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It was lunch rush time for Bonfire Cove City. The main cafe ‘Blaze Music Cafe’ was busy with different type of customers including business people.

Life was good for the most important city in Layesia, a country that depended on Element Magic. BonFire Cove City’s magic was fire magic and fire magic kept the city running.

Pearlina sighed as she watched the customers, they had beautiful wings but despite she was twenty six, no wings had appeared yet.

“Mami! That lady has no wings!” A young boy said pointing to her. Mami was what most young kids called their mums in Layesia.

“Oh that poor girl, not to have wings is such a shame.” His mami sighed as they ate their brownie sundaes.

Pearlina overheard this and fought back tears. Every resident got wings by the age of ten but she never did. It was rare at her age to develop wings, even if she did, they most likely to be tiny wings.

“What may I get you?” Pearlina asked trying to sound upbeat as a customer came up to the order counter.

“I would like to be served by someone with wings.” The elderly guy said. “Not some wingless freak.”

Pearlina went quiet and she went to make some coffee, she let out a sob which caught her duty manager Torius’ attention. She glanced up as Torius stormed to the counter.

“Sir, leave now! I don’t serve customers who insult my staff!” Torius ordered.

The guy shot a wave of black fire hitting Torius in the chest, shocking the other customers and staff. Black Fire was used only by demons! Pain shot through Torius’ body as the demon magic soaked through his blood.

Pearlina created a forcefield breaking off the fire power. One couldn’t go evil unless they used their powers for evil but demon magic was extremely painful and caused lots of problems within bowels and veins. Security rushed in with silver fire guns and Torius managed to limp to Pearlina’s side.

His orange wings wrapped around her as he saw tears in her eyes.

“Listen to me Pearl. You are not a freak.” Torius said through gritted teeth, the pain was increasing.

Pearlina sighed as she helped him to his office. She wanted to believe him, she really did but it was hard.

“Yeah, if I am not a freak why won’t anyone date me? Why wouldn’t-” She went quiet, she wanted him to be her wingmate more then anything. But she couldn’t admit it. Or she thought.

“I would.” Torius said as he stroked her brown hair. “I would date you.”

“You would? I would love you to date but why would you want to date me?” Pearlina blinked back some tears as she looked at him.

“It doesn’t matter if you got wings or no wings. Pearl, you are beautiful no matter what.” Torius said. “I want you to be my wingmate.”

Tears fell down her face as he kissed her, she was so happy. Five months later, they moved in together and signed up to get reverse kidlers.

Kids who was once adults but affected by reverse aging berries. Kids who needed a good second childhood.

Pearlina hummed as she made various hot drinks, she turned and decided to move the hot pot of chocolate onto a different area of the stove that sit in the front of the cafe. The chocolate wasn’t melting as fast as Pearlina would have liked.

In the Kitchen

“You can’t go nuking mini watermelons!” Chef Eli yelled at Chef Shawn who was wanting to put the mini watermelon into the microwave.

“What is the point of having a microwave then?!” Chef Shawn yelled back as he stuffed the mini watermelon into the microwave.

“What is going on in here? And Shawn, mini watermelon explode in microwaves.” Torius said as he walked in to see what the yelling was all about. It could be heard from the front of the cafe.

Front of cafe

Lunch rush was in full swing. Pearlina was floating meals and drinks to their correct tables. Customers were lining up and chatting about various subjects. Some were gossip, others about works and the most popular, the news and weather.

Brianne looked up from the book she was reading as a good looking guy approached the order counter.

“What may I get you today sir?” She asked, checking out his shiny dark brown hair and handsome blue eyes. He was wearing a checkered shirt and dark blue jeans. He had a six pack! She did like the look of this dude.

Jaden and Elias who were writing down orders frowned. Something was off about this bloke. It made the two main waiters nervous.

Jaden walked to Pearlina when a mini watermelon flew into the pot of chocolate.

“I will have a Dragon meat pie and Pegasus green tea with leaves left in.” The bloke said.

“That will be four unicorn dust.” Brianna said, ringing up the order and nodded to Elias.

“Do you have security in here?” The bloke asked. Pearlina looked at Jaden, that was an unusual question for a customer to ask. She moved the watermelon around in the chocolate, watching the bloke out of the corner of her eye.

“Yes, we do have security.” Brianna said. She looked at the red button under the counter, making sure she knew where it was. Just in case.

“How much security?” The bloke asked and all the front of cafe staff glanced over. That was indeed a strange question! Alarm bells went off in Brianna’s head, she glanced at Pearlina who nodded to the cashier.

“Four unicorn dust please.” Brianna repeated.

The bloke sat down near a window seat, which was next to one of the side doors. He watched the staff and their behavior. Jaden and Elias thought it was strange and expected him to try and shop lift some mech.

“What are you doing with the mini watermelon in the chocolate pot?” Torius walked over to investigate the mini watermelon that Eli had thrown out. He glanced into the pot and Pearlina hugged him.

She was about to explain why when the guy shot a huge black flame ball at Torius hitting where his heart was. He collasped into Pearlina’s arms coughing up black blood.

“I love you Pearl.” He managed to cough out as he began to convulse. “I’ll see you in the stars.”

“No. You are going to be fine Torius. You are going to be fine.” Pearlina began to cry as she tried to heal him but couldn’t. Her heart broke as she said “I love you too.” tears fell down her face as she held him close.

The cafe fell silence and Brianna walked over, she took Pearlina into her arms as Torius’ body turned into dust. A star appeared and flew to the sky.

Five years past and the staff of Blaze Music Cafe had made the hard decision to shut down the cafe that they loved so much.

Two towns from where the cafe was located, the staff had decided to open a new restaurant near the ocean side. Torius loved the ocean side and they thought it was the perfect place for the restaurant to be located. Not to mention how busy, the ocean side got in holidays especially Stars Of Gifts Festival.

Pearlina had been chosen to become the duty manager of Chocolat’ La Musique Restaurant.

She had gotten bright blue wings after Torius had died.

This particular night, it was the Stars Of Gifts Festival so the restaurant was quiet. Pearlina had decided to give the staff a night off to enjoy the festival.

The song Remind Me by Conrad Sewell was playing on the radio. Pearlina looked up from the paperwork that she was doing when she heard the door bell buzzed.

A guy with dark blonde hair, icy blue eyes and orange wings walked into the restaurant.

“Beautiful wings.” He said, his british accent floated through the restaurant like music to her ears. She floated to him and she fought back the need to tackle him and hold onto him for dear life.

“Torius…hey.” She said as she wrapped her arms around him gently.

She knew that the second chance at life thing can be painful and at times traumatising, she had seen one of her sisters gone through it. The bruises and pain from what killed them didn’t go away and they had to go through the recovering process.

Fighting back tears, she sent a silent thank you to the stars for giving him a second chance of life.


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