Love survives all

Tali yawned as she woke up to her youngest daughter Brooke’s cries, she opened her eyes and went to get up but her husband Hunter whispered, his voice was full of pain “I’ll get Brooke, Tal.”

Tali shook her head but before she could move, Hunter got out of bed.

“Hunter, no. You need rest, you are still recovering from your Bowel operation due to the cancer.” Tali protested as she got up. Hunter shook his head as he kissed her and said “Babe, you need rest too. You been on auto pilot for weeks now and if you don’t rest, you will exhaust yourself. I’ll get Brooke.”

Before Tali could say anything more, Hunter had walked out to Brooke’s room. She laid down with a sigh. She felt like crying whenever she saw Hunter in pain. It broke her heart. She didn’t want to cry in front of him due to the amount that he was going through.

Hunter walked in, he climbed back into bed and looked Tali in the face. He pulled her close, he could see tears in her eyes. He knew how to make her cry and he knew that she needed to cry badly.

“Tali, stop pitying me already! Please baby, don’t hide your feelings in front of me. I know you and I know you are fighting back tears. Tal, cry. You don’t have to hide anything from me.” Hunter whispered in her ear and Tali felt the tears rolled down her face.

“I’m scared Hunter, I’m scared!” Tali sobbed out, “I don’t want to face this life without you. It’s not fair, you’re only 29 years old! It’s not fair!”

“Tali, I’ll be fine I promise. I’ll beat this sweetie.” Hunter whispered in her ear and rocked her as she broke down sobbing, her emotions that she had been holding back spilling out like a waterfall.

“How do you know?” Tali asked as she glanced up at his green eyes, her brown eyes full with fear.

“Because I know. I am tough Tal. You know that. And I know Tali, you are tough too.” He told her.

She frowned as she shook her head, she was crying too hard now to calm down due to the fact, it been ages she had cried. Hunter placed his head on hers, rubbing her back.

He knew she was trying to be strong but he knew she couldn’t always be strong. Hunter kissed her as she cried herself to sleep and lay down with his arms around her.

Few hours past before they got up, Tali went to get the other kids up for the school bus when she felt pain in her jaw. She placed a hand on it and ignored it as she got some Corn Flakes out for Hunter who was reading the newspaper.

“Here are the corn-OW….” Tali yelped again and Hunter frowned as she held her jaw in pain. He pulled her close and removed her hand.

“Does your jaw hurt?” Hunter asked as he frowned as she leaned into his arm.

“Yes.” She whispered, her voice shaking from pain and Hunter kissed her hair concerned. Later on the day, Tali went to get some water when her jaw got really bad. She rushed to Hunter who was doing his toileting, he had to do it in a different way because of his bowel surgery.

Hunter looked up from what he was doing when Tali came in, she looked distressed and was holding her jaw as she sat on the edge of the bath. She couldn’t express what was wrong verbally because it hurt too badly.

“I’m taking you to the ER.” Hunter decided before finishing up with his toileting. Tali shook her head, she hated hospitals. Hunter gently picked her up and he walked down the street slowly to the hospital.

Tali began to squirm a little as Hunter walked into emergency, Hunter frowned at her as he said “Tali, quit the squirming. It’s going to be okay sweetie.” as she got more distressed when Hunter’s doctor Sasha walked over.

Sasha looked at Tali who let out a cry as pain shot through her jaw and he said “Come into Exam room 2.” as he showed Hunter who placed Tali down. She held onto him tightly so he had to lay down, stroking her hair as he explained “Her jaw been hurting since ten, this morning.”

“I want her to have a jaw x-ray.” Sasha said as he looked at Tali’s jaw.

“Can I hold her while you do that Dr. Dawn?” Hunter asked, knowing Tali was very clingy at the moment.

“I’m sorry Hunter but you can’t.” Sasha said gently, “But you can sit next to her.”

Hunter kissed Tali’s forehead as he followed Sasha and he placed Tali into a chair. He looked deep into her eyes as he said “It’s going to be okay, baby. I’m next to you.”


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