One Call Away (PWCS Second Story First story of the series


The shiny pink leaves slowly drifted down onto the road as Phillip drove Sage back to the station. It had taken them five years just to find Sage.

Phillip had chosen not to tell Arabelle that Sage had been found, in case Sage didn’t want her to know.

“I want Arabelle.” Sage muttered, not looking at Phillip. He wanted one person and that was Arabelle.

Phillip sighed, “Are you sure you don’t want to go home to change?” as he turned into the driveway of the station.

While at the station, Indiana was at Arabelle’s office scolding her for not doing her paperwork. Arabelle sighed as she was fighting a migraine.

As she was about to protest, Sage came in and picked her up into his arms. As his left hand came in contract with her shoulder, she flinched, which caused a frown to form on Sage’s face. He moved his left hand and she relaxed snuggling into his arms.

“I knew you was still alive.” She whispered.

Sage said “Sweetie, Ara. I am never going to leave you.” he slowly slid her left sleeve off her shoulder. Arabelle pushed herself into his embrace more. Indiana looked at Sage who looked at the huge bruise that was on her left shoulder.

“Arabelle, who did that to you?” Indiana asked and Arabelle shook her head.

She began to shake and Indiana stepped back as she caused an ice barrier to surround her and Sage. Sage had seen her do this once and that was when he met her ex husband Coyote.

Indiana looked at Phillip and they went to their office.

“Coyote is supposed to be in prison!” Indiana hissed. “Why wouldn’t she tell us that he is out?!”

“Fear.” Phillip said. “Plain and simple.”

Sage stroked Arabelle’s hair as she let down the ice barrier and she whispered “I’m sorry, I should be taking care of you. It was my fault.”

“Arabelle Lacie Costa, it was NOT your fault.” Sage said. “Oh Ara, I want to take care of you.”

Arabelle looked at his clothes and she noticed how dirty they are. She pulled out some clean ones, giving them to him. She whispered “I been keeping these here for you.”

Sage walked to the door of her office and closed it, he walked back and undressed. He paused and Arabelle looked at the different bruises and wounds. She said “Don’t be ashamed of your injuries.” as she looked at Sage.

He said “The ones around my thighs hurts the most. Umm Ara…will you..”

Arabelle took his clean pants and helped him into them and Sage pulled her into his arms, he kissed her gently. He gently pushed her against the wall but stopped.

“Sage, don’t push yourself.” Arabelle said softly. “We can go as slow as you want.”

Sage sighed because he wanted it but his mind panicked at the thought. He closed his eyes and said “I want you so much but..”

“That’s all I need to know Sage. I can wait for you.”

The next day, Sage was doing paperwork when Arabelle burst into tears of pain. He frowned rushing to her side, she buried her face into his shoulder and he knew she must have a migraine. Only reason for her to be crying.

He sneezed because Indiana had sprayed some air fresher and his ribs felt they were on fire. Sage took a few deep breathes but lifted her up into his arms.

She let out a sob burying her face into his less injured shoulder and Sage rubbed her back.

“I know Ara, I know. Just cry it out sweetie.” Sage said and he pulled opened her desk, finding her medication. She gave out a wail as Zoiana took her out of his arms.

“Zoiana! What are you doing?” Sage demanded and Zoiana forced Arabelle onto her feet.

“She shouldn’t be asking for your help when you have been a victim…”

“Excuse me!” Sage said and Arabelle stepped away from him.

She sat down onto her desk and buried her face into her hands crying. Sage walked over to her and said “Don’t listen to Zoiana. I want you to come to me.”

Zoiana glared at Sage and fire licked at Sage’s back.

Sage let out a scream of pain while bought Phillip and Indiana running in. Phillip restricted Zoiana’s power using a power block while Indiana took care of Sage.

Guilt ate up Arabelle who watched Sage lay down to sleep.

That night, he went to bed early and Arabelle sighed as she stayed up all night working on paperwork. Around midnight, Sage came out and placed a hand onto hers.

“Come to bed Ara.” He said softly. “You can finish that tomorrow.”

Arabelle nodded as she put her pen down and followed him, she laid down and he snuggled into her side. He was unable to sleep on his side due to the injuries that Zoiana caused.

“Love you Ara.” He said.

“Love you too Sage.” She said and fall asleep.

The next day, they were on patrol when her stomach lurched and she run off from him and Brett’s side. She couldn’t let him know she was sick, she didn’t want anyone taking care of her.

Sage run after her and he found her running to their house.

“Ara! Ara! Stop!” He called to her as he caught up to her, this was totally out of normal for her. Arabelle kept on walking away from him with her arms crossed.

“Just leave alone okay.” She said avoiding his look as she walked to the front door.

Sage knew he couldn’t do that and followed her.

“Talk to me Ara, what happened back there?” He asked as she entered their house, she walked to the bedroom.

“Nothing.” Arabelle whispered when she began to cough hard. “Let me go!” she said between coughs as Sage pulled her into his arms.

“I can’t do that Ara.” Sage said softly.

Arabelle began to cry between coughs and said “I…I want you to help but Zo-”

“Zoiana has no say in what I do.” Sage said when Arabelle’s coughing got worse. He called Phillip explaining the situation before he carried Arabelle to the bedroom.

“Shh, deep breathes. Sweetie, take deep breathes.” Sage said softly. Arabelle was about to say something when two guys with machine guns came behind them and everything went black.

Arabelle opened her eyes and she looked around to find herself in a basement or was it an underground tunnel. She could hear Sage’s screams of pain coming from the floor above her.

Her stomach turned as she tried to stand but was too dizzy. She looked to a mattress on the floor, queen size and a bucket. Frowning, she sat against the cold wall. Fear began to pound in her ears as she heard footsteps coming down stairs, well she thought they sounded like stairs but she couldn’t be sure.

She heard something open and someone threw Sage into the basement. Sage curled into a ball sobbing and Arabelle wanted to help but she wasn’t sure how. The lights came on and Sage looked around slowly, his eyes settled on her. He managed to get to her through some sort of crawling, sliding but he had no strength to walk.

“Ara…it really hurts.” He whispered as he laid his head onto her shoulder.

“I have you Sage.” Arabelle whispered back, she hoped that Phillip and Indiana would noticed that something was wrong.

“I understand if you no longer love me after seeing-” Sage began to say.

“Sage Keith Degarmo, look up at me.” Arabelle said and he glanced up at her. “I will love you no matter what. I promise you.”

As they suspected Phillip and Indiana indeed knew something was wrong.

Soon they were back at work. One very windy, rainy day, Arabelle and Sage were on patrol with Brett and Justin. Arabelle was quiet and she was feeling sick. Sage gave her a look of concern and wrapped his arm around her. She stopped, as her stomach began to churn and she fought back the need to be sick.

“I’m fin-” her stomach interrupted her protest and she began to throw up. Sage nodded.

“Yeah, your stomach disagrees with you.” He said as he pulled her hair back and Arabelle sighed. She whispered “I wanna go home and to bed Sage.”

She let him pull her into his arms while Brett told Phillip through his radio, what was going on. As soon as they got home, Arabelle cleaned up before curling up in Sage’s arms, falling into a deep sleep.


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