So I have been getting crap for things I write. First thing first, I get told that my stories are over the top. At least I have imagination! I don’t give much care if I get published or not, writing is supposed to be FUN!

Also there is no-one in the world who knows everyone in the universe so how does anyone know if no-one is gonna read my stories or not! They don’t know that. Just because you wouldn’t read a story about killer cows with lasers and causes magical earthquakes in Australia, doesn’t mean other people won’t!

Not every story needs to be realistic, I write to get away from reality! I am not gonna write realistic stories because some people don’t have any imagination. There is also a lot things in the world that can’t be explained.

Now fanfiction, I write fanfiction alot and recently decided to create up my own Hunger Games stories with a couple new districts included. Someone on a website I play threw a tantrum because one of the districts that I created (you can see in my Hunger games post) is Magic.

I’m not the first person to include a magic district, if you have a look at Wattpad, you will see a lot of people have included magic. There is ways of putting blocks on certain powers and heck, no-one has ever said fanfiction has to follow the plotline of a book.

Talking about the plotline, if one of my characters dies in a fandom, I refuse to write that into my stories.

So if one of my stories has a character that has died, alive- don’t get annoyed about it or tell me it’s wrong that they are alive in my story. This also goes for those who have left the fandom.

Some of the main characters in particular is Finnick and Cinna in Hunger Games, Al in Divergent, Elliot in Law and Order SVU, Bobby from Third Watch and Swain in Sea Patrol.

I don’t always obey to canon couples and enjoy pairing original characters with characters from TV Shows.

Meaning of fanfiction: fiction written by a fan of, and featuring characters from, a particular TV series, film, etc.

There is no particular rules for fanfiction, as long it’s about a TV series, film etc. It falls under the fanfiction label. There is many Alternate Universe fanfiction out in the world of the internet and they are the more interesting ones.

Alongside the Alternate Universe is the Cross overs (my favourites!) and Out of Character fanfictions, quite popular too especially on the Wattpad website. And also the Sillyfics, these are quite fun to write 🙂

Just type in ‘Magic Hunger Games’ in Wattpad and you will find tons of these type of stories as well as cross overs using the book series. There is also a Percy Jackson and Hunger Games Cross over story on Wattpad, totally awesome! I love both book series =D

In my Hunger Games fanfic there shall be a demigod district too, you can see all the district in my Hunger Games fanfic post :).

Now onto the biggest complain people have about me: the fact I don’t write LGBT+ in my stories.

I have nothing against LGBT+ at all. I write what I know about and being straight, I don’t feel it would be appropriate for me to write LGBT+ because research doesn’t equal having experience. I don’t understand how the community feels or the difficulties they go through every day.

I have concerns about being told off if one of the characters got attacked or hurt in anyway because most of my characters do end up getting tortured in some sort of form. I don’t want to offend anyone by writing something that I don’t realize is offensive so I write straight characters only.

One of main things authors say is that write what you know so I do just that. I write about topics I know and understand. It doesn’t mean I don’t support topics I don’t write about, it is the fact I support and respect those topics, is the reason for me not to write about them.

It’s not my place to write about something I don’t understand and research can’t teach me everything that one needs to know to write about a topic. Experience is a necessary tool when it comes to writing things especially if the topic is LGBT.

I support all sexuality types and genders, but I feel most at comfort with writing about straight cis characters so I stay within my comfort area. I don’t see the need for me to go out of that line because writing is my hobby that keeps my emotions in check.

Another thing I get crap is for I write quite touchy subjects, please if you don’t write to read my stories, let me know. And don’t upset if I don’t know if something triggers you especially if you haven’t told me.

I am not psychic or anything like that, despite being a mind reader would be totally awesome! I forgot a lot of the time to add trigger warnings on my stories and I apologize for that, most of my stories will have some sort of form of violence in them because I use stories for venting or letting loose of my anger.

Also I’m a huge fan of the forbidden love route! It is one of my most favourite things to write about. I don’t hold back in my stories and feel it’s unfair to be asked to.

If you don’t like my stories, let me know you don’t want to read them, that’s fine by me but don’t get snappy with me, please.

I don’t respond well to people snapping at me.


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