Forest Air City

Forest Air City

  • Radiation caused residents to gain mutations- wings and special powers mostly, some have tails too. Rare cases involve those who have become children again.
  • There are turtles, if they bite you, you will be attached to it for life.
  • Sagging pants that show your skin or underwear is illegal.
  • Cactus plants are known to eat people or throw their spikes at people. Their aim is quite accurate.
  • Lawn Mowers can get taken under control by ghosts or demons.
  • Every Saturday, all the cities get together and throw a huge party. They say if someone doesn’t like noise, it’s best to move somewhere else because it’s necessary to attend the party where there are food, music, soft drink, alcohol etc.
  • There are are the one with powers but they look no different to humans or demigods. There are good witches and not so good witches. They are most of the time magic teachers in the boarding schools or vets.
  • Besides the Emergency Normal Services, Defense and Federal services, there is now the Space Defense Force and Dragon Federal Police.
  • DFP is only used for last resort, they don’t go gently on anyone even if the person might be innocent. This has lead to deaths but no-one is brave enough to shut down DFP due to the fact their main weapons are alien nuclear. Some of their members are experts in brain washing magic.
  • Most of the population are Demigods and those with special powers
  • There are dinosaurs and are able to be bought in specialized pet stores
  • Every Resident receives a soul-match bracelet at the age of 16. The bracelet’s heart screen will change from white to pink when they have met their soul mate. Occasionally, their soulmate might have been dead and come back from the dead.
  • High Heels over two inches are prohibited due to health risks
  • You can’t collect rainwater in case it’s acid rain, best to stay inside when it’s raining.
  • If someone goes to university, they live at campus and same with schools. There is only boarding schools left since day schools run out of money.
  • At random times in the day, couches throw people off and goes for a walk in the streets.
  • Mansions are cheaper then houses now.
  • There are flying, fire breathing giraffes
  • There are hiding spots in underground tunnels, caves and under the city.
  • Some kids are elected to be spies for the government. Parents try to bribe the government not to elect their kids because missions are usually extremely dark and dangerous. Not fun and games like in the movies.
  • Time Travellers are viewed with distrust and suspicion because terrorists and upper class criminals used time travelling to alter history which lead to a technology and electricity black out from 2300 to 2500. It’s now 2599 and the city is still rebuilding from the dark times. Most of the portals have been smashed to pieces but there are still portals hidden.
  • Currency is different shades of purple with different flower designs
  • There are half animal-half human species now. Instead of racism, it is now called specieism.
  • Instead of Fireplaces, there are indoor bonfires
  • There are four special curriencies- Dragon Gems, Chocolate, Leaves and Pegasus Feathers.
  • Cracks in footpaths can lead to the underground or The Labyrinth
  • Hellhounds and monsters come out at midnight on full moon.
  • In the Boarding schools, there are cabins instead of dorm rooms with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a living room.
  • Most of the students are Demigods, Witches and Half Species
  • Sometimes butterflies will get into stomachs literally
  • Half Species mature/age slower then Humans
  • Each Cabin has a unique smell
  • Bracelets can turn into magical items- Swords, Daggers, Katanas etc. And each student gets one at the start of year 7.
  • There are killer cows that has lazers and caused Earthquakes.

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