Updated Nanowrimo April 2016

Emilie flew to Chocolate, Ocean and Music Cafe. She was ten minutes from being late for work. She managed to fly through a side entrance, past her duty manager’s room and to the staff room. She clocked in and coughed as she had used a lot of energy, flying.

Torian, her duty manager walked in and he looked concerned.

“You okay, Em?” He asked as she put on her light blue Apron. The uniform for Chocolate, Ocean and Music was a light blue apron with a chocolate rabbit in the middle and music notes surrounding the rabbit.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Emilie said, she went to the front door and flip the sign to open.

Zoe and Sage had put all the chairs down as well as put out the outdoor tables. Emilie turned on the coffee machine which puffed out some pink smoke, spun in a circle then settled on the bench.

Torian watched from his office and sighed, those three were hard working and he wished he could prevent what was going to happen.

Right on 9, customers began to wander in. Business people looking for their morning coffee and cake.

“Ready for business?!” Torian called out trying to sound cheerful.

“Yes Torian!” Zoe, Sage, Emilie, Matilda, Mitch, Alexandria, Luka, Olivia, Silas, Shannan and Oliver called back.

Torian sighed as he didn’t hear the newest member Khalia.

“Isadore, where is Khalia?” He asked as he went to the kitchen.

“Sorry Torian, I don’t keep tabs on my younger sister.” Isodore grumbled, Torian stepped back as flames danced along her fingers.

“Wow, calm down.” Torian said, using water to put our a small fire building where she was standing.

He heard commotion coming from the front of the cafe.

“Torian!” A small wail travelled through the cafe. It sent chills down his spine as he rushed to the front.

Emilie was horrified, she was six years old.

“TORIAN!” She shrieked again. Zoe’s bottom lip quivered as she realized that she was four years old.

Sage said “Great, just great! Who put reverse age beans into our coffees?”

He had became five years old. He looked at Torian as Matilda picked Zoe up. She was not impressed and struggled. Emilie tagged at Torian’s shirt who lifted her up. Olivia swung Sage into her arms.

“It is a long story but first. We need to take you shopping for clothes.” Torian said.

“Tori-T-” Emilie pouted at not being able to say his full name.

“Sparkly dress?” Zoe looked excited at the word shopping being mentioned. Emilie laid her head against Torian’s shoulder. She put her thumb into her mouth.

He knew that he should stop her from starting the habit but he decided he would let her till he could take her to Build-A-Bear.

They left the cafe in the capable hands of Shannan and Silas.

Zoe looked horrified at the car seats in Torian’s Holden Captiva.

“We are not kids!” Zoe and Sage complained. Emilie didn’t complain as he put her into a booster seat.

She asked “Can we listen to the radio please?”

Torian frowned, she was accepting this way too easy.

“Sure Em.” He said, he gave Matilda a look of concern who said “She seems to be in denial.”

Torian gave a nod and Matilda studied his eyes. She and Torian have had feelings for each other but neither knew how to admit it.

Emilie began to fuss and reached for Torian who handed Matilda the keys.

He sat next to Emilie who began to sob and her hand wrapped around Torian’s.

“The drug has affected her mind as well.” Olivia said. “It is a 1% chance.”

“You did this to us! Curse you!” Sage yelled. While Zoe was attempting to undo the straps of her car seat.

“I can’t undo this stupid thing!” Zoe whined.

“You are not supposed to.” Matilda said as she drove to Phoenix Cove Mall.

Emilie looked at Torian and asked “Can I get those shoes that lit up when you walk?”

“Sure Em.” Torian said which got him a smile.

As a kid, Emilie had light blonde hair and grey eyes. Somehow her clothes changed into a yellow Sophie top, blue printed tiered skirt, pink flower sandals and let’s dance tucker cap.

Zoe was wearing a blue and yellow checkered shirt, yellow tiered skirt, red strappy sandals and an orange summer flowers headband.

Sage was wearing a blue checkered shirt, camo chinos pants, green ankle socks and blue sneakers.

They arrived at Phoenix Cove Mall, there were shoppers flying around, groceries floating to various cars. Magiople getting off Floto trains and magiteens having duels in the dueling arena. Laughter came from the Magikindlier as they dashed around the mall.

Emilie looked at a Paw Patrol Marshall Pup in Build-A-Bear.

