Riding With The Horses

I only own Anabeth and the members of Phoenix Wolf Crime Centre. I also own Phoenix Wolf City which I created myself. This city is the prequel leading up to an original story surrounding the Phoenix Wolf Crime Centre squad.

The rest of the characters belongs to CBS’s Criminal Minds and Dr. Mark Greene belongs to NBC’s ER. The title is from the song Riding With The Horses by Darryl Braithwaite.

Anabeth flicked through her paperwork as she sat on her desk at the BAU. Her mind was rushing a million times an hour and her stomach was playing up, she had caught the flu. She had not taken her medicine due to the fact she was worried about throwing up.

Her boyfriend Derek Morgan walked up to her and placed a hand on her shoulder. He raised an eyebrow at how fast her hand movements were. Anabeth glanced up at him and smiled, she turned around when Hotch walked up.

“We have a case in Chicago. Take Anabeth in your car.” Hotch said throwing Morgan a pair of keys.

Morgan gave a nod and he gave Anabeth, a look of concern as she pulled out her ruffle bag from her desk storage when her stomach turned.

“Ana, are you okay?” Morgan asked. Anabeth said “Yeah, I’m fine.” as she followed him to their black SVU. Morgan stopped and looked serious at her. His dark brown eyes met her green eyes.

“Fine?” Morgan asked. Anabeth had not known the real reason for him being missing the last two weeks.

Anabeth got into the passenger seat and Morgan got into the drivers seat.

She said “I’m fine, really.” as she turned on the radio as Morgan began to drive.

He wasn’t sure what to make of it but as they were ten minutes from the hotel they were staying at, her stomach turned again. She swallowed hard and Morgan pulled over as he saw her face turn white.

“Okay. You are not fine.” Morgan said as he watched her stumble from the car and began to throw up. He pulled her light brown hair away from her face.

“I am fine.” She said stubbornly afterwards and Morgan said “Ana, it’s okay to let someone take care of you.”

Anabeth whispered “Is it?” as she let him get her back to the car.

Morgan studied her face and he said “Look at me.”

Anabeth looked up at him and he said “Baby Girl, I want to take care of you.” as he squeezed her hand. Anabeth nodded and said “I wanna work the case.”

“Okay, as long you don’t hide how you are feeling.” Morgan said. “I want you to let me know if you need a rest.”

She gave a nod and hugged him but noticed that he flinched when she touched his chest. She frowned and asked “What happened?”

“Nothing happened.” Morgan said as he stroked his brown hair.

Anabeth nodded but didn’t push the subject.

An hour later, she and JJ was working together, looking through crime scenes.

JJ looked at Anabeth concerned and asked “Does Morgan talk about being held hostage the two weeks he was missing?”

“What are you talking about? He was held hostage?” Anabeth asked looking at JJ.

“Yes. You didn’t know?” JJ asked realizing she just made a big mistake.

“No…” Anabeth said.

Anabeth found it hard to breathe and she wanted to get away from the team. She grabbed the car keys and said “I…I need…I…” she run out of the station. JJ called Morgan to explain what she just done.

Anabeth drove through the streets of Chicago and she decided to drive to her house in Aurora. Tears rolled down her face as she listened to the songs on the radio and her phone kept on ringing. She ignored it and soon she was at the house.

Back in Chicago

“Shit, she’s not picking up her phone.” Morgan said. He glared at JJ who was feeling horrible and said “You should learn to keep your nose out of other people’s business!”

He rubbed her face and he decided to try to see if Anabeth’s phone tracking app was still on. Hotch had installed the app on all the agent’s phones, in case something went wrong.

“I thought she knew.” JJ said and Hotch said “Morgan, calm down.”

“CALM DOWN! JJ had no right to talk to Anabeth about what happened.” Morgan snapped. “I’m gonna go and find her.” he grabbed a pair of car keys.

In Aurora

Anabeth heard a car pull up in her driveway and she stopped flicking through the channels. She glanced out of her front window and frowned to see Morgan.

She sighed as she unlocked her door, she knew that he wouldn’t leave and went back to the couch. Her hands hit the remote button and Morgan walked in.

