from Nate’s expression and his hand on a nearby brush that she had a spanking coming. “Nate…please I’m sorry.” but she knew it was no use.

Nate was too angry to listen to Ivy’s apologies, he had her over his knee and had spanked her one with the brush before he had time to think, he stopped before he landed the second blow and threw the brush on the floor disgusted with himself.

One night Zac noticed she was extremely quiet and asked Nate “Mate, did Ivy cheat on you or something?”

Nate looked up at him in surprise and said “No?”

“Why are you acting like she killed a puppy?” Zac asked softly.

Ivy was outside for sport when she saw Sophie and Hannah and she was about to scream for help but froze. She looked at the two and she looked down quietly.

“Does someone need some punishment?” Sophie asked. “Does my little sister need some punishment?”

“Yes Sophie. Yes.” Ivy replied almost automatic and let Sophie lead her to a secret cave in the nearby cave.

Nate had been trying to find Ivy, he eventually heard cries and he followed their direction, when he found the cave he froze for a second as he saw what was going on, he grabbed Sophie from behind and flung her against the rock hard, he felt mild satisfaction when she cracked her head and didn’t get back up again, he turned his attention too Hannah, his eyes narrowed.

Hannah said “She said she needed punishment.” nodding to a very quiet Ivy who was out of it. Her grey ears were drooped and she was just not Ivy that Nate knew. And it came quiet clear that weekend, Ivy stayed in her room the entire time. She thought it was her best way of not getting in trouble.

Her eyes flickered to her guitar and next thing Nate found was a burning guitar in the weekend bonfire and Ivy was nowhere near.

Nate looked around for Ivy,

“Ivy!” he shouted when he couldn’t see her, he knew the guitar was beyond help.

Zac walked to him and said “I’ll take care of Kiana. You need to get Ivy back to her old self. This worries me mate.”

Ivy was on her bed and she pulled out a rope that she had bought, she fingered it quietly and she typed stuff into her laptop.

Nate eventually found Ivy in her room, he didn’t bother knocking, he went over too her and wrapped his arms around her before she could do anything,

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he said, “I love you so much and I’m hurting you.”

The next month, a new girl started and she was very underweight and sickly. Ivy climbed onto Nate’s lap when Alana came to him for cuddles. Zac looked over to see what was gonna happen and he frowned as Nate placed Ivy onto the chair next to him and let Alana.

Ivy..” Zac said slowly as Ivy looked a little taken back and she climbed back onto Nate’s lap pushing Alana off.

Nate looked at Ivy surprised, but he kept his temper,

“Okay,” he said slowly, his eyes went to Zac as he put his arms around Ivy,

“Mind taking Alana for a bit?” he asked, keeping calm, he didn’t want to scare Ivy off him, she obviously needed him.

That night, she went to Nate’s bedroom because of a nightmare. She looked at Alana who was there for the same thing and she made a strange noise between a mew and she backed off. She whispered “I really loved you Nate.” this was strange thing but Nate was too busy to noticed.

Ivy walked to her bedroom and pulled out her phone and made a text message to Hannah asking for punishment. The next morning, Zac was confused because he couldn’t find her anywhere. He looked all over the centre and stood very confused.

Nate bumped into Zac, he saw the confused and worried look on his face,

“Where’s Ivy?” he asked slowly.

“I don’t know mate. I can’t find her.” Zac said confused. “She isn’t in the music room or her room.”

Ivy looked around the basement that Hannah was keeping her in and she sighed “He will be really happy with Alana.” she had one ear snipped off and her tail was half the length now.

Nate felt his stomach knot, he felt sick,

“I think I know what’s happened,” he said, he headed towards the door, “I can’t cope with this any more, ” he blurted out, “I’m going to get her, then I’m quitting and going, she’s better off without me, everyone is.”

Zac pulled Nate to him and said “What you need to do mate is give her all your attention. There is other staff members in this centre! You need to surprise her when she least expects it. Give her special rewards in class that you can’t give to others. You know what I mean.”

Ivy squirmed slightly as she wanted Hannah to stop with the pain.

Nate was listening too Zac, he was just about the only person Nate would listen too, he nodded silently,

“Got to get her back,” he said, one thing he didn’t want do was burst into tears and lose it completely before he got Ivy back safely.

A few weeks past and Ivy was trying to behave when Alana pulled her tail and she slapped her out of instinct.

“Alana, I’m sorry. Please stop crying.” Ivy looked like deerlights as Zac and Nate came running to see why Alana was crying.

“I’ll be in the spanking room.” Ivy whispered, her tail dropped and her ears flat against her head.

Nate went after Ivy as Zac went to settle Alana.

Nate caught Ivy before she got too the room, he pulled her too him,

“It’s okay,” he said gently, “It’s okay Ivy, I’m not mad at you, Zac’s dealing with Alana.”

The next class was his and Ivy was not paying much attention which was unusual for her. She was pulling at her ear and she attempted to shield her eyes with her tail. Which meant one thing and that was something Ivy didn’t get often but when she did, it was bad.

Nate couldn’t concentrate on class, he was too busy watching Ivy, he gave up and called Zac in too take over, then he went too Ivy, worry in his eyes,

“Ivy, what’s wrong?” he asked,

Hurt. Hurt.” Ivy whimpered miserably as she buried her face into his shoulder. A few days later she was better but she was struggling with her reading and becoming increasing frustrated. Zac smirked at Nate as he got the rest of the class to come with him to the library.

Nate walked over too Ivy casually,

“Okay, I know you can do this Ivy,” he encouraged, “You’ve got a one on one now, I’ll help you, take it one word at a time.”

Ivy didn’t look too convinced about that but she looked at the book again.

Zuko sighed as he made the hard-hard-hardest dec-decision, that he ever had to make.” She read slowly and she looked at Nate.


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