“Do you want the pup?” Torian asked as he took Emilie into the shop. She got the pup while Zoe got a Promise Pets Calico Stuffed Cat and Sage got a Toothless Dragon.

Emilie held onto her pup and she made a face at the floating trolley.

“I am not sitting in there without a cover.” Emilie protested. “There are still germs despite trolley cleaning slugs.”

She watched as Torian put on a Phoenix Possums seat cover and she watched as the straps did themselves up over her lap.

Across the country, the Amemtori Demigod main city- Moon Owl City was buzzing with noise.

At Moon Owl Crime Squad, the daughter of Liomrami- God of the stars, Kiera was thinking about her boyfriend who was the son of Askrmiwieima- Goddess of Law and Moths. His name was Austin.

Austin had been abducted when the squad headquarters had been taken under siege by a Low Class resident.

All of the police from Phoenix Wolf City, Dragon Jaguar City, Moon Owl City and Sun Hawk City had sent out their best searchers.

But yet, no searchers had found him, not even the magic or the special powers police.

There was just no trace, it was the first time, a trace had just vanished. Like someone who had magic had gone against the country to help out the Low Class resident. It was the only explanation for such an incident to occur.

She looked up as the squad leader Carlos called for a squad meeting. Besides Austin there were 12 squad members.

The leaders were Carlos and Zandra. The senior agents were: Takeo, Ellie and Kiera. The tech officers were: Pine and Sofi.

The constables were: Christian, Faith and Slater. There were two Dragon Army officers: Kamila and Onyx.

Carlos’ mum was Scmagisc- The Goddess of Justice.

He watched as the members sat in the outdoor arena. Carlos was looking more serious and Zandra just sighed.

“I am so sorry Kiera, Faith and Onyx.” Zandra said.

“What are you sorry about?” Kiera asked when Austin grabbed her from behind and forced a pill into her mouth.

Two other guys did the same to Faith and Onyx.

While Phoenix Wolf City and Moon Owl City dealt with their strange incident, lunch time was starting in Dragon Jaguar and Pedidsdapaz’s city of Sun Hawk City.

Food was a huge importance in Fotijnia and lunch time in all the cities was always busy.

The staff of Sun Hawk City’s cafe Sunrise Paradise was busy running around delivering food and drinks when one of the waiters noticed something strange.

There was no music coming from Sun Cove Cafe which was across the road. Hunter looked out and to his confusion, Sun Cove Cafe was closed!

“Lucy, Sun Cove Cafe is closed.” Hunter said.

Lucy glanced over and said “They close down at 9pm. Lunch time is usually their busiest time.”

Lucy frowned as the curtains were closed which was totally not normal. She started to wonder if she should go and check or not.

She walked over when she saw a guy pacing around the cafe through one of the side windows that didn’t have curtains. Lucy managed to catch the gaze of Phillip who was the duty manager.

He looked exhausted and in total pain. Tears welled up in his eyes. Lucy pulled out her mobile and dialled 863 which was the emergency number of Fotijnia.

She groaned at the holding music that was playing, the police was busy with an incident that had happened at the borders in Phoenix Wolf City and Moon Owl City.

11pm that morning, the start of the siege

Phillip watched as customers order different type of food.


Story # 2

Phoenix Cove Cafe hummed with the sound of the lunch rush.

Emilie floated coffee, drinks and meals to various tables while Zoe made the coffee and drinks. Back in the kitchen, Silas and Mitch were arguing about nuking potatoes in the microwave.

“It is quicker to put them in the microwave!’ Mitch complained.

Shannan walked over to Emilie and said “Man, they are giving me a migraine.”

Emilie laughed and continued to float orders to the right tables. She tapped her foot to the music when a guy with black hair and silver eyes walked up to the counter.

“I want to see your duty manager. NOW!” He yelled and a fireball appeared in his hand.

Silence fell over the cafe, even the music seemed to stop. Emilie watched as Luka, the main chef rushed to the duty manager’s office.

Emilie said “He is coming. Just put out that fireball please.” she tried to sound professional.

Torian was creating new menus when he heard loud banging on his office door. He opened the door to see Luka who was pale.

“Torian, th-there is a g-guy asking for you. He-” Luka had to take a few deep breathes. “He has-”

Screams echoed through the cafe. Emilie tried to freeze the guy as he forced a pill into her mouth. Zoe tried to run but two other guys grabbed her and Shannan, forcing a pill each down in their throats.

