Camp Nanowrimo April 2016 Survival Kit

So the first Camp Nanowrimo is coming up for 2016 which shall be the April Camp Nanowrimo! Super exciting!

I am trying to decide if I’m gonna plan or not but gonna be buying some stuff for my Camp Nanowrimo fun as well as writing fun =D

The planning and writing is the most fun part but there is the second most fun part- THE SURVIVAL KITS!

I love planning out my Survival Kits and always buy new stuff for each Nanowrimo =D

So here is my Survival Kit list :):

  • New Pens! I like to hand write my Nanowrimos then type them up on my computer for the word count 🙂
  • New Notebooks! Typo is my favourite place to get these from, they do awesome deal.
  • My computer Miss. Inferno, and Libreoffice so I can type up my story for the word count checker.
  • My Printer called Mr. Annoying to print out stuff about my novel. Need to find some character outlines to fill out.
  • My iPad B.A.U for music and videos to destress when I have writers block.
  • The apps Writer Lists and iTriage for ideas and research. iTriage is a medical app that lists all the medical with symptoms as well symptom checker in case my character has strange symptom and I need a condition. It also works offline.
  • My Sennheiser HD 202 headphones to block out noise.
  • Chocolate which is why Easter being early this year is useful!
  • Glitter Gel Pens
  • Hot Chocolate- I have one every night and I like the ones from San Churro.
  • My Percy Jackson books to read when I have no more ideas to write about.
  • Comfortable clothes especially Pajamas
  • My 3DS to grab all Pokemon Codes when I’m not writing
  • Support from my friends, family and disability support staff
  • My plans for stories, this shall be in one of my notebooks 🙂
  • A cage for my Inner Editor


  • My stuffed Ghast called Mr.Squidy to watch over me writing and my GoT Ghost Pop! Vinyl Figure.
  • My Pikachu mug for my Hot Chocolate
  • My Writers Block boxes just in case
  • Pinterest and Tumblr for ideas.
  • Reddit for ideas and venting and interesting questions.
  • A scrapbook with pictures for ideas (need to buy this)
  • Twitter to boast about my writing and Facebook to keep up to date with my friends whom i most likely forget bout.
  • Criminal Minds DVD for my Derek Morgan award 🙂


  • Water because water is life
  • Fuze Peach Ice Tea for when I don’t feel like Water
  • Coca Cola- only once a week but is one of my favs
  • My Night Guard Nightlight Torch for when the others are asleep and I need light


  • Allergy Pills and Pain Relief for when my body decides it hates me which is every day
  • My Game of Thrones Stark Journal to complain in when I’m frustrated

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