Quiz Results :)

I got bored and playing with quizzes of all sorts and decided to post my results 🙂

Can You Identify These Famous Locations From Google Earth?

You got 3 out of 12 right!

What Kind Of Cat Are You?

Draw me, like one of your French girls…
You’re a totally Fabulous Cat who demands attention at ALL times. There’s two things you need in life; affection and someone to rub behind your ear. Hunting and playing are for common folk, this cat doesn’t get out of bed in the morning for anything less than Sheba and a 20 minute tummy rub. We’re with you on this one.


Can You Guess Where Your Favorite Disney Princesses Are ACTUALLY From?

You remember your favorite princesses!- 9 right

Which Lost Character Are You?

You are Kate, a strong willed, expressive, bad ass. You are very powerful and independent, but sometimes you can be a little clingy. You try to keep to yourself and not express yourself, but you mostly end up crying on the shoulders of men. You can shoot a gun, and are not afraid of doing what’s right.

This Test Will Determine If You’re Actually From The Western Balkans

  1. You got: Sorry to inform you, but you are clearly not from the Western Balkans!

    You’d rather eat sushi and pizza than ćevapi; you don’t get the whole football obsession; and you definitely don’t understand all of the Balkan languages.

We Know Your Zodiac Sign Based On Your Favorite Cats

  1. You got: Scorpio

Uh nope, I’m Saggitarius

Which Classic Pokemon Would Be Your Ideal Companion?

Your love of the outdoors and calm, gentle nature means your perfect companion would be Bulbasaur! A lover of nature, you require a Pokemon who doesn’t feel out of place in the great outdoors. Bulbasaur’s reliable and kind nature means you’ll have a true friend in this little green Pokemon. Isn’t he cute….

What Does Your Favorite Color Scheme Say About You?

  1. You got: You’re adventurous

    You suffer from wanderlust, and you constantly dream about going places you’ve never been. You long to travel the world more than anything else. You’re an explorer, an adventurer whose thirst for knowledge is unquenchable.

What Does Your Name Say About Your Personality?

  1. You got: Busy

    You’re a very busy person! You feel like you rarely have leisure time, because of your crazy schedule. But remember to make time for fun activities and friends and family who care about you!

Can We Guess Your Zodiac Sign Based On The Pattern You Choose?

  1. You got: Scorpio

    You’re charismatic, ambitious, kind-hearted, and dreamy.

What Does Your Go-To Beverage Say About Your ~Thirst~?

  1. You got: thirsting for something sweet

    You know that soda is bad for you, but you can’t resist the sweet hit of cola (diet or otherwise) on your tongue. You want someone who is always available and maybe not the best long-term partner, but who will make you feel good in the moment.

What Would One Of Your Sims Traits Be?

  1. You got: Daredevil

    Oh man, the way you take risks is just so cool. You always choose “dare” instead of “truth,” AND you’re willing to eat dirt just to prove a point. Everyone just wants to watch you do outrageous things.

We Know Which Cute Baby Panda GIF You Need To See Today

  1. You got: The panda and the ball


How Much Of An Old Soul Are You?

  1. You got: 35%

Can We Guess Your Favorite Animal Based On Your Favorite Actor?

  1. You got: Dog

You got: Creative

You’re a creative person, and you love projects that engage the right side of your brain. You’re great at coming up with ideas, and you like brainstorming with others. Whether you’re creative in your full-time job or just on the side, keep it up!

What Percent Night Owl Are You?

  1. You got: 100%

    You don’t sleep until you see the sunrise, do you?



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