Silas tried to summon lightning but a fireball hit his shoulder. Mitch grabbed a knife but fear overwhelmed him.

Torian rushed to the front of the cafe but when he got there, the guys had disappeared in poofs of blue smoke.

Emilie woke up, about five minutes later. Fear sparked in her light blue eyes as she saw the look of shock on Torian and Luka who was knelt near her.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” She asked. She looked to see that the rest of the cafe staff had came in.

“Look down.” Torian said, he frowned.

Emilie looked down and her light blue eyes widened with fear and horror. She was four years old! Last time she checked she was thirty five but she was four years old now!

Shannan let out a yelp as he realized that he was now five years old instead of twenty five.

“P-please tell me that I am older then them?’ Zoe pleaded and small crystals grew around her.

“You look about six.” Olivia, one of the waitresses said.

Zoe burst into tears and Olivia hugged her while Emilie wrapped her arms around Torian, whimpering.

Linnea, the co manager picked Shannan up.

“We need to take them shopping. They will need clothes.” Linnea said. “And we will need to stay in the same place until the Magi-olice find the suspects.”

“And the antidote if there is one.” Torian said. “I have enough room in my place.”

Olivia went and grabbed some car seats from her cave-house, just two blocks down the road. She had four little siblings so it was easy for her to get some spare car seats.

“Tori, can I get a sparkly dress?” Emilie asked, she couldn’t pronounced Torian’s full name. She played with his keys holder.


Five months, six hours, six minutes and nine seconds.

That was how long it had been since the Phoenix Cove Crime Squad had been taken under siege. Since Senior Constable Torian had been abducted.

Estella stared out of her bedroom window at the stars. She wondered if Torian had gone to be a star or if he was still alive.

“Mummy!” She got up from her bed as her daughter Zoe began to cry for her.

She and Torian had four daughters. But Zoe was the only one who called her mummy.

Their oldest was Linnea who was ten and attended Wolf Wing Academy, so she wasn’t at home but called Estella, once a night.

Hope and Alessandra were seven years old. Zoe and her twin sister Katenina were three years old.

Hope called her Mami and Alessandra (Andra) called her Mo-Mo (words for mum in Fotijnia). Katernina (Nina) called her mama.

Estella knew that Zoe would be nervous about going to Phoenix Cove Academy, Hope, Andra, Nina and Zoe were all going there cause there was higher security unlike other schools. Wolf Wing Academy and Phoenix Cove Academy were experts in security but Wolf Wing was only for older students.

She managed to settled Zoe back to sleep and the next day, the kids left at six am.

Around nine am, Estella drove to Phoenix Cove Crime Squad Headquarters. As she drove into the car park, she saw that her boss Nathaniel was sitting on the steps of the headquarters. He had some news for her.

“I got news for you.” He said as she walked to him.

“What news?” She asked as she looked a little concerned.

“We found Torien.” Nathaniel stood up and walked inside.

“Where is he?” She asked softly, standing at the door, not sure about going inside at first.

“Inside, he wants to start working straight aw-” Nathaniel was interrupted by screams.

Estella and Nathaniel run in to see that three of the senior constables had passed out. There was a poof of silver smoke and when the smoke had disappeared, five minutes away, the three senior constables had became children.

“Wow.” Estella and Torian had said in unison. He wrapped his arms around Estella, feeling safe finally which he haven’t felt in five months. Estella kissed him gently and laid her head against his shoulder.

Andrei woke up and looked confused. His light brown hair fall against his face and he stared at the confused looks on their faces.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” He asked. “Why do I sound like this?!”

Ivy looked at herself and began to shake.

“Why do I look like I’m four?!” She began to wail out in fear. Her emotions fitted her new age.

“We are four?!” Andrei asked and he looked at Mason, who was his best friend.

“No you are three years old.” Mason said and picked him up. Andrei’s mouth dropped in shock.

Summer run to the second in charge, Samira, who was her sister. While Nathaniel run the headquarters, he told Samira, she could organized who was going to take care of whom. After, she had done that, he would decide who would go after who was responsible for his main officers becaming toddlers.

“Please tell me that I’m older then them!” She pleaded with Samira, tears welled up in her light green eyes.

“You look about six years old.” Samira said. Then she looked around, deciding on who would have babysitting duties. She placed Summer onto the couch and Ivy joined her, holding her hand. Mason placed Andrei next to them who was pouting over his new age.

