Introducing Fotijnia part 2

Part 1


High Class


Residents of the magic city Phoenix Wolf City greet each other by bowing towards each other. Hand shakes are rare and touching is reserved for family only. Eye Contact is seen as an aggressive move, a sign of wanting to battle.

Special Powers

Males are known to head butt each other as a greeting. Females show off their powers to each other. Most strangers (both genders) wave to each other and eye contact is seen only in families.


Moon Owl City/Amemtori

Firm handshakes with those who don’t have the same godly parent. Those with the same godly parent rub noses. Eye contact is very important but only wit those who have the same godly parent.

Sun Hawk City/Pedidsdapaz

If the same godly parent- Partial Hugs. Never full. Full hugs are seen as an insult and is very uncomfortable to those of Pedidsdapaz. No Eye Contact, not even within family.

Different Godly parent- Sticking their tongues out to prove that they are not evil.


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