Frozen Heart (First story in Phoenix Wolf Crime Squad series)

Arabelle yawned as she walked into the headquarters of the Phoenix Wolf Crime Squad. Her eyes went to the Technical Analyst, Sage’s office. He had been held abducted for 5 months.

Before that, they had been dating. She looked down at the ground to find she had turned the spot of carpet, she was standing on, turn into ice.

She frowned, it was hard to control her power at times. The door of the office opened and she glanced over at him. He studied her iced spot and he walked over to her. She smiled, wrapping her arms around him. She said “Hey, wanna get a coffee?”

Sage didn’t answer but he held onto her. He was falling fast into a flashback and she noticed that his brown eyes getting were duller. She lead him back into his office. He had let out a sob that broke her heart. He buried his face into her curly brown hair, shaking.

“Sage, you are safe with me.” Arabelle promised but as she said that, she felt a sharp pain on the back of her head. She blacked out and Sage was taken again.

A year went past when Arabelle noticed the rest of her crime squad had left for a case. She glanced up as her boss, Phillip, said “You fine here?” nodding towards her broken left arm. She had gotten into a fight with a gang member and she had her arm broken. But he was worst off because she froze him from the knees downwards.

“Yeah, I’m fine sir.” She said giving a smile. Phillip gave a nod. A few hours past, Arabelle was lost in her mind when she felt Tayla, one of the senior constables place a hand on her shoulder. She jerked away in surprise and successfully froze her whole desk. Computer included.

“Sorry!” Tayla said. “Someone wants to see you in his office.”

“Who?” Arabelle asked.

“Sage.” Tayla said, watching as the ice trialled into a bigger circle. Arabelle was panicked and she didn’t know why. Tayla stepped back and rushed back to Sage.

He saw the look of concern in her eyes and he went to Arabelle’s office which was covered by ice. The floor was shining with whiteness.

“Ara, listen to me.” Sage said. She was growing tired by the amount of energy that she was using. Arabelle met his eyes.

Sage said “Come to me Ara.” she stood up but her legs shook.

He also called for Alexandria who came over quietly.

“Please melt the ice Lexi.” He said and Alexandria gave a nod. She was non verbal and communicated by actions. She placed her hand on the ice and melted it enough so Sage could get to Arabelle.

Lexi smiled at Sage then walked off to see what her mates Brett and Justin was doing.

Sage walked to Arabelle and pulled her into his arms. He kissed her deeply and was thankful to have her back in his arms. She looked up at him and her heart sunk at how much older he looked.

There were dark rings under his eyes, bruises on his face and she let out a sob which caused a little ice to appeared. It melted straight away.

“This was my fault.” Arabelle sobbed as Sage took her into his office. He shook his head, slipping off his dirty clothes. She felt her stomach turn at the sight of his injuries.

“No, it wasn’t your fault.” He said, slipping on his pajama pants. Phillip suggested it because they would be more comfortable. He left his shirt off and slipped an arm around her pulling her gently, onto his lap. Arabelle seemed tense at first but soon relaxed which was good, because she was exhausted.

Phillip walked in, he noticed how exhausted Arabelle was and said “Take her home Sage.”

Sage gave a nod and grabbed Arabelle’s keys. Arabelle was about to protest but Sage said “No, you are too tired to drive.”

The drive home was an hour away and Arabelle played with the radio. She reached over to Sage’s knee, he reached over and gave her a hand a squeeze. She knew this was their signal that meant Stop. Arabelle said “Sorry hun.” she pulled her hand back.

Soon they were home and Arabelle walked in, she watched Sage go into the bathroom and she fought back tears as he locked the bathroom. She went and began to cook dinner, a few minutes later Sage came out. He wanted to ask herself and he knew it would hurt.

“What is it?” Arabelle asked, she looked at him concerned.

“I want to sleep by myself tonight.” Sage said and Arabelle nodded. Her chest was burning and she said “I’ll sleep in my room then.”

While they slept in the same room, Arabelle still kept her old room from when she first moved in.

Days went past and Arabelle felt like a stranger in her own home. One night, she looked up at Sage who walked into her office.

“I will be home soon, hun. I just need to finish off my paperwork about the burglary case.” She lied, hoping Sage wouldn’t noticed. Sage nodded and left.

Arabelle watched the door close behind him and tears fell down her face. She pulled out her overnight bag, getting out her pillow and blanket. She threw it onto the mattress in the corner of her office, she had taken off the ring that Sage had given her. It sit on the kitchen bench at the house.

