Protecting Kacy

I only own Kacy, Becca and the Flying Demons gang. The rest of the characters belong to NCIS LA.

The leaves of the town Oak Tree were still dripping as Kacy woke from a rough night. There hasn’t been any decent weather since Autumn. Kacy slumped off her bed with tired eyes. She went down stairs and made some toast when suddenly there was a loud knock at the door. She thought it was louder than usual and was feeling very unsafe. She put her hot chocolate down at cautiously approached the door still wearing her summer PJs. Kacy looked into the door hole and saw 7 big men standing viciously at the door.

She quietly panicked and ran to her garden, jumped over the fence and ran to the nearest

supermarket, library or anywhere where there was a numerous amount of people. She hid amongst the crowds in the Town Hall Science Exhibition.

The seven men hastily tracked Kacy down, she ran and ran. She couldn’t understand how they managed to find her and she continued running until she got to her work.

She run to her psychologist Nate who watched stunned as the 7 men followed and she hid behind him.

“Aww look guys. Little Kacy has a little boyfriend. Let’s show him what Flying Demons can do.” One of the guys sneered and Nate looked worried as they grabbed him by the collar and pushed him against the wall and continued to rape him.

Kacy hid under the table, the other 6 men wondering where she was. One of the men called Max had a moustache, brown hair, and always had a cigar walked straight past Kacy, but when he realised she was under the table he grabbed her by the neck and

tied her to a chair. They gagged her mouth as she looked up at Nate who had passed out, he was all bloodied up. The people outside Nate’s office and next door had heard the banging and screaming and were curious what had happened.

A woman dressed in silk and had a hat opened the door holding a folder.

She asked what was the was the matter when the leader of the gang, Mick held a gun to her face and said, “YOU say one more word and your face will be splattered all over the ceiling.” The woman dumbstruck dropped her folder and slowly knelt down on the floor. Mick did a little hand wave and another member of the gang came over and tied the

woman up.

Nate was slowly gaining consciousness stood up and reached for his desk. He quietly opened a draw and took out a small device, with a button. He pressed the button and an alarm rang throughout the building alarming the people. Everyone evacuated immediately.

Kacy tried to beg her way out of this but she couldn’t through the gag. All she knew was Max and Mick was pissed off at her. Her head drop ashamed as Nate whimper in pain as another Flying Demons pulled him to his feet and they took him where no-one could interrupt them.

About 2 hours later there was sirens as police and FBI surrounded the building. Mick and Max called the Flying Demons together and looked at Kacy.

“Little lass, this aren’t over till its over and it ain’t gonna be pretty. You arent so smart to think you can leave without consequences.” Mick growled.

While the Mick was talking Kacy managed to bite her way through the gag. She spit at Mick’s feet. Mick pulled a chair up and sat in front of Kacy. He gave her a rough kiss and then slapped her. Kacy raised her leg and kicked Mick across the face, she wiggled her way through the ropes.

She was free, she helped Nate and the woman in silk up. They ran down the emergency

stairs. Outside they found themselves safe in the hands of the police. Relieved Kacy hugged Nate and began to whimper and cry.

“Kace, Oh Kace…” Nate whispered in pain but he held her close. “We will get you out of this mess Kacy.” as he rocked her back and forth.

“I’m…sorry.” Kacy said, her tears making it hard to speak, “I never thought they would find me.”

“I’m not surprised, they do have chapters everywhere.” Nate said and grunted in pain as he sat down in an ambulance with Kacy in his arms.

Minutes later the gang came grunting out the back door. They quickly snatched

Kacy and stumbled onto their motorcycles.

The rode off into the distant countryside. Nate tried to chase after Kacy but he just

kept tripping. One of the paramedic helped him up and assured him they would find Kacy. He kept denying and denying.

Back at where the Flying Demons had stopped. Mick had tied Kacy very tightly to a bed. Her wrist were dripping with blood. The Demons played some poker in the dining room.

It was getting late so Mick decided to do some business with Kacy. He locked himself and Kacy in the bedroom. Kacy’s eyes were closed, head shuffling back and forth with fear whimpered.

Mick stroked her across the neck and began to move on top of her. Kacy let out a soft cry as he kissed his neck and she begged “Please Mick. Please stop. I am so sorry, I won’t leave the demons again.”

She squirmed as she felt him take her and she turned her face burying into a pillow sobbing out of pain but Mick grabbed her head and forced her to look at him. He kissed her roughly and said “You’re mine Kacy. You will always be mine.”

Kacy didn’t respond which received her a slap in the face and said “Answer me Kacy. You will be mine forever?”

“Yes Mick.” Kacy whispered, “I will be yours forever.”

2 years later

Nate was trying to find Kacy when he saw her wearing a purple suit which was Demons uniform and her eyes were deep with depression. She had been looking for Nate because if she didn’t find him and kidnap him, Mick would kill her daughter Becca.

Kacy got a gun which had a dart with a sedative in it and aimed it at Nate’s neck. Before he could react, he fall down cold.

With a soft smile, she pulled Nate into her car and drove to the Flying Demon’s headquarters.

After a few hours Nate woke up and he looked around Kacy’s room. She was sitting with a little girl who was whimpering upset.

“Shh Becca. If Mick hears you crying, you will only get a bigger spanking.” Kacy whispered. The sparkling glint that was once in her eyes was now gone.

“Kace…” Nate whispered as he moved next to her and Kacy couldn’t met her eyes. She felt terrible. “Kace, look up at me.” as he watched Becca move off her lap and curled up on the bed falling asleep.

Kacy looked up to meet his concerned brown eyes and she whispered “I never wanted anything of this to happen. I wanted to stay with you and be your girlfriend.” and Nate pulled her into his arms.

“I am sure once Sam and G notices that I’m missing, they will come to find me. I am sure they will help you. They never stopped looking. G had to pull off your case because of how he was coping with it mentally.” Nate said softly.

There was a loud BANG! The front door had fallen down. Becca woke in fright, she hid under the blankets. Kacy and Nate looked at each other and rushed to see what was happening.

It was Sam, he was at the door. There was a knife being held at his neck from one of the Demons. Kacy dropped to the ground her eyes were shining with tears.

“Sam….” Kacy’s voice choked with guilt as the demons threw him into her room and one of the guys say “There was another guy. Oh he is so much fun. What was his name…oh yeah G. Good lucks seeing him again. We might let him live or we might not.”

“Let them go. Please just keep me.” Kacy cried out as she looked up at the guy, “Please let G, Sam and Nate go. You want me and not them.”

“We want to hurt you Kacy and we can hurt you with them and little Becca.” The guy sneered and they grabbed Becca.

“NO! Please let Becca be. I’ll be good, I’ll be good. Just…” Kacy cried out but the guy ignored her taking Becca with him.


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