Introducing Fotijnia


Fotignia {Fot-i-gn-ia}

There are three main Governments that are in charge of the main populations. There are five types of populations but the main three are: Magic, Those With Special Powers and Demigods.

The main Government is Magic who has the highest authority. Special Powers is next, then Demigods, then Humans and Half Species is the least important.

Religions depends on the population but is the most important to Demigods.

There are two different type of Demigods- Amemtori [Am-em-tor-i] and Pedidsdapaz [Pe-di-ds-dap-dz].

There are ten Amemtori gods and goddesses while Pedidsdapaz has twenty gods and goddesses.

Phoenix Wolf City are Rivals of Dragon Jaguar City. There are disagreements about the border the separates the two city.

Moon Owl City and Sun Hawk City are rivals because each city has different demigod populations. Moon Owl City is Pedidsdapaz’s Demigods and Sun Hawk City is Amemtori’s Demigods.

Phoenix Wolf City and Sun Hawk City are allies while Dragon Jaguar City and Moon Owl City are allies.

There are many different type of art and entertainment which  varies between cultures.

Food is important to Phoenix Wolf City. Music is important to Dragon Jaguar City. Magic is also very important Phoenix Wolf City while Special powers are important to Dragon Jaguar City.

Anything to do with Pedidsdapaz are important to Moon Owl City while anything to do with Amemtori is important to Sun Hawk City.

Social Classes are extremely important to the country, it keeps things running smoothly.

The Magic Government has the highest authority. Magic and Special Powers are considered High Class.

Demigods are considered Middle Class.

Humans and Half Species are considered Low Class and Half Species are referred to as mutts.

High Class gets the cleanest food and the best drinks. The list of food and drink choices are massive.

Middle Class has average clean food. Special Food and Drinks depends on which Godly Parent, a Demigod has.

Low Class get bland food and hygiene is not regarded high on the important list. If one does not have magic or special powers, one is not high on the important list. Low Class can get water if they can steal it.

High Class can do any job if they have the right requirements but they still have to earn the job.

Middle Class has a list of 20 jobs they can do but most the time, they are doing quests for their Godly parent.

Low Class are forbidden from working especially Half Species. On the rare occasions, if a human have a good excuse for wanting a job, they can the unpleasant jobs like cleaning out the Cleaning Snails. Without a permit, if they caught working, there are harsh punishments.

High Class’ appearances varies from person to person. There is many different accessories and fabrics including dragon gems, unicorn fur, Pegasus feathers, Alicorn glitter etc.

Middle Class’ appearances depends on which Godly parent, the demigod has.

Low Class have to wear plain white clothes, no accessories whatsoever, not even watches.

The most traumatic event that happened is the ‘black out’ that destroyed Jacrsi city and Ruamdi City.

There was no magic for ten years after the three magic blocks that live under the seas got destroyed. The disappearance of  magic sent Jacrsi City and Ruamdi City to dust.

Without magic, there is no technology and without technology, there is no life.

Those with special powers could barely keep the lasting cities alive until the magic blocks were rebuilt and magic returned.

During the black out, those with special powers were temporarily in charge. Phoenix Wolf City is Magic and Dragon Jaguar are those with special powers.

Magic- Controlled by inner strength, emotions and one has to be born with magic powers.

Special Powers- Gained by accident or dragon blood.

People who are born with powers are considered magic. Those with special powers gain their special powers by accident or being dipped into dragon blood.

Magic is wild at first and most magdults gain control at age 25 for females and age 32 for males.

People are born with magic. Some magic powers are seen by age 5, if not seen by the age 15, they have till age 18 or be casted into a low class town, if blood tests can’t prove that their blood contains magic.

There are many theories about how magic came to the country but the most popular theory is Magiclings are blessed by the Phoenix Birds.

Some Magdults are born with magic in the blood but due to problems in the blood means that they can’t use magic.

Magic can be transferred into wands if Magdults want but once done, the only way for the magic to be used is through the wand.

Only few religious leaders shun magic but they are considered Hasatkos {Ha-sa-tk-os-} which means betrayers.

Low Class fear magic and those with special powers because both governments can set down punishments for crime.

There is good and evil magic, it depends on the person’s personality but pure evil magic is extremely rare to come by.

There are three blocks under the ocean that if destroyed can block Magic but not Special Powers.

Technology at times can have a mind of itself and there are technology that likes to have walks in the city.

Residents of Fotignia communicate with each other through chips in their brains, all they have to do, is think about who they want to communicate with and the person appears in a hologram. Low class don’t have these chips.

Demigods, Magic and Those with Special Powers have many different ways of travelling.

Magic powers all the technology. Without magic, no technology will work. Special Powers are not strong enough to power all the technology.

There is many entertainment technologies, including floating screens, the maginet, the magiblets, maginemas and certain shopping centre. There is always new technology for entertainment being invented.

Magic, Demigod’s magical items and the powers are the main weapons of the country.

