Hungers Games fanfic plot

  • District 1 Luxury

Female Tribute- Alexandria Night

Male Tribute- Giovanni Camels

  • District 2 Masonry

Female Tribute- Ella Dawn

Male Tribute- Scott Delfi

  • District 3 Technology

Female Tribute- Emma Alonso

Male Tribute- Hideo Bennett

  • District 4 Fishing

Female Tribute- Camilla Muraoka

Male Tribute- Kalhi Varsson

  • District 5 Power

Female Tribute- Anabeth Smith

Male Tribute- Lakea Herrmann

  • District 6 Transportation

Female Tribute- Thalia Gaiman

Male Tribute- Derek Hans

  • District 7 Lumber

Female Tribute- Grace O’ Pry

Male Tribute- Chase Gardner

  • District 8 Textiles

Female Tribute- Matilda Hotch

Male Tribute- Benedict Winston

  • District 9 Grain

Female Tribute- Lexi Mckesson

Male Tribute- Garrett Perkins

  • District 10 Live Stock

Female Tribute- Zoe Marano

Male Tribute- Gabriel Marano

  • District 11 Agriculture

Female Tribute- Rachel Lynx

Male Tribute- Domenique Laby

  • District 12 Mining

Female Tribute- April Mason

Male Tribute- Oliver Rae

  • District 13 Military

Female Tribute- Moana Clare

Male Tribute- Keith Hemingway

  • District 14 Demigods

Female Tribute- Lily Arus

Male Tribute- Julian Bek

  • District 15 Half Species

Female Tribute- Stephanie Richter

Male Tribute- Pedro Wyndham

  • District 16 Magic

Female Tribute- Laulena Summer

Male Tribute- Gabriel Armendariz

  • District 17 Pokemon

Female Tribute- Anya Schratter

Male Tribute- Shannan  Morgan

  • District 18 Avian

Female Tribute- Kiana Oaf

Male Tribute- Colin Glidden

  • District 19 Flowers/botany

Female Tribute- Lailah Holt

Male Tribute- Kai Mackay

  • District 20 Herpetology (Reptiles)

Female Tribute- Allie Frost

Male Tribute- Jed Kasser

  • District 21 Equestrian

Female Tribute- Amira Whitman

Male Tribute- Oscar Ockler

  • District 22 Felines

Female Tribute- Megan Didion

Male Tribute- Julian Peters

  • District 23 Canines

Female Tribute- Kaia Hardy

Male Tribute- Jarvis Montgomery

  • District 24 Forestry

Female Tribute- Imogen Muraoka

Male Tribute- Paxton  Lenore

  • District 25 Criminology

Female Tribute- Kiana Grace

Male Tribute- Clay Falcon

  • District 26 Business

Female Tribute- Zaida Jewell

Male Tribute- Alejandro Oakey



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