“Okay.” Samira said. “Estella, Torian and Grace will take care of them.”

Estella decided to take care of Ivy because Ivy would be more comfortable with someone who is already a parent. Torian decided to take care of Andrei because they were friends since school. Grace was Summer’s best mate and Summer was happy with decision.

Estella lifted Ivy into her arms, Ivy buried her face into Estella’s blonde hair. She let out a sob, not sure how to cope with what had happened. Andrei settled against Torian’s good hip and played with his keys holder. Summer clutched onto Grace’s hand, she wasn’t one to be carried, not even as a child.

“We need to take them shopping.” Grace said. “I have my niece’s carseats still in my car.”

This got the attention of the magilings and they peaked up.

“A sparkly dress? Can I get a sparkly dress?” Ivy asked, glancing up at Estella. She gave nod.

That was when, they had noticed something interesting. The clothes that Ivy, Andrei and Summer had been wearing had turned into children’s clothes. There wasn’t much magic that could do that but at the same time, not many had magic to turn others into children again.

Ivy was wearing a purple jersey top with a glittery heart, a blue patterned chiffon skirt, blue dance shoes and there was pink hair clips in her light brown hair.

Andrei was wearing a green T-shirt with a bike on it, jeans and grey strap shoes.

Summer was wearing a white flutter long sleeve snowflake tee, sandy French blue bubble dot beach pants, blue and pink trainers and a blair royal blue headband.

Once they got to the car, Estella began to strap Ivy into a Tangled car seat. At first Ivy struggled then sulked as she realized that struggling would do nothing.

Andrei sighed as Torian strapped him into a Paw Patrol Car seat but knew complaining wouldn’t help his situation.

Torian sit next to Estella in the middle row of the car after she finished strapping a very unhappy Ivy in. He clutched onto her hand as pain shot through his body.

“It hurts.” Torian tried to not to cry. “Stell, it really hurts.” He clutched onto her hand. “They used pain magic on me.” he whispered in her ear not wanting Grace to over hear.

She made her seatbelt magically longer but also keeping it safe. She undid Torian’s seatbelt and pulled him close to her, strapping it across them. He laid against her as she wrapped her arms around him.

“I’m here.” She told him.

“I’m not a baby like Ivy and Andrei!” Summer fought Grace who was strapping her into a Lion Guard Booster Seat.

“It is a booster seat.” Grace said. “And it is the law remember.”

“Fine.” Summer sighed. Grace drove to Phoenix Wing Mall, when Torien began to shake. Grace looked concerned at him but Torian insisted that he would be fine once they were finished with the shopping. Estella found three children harnesses in the first shop by the entrance.

Ivy decided that she wanted an owl one while Summer chose a lady bug one and Andrei chose a lion one.

They didn’t want to admit it or say it out loud but it was scary being in a crowded shopping centre, now they were kids and the harnesses made them feel safe.

First store, they went to was Build- A- Bear. Ivy and Andrei was already deciding on their stuff animals but Summer hesitated.

“I’m too old for one.” Summer sighed as she looked at Grace. Tears welled up in her eyes and she fought back the need to cry but her six year old mind had other ideas.

Tears fell down her face and Grace lifted her up into her arms. She knew that Summer and Samira’s mother stopped buying them toys and stuffed animals at the age six. The lady was not a nice person. Samira had taken custody when Summer was 10 and Samira was 23.

“Summer, you can have one. It must be hard dealing with this.” Grace told her.

Grace knew the antidote for the age reversing pills had gone missing 10 years ago and wanted Summer to have a good second childhood.

Ivy had decided on a Promise Pets Calico Cat and was putting a purple leopard hoodie on it. Andrei was putting stuffing into a Batman Bear while Torian hanged out in the quietest part of the store.

Summer studied the choices when she saw an Anna Frozen Bear. She picked it up and hugged it. The bear was blue, which was Summer’s favourite colour.

Grace helped her put a purple and pink dress on her bear.

Just then two guys walked past the store. One of the guys had long red hair and silver eyes, and the other had silver hair and red eyes. The sign they were from the demon realm.

This cause Torian to start vomiting into a nearby bin. Fear made blood pound in his ears. Grace grabbed the kids and paid for their animals while Estella rushed to Torian’s side.

Estella waved a hand which created a protective bubble around them. Grace said “I’ll take these little ones to the book store.” the word little got her a look of annoyance.