Magic creates technologies and only Middle Class and High Class can afford technology.

Technology makes sure that there is life. There can’t be any life without technology.

Technology can go down and when it happens, deaths are likely to happen.

  • There is Cleaning Snails for the towns
  • There are massive Hummingbirds that deliver parcels
  • Sometimes Magteens like to play with time

Birthdays are celebrated by different ways depending on the class.

Magic- Mageople gain a new power and spend the day learning about their new power. There is tons of cake and presents and at night a glitterwork show. Yes Glittershow, instead of Fireworks.

Less loud but a Hagoridas (This is a Amemtori god btw) more messier.

Special Powers- They get power training lesson, cakes and presents. Usually their present is about their power. Might be a handbook on their power or maybe equipment required for power.

Demigods- They have a day with their godly parent who might bring them cake or presents.

Humans/Half Species- They don’t usually have their birthdays anknowledged but sometimes might get some currency if lucky.


High Class

Magic- Mageople turn to dust when they die and a star appears in the sky for the lost one.

Special Powers- When one with Special Powers die, they become a flower that can heal the sick.

Middle Class

Demigods- When a demigod die, the flag of their godly parent is placed over their body and both is burnt in a bonfire.

Low Class

There is no record of what Humans and Half Species does for death.


Ash- The most common and Low class uses it, it doesn’t buy a lot.

Glitter Coal- Ten times more valuable then Ash. Preferred by Demigods.

Diamonds- Valuable and only High Class can afford them.

Gole Stones (Stones that can suck magic)- Forbidden currency. Used in Black Markets and Demons Realms.

Treasure- Special Rewards for doing good deeds. Can be exchanged for special rewards such as a Pegasus.

Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters is a specialized interest of Fotijina. This is due to the fact that they are so different to other countries.

Worse are Dragon Fire Tornadoes, they can destroy everything in their paths. Magic Blocks has protective shields around them to protect them from these Tornadoes.

Earthquakes are rare but the earthquakes can awake Phoenix Firebrushes that causes Phoenix Bush Fires. Most water magic can take on small fires and some of the medium ones but larger ones are harder to put out.

Floods happen once a year but most buildings float high in the air enough, not to be damaged by the acid in the water.

Drought hasn’t happened in 9 years.  Magic water must keep the Magic blocks wet so they can’t turn to dust and the blocks must be kept under guard until water comes back.

Glitter floods are harmless but extremely annoying because the glitter gets into EVERYTHING!

There is one good natural disaster and that is currency avalanches- sometimes diamonds! But diamonds avalanches are quite rare.


The biggest public transport system is Floto which runs the Floating Train Stations! The Floto trains go to each city and has speed over 500 km/h.

There are four airlines now since Floto opened up, making it unnecessary to have so many airlines.

The airlines are:

Phoenix Wolf Airlines

Dragon Jaguar Airlines

Moon Owl Airlines

Air Traffic Jams and Air Rage now exist.

Most High Class residents have hover cars while Middle Class prefer Chariots, Pegasus and Hell Hounds to travel.

Welfare Programs and Charities

While different classes have different places in society especially when it comes to importance to the government. But these companies try to help out all of the residents who live in the city even those who are in low class:

Dragonlink- Gives out currencies pensions and operates all the job seeking services. Hated for having difficult staff, long lines and constant changes of policies which they change without warning.

Fotijnia Scam and Watch- All magic and technology has bought tons more of new scams.

Incoenmu (In-co-en-mu)- The main disability services, despite all the magic and technology there is, disabilities still exist.

Phspca (Ph-s-p-ca)- The main animal protection service but there is gossip that the service is corruption.

Fotijnia Blackout Support- Counselling service for those who have experienced the ‘Black Out’ that happened in 6873.

Cancer Research Fotijnia

Half Species Support

Biggest Companies

There is lots of companies in Fotijnia but there is ten companies that are the largest in the country.

Ten Companies

  1. Wawemybi [Wa-we-my-bi]- Retail, 485 Diamonds
  2. Sichsastro [Sich-sas-tro]- Magic Oil and Gas, 455 Diamonds
  3. Votohofofe [Voto-hof-ofe]- Automotive, 245 Diamonds
  4. Apsahubl [Asp-sa-hu-bl]- Consumer Electronics, 234 Diamonds
  5. Floto- Transport, 163 Diamonds
  6. DragonMatch- Dating Service, 411 Coal
  7. Fotijnia Defense- Defense, 211 Coal
  8. Phoenix Book- Social Media, 200 Coal
  9. DemiBook- Social Media, 199 Diamonds
  10. Powbook- Social Media, 100 Diamonds.


Phoenix Flu- Deadlier then normal Flu. It varies in symptoms but can cause a magic stroke.

Magic Stroke- Caused by many different ways but main ways is Blood clots and Phoenix Flu. It will paralyze a magic person’s powers and there is no stopping it.

