Second chance at life

Avielle drove through the streets of Ocean Turtle City, tears rolled down her face as she took a couple of left turns before she found herself at her duty manager Kaiden’s house. She looked at it and saw that the lights were on. She had only started working at Chocolate Cloud Paradise Restaurant as his co-manager but she was already close to him.

She touched her neck where her ex husband had grabbed her and wondered if she was doing the right thing. Switching off her car, she got up and walked up the stairs leading to the front door. While they had gotten close, she didn’t know much about his personal life, none of the staff did.

Her hand shook as she rang the door bell and she waited for 5 minutes, when the door opened. Kaiden looked surprised to see her, he was in a towel only.

Come in Avielle.” He said. “Excuse the towel, I just got out of the shower. Avie?” she was starting to shake. He pulled her close. “What happened?”

Avielle tried to answer but she couldn’t. She didn’t know how to. She closed her eyes leaning against him. Kaiden helped her to his couch and closed the door. He looked a little uncomfortable and Avielle saw it.

I don’t know what happened. I was gonna have some time with my daughter but I’m sure it’s okay with her if you are here.” Kaiden said. “I’m gonna go and ask her. I get her once a week.”

Avielle frowned as she felt guilty. She waited till Kaiden was gone and she left him a note “Sorry.”

She walked to the front door and opened it slipping out. Letting out a soft sigh, she walked to her car and drove back home. Her ex’s black Ford was still there. He was waiting for her.

The next day, Avielle got dressed for work and she went in the back door. It was way past nine so she hoped that Kaiden was at the front helping customers. Pain went through her head as she made sure any of the bruises were covered. She walked into the front and started serving people.

Avielle, a word please.” Kaiden called to her. Avielle sighed and said “Sure, let me finish this order.”

Ebony can do that Avielle, I want a word now.” Kaiden said. Avielle put down the coffee when her stomach twisted and she run to the office they shared.

She grabbed the nearest metal bin and began throwing up. Her head was really pounding now and she slid to the floor, her ex had hit her quite hard and everything hurt.

Kaiden looked worried as he called for an ambulance.

No..No…I’m fine.” Avielle pleaded with him. “I-I don’t-” she threw up again.

Kaiden shook his head and said “You are not fine. And you was not fine last night.” he rubbed her back which made her flinch. He frowned and lifted her shirt. “Avie…” tears welled up in his eyes. “I’m gonna kill whoever did this.”

Avielle looked at him quietly. She whispered “I don’t want him to hurt you. And I don’t like hospitals.”

I’ll stay with you Avie, and until the police can arrest him, you can stay with me.” Kaiden said sternly. Avielle nodded as she laid her head against his shoulder.

Thank you Kai.” She whispered as she cuddled him when her ex stormed in. Everything was a blur but all Avielle remembered was holding Kaiden as he fall down after her ex shot him. And the blood, so much blood. He died in her arms after telling her that he loved her.

It was two years ago, and she blamed herself for his death everyday.

Avielle woke up in her new home and got dressed for work. She was opening the restaurant and she decided to go earlier. The staff said they never blamed her expect for two but she had never gotten on with them.

Grumbling at the fault Ocean Turtle City’s weather channel was never wait, she walked to the back door through the soaking rain and glitter.

Whoever created glitter snow in first place is stupid.” She sighed, brushing her hair as she walked inside the restaurant. She closed the door locking it and turned on the lights. It was quiet and usually Kaiden would have been there before she arrived.

Avielle glanced at the photo on her desk and fought back the tears that threatened to fall. She missed him every day and her heart ached to have him back. She did some paperwork and glanced up at the clock after an hour. Since the incident, Chocolate Cloud Paradise stopped being opened 24/7 and their times were now 9am to midnight.

It was 9am and time to opened the doors for the breakfast rush. She walked out and flipped the sign to open. As the first customers wandered in, they were talking about how someone was getting a second chance at life that day.

Interesting.” one of the cashiers Ebony said. “I wonder who.”

Avielle shrugged when her favourite customer Kalpira came skipping in with her mum.

Hey Ellie.” Kalpira said. “Any Hazelnut brownies?”

Yep.” Avielle said grabbing one of the glass cupboard next to her and passed it to Kalpira while her mum paid.

Ebony turned around and gasped. Avielle glanced at her confused and said “What Ebony?”

Turn around.” Ebony whispered and Avielle turned around. She came face to face with Kaiden. The restaurant fall silent.

Avielle backed away from him and shook her head.

I…I…” she shook her head and run off to her office which they once shared.

Should I go after her?” Ebony asked and Kaiden shook his head.

I’ll go and talk to her. I was expecting this type of reaction from Avie.” Kaiden said.

Elliot, one of the chefs walked out of the kitchen and said “Not sure why you so worried about her when you are the reason you died in the first place.”

Excuse me?!” Kaiden hissed out of the words. “One. She isn’t responsible and two if you said that I swear to the man eating palm trees, you are cleaning out the toilets near the palm trees we ain’t sure what they are.”

But what if they eat me?” Elliot asked shocked.

Not my problem.” Kaiden said. He walked to her office and opened the door. Avielle was crying on the couch and he walked over.

He pulled her close and kissed her deeply. Avielle kissed him back and hugged him tightly.

I’m so sorry.” She whispered.
“You didn’t do anything, my death wasn’t your fault.” Kaiden whispered and kissed her again. Avielle deepened the kiss and her hand was moving to his shirt when there was loud shouting at the front.


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