Estella nodded and turned to Torian who buried his face into her shoulder, his whole body shook with pure fear.

“Tori, are those guys, the ones who harmed you?” Estella asked as Grace took the magilings to the nearby book store. Estella knew Grace could protect them, if something did happen.

“Yes.” Tears fell down his face as Estella took him to the couple toilets.

“Stell- Stella, I’m- I fe- go-” He swallowed hard before throwing up into the toilet. He was starting to regret not going to the hospital like hew as told to do. He reached for Estella’s hand and threw up again. “I need to go to the hospital.”

Estella gave a nod and walked with him back to the bookstore, she told Grace who gave her the key, to the house they would be sharing.

She took Torian to the Phoenix Wolf Royal Hospital. Torian shook all the way there and Estella had to stop four times so he could throw up.

Nathaniel met them at the hospital and it was decided that Piper would take care of Ivy and Mitch take care of Andrei. Estella had to take care of Torian who was clearly in a bad way.

Torian laid his head on Estella’s lap while the doctors checked his wounds and he tensed up as they started looking at the wounds on his butt. He gripped the bedsheets and began to cry into Estella’s lap.

The doctors finished off their checking and the main doctor looked concerned at Estella.

“I have bad news. The demons used the strongest pain magic.” Dr. Greene said. “It won’t kill him but will take a while for it to come out of his system. I can give him some pain relief and drinks that will help but I can’t cure it.”

Torian had cried so much, he had fallen asleep. Estella’s heart broke for him, he had been beaten and assaulted and worse. Something no-one should go through but for a male crime fighter…Estella couldn’t imagine how he felt.

He woke up an hour later and looked up at Estella. Her arms wrapped around him, sitting him up as he started to gag again.

Using her powers, she floated a sick bucket to him.

“I’m hot.” He said between gags. “I want to change into lighter clothes-”

He froze as the two demons knocked out the medical staff, they had been following Torian and Estella from the shopping centre.

Torian felt extreme pain shooting this his body which made him lose control of his bladder and bowels.

Estella took a deep breathe and she created a huge energy force field. It was green in colour but sent the demons flying back. She kept taking deep breathes but was determined to hold it, until the demons were arrested by other police squads or her fellow crime squad members.

“Stella, stop! You will use too much energy if you keep the force field up.” Torian whimpered as she began to shake, her vision was blurring from using her most strongest power.

Energy could be used with certain powers. Nathaniel and Samira rushed in shocking the demons with their best guns.

Estella let down her shield and Torian held her closed as she began to shiver from using so much energy.

“I’m fine.” She lied, not wanting to add to Torian’s stress. This made Torian frown but he didn’t push her, he started to stroke her blonde hair which was soaked with sweat.

She closed her eyes lying her head against his left shoulder which was the only uninjured spot. He kept on stroking her hair, it worried him that she might keep how she felt from him.

Two weeks later, Torian went home from the hospital. Estella was in their bedroom, reading ‘Phoenix Fires of time’ by a renowned Fotijina author Mr. Lukas Wing. He was her favourite author and she had all of his series.

Estella tensed up as she heard her ringtone coming from her magiphone. She tried to relax as Torian walked into the bedroom with a towel wrapped around his wrist. She looked up at Torian who noticed that she was trying not to shake. He picked her phone up, putting it to his left ear.

“Who is this?” Torian demanded, the fear in Estella’s eyes couldn’t be hidden.

She couldn’t hear the answer and Torian ended the call.

Estella felt sick all of a sudden and she run from the bedroom. She managed to run to the third paddock on their ranch property before Torian caught up with her.

“Stella!” Torian called, trying to ignore the pain. He pulled her close and she fought back tears as she held onto him.

He went back to work the next day.

Estella was trying to fight back a migraine when she heard screams coming from Torian’s room.

She rushed in to see that demons was assaulting him with fire and spikey vines.

“Nathaniel! Samira!” She called and she summoned water as Torian was forced onto his stomach.

Estella shot water at one demon, making him turn to ash. Torian screamed as his stomach began to cramp because the second demon was using the most dangerous pain magic.

Nathaniel used ice balls to kill the second demon.

“Stella, please go to your office. Don’t come to the hospital.” Nathaniel said.

“No! Stella, don’t leave me! Please boss, I need her. I need-” Torian let out a sob as he began to plead, he used orbs to bring Estella to him.

“Are you sure? The injuries…” Nathaniel said wanting to protect them.

