You need to see Baby Simba!

Look at his little nose! Remember when he sneezes?! Are all baby lions this cute? Because we need one immediately.

You Would Cuddle 6 out of 15 Disney Animals!

You have standards when it comes to cuddles, but there’s no doubting your snuggle bunny status.

You are Assistant Mayor Bellwether!

Like Assistant Mayor Bellweather, you are very hard-working and pay close attention to detail. Things get done when you’re on the job.

You are “Reflection” from Mulan!

You are kind, generous, and you will fight for you what. You are also very introspective, so “Reflection” from Mulan is the perfect song for you!


You’ve got a great sense of humor and a kind soul. “Modern Family” blends those two qualities perfectly.

You got Monsters, Inc.!

Your favorite Disney•Pixar movie is Monsters, Inc.! The only thing hiding under your bed is a Blu-ray of the movie.

You’re Mulan!

Your pop culture taste leans towards strong personalities and action packed fun. You will most certainly be found at the next Beyonce concert.

You’re Aladdin!

You’re street-smart, independent, a dreamer, and a go-getter. You always stay one jump ahead of color trends.

You’re Rapunzel!

You lean toward pale neutrals and pastels because you are sweet, kind, and your heart is pure. Light shades are associated with health, gentleness, and youth.

You’re Merida!

A princess by birth and an adventurer by spirit, you spend your days riding horses and exploring the world around you. Your free-spirited spunk will take you far.

You should watch Pirates of the Caribbean!

This is a love story, but mostly it’s a fun and action-packed pirate adventure movie! So even if you’re not feeling in the mood for hearts and roses on Valentine’s Day, this would be a perfect movie for you.

You Should Have a Disney Princess Movie Marathon!

We recommend starting off with a classic likeThe Little Mermaid. Once you feel like you’re part of that world, get down to business withMulan, see the light with Tangled, and dig a little deeper with The Princess and the Frog. You’ll be dancing through the night. Recommended snack to go with this marathon: beignets.

You’ve seen 17 out of 44 more than once!

You’ve seen almost half of these Disney movies more than once! Not bad at all. But why not make it more than half? Go ahead and watch one again right now. We won’t judge.

You’re Scar!

You have some serious leadership skills. You are always prepared. You tell everyone around you to be prepared. If that doesn’t work, you sing to them about being prepared.

You’re Zendaya as K.C. Cooper!

For you, family comes first. You’re extremely responsible and your work is very important to you: Maybe the work that you do isn’t of the secret-spy variety (or maybe it is), but regardless, you give 100% to everything that you do.


Your Soul Mate is Meg!

You may not admit you’re in love, but let’s face it, there’s no denying you and Meg are a match made on Mount Olympus. As a Sagittarius, there’s no better quality in a partner than the ability to help you take life by reins.

You got 10 out of 13 correct!

You’re close, but you missed just enough to be short of 100%. Hakuna Matata. Try one more time!




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