Animals For Life

Jess flew her helicopter over Brisbane, she was searching, not for humans but for animals. She spotted a dog near the Indooroopilly shopping centre. She flew over the dog, she hit a button and a ladder went out. She jumped onto the ladder and climbed down, she grabbed the dog and climbed back up.

She placed the dog down and her best friend Zae started to dry it off so she could check it for any wounds and ticks that would need treatment.

They were owners of Animals for Life Queensland Rescue Service aka AFLQ. They rescued animals in disasters, they also went overseas when needed. If there was an animal in need, they went for that animals.

Jess heard her radio buzzing and she picked it up. It was her husband Keith alerting her that Toowoomba needed help.

Okay, we are getting there.” Jess told him.

I love…” suddenly his radio cut off as there was a huge bang. Jess felt her stomach flip as she tried to figure out what was that bang.

Keith? Hun come in. Keith, talk to me.” Jess said trying to stay calm.


Jess flew the helicopter to Toowoomba and she managed to save some animals. However, she didn’t find out that bang. That day was the day, that her nightmare started. Keith was missing and she didn’t know what to do.

Two years past and Jess was living in Kilcoy, she was heartbroken about Keith and all she really cared about was her work. She sighed as she got a call out to a fire in Chinchilla, not far from where she lived.

She grabbed the keys to the helicopter and flew out, she grabbed as many animals as possible but the smoke was getting really hard to see in. Jess managed to fly out of the smoke and back to the headquarters, she landed on the helicopter pad.

Quickly, she got the animals to the treatment room and checked them over. She found some burns, she quickly grabbed some treatments when Zae walked in.

We need to get some smoke lights on the helicopters, I almost crashed because I couldn’t see through the smoke.” Jess explained as she held a Koala when she saw the rival organization’s boss outside. She rolled her eyes as she grabbed the pressure hose for cleaning dogs and aimed it at them.

The boss yelped in surprise and glared at Jess who just smirked as she put it back when her secretary walked in.

Jess, there is someone wanting to see you at the front desk.” The secretary said with a smile. Jess nodded as she walked out, there standing at the front desk, was Keith.

Keith…” Jess whispered as she stood there before she run into his arms, she held onto for what seem to be a long time. She looked into his blue eyes, he seemed to have gotten older, his hair a little longer and he had a goatie. Keith held her closer as he whispered “I am home.” as Jess closed her eyes with a soft smile appearing on her face.

As hard as she tried, even tensing her body, she could not stop the tears from coming. She sobbed into his shoulder a little as she tried to compose what had just happened. After a little bit, she managed to pull herself together and she looked up at him.

What happened?” She asked softly, her green eyes seeking his blue ones, for an answer.

Keith sighed softly as he didn’t really wish to speak about it and he said “I’ll tell you about it, I promise. It’s just I’m not ready.”

Jess heard the emergency signal and she glanced towards the big computer screen on the wall, Rockhampton was in a flood crisis. The animals needed help now!

You can come with me.” Jess decided as she grabbed Keith’s hand, quickly she hopped in the helicopter with him. Keith sat next to her as she started it up and flew quickly to Rockhampton as fast as possible.

Jess noticed that he was extremely quiet, she got worried as she grabbed all the animals that her helicopter could handle and flew back. She landed it and handed them to Zae. She turned to Keith who sighed again.

I need some time alone. I’ll be in my office.” He said and walked off. Jess felt some sadness in her stomach that he didn’t seem too happy to be back. She shook her head and filled up the helicopter with fuel.

Just as Zae walked out, Jess said “There’s a fire in Emerald up in North Queensland. I’m going up.” as she jumped into the helicopter.

But Jess, your helicopter isn’t ready for a fire that big. JESS!” Zae screamed as Jess took off. Zae looked panicked because she knew that if Jess got caught in smoke, there was a chance, she would crash the helicopter.

Jess managed to get to Emerald in good time when her vision got blocked out by smoke, she tried to get into the light but her blades were slowing down, the smoke was causing damage to the helicopter. It wasn’t just smoke, it was acid and smoke.

Just then the blades stopped and Jess swore. She grabbed the radio quickly yelling into it, “MAYDAY!MAYDAY! HELICOPTER IS GOING DOWN! MAYDAY!” before saying where she was. The last thing she had was Keith trying to talk to her before the helicopter smashed into the fire.

Jess!” Keith’s voice rang through her radio but Jess had been knocked out when the helicopter hit the ground, it laid upside down.

Jess woke up and she found that she was in a room with Cream raspberry coloured walls with dolphin daze blue carpets. She moaned in pain as she rubbed at her head when she realized that she was in Keith’s ranch for the disabled.

She looked frightened as she tried to remember what happened and she cried out “KEITH!” she tried moving but pain shot through her body. Keith rushed into her room, she looked at him as she asked “What happened?!”

You injured your back in the crash.” Keith explained calmly. She frowned but she reached out to him wanting him to hold her. Keith gently picked her up and placed her flat against his lap. She was silent for a moment, her mind trying to figure out.

What about the animals?! Keith…what about the animals?! Did you get the animals out?!” She demanded, she felt bad that she didn’t listen to Zae.

It was you or the animals.” Keith said gently, she frowned as she studied his eyes.

No….” She whimpered, “You…should gone for the animals…first”

There wasn’t enough time, sweetie. I wasn’t going to lose you for good.” Keith explained, she whimpered as she buried her face into his lap. She felt terrible now.

Keith….I….let them down. I didn’t listen to Zae and now…all those poor animals.” Her voice quivered as he gently pulled her closer. Keith rocked her back and forth.

We got another helicopter out there. We got some koalas out. A couple of wallabys. Shh, we did get some animals out.” Keith said in attempt to calm her down.

Jess looked at him and she was wondering what happened when he disappeared. She moved closer to him as she whispered “What happened, that day, where you disappeared. Where did you go? Who hurt you?”

I…don’t want to talk about it.” Keith whispered as he didn’t want to recall those moments. He felt tears welled up in his eyes. Jess sat up slowly, she kissed his cheek as she rubbed his back.

He sighed softly as he felt tears rolled down his face as he wished that he had the bravery to talk about what happened. She frowned slightly as she whispered “Sweetie, no-one is going to hurt you. I promise.”


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