“I am going with Tori.” Estella said firmly as she laid him against her. Torian shut his eyes, the pain overwhelming him.

“She needs to be with him, Nate.” Samira said. “Just because you pushed me away, doesn’t mean Torian needs to push Estella away.”

Nathaniel scoffed and stormed out.

“It is not healthy to push your loved ones away.” Samira sighed.

That night in the hospital, Torian noticed that Estella was more quiet then usual.

“Talk to me Stella. What is wrong?” Torian asked. Estella gave out a painful whimper and Torian felt her forehead to find that she was burning up.

“Hurts.” She tried not to cry out the words.

“What hurts?” Torian was suspecting that she was suffering a magic energy burn out.

“My head, my throat and my stomach.” She whimpered. “And my hands.”

“You need to rest, you can’t use any more energy.” Torian said. “Especially magic. If you do, you will get extremely sick.”

Just then Samira walked in looking concerned.

“Two more agents have became kids.” Samira sighed as she looked at both of them.

Torian asked “Who?”

“We will take care of them in our house, there is high security surrounding a 20 km from the house and the house itself.” Estella said tiredly.

“Emilie and Sienna.” Samila said. “Six agents from Sun Hawk Crime Squad and Moon Owl Crime Squad turned into kids too. All girl.”

“What are their names? Who are taking care of them?” Torian asked, always one to be interested in all the details.

“Madelyn, Savanna and Alyssa from Sun Hawk Crime Squad.” Samila said. “Charlotte, Emma and Karina from Moon Owl City.”

“And whose taking care of them?” Torian prompted.

“Alana, Tessa and Hannah from Sun Hawk Crime Squad.” Samila said. “Eliana and Alfredo from Moon Owl City.”

Torian and Estella picked up Emilie and Sierra after a week in hospital, which was under the hospital’s orders.

“Let’s take them to Pearl Phoenix Shopping Centre. It is more quiet then Phoenix Cove.” Torian said. “I should not freak out.”

Estella hugged him when their best mates Dustin and Abigail walked up with two little girls

“I would like you to meet Brianna and April.” Abigail said. “They were nurses. We are gonna help you out.”

“Nice, our house has lots of room and extremely high security.” Torian said.

At Pearl Phoenix Shopping Centre

Torian mistaked how loud it was going to be. He felt ill but Sierra wrapped her hand around his.

The six year old asked “Can we go to- Estella!”

Estella saw how Torian was starting to freak out and called Nathaniel and Samira. Torian wasn’t stable enough to take care of himself, so he wasn’t stable enough to take care of kids.

He sat on a bench when everything went black. When Estella woke, she saw Torian was missing and tears fell down her face.

A year later

Estella agreed to let her kids to go to an overseas school which was specialised in their interests. It broke her heart to see them go but she knew it was for the best. This is what they needed to follow their dreams.

She was working late one night when she heard a noise, Estella startled as she looked up and surprised, as ice exploded over her desk. It covered her computer, and the desk itself. Everything was shiny blue.

“That gives a literal meaning to a frozen computer.” Torian said as he walked into her office, slowly.

Estella turned around as she heard the voice that she knew so well. Tears began to sting her face as she looked at Torian. He looked so much older now. So tired.

“Hi.” Estella whispered as Torian lifted her into his arms. She noticed him stumbled but his grip tightened around her. He didn’t want to let her go. She heard more footsteps and glanced over at Nathaniel who was standing near the door.

“He didn’t want to go to hospital unless you took him.” Nathaniel said, rolling his eyes.

Torian let out a grunt and pain shot through his stomach. Estella touched his stomach but nothing happened. No blue glow.

“You- grunt- can’t-” Torian whispered in her ear. “heal – grunt- senior demon magic.” He let out a louder grunt as pain shot through his bowel.

Torian rushed to the attached bathroom. Estella sat on the edge of the bath as Torian strained on the toilet and he looked at Estella.

She felt a sudden urge to start coughing and she felt dizzy as well as achy all over. Pain flooded through her and she run out of the headquarters.

She needed to get out before she began to have a coughing fit. Torian pulled his pants up and run after her, she was rarely sick but didn’t like anyone to know if she was.

Estella began to cough hard as she kept on running.

“Stella! Stella stop!” Torian yelled as he caught up with her as she got to their house.

Estella walked up to the house with her arms crossed over her chest.

