First 20 songs

Put your music gadget or program onto shuffle and then type up the first 20 songs that come on.

  1. Stop, Drop + Roll by Dan & Shay
  2. Stop! In the Name Of Love by Human Nature
  3. Opposites Attract by Paula Abdul
  4. You get what’s coming to you by McAlister Kemp
  5. Hearts of a lonely Girl by Dierks Bently
  6. Jump For My Love by Pointer Sisters
  7. Love the One you are with by CSN
  8. Heart and Soul by Camp Rock 2
  9. Old Dogs, Children and WaterMelon by Adam Harvey
  10. Move Over by Bread
  11. People make the world a better place by Sapphires
  12. Pokemon Theme Italian Remix
  13. Be True by TinkerBell Soundtrack
  14. So What if I do by Trace Adkins
  15. Much Too Young by Garth Brooks
  16. Wooden Heart by Elvis Presley
  17. Lights on the hill by Adam Harvey
  18. Country Strong by Blake Shelton
  19. So Fabulous, So Fierce by Thunderpuss
  20. Big Green Tractor by Jason Aldern

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