First 20 songs

Put your music gadget/program onto shuffle and post the first 20 songs that come on. No skipping, no matter how embarrassing

  1. Rockstar by Nickelback
  2. Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond
  3. Gift of a Friend by Demi Lovato
  4. Wanted by Hunter Hayes
  5. Some Nights by Fun
  6. Last But Not Least by Zac Brown Band
  7. Truck Yeah by Tim McGraw
  8. Hallelujah by Choir of Hard Knocks
  9. This Cowboy’s Hat by Lee Kernaghan
  10. We Rock by Camp Rock
  11. Sippin on Fire by Florida Georgia Line
  12. Lion King Techno Mix
  13. My Sharona by The Ramones
  14. That’s The Beat Of The Heart by Keith Urban
  15. Rock N Me by Steve Miller Band
  16. Please Mr. Postman by Human Nature
  17. Never Tear Us Apart by INXS
  18. Drive My Car by The Beatles
  19. You’ve Got A Friend by Michael Jackson
  20. Automatic High by S Club 8

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