“Leave me alone! Just leave me alone!” She spit. Torian pulled her into his arms as her coughing got worse.

“You can depend on me. You don’t have to hide how you feel.” Torian said.

“Why do you care! It was my fault! I couldn’t protect you!” She began to feel sick to her stomach.

“Estella Alya Cote, it was not your fault!” Torian gasped as he rubbed her back. “Let’s go inside, you need some rest.”

Torian grunted as more pain shot through his bowel.

“You need to go to hospital.” Estella said. She began to feel dizzy and she leaned against him.

“I think we both do.” Torian said as he felt her head.

They caught a Floto train to the Phoenix Royal Hospital. As they walked in, Torian’s legs buckled and his grunts faster.

Dr. Forlano and Dr. Malucci helped him to a room and gave him medicine to help his bowels empty. Estella held his hand knowing this was the most painful way of demon magic to come out.

Torian let out a tired sigh as his bowel settled down. Not all the magic was out but the few that came out of the bowel, was out. He laid his head against Estella.

Estella felt bile building up in her throat and before anyone knew what was happening, she projectile vomited across the room. Torian pulled her into his arms, cradling her.

“Dragon Stomach flu…” He sighed. Dragon Stomach Flu was horrible and always required hospitalized due to the fact, it could become life threatening, very quickly. Estella began to shiver despite it was a hot summer day.

“Yes.” Dr. Malucci said as Torian helped Estella change into hospital robes. He laid her down so her head was lying on his chest.

Torian woke up sweating from another nightmare, he had been held hostage for five years but he had been rescued finally.

He noticed that his bed was empty, he got up to hear noises coming from the bathroom.

“Estella? Stell?” Torian opened the door and found that Estella was throwing up. He walked ot her, and moved her hair from her face.

Story 4

Torian walked into Estella’s office, he had been held hostage for five years. The demon relam wanted to punish him because the crime squad that he worked for, had betrayed the relam.

It took a lot of attacks before, he and Estella decided to leave the Phoenix Wolf Crime Squad.

The country had discovered that there was a new city dedicated to magic, floating by itself which was decided to be called Ocean Breeze City. They had decided it would be easiest for their lives to move the new city. A new start.

Torian and Estella worked for Reef Lagoon Crime Squad.

“Stell, what is wrong?” He asked, he noticed that she was pale.

Estella swallowed hard as she reached for him. She was tired and achy all over, not to mention the nausea that she was feeling.

“I feel yucky.” Estella cried. “Tor…Tori.” She swallowed hard again. Torian grabbed her rubbish bin just in time as she began to lose the burrito and burger that she had for lunch.

“Oh Stell.” He sighed, holding her close and Estella laid her head against his good shoulder. She moved his shirt looking at the bandages. It was only two weeks since Torian was rescued from the demon relam. Guilt made her heart ache which was worse then any of anything else that she was feeling.

There was still 96% of the severe demon magic that existed in his body.

Estella was learning to let him to take care of her but also to view him as her husband, not a victim.

“Does it hurt?” She asked, her stomach turned again and tears welled up in her eyes. Torian felt her forehead to find that she was burning up. He got a thermometer and took her temperature to find that she indeed had a fever.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Torian said. It hurt that she had not turned to him.

“I’m fine really.” She protested because she knew he was emotionally damaged from everything. She wanted to avoid him getting anymore stress.

Later in the day, she was feeling worse and dizzy. She stumbled into Torian’s office who rushed to her side.

“I feel horrible Tori.” She cried as tears fell down her face. “I didn’t want to stress you out but…”

“I am your husband Stell. Let me take care of you please.” Torian begged, it was stressing him more that she wasn’t telling him how she felt.

“Can we go home please, Tori.” Her voice shook as she held onto him. He told their bosses Evelyn and Theodore.

“If her fever goes up, take her to the Royal Hospital. It might be Ocean flu, it can be life threatening.” Theodore said. “If she doesn’t die, she could lose her magic.”

Estella looked at Torian as he took her home and laid her into their bed. He realized that he had been avoiding being naked in front of her since he had been released.

“It is okay Tori. I want you to feel comfortable.” Estella said.

Torian took off his clothes and slip into boxers. He realized that if he kept stuff from Estella, it won’t help to open up to him.

“I trust you Stell. I haven’t shown you that lately.” Torian said. “I love you.”

“Love you too.” Estella said when her stomach turned. “Tor-Tori, I’m…” She swallowed hard and Torian held a sick bucket for her.

