Remind me

Five months, six hours, six minutes and nine seconds.

That was how long it had been since the Phoenix Cove Crime Squad had been taken under siege. Since Senior Constable Torian had been abducted.

Estella stared out of her bedroom window at the stars. She wondered if Torian had gone to be a star or if he was still alive.

“Mummy!” She got up from her bed as her daughter Zoe began to cry for her.

She and Torian had four daughters. But Zoe was the only one who called her mummy.

Their oldest was Linnea who was ten and attended Wolf Wing Academy, so she wasn’t at home but called Estella, once a night.

Hope and Alessandra were seven years old. Zoe and her twin sister Katenina were three years old.

Hope called her Mami and Alessandra (Andra) called her Mo-Mo (words for mum in Fotijnia). Katernina (Nina) called her mama.

Estella knew that Zoe would be nervous about going to Phoenix Cove Academy, Hope, Andra, Nina and Zoe were all going there cause there was higher security unlike other schools. Wolf Wing Academy and Phoenix Cove Academy were experts in security but Wolf Wing was only for older students.

She managed to settled Zoe back to sleep and the next day, the kids left at six am.

Around nine am, Estella drove to Phoenix Cove Crime Squad Headquarters. As she drove into the car park, she saw that her boss Nathaniel was sitting on the steps of the headquarters. He had some news for her.

“I got news for you.” He said as she walked to him.

“What news?” She asked as she looked a little concerned.

“We found Torien.” Nathaniel stood up and walked inside.

“Where is he?” She asked softly, standing at the door, not sure about going inside at first.

“Inside, he wants to start working straight aw-” Nathaniel was interrupted by screams.

Estella and Nathaniel run in to see that three of the senior constables had passed out. There was a poof of silver smoke and when the smoke had disappeared, five minutes away, the three senior constables had became children.

“Wow.” Estella and Torian had said in unison. He wrapped his arms around Estella, feeling safe finally which he haven’t felt in five months. Estella kissed him gently and laid her head against his shoulder.

Andrei woke up and looked confused. His light brown hair fall against his face and he stared at the confused looks on their faces.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” He asked. “Why do I sound like this?!”

Ivy looked at herself and began to shake.

“Why do I look like I’m four?!” She began to wail out in fear. Her emotions fitted her new age.

“We are four?!” Andrei asked and he looked at Mason, who was his best friend.

“No you are three years old.” Mason said and picked him up. Andrei’s mouth dropped in shock.

Summer run to the second in charge, Samira, who was her sister. While Nathaniel run the headquarters, he told Samira, she could organized who was going to take care of whom. After, she had done that, he would decide who would go after who was responsible for his main officers becaming toddlers.

“Please tell me that I’m older then them!” She pleaded with Samira, tears welled up in her light green eyes.

“You look about six years old.” Samira said. Then she looked around, deciding on who would have babysitting duties. She placed Summer onto the couch and Ivy joined her, holding her hand. Mason placed Andrei next to them who was pouting over his new age.

“Okay.” Samira said. “Estella, Torian and Grace will take care of them.”

Estella decided to take care of Ivy because Ivy would be more comfortable with someone who is already a parent. Torian decided to take care of Andrei because they were friends since school. Grace was Summer’s best mate and Summer was happy with decision.

Estella lifted Ivy into her arms, Ivy buried her face into Estella’s blonde hair. She let out a sob, not sure how to cope with what had happened. Andrei settled against Torian’s good hip and played with his keys holder. Summer clutched onto Grace’s hand, she wasn’t one to be carried, not even as a child.

“We need to take them shopping.” Grace said. “I have my niece’s carseats still in my car.”

This got the attention of the magilings and they peaked up.

“A sparkly dress? Can I get a sparkly dress?” Ivy asked, glancing up at Estella. She gave nod.

That was when, they had noticed something interesting. The clothes that Ivy, Andrei and Summer had been wearing had turned into children’s clothes. There wasn’t much magic that could do that but at the same time, not many had magic to turn others into children again.

Ivy was wearing a purple jersey top with a glittery heart, a blue patterned chiffon skirt, blue dance shoes and there was pink hair clips in her light brown hair.

Andrei was wearing a green T-shirt with a bike on it, jeans and grey strap shoes.

Summer was wearing a white flutter long sleeve snowflake tee, sandy French blue bubble dot beach pants, blue and pink trainers and a blair royal blue headband.

Once they got to the car, Estella began to strap Ivy into a Tangled car seat. At first Ivy struggled then sulked as she realized that struggling would do nothing.

Andrei sighed as Torian strapped him into a Paw Patrol Car seat but knew complaining wouldn’t help his situation.

Torian sit next to Estella in the middle row of the car after she finished strapping a very unhappy Ivy in. He clutched onto her hand as pain shot through his body.

“It hurts.” Torian tried to not to cry. “Stell, it really hurts.” He clutched onto her hand. “They used pain magic on me.” he whispered in her ear not wanting Grace to over hear.

She made her seatbelt magically longer but also keeping it safe. She undid Torian’s seatbelt and pulled him close to her, strapping it across them. He laid against her as she wrapped her arms around him.

“I’m here.” She told him.

“I’m not a baby like Ivy and Andrei!” Summer fought Grace who was strapping her into a Lion Guard Booster Seat.

“It is a booster seat.” Grace said. “And it is the law remember.”

“Fine.” Summer sighed. Grace drove to Phoenix Wing Mall, when Torien began to shake. Grace looked concerned at him but Torian insisted that he would be fine once they were finished with the shopping. Estella found three children harnesses in the first shop by the entrance.

Ivy decided that she wanted an owl one while Summer chose a lady bug one and Andrei chose a lion one.

They didn’t want to admit it or say it out loud but it was scary being in a crowded shopping centre, now they were kids and the harnesses made them feel safe.

First store, they went to was Build- A- Bear. Ivy and Andrei was already deciding on their stuff animals but Summer hesitated.

“I’m too old for one.” Summer sighed as she looked at Grace. Tears welled up in her eyes and she fought back the need to cry but her six year old mind had other ideas.

Tears fell down her face and Grace lifted her up into her arms. She knew that Summer and Samira’s mother stopped buying them toys and stuffed animals at the age six. The lady was not a nice person. Samira had taken custody when Summer was 10 and Samira was 23.

“Summer, you can have one. It must be hard dealing with this.” Grace told her.

Grace knew the antidote for the age reversing pills had gone missing 10 years ago and wanted Summer to have a good second childhood.

Ivy had decided on a Promise Pets Calico Cat and was putting a purple leopard hoodie on it. Andrei was putting stuffing into a Batman Bear while Torian hanged out in the quietest part of the store.

Summer studied the choices when she saw an Anna Frozen Bear. She picked it up and hugged it. The bear was blue, which was Summer’s favourite colour.

Grace helped her put a purple and pink dress on her bear.

Just then two guys walked past the store. One of the guys had long red hair and silver eyes, and the other had silver hair and red eyes. The sign they were from the demon realm.

This cause Torian to start vomiting into a nearby bin. Fear made blood pound in his ears. Grace grabbed the kids and paid for their animals while Estella rushed to Torian’s side.

Estella waved a hand which created a protective bubble around them. Grace said “I’ll take these little ones to the book store.” the word little got her a look of annoyance.

Estella nodded and turned to Torian who buried his face into her shoulder, his whole body shook with pure fear.

“Tori, are those guys, the ones who harmed you?” Estella asked as Grace took the magilings to the nearby book store. Estella knew Grace could protect them, if something did happen.

“Yes.” Tears fell down his face as Estella took him to the couple toilets.


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