Break On Me

Break on me is one of Keith Urban’s awesome songs and I decided it would be perfect as the title of this story.

Alexandria was doing her homework, her boyfriend Kyle was at work so she was alone till her parents Ricky and Nate got home.

Settling into the couch, she tried to ignore the dizziness she was feeling, nausea made her stomach hurt. She stood up, going to the kitchen which was next to the living room, thinking that she had not drunk enough water.

The movement made her stomach clenched, as she reached for a glass, the front door opened. As Ricky and Nate walked in, her stomach lurched and she threw up everywhere.

Nate frowned as he felt her head and discovered that she had a fever.

“You are burning up.” He said as he went to get his doctor’s items from the car.

Ricky frowned and took her up to her bedroom. “Come on, you are going to bed.”

“I’m fine.” Alexandria protested. “Ricky, I’m used to taking care of myself.”

“I know you are used to taking care of yourself. But Lexi.” Ricky sat on her bed as Alexandria got in. “You got me and Nate to take care of you. Not to mention Kyle.”

“Why would Nate care?” Alexandria asked as she pulled the blankets up to her chest. “Why do you care? I’m not your biological child.”

“Because we love you no matter what.” Nate walked into the room.

He sat on the other side of the bed and put down a bucket, Alexandria whimpered as he pulled out a thermometer and put it into her ear. Alexandria reached for Ricky’s hand and Ricky took her hand.

“It’s okay Lexi.” She reassured her. Alexandria heard the beep and Nate said “It’s 39°C, That’s okay for now.”

Alexandria swallowed hard and Ricky put the bucket under her chin as she threw up. Nate walked down to the fridge, and found some passion-fruit juice. It usually helped Casey, his and Ricky’s son when he was sick. Alexandria, he wasn’t sure about. She had only been with them for a short time.

Ricky glanced at Nate worried as he came into the room and gave Alexandria, the can of passionfruit juice.

“Try some of this, it helps Casey.” Nate said and stroked her hair.

“Are you going to send me away?” Alexandria asked, her bottom lip began to quiver without her permission.

Nate and Ricky looked surprised at this and Ricky said “No, oh course not. Lexi, you are living here. Okay.”

This got a nod from Nate and said “Yes, with me and Ricky. Zoe, Nico, Casey and Kyle.” he helped Alexandria take a sip of the juice. He and Ricky left her to sleep.

Nate and Ricky had adopted Zoe, Nico and Alexandria from America.

Alexandria was the oldest at age of 17 years, Nico was 15 years old and Zoe was 13 years old.

Alexandria was in grade 10 due to the fact, she was held back for Grade 9 twice. Nico was grade 9 and Zoe was in Grade 8.

Ricky let out a sigh wrapping her arms around Nate and said “Poor kiddo, she has been through so much.”

As they walked down to the kitchen, the door opened again and Zoe, Nico and Casey walked in chatting about a new principal at the high school.

They had been hanging out at the diner and were happily chatting.

“New principal?” Nate asked as he took a sip of Iced Coffee.

“Yeah, her name is Sophie Taylor.” Nico explained as they sat down at the kitchen table.

Nate began to choke on his coffee and Ricky gave him a slap on the back, he took a few minutes to get his breathe back. Nico gave him a look of confusion.

“You okay? You supposed to drink the Iced Coffee, not choke on it.” Nico said giving a slight laugh.

“Sophie Taylor is your principal?” Nate asked between coughs and Nico gave a nod. Nate looked serious at them and said “Be careful.”

Zoe gave him a look of concern and said “Is she bad?” as she sat near Nate. Nate sighed as he put an arm around Zoe and hugged her.

While Alexandria was closer to Ricky, Zoe was closer to Nate. Nico didn’t seem to have a favourite parent. Zoe seemed to sense when Nate was upset or nervous about something. She cuddled against him and Nate felt a sudden wave of heat. He looked at Zoe and touched her forehead.

“I’m fine Nate. Who is Sophie? What did she do?” Zoe asked pushing his hand away. Nate gave a look of warning as Zoe knew very well that pushing his hand away was wrong.

“Zoe, you know not to push my hand away.” Nate said. “What’s wrong?”

“I’M FINE OKAY!” Zoe snapped. Nate raised an eyebrow at that and said “Fine about what? You usually don’t snap at people.”

“I need to do my homework.” Zoe run up to her room and Nate glanced at Nico who shrugged. He knew what was going on but Zoe had pleaded with him not to say a word.

Zoe and Nico were brother and sister, they met Alexandria in the orphanage. She took them under her wing but Nico had always taken care of Zoe since their parents disappeared in the middle of night. Nico found it hard to trust Nate and Ricky with the care of Zoe despite they had never harmed him.

He didn’t know if they would up and leave him and Zoe, like their parents had. Alexandria was put into the orphanage due to her parents’ neglect.

Zoe flopped onto her bed and cried, she heard footsteps and Nate walked in looking concerned. He sat on the bed and stroked her light blonde hair.

Zoe turned to him and threw herself into his arms crying. Nate held her close and rocked her.

“Zoe, listen to me. No matter what happens, you can tell me and Ricky.” Nate told her. “We love you and want to help.”

“I don’t want you sending me away!” Zoe wailed.

Nate said “Zoe Rose Cooper-Shape, look at me.” Zoe looked up at him.

“We are not sending you away. Not even if you broke the law. This is your home.” Nate said.





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