He walked over to her, he hated seeing the look of hurt in her eyes.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.” Morgan apologized. “I don’t know how to talk about it without throwing up.”

Anabeth sighed softly as she allowed him to pull her into his arms. She whispered “I love you no matter what happened.” as she gazed up at him.

“They tied me to a huge cross and..” bile began to rise up in his throat. “And electrocuted me. They also…also..”

Anabeth gave him a rubbish bin and she rubbed his back as he began to throw up, tears rolling down his face. She whispered “Shh, let it out. Let the tears out.”

He buried his face into her shoulder and cried hard, it felt good to let the bottle of emotions out.

Anabeth hummed a song and he pulled away. He pulled his shirt off and Anabeth reached out to his chest which was bandaged up.

After a while, they drove back to Chicago. Anabeth was looking at the crime scene photos, as she tried to figure out the signature.

Her stomach began to turn and she tried to hide that she was feeling well because Morgan was having flashbacks, Reid and Hotch was helping him with them. She picked up another photo when her stomach lurched and Morgan walked in as she projectile vomit over herself.

Morgan walked over and took her arm gently, steering her to the bathrooms. Anabeth wasn’t in the state of mind to protest against this and she knew if she tried to protest verbally, she would end up throwing up again.

“Dere, I need to sit.” Anabeth said as her legs began to buckle and Morgan lifted her up into his arms.

She gave him a look of apology and Morgan tried not to be annoyed. But later that day, Anabeth heard him complaining to Hotch.

“I can’t take care of Anabeth and myself.” He said as he looked at Hotch.

“Morgan..” Hotch spotted her.

“What? It’s true Hotch, she comes to me and I just want some time alone. I don’t know how to tell her.” Morgan said.

“You don’t have to.” Hotch said.

“What do you…” Morgan got a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach and he turned.

Anabeth walked away with tears in her eyes and Morgan wanted to go after her. But she said “Don’t…just don’t. Basta stare lonatno.”

Emily overheard the last part which meant Just stay away in Italian.

Emily got up and said “I’ll go after her.” as Anabeth walked away to her SVU. Tears welled up in Anabeth’s eyes as she realized that she didn’t know where to go. She felt lost. All she wanted was to go home. Turning around as she heard footsteps, she looked at Emily like a lost kitten.

“Come back inside, Annie.” Emily said. “I’ll help you. Morgan is just going through a really hard time.”

A few hours past, Morgan and Anabeth was sent to Quantico to work there with Garcia. Anabeth was quietly doing her work when the guys who kidnapped Morgan came in, Anabeth rushed to Morgan’s side as Morgan began to shake. She drawn her weapon and glared at the blokes.

“Stay away.” She warned as she pointed her gun at them and Morgan felt his stomach turning. He felt fear not only for himself but for Anabeth as well. One of the guys sneaked around Anabeth’s blind side and hit her in the head.

When Anabeth woke up, she was still in the room but Morgan was missing. Fear shot through her body but after two years, the BAU announced they were giving up the search for him.

Anabeth glared at Hotch and Rossi in anger and horror.

“You can’t give up on him!” She yelled at them. “He’s still alive! I know he is still alive!”

“Anabeth, you have worked here for six years. You know what the statistics say, if a victim isn’t found after two weeks.” Rossi said.

“I’m not giving up!” Anabeth said. “You can give up but I’m not.”

She looked at them pleading when Reid rushed in.

“We found him!” Reid said and Anabeth scoffed at Rossi.

“Where?” Rossi asked ignoring the look that Anabeth said. “And Anabeth, you are staying here.”

Anabeth looked enraged but Emily and JJ pulled her out of the room before she could go all Italian on Rossi. She paced up and down the floor of the hospital.

The main doctor Mark Greene glanced up and said “Anabeth, sit down before you create a hole.” he had treated Anabeth since she was six years old.

That night, Anabeth was camped outside of Morgan’s room. She was told to stay outside in case he didn’t want to see her but she refused to leave the hospital. Her eyes flickered open and close when she heard noises. Before she could react, Morgan picked her up with some difficulty but he carried her back to his room, he laid down and went to sleep with his arms around her.

