A Forbidden Romance On The Seas

Sienna ‘Blaze’ Kosvoc-Meyer watched as HMAS Hammersley came alongside HMAS Melbourne. Two new crew-members were joining HMAS Hammersley, and not even the CO knew who they were.

She hummed as she picked up the binoculars to see who the new crew members. Her mouth drop opened and she exclaimed “I thought they…they were…”

The CO took the binoculars took them off her and looked too.

“Well…nice to have all the crew back together.” He said and Blaze nodded as she watched the Rhibs go to HMAS Melbourne.

She watched as Chris ‘Swain’ Blake and Josh ‘ET’ Holliday boarded.

Sitting down onto the chair, she looked at her twin brother Leo ‘2Dads’ Kosvoc-Meyer who looked just as shock and Blaze said “Well this is interesting indeed.”

She pulled her brown hair out and redid her ponytail, a little thing she did when she was confused or anxious.

Later on, Blaze was walking down to the galley when her head began to spin. She grabbed the rail and tried to study herself before she fell down the stairs. ET wrapped his arms around her and said “It’s okay, let go.” Blaze let go and she allowed ET to lift her into his arms.

“I’m…ET…I’m gonna-” She swallowed hard and he got her to the wardsroom quickly. He picked up a bucket and held it for her.

“Shh, it’s going to be okay Sie.” He said using her nickname that he only used.

Blaze looked at him afterwards and asked “How could you leave me like that?” a tinge of hurt in her voice. Tears welled up in her eyes.

“I didn’t want to. I really didn’t want to.” ET said.

“Why did you have to?” She asked not letting go of him.

“Because my ex wife-” he took a deep breathe, fighting back tears. “She…”

He blinked as tears began to roll down his face.

“She…she threatened you.” He cried. “She…hi-she…” the words wouldn’t come out.

Blaze cuddled him and she saw bruises under the collar of his shirt.

“I love you.” ET whispered and Blaze smiled.

“Love you too.” Blaze whispered back. ET brushed her hair from her face when he noticed that her forehead was hot.

He frowned as Swain walked in and he said to Swain “Blaze needs her temperature checked.” Swain felt her forehead and nodded. He knew that ET and Blaze had been together before ET ‘died.’

Blaze glared at Swain and said “NO!” which shocked both ET and Blaze. “NO!” she pushed Swain away.

If looks could kill, Swain would be dead again and she stared at him.

“Stay.Away.From.Me.” She spoke the words like they were poisoned and ET looked confused.

“Blaze…” Swain sat on his chair.

“You promised me…” She was shaking with anger. “I said not to go on that boat and you didn’t listen. You should have sent Chefo.” she struggled out of ET’s arms but collapsed on the floor.

ET lifted her up into his arms and held her close rubbing her back.

“What did Swain promise?” ET asked gently.

“He promised he would protect me. He promised…” She began to curse out in Spanish. Blaze sobbed into her hands and ET asked “I’m guessing you two dated after I died.”

Blaze gave a nod and ET said “I need to do my watch.” he patted Blaze’s shoulder and left them alone.

“Josh!” Blaze called to him and she reached out for him. “I never loved Swain. I have always loved you.” she tried to get to ET but fall over.

She cursed at Swain who lifted her up and left her laying on the wardroom bed. Blaze cried but went up to for her watch. As she got up to the bridge, she found ET and Swain having flashbacks. She rushed to ET’s side and knelt down to him. His blonde hair was soaked with sweat and his blue eyes widened with fear.

“Josh, you are safe on the ship.” Blaze said as she sat and ET mouthed her name. “I’m here, Blaze is here.” ET reached for her and she pulled him into her arms. He let out a sob as he realized Swain was having a flashback too and she had gone to him.

“Sie…” ET said, he was tired. The CO had taken Swain down to his bunk and sent Buffer and Spider up to do the watch. Blaze helped him down into her own bunk and made sure no-one could hear.

“I love you Josh. Only you.” Blaze said. “No-one else, not even Swain. My heart was always with you.”

ET let out a sob and buried his face into her shoulder, he held onto her tightly. The flash back had really shakened him up and he whispered “I thought I would never see you again. Witness Protection was horrible.”

He pulled off his shirt and Blaze reached out touching his bruises and cuts.

“Josh…” She whispered.

“They did other stuff..” He said and he studied her face. “Sienna, I missed you so much.”


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