Dramensia [Dra-men-sia]- Infectious amnesia spread through the ability to mind read. It’s a huge flaw in the mind reading power and hard to reverse.

Hawk Blood Psychosis- Spread through the blood of Mini Hawks. Main Symptoms are Hallucinations, Madness and Muscle Degeneration.

Illegal Drugs

Regveser [Reg-ve-ser]- A pill that causes an adult of any class to become a child of a random age between 1 mths and 10 yrs.

Phoenix Flower- It contains a poison that waits in the blood until the person is tired, then the poison eats their red cells. By the time it starts eating the red cells, it can’t be cured.

NGP Slumber X- It causes the victim to do crimes in their sleep.

RSG ID WC- Poison that causes vomiting, blurred vision, heart attacks. A favourite of the Demon Relam. Can also cause a magic stroke.


With all the magic and technology that exists, there is a whole lot of new medications.

Main Fourteen


Uses- Can give one Special Powers, 5% chance. 95% it doesn’t give anything.

Side Effects- Insomnia, Black outs, Confusion

Forms- Injection, Patches


Uses- Repairs Muscle

Side Effects- Hallucinations, Paranoia

Forms- Gas, Injections


Uses- Pain Relief, Anxiety Relief

Side Effects- Swollen Teeth, Infertility

Forms- Absorbed through skin, Injections


Uses- Anti Magic Depressant

Side Effects- Loss of Hearing, Bloating, Dementia

Forms- Capsule, Inhaled, Injection


Uses- Prevents Magic Stroke

Side Effects- Slight Limp, Hives, Warts, Vertigo

Forms- Tablets, Inhaled


Uses- Anti Viral Medication

Side Effects- Rashes, Projectile Vomiting

Forms- Suppository, Tablet


Uses- Hypermagic Medication

Side Effects- Involuntary Shrieking, Hangover

Forms- Powder, Liquids


Uses- Phoenix Flu Vaccine

Side Effects- Brain Bleeding, Brief Invisibility

Forms- Tablets, Creams


Uses- Hawk Blood Psychosis Antiviral

Side Effects- Sensitivity to Light, Cramping

Forms- Drops, Sprays


Uses- Phoenix Flower Antidote

Side Effects- Chills, Bizarre Behavior, Hot Flashes

Forms- Virals, Tablets


Uses- NGP Slumber X Antidote

Side Effects- Fuzzy Tongue, Hives, Sharp Eye Pain

Forms- Elixers, Suppositories


Uses- RSG ID WC Reverse Drug

Side Effect- Oozing, Jerking, Sticky Skin, Sores

Forms- Inhalers, Powders


Uses- Magic Energy

Side Effects- Bad Breath, Pale Stools, Nosebleeds

Forms- Injection, Drops

14. DIB DKB FB911

Uses- Magic Repair

Side Effects- Explosive Diarrhea, Rage, Hiccups

Forms- Capsules, Tablets

Other Main Medications

1. Fingovir

Uses- Pain Relief

Side Effects- Addiction, Nausea, Vomiting

Form- Injection

2. Dustase

Uses- Calms down Magickilde (Magic kids)

Side Effects- Drowsiness, Nausea

Forms- Powder, can be used in Mailk (Magic Milk)

3. Floast

Uses- For Magility (Magic Seizures)

Side Effect- Has a 1% chance that the user will burst into flames

Form- Throat Injection

4. Gustzell

Uses- Prevents Magic Cough

Side Effect- Itchness at Patch Spot

Form- Patch

5. Ragair

Uses- Memory Regain

Side Effects- Rashes, Dry Mouth. A 10% chance of violent thoughts

Form- A special Helmet, only to be used by hospitals.

6. Purpoxx

Uses- Calming down those who are angry

Side Effect- Drowsiness, Chills, Fever

Form- Inhaler

7. Mopaflcrfo

Uses- To turn victims of the Reagveser drug (described in Illegal Drugs section) back into adults

Side Effects- Has to be taken within a month that they were dosed with Reagveser or the affects of Regaveser are not reversible. There is 1% chance of Amnesia.

Forms- Capsules, Tablets

8. Hodespro

Uses- Dragon Fever cure

Side Effects- Black outs, Emotional Outbursts

Form- Breathing Mask, to be given by Hospital Staff

9. Pepofikada

Uses- Sun Hawk Chills cure

Side Effects- 9% chance of lose of Demigods powers

Form- Eye Drops

10. Demokespdaro

Uses- Moon Owl Stomach Bug Cure

Side Effects- Drowsiness, Jerkiness

Forms- Capsules, Liquids, Inhalers

11. Aahoririempe

Uses- Leaf Rain Pox Antiviral

Side Effects- Nausea, Headache. 1% chance of brain bleeding.

Form- Dragon dust mixed in Wing Water- to given through IV by Hospital Staff

12. Jejailtisedeni

Uses- Thunder Sores treatment

Side Effects- Unknown. It is extremely rare to be affected by the treatment.

Form- Cream part 2








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