She smiled at this and cuddled into him falling into her own asleep. Around midnight, she began to thrash in her sleep and whimper. Morgan woke up and he began to stroke her hair.

Soon Morgan came back to work, Anabeth was humming a song from the kids show ‘Lion Guard’. Her foot tapped happily as she listened to the song when she heard her phone ringing.

Pausing her music, she picked her phone up and she said “Anabeth here.”

“Hello Anabeth.” Anabeth felt her heart pounding because the voice on the other end was her ex boyfriend Julian.

“You are not supposed to call me.” Anabeth said. “The jail isn’t supposed to let you.”

“I’m not in jail Lass.” Julian said and Anabeth felt her hand shaking as she hanged up. She took a few deep breathes and she grabbed her water bottle taking a sip.

She couldn’t let Morgan know what was going on. He had gone through enough and she closed her eyes for a few minutes. She opened them as she felt Morgan wrapped his arms around her.

“Hey. Are you okay?” She asked leaning back and gazing into his eyes. Morgan gave her a look of concern and he said “You seem worried.”

“I’m fine hun,” Anabeth said but then her phone rang again, she tensed up without wanting to. Morgan lifted her up into his arms, slowly but sat down, flinching as pain shot through his body.

“What are you fine about?” Morgan asked. Anabeth glanced at her phone and back him quietly.

“How is the pain?” She asked softly as she wanted to avoid the questions.

“Anabeth Rose Night.” Morgan said. “Don’t do that. Tell me what is wrong. You don’t have to bottle your feelings up around me.”

Anabeth was about to answer when a huge flashback hit Morgan, he began to sob for someone to stop and held onto her tightly. Hotch walked to take Anabeth away but Morgan pushed him away.

“No! No! I need Ana, I need her!” Morgan pleaded and he buried his face into her hair.

She rubbed his back and talked to him until he came out of it. Her phone rang again and Morgan reached for it, Anabeth noticed his face turn serious and knew it was Julian ringing again.

He picked up the phone and said “Julian, if you call this number again, you will regret it.” and hanged up. Morgan held Anabeth closer and began stroking her hair, she fought back the tears that had been building up since the first call.

The door opened and everything went black. Anabeth woke up, finding that she and Morgan were in a basement. He was cowering in fear on an old mattress. She looked around in confusion, he reached for her and pulled her to him with much difficulty.

“Derek, where are we?” She whispered.

Morgan was silent as he rocked back and forth, she realized he had no shirt on and only boxers. She wrapped her arms around him and rubbed his back. She swallowed back her fear, she had to stay the strong one. Not show any feelings.

They were found and Morgan asked “Where’s Savannah?” which startled Anabeth. She came to realize that he liked Savannah, more then friends. Despite he never acted on his feelings, she was better suited for him.

Anabeth saw some ambulance officers coming up to her and said “I’m fine. Really.” Hotch walked over, he saw a look of sadness in her eyes as Savannah arrived.

She swallowed taking her ring off and handed it to him.

“Morgan wants to marry you.” Hotch said and she shook her head.

“No, he loves Savannah more. And he needs to be with him Hotch. Tell him…tell him I’ll be fine.” Anabeth said.

Hotch noticed she was holding her badge and said “You are thinking of taking up the offer at Phoenix Wolf Crime Centre in Nevada.” It wasn’t a question, it was a statement.

Anabeth glanced down and tears fall.

“It’s all I wanted.” She whispered.

“Then go.” Hotch said. “You will do great.” as he took her badge.

Anabeth smiled as she said “Thank you, thank you for everything Hotch. I loved working for the team.”

“I’ll bring your bags into the hospital. You need to go.” Hotch said. “This is my final order.”

Anabeth gave a soft laugh and let the ambulance officers take care of her.

Four days later, she walked into the Quantico Domestic Airport. Gracia and Reid hugged her, they insisted on coming to see her off.

“Email me, all the juicy gossip and any cute men you work with okay.” Gracia hugged her. Reid said “I’ll miss you. Ring often.”



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