Love makes pain seem small

Arabelle hummed happily to her music when she heard a loud crash coming from the bathroom. She glanced up from the book that she was reading. It was late but she couldn’t sleep.

“Gareth, are you okay?” She called but received no answer. She got up from her bed and walked to the bathroom door, she knocked on it.

“Ara…help.” Gareth called to her, Arabelle felt a chill go down her spine. She tested the door knob and found it was unlocked.

She pushed open the door to find Gareth trying to stand up while holding onto the shower wall. Pain was shooting through his legs and he gave Arabelle, a look of helpless. Arabelle walked to him and helped him into her arms, she managed to get him to his room and lay him down on his bed, after lying a towel down.

“Ara…it really hurts.” Gareth gritted his teeth as she dried him off. She found some pajamas in his draw and helped him into them. Gareth stroked her honey blonde hair, trying to take his mind off his pain. “Ara…”

“Yes?” Arabelle asked smiling at Gareth.

“I don’t want to be alone.” Gareth said. “ stay with me for the night?”

“Sure.” Arabelle said and Gareth smiled gently.

The next day, Arabelle woke to find that Gareth had gone to work. She frowned but knew she was gonna see at bowling. Getting dressed, she waited for the disability service that she was a client for, to pick her up.

Lunch time came around, she was waiting for her bowl of chips to arrived.

She spin on the bowling chair when she saw Gareth and his disability group came in. He was a disability support worker and she flashed a look of concern. He was about to say something when pain shot through his back and he managed to limp to her side.

He reached for her and she helped him sat into her lap.

“I have to admit something.” He muttered into her ear. “I like more than a friend.”

“Kiss me then.” Arabelle smirked and Gareth did just that. He kissed her and breathed in her honey and strawberry shampoo scent.

His clients made cooing sounds and her staff raised their eyebrows but laughed. They knew this was gonna happen sooner or later.

Gareth pulled away when he felt his stomach get tensed and Arabelle frowned as she felt his stomach harder.

“Gare, you need to be at home.” She said. “Have you had your medication today?”

“No. The boss has been on me all day, she is in a foul mood and…” He sighed and then yelped as he felt a sharp sting of a belt.

“Hey!” Arabelle snapped at his co-worker Madison.

“Well the boss said, if he has a break, I have permission.” She sneered.

“Come near my boyfriend and you will seriously regret it. Hear my words mate.” Gareth heard the thick french tone in Arabelle’s voice.

“I am gonna be fine Ara. I got some news about your service. There was a fire, so you’ll come back to the one I work for.” Gareth said. “I’ll see you there.”

Arabelle gave him a look of concern and she whispered “You need rest.” and Gareth kissed her, he knew by her light green eyes, the fear and worry in them that she was more then concerned.

Pain suddenly shot through Gareth’s back as his twin brother Zac waved hir wand towards him. He fought back the need to scream which he knew would satisfied Zac. Arabelle glared at her but she felt Gareth doubling over into her arms, he let out a sob. His legs twitched and her staff member said “Get him to the van.” they bought out their wands.

Arabelle gave them a look of thanks and helped Gareth to the van, once at the van, the pain stopped. Gareth threw up in the bushes and he used a bottle of water to raise out his mouth before wrapping his arms around Arabelle.

He moved his hands through her hair and was silent, thinking to himself when he heard footsteps and Zac said “I’m driving the van back Gareth. You might want to have Arabelle come back in our van.” Arabelle looked concerned at Gareth. Her two staff said “That is fine with us.”

Gareth knew he wouldn’t convince Arabelle to go with her disability service so he hopped onto the van and she sat with him. Madison hopped into the driver’s seat and Zac pulled out his stronger wand. Gareth tried not to show fear, the drive back to the centre was an hour away, an hour and half depending on the traffic.

Zac waved his wand in a circle aiming it at Gareth who swallowed hard and threw up all over his shirt. Zac moved his wand slowly down and Gareth let out a grunt, Arabelle noticed he was leaning forward and she grabbed her own wand out.

“No..” Gareth muttered. “It will drain your energy.”

He was right, whenever Arabelle used her magic wand, her energy got drained. Last time she used it, she nearly died and was in a coma for four months.

“But…” Arabelle protested and Gareth made eye contact with her.

“Don’t Ara, I don’t want to see that again.” Gareth whispered as he held her close. He grunted again as his stomach got heavier and he buried his face into her shoulder.

Arabelle moved into the service and Gareth was so happy because he could do night shifts and go straight to his room. But he noticed that since she moved in Zac was getting worse. He began to feel agitated about it and frustrated.

One day, Arabelle was walking to her English class when she overheard Gareth complaining to his best mate Quentin.

“It’s worse now that Arabelle moved in. I wish she never moved in. I wish she wasn’t part of my life sometimes. I also could need some space from her.” Gareth said. Arabelle went silent and she touched where her wand was. She run to where Zac was and a huge whoosh went through the centre as she made the biggest fireball possible.

Her hand shook with the effort, she took a step back and let the fireball go flying but missed Zac by an inch. The wand dropped from her hand and she fall to the ground shaking. She reached for her wand and her eyes went a bright blue as she managed to pull all the water from the pipes and Gareth heard a massive crash as the water flew Zac into the backyard.

“Wow…who did that.” Quentin said staring at Zac who looked shocked. Arabelle hissed as she stood there, water surrounding her and she said “Arabelle is furious now.”

Gareth rushed into the room and he felt sick at the sight. Arabelle’s water was starting to die down and the wand dropped from her hand, she was shaking. Tears welled up in Gareth’s eyes as he lifted her up into his arms and he whispered “I didn’t mean it. I was angry with Zac. I didn’t mean it. Oh Zeus…Arabelle don’t leave me darling.”

Arabelle woke up to find Gareth sobbing his heart out and holding her hand. She whispered “Gareth. Babe?” as she tried pulling her into his arms.

“Oh Zeus, I thought I lose you Ara. I didn’t mean any of that…I just…” He let out another sob.

“I know that. I want to protect you.” She whispered.

“You do that, by being there in the aftermaths of his torture.” Gareth sobbed as he held onto her.



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