Sage woke up around 6am and walked out, he went to wake up Arabelle but stopped looking into the garage, to see her car wasn’t in. He frowned as he spotted her ring on the kitchen bench. Arabelle never took it off. He sighed as he knew that he had been pushing her away.

He grabbed his keys and drove to the crime squad headquarters. Arabelle woke up and she looked around to find that her whole office was iced.

“Wow…” She sighed as she stood up, she had never iced a whole room. Even the door was iced close. “Sage would be happy, at least I can’t annoy him anymore.” more tears fell.

Ice began to move through her blood as she sat on her mattress around. Curling up into a ball, ice began to crawl around her, cocooning her into the ice.

Sage walked up to her office and he stopped, to see ice covering the outside of the door as well. Alexandria walked up beside him and she began to try and melt the ice.

Sage broke down the door once Alexandria had melted the ice and his stomach crawled into his throat. He looked at Alexandria who knelt beside Arabelle’s iced cocoon. She signed “Take her to Indiana.”

Indiana was second in command and dealt with situations of life and death while Phillip dealt with paperwork.

Sage lifted Arabelle into his arms and rushed her to Indiana. Indiana frowned and said “Lay her down.” pointing to the bed. Indiana felt the ice cocoon and said “Get me one of the heat blankets. She has used up a lot of energy.”

Alexandria handed her the blanket while Sage sat next to Arabelle. Tears fell down his face and onto the cocoon. He placed a hand onto her and his hand began to glow. Indiana stopped and watched, Sage had the power of healing before he was abducted but everyone thought he lost it for good.

The ice began to melt and Arabelle began to breathe slowly. Sage pulled her into his arms and sobbed as he stroked her wet hair.

Arabelle opened her eyes and Sage whispered “I’m so sorry Ara. I never wanted to push you away.” he held her closer.

She blinked tiredly as she cuddled into him. Indiana said “May I suggest from now on, you and Arabelle have a joint office?”

Sage nodded and said “I’m fine with that.” he carried Arabelle into his office, tears falling down his face.

He laid her onto the mattress and Arabelle whispered “I’m sorry I pushed you too far.” He decided to take her home, once home, he took her to the bedroom and she watched as he undressed.

Sage swallowed as he walked to her and Arabelle noticed bruising going from his neck and down to his legs. The bruising around his buttocks was the worse, some parts were bandaged. He looked at the purple quilt on the bed and she said “You have nothing to be ashamed of.”

He looked at her and said “You are not disgusted?”

“Only thing I’m disgusted about was the fact some asshole could do such a thing. But no, I’m not disgusted by you.” Arabelle said.

She watched as he got her pajamas out and she sat up slowly so he could help her get into them.

Her hand touched his chest slowly and went down but she stopped at the middle of his back. Sage whimpered and Arabelle removed her hand. He pulled on some boxers and laid next to her. Sage pulled her close and whispered “Oh Hades, I thought I lost you Ara.”

“I thought I had lost you.” Arabelle sobbed.

That night they slept when Sage began to scream in his sleep. Arabelle woke up and turned on the light. She looked at him and said “Sage, wake up. You are having a nightmare.”

Sage woke up and threw up everywhere, he looked miserable at Arabelle as she helped him to the bathroom. He looked at her quietly because he wanted alone time. Arabelle nodded and she left the room. Sage sighed knowing that he was pushing her away.

The next day, Arabelle was back at work and she was doing her paperwork, she was growing more frustrated with every page. She threw her desk against the rule and stormed out of the station.

“Sage!” Brett and Justin called as they got hit with a blizzard.

Sage looked at them and asked “Which way did she go?” and Justin said “She left the station.”

Arabelle went home and she sat in the bedroom sobbing hard, she locked the door. Tears fell hard as she laid against the pillows. A few minutes later, she heard Sage’s car in the driveway. She didn’t understand why he came after her, it wasn’t like he cared or so she thought.

She heard Sage, try the door knob and he said “Ara, please open the door. I wanna explain things.”

Arabelle walked to the door and unlocked it, she stepped back as he opened the door.

“I will find an apartment by the end of the week.” She whispered and Sage let out a startled sob. He didn’t want that at all and he burst into tears. Arabelle wrapped her arms around him and he cried hard.

“I can’t-can’t-can’t lose you.” He sobbed hard. “After everything, I-I-” it was too much for him to handle.

Arabelle whispered “I didn’t think you loved me anymore or cared.” and Sage kissed her deeply, holding her close. That night things went terribly, terribly wrong. Sage’s abducters came to the house, raiding it and kidnapping Sage once more.

To be continued.


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