Camp Nanowrimo April 2016

Emilie flew to Chocolate, Ocean and Music Cafe. She was ten minutes from being late for work. She managed to fly through a side entrance, past her duty manager’s room and to the staff room. She clocked in and coughed as she had used a lot of energy, flying.

Torian, her duty manager walked in and he looked concerned.

“You okay, Em?” He asked as she put on her light blue Apron. The uniform for Chocolate, Ocean and Music was a light blue apron with a chocolate rabbit in the middle and music notes surrounding the rabbit.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Emilie said, she went to the front door and flip the sign to open.

Zoe and Sage had put all the chairs down as well as put out the outdoor tables. Emilie turned on the coffee machine which puffed out some pink smoke, spun in a circle then settled on the bench.

Torian watched from his office and sighed, those three were hard working and he wished he could prevent what was going to happen.

Right on 9, customers began to wander in. Business people looking for their morning coffee and cake.

“Ready for business?!” Torian called out trying to sound cheerful.

“Yes Torian!” Zoe, Sage, Emilie, Matilda, Mitch, Alexandria, Luka, Olivia, Silas, Shannan and Oliver called back.

Torian sighed as he didn’t hear the newest member Khalia.

“Isadore, where is Khalia?” He asked as he went to the kitchen.

“Sorry Torian, I don’t keep tabs on my younger sister.” Isodore grumbled, Torian stepped back as flames danced along her fingers.

“Wow, calm down.” Torian said, using water to put our a small fire building where she was standing.

He heard commotion coming from the front of the cafe.

“Torian!” A small wail travelled through the cafe. It sent chills down his spine as he rushed to the front.

Emilie was horrified, she was six years old.

“TORIAN!” She shrieked again. Zoe’s bottom lip quivered as she realized that she was four years old.

Sage said “Great, just great! Who put reverse age beans into our coffees?”

He had became five years old. He looked at Torian as Matilda picked Zoe up. She was not impressed and struggled. Emilie tagged at Torian’s shirt who lifted her up. Olivia swung Sage into her arms.

“It is a long story but first. We need to take you shopping for clothes.” Torian said.

“Tori-T-” Emilie pouted at not being able to say his full name.

“Sparkly dress?” Zoe looked excited at the word shopping being mentioned. Emilie laid her head against Torian’s shoulder. She put her thumb into her mouth.

He knew that he should stop her from starting the habit but he decided he would let her till he could take her to Build-A-Bear.

They left the cafe in the capable hands of Shannan and Silas.

Zoe looked horrified at the car seats in Torian’s Holden Captiva.

“We are not kids!” Zoe and Sage complained. Emilie didn’t complain as he put her into a booster seat.

She asked “Can we listen to the radio please?”

Torian frowned, she was accepting this way too easy.

“Sure Em.” He said, he gave Matilda a look of concern who said “She seems to be in denial.”

Torian gave a nod and Matilda studied his eyes. She and Torian have had feelings for each other but neither knew how to admit it.

Emilie began to fuss and reached for Torian who handed Matilda the keys.

He sat next to Emilie who began to sob and her hand wrapped around Torian’s.

“The drug has affected her mind as well.” Olivia said. “It is a 1% chance.”

“You did this to us! Curse you!” Sage yelled. While Zoe was attempting to undo the straps of her car seat.

“I can’t undo this stupid thing!” Zoe whined.

“You are not supposed to.” Matilda said as she drove to Phoenix Cove Mall.

Emilie looked at Torian and asked “Can I get those shoes that lit up when you walk?”

“Sure Em.” Torian said which got him a smile.

As a kid, Emilie had light blonde hair and grey eyes. Somehow her clothes changed into a yellow Sophie top, blue printed tiered skirt, pink flower sandals and let’s dance tucker cap.

Zoe was wearing a blue and yellow checkered shirt, yellow tiered skirt, red strappy sandals and an orange summer flowers headband.

Sage was wearing a blue checkered shirt, camo chinos pants, green ankle socks and blue sneakers.

They arrived at Phoenix Cove Mall, there were shoppers flying around, groceries floating to various cars. Magiople getting off Floto trains and magiteens having duels in the dueling arena. Laughter came from the Magikindlier as they dashed around the mall.

Emilie looked at a Paw Patrol Marshall Pup in Build-A-Bear.

“Do you want the pup?” Torian asked as he took Emilie into the shop. She got the pup while Zoe got a Promise Pets Calico Stuffed Cat and Sage got a Toothless Dragon.

Emilie held onto her pup and she made a face at the floating trolley.

“I am not sitting in there without a cover.” Emilie protested. “There are still germs despite trolley cleaning slugs.”

She watched as Torian put on a Phoenix Possums seat cover and she watched as the straps did themselves up over her lap.

Across the country, the Amemtori Demigod main city- Moon Owl City was buzzing with noise.

At Moon Owl Crime Squad, the daughter of Liomrami- God of the stars, Kiera was thinking about her boyfriend who was the son of Askrmiwieima- Goddess of Law and Moths. His name was Austin.

Austin had been abducted when the squad headquarters had been taken under siege by a Low Class resident.

All of the police from Phoenix Wolf City, Dragon Jaguar City, Moon Owl City and Sun Hawk City had sent out their best searchers.

But yet, no searchers had found him, not even the magic or the special powers police.

There was just no trace, it was the first time, a trace had just vanished. Like someone who had magic had gone against the country to help out the Low Class resident. It was the only explanation for such an incident to occur.


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