“Shh, I know sweetie. I have you. Stell, I have you.” Torian rubbed her back. Their oldest daughter Linnea had moved in to help, she poked her head in.

“Need anything papa?” She asked. “Do you want me to get some Unicorn Peach Juice for mum?”

“Yes please, Lin.” Torian said. “You okay?”

“Sure papa.” Linnea smiled and got the can from the fridge. She hugged Estella who hugged her back, happy to have her girl back.

Linnea heard her daughter crying from the nursery.

“Sounds like Ellie is hungry. Alec will be home soon.” Linnea said. “We will cook dinner.”

Linnea ws a chef by trade and enjoyed to cook.

Estella watched as Torian laid next to her, sitting up and opening the can of Unicorn Peach Juice.

“I should have protected you.” She whispered as he let out a small grunt as his bowels got sore from the demon magic.

“Stell…Estella Alya Cote. Listen to me, it was not your fault!” Torian said. “Not at all. Don’t you dare blame yourself.”

Estella touched his stomach, it was bloated from demon magic and fluid.

Torian closed his eyes as she moved her hands lower. He whispered “Stell..” She stopped as he shuddered.

She pulled her hand away but Torian moved closer. He placed the can down and moved her hand back.

“I want to feel your touch but I want it slow.” He whispered and she began to stroke his thigh. Torian gave a sudden whimper as he stopped her, moving her hand away. But he said “I love you Stell.”

Estella was surprised when he kissed her, he slipped her so she was on his lap when a flashback hit him hard.

“No…” Torian began to shake. Estella went to get off his lap but he didn’t want that.

“Mum, Papa doesn’t want you to move.” Linnea walked in and placed down a broth next to the can on the bedside table. She could read emotions. “He feels safer when he has you near and lying against him.”

Estella began to hum.

Sun Hawk City was buzzing with demigods.

Ocean Breeze City was buzzing with life.

Ocean Cove Royal Hospital was busy dealing with an outbreak of a biotoxin while the main police- Ocean Cove Police Squad was investigating why a lot of the residents were affected.

Jaimila was working on paperwork but she found herself staring at Makarios who was working out.

“Jaimila won’t you ask him out already?” her best friend Samara prompted.

“He properly doesn’t like me that way.” Jaimila sighed. “How are you and Demetri going?”

“Good. How do you know if Makarios likes you or not if you don’t ask him!” Samara said. “You two are already housemates.”

National Breaking Emergency Service: Residents of Fotijinia, it is time. Get your children ready for pickup by the Federal Police. This is not a drill, We repeat this is no a drill.”

Anabel looked up at the television, she then looked at her dad Hunter.

“I’ll call your mum, Anabel can you go and help Lucy get packed.” Hunter’s voice was strangely cold.

“Dad, what is going on?” Anabel asked, lighting crackled. Her nerves was making her powers go a little haywire.

“I am sorry but I made an oath on the Phoenix’s Feathers not to tell.”

A low yet eerily alarm rang through the house.

Thirteen year old Zuri watched as the TV went black. On the TV, it said: Chosen Residents of Fotijinia. Please prepare your children for when Phoenix Federal Police comes to pick them up. This is not a drill.

Zuri looked at her parents who put her purple suitcase down next to her. They gave her a dark blue pill and said “You must take this. You and three others have been chosen.”

“Chosen for what?!” Zuri asked but took the pill with some Unicorn Peach Juice.

“I am sorry Zuri but under the oath of the Star River, we said that we shall never tell.” Her father said, his voice was colder than normal.

“Will I see you again?” Zuri asked as she heard a knock on their door.

“No Zuri, we will never be your parents again.” Her mother said and walked away, so Zuri didn’t see her tears.

Before Zuri could say anything, she was taken to the Phoenix Federal Police Car. When she got to her home in Phoenix Wolf City, (she lived in Sun Hawk City before), she passed out.

Fifteen minutes later, she found herself lying in a small bed. She shrieked as she realized that she was smaller and she looked into a mirror to see that she was four years old.

A lady with long black hair and ice blue eyes walked in. Her eyes sparkled when she saw that Zuri was awake.

“Hello, I am Pearlina but you may call me what you want as long it is respectful.” She said as she picked her up. Zuri cuddled against her and her heart ached but at least Pearlina was nice.

“Can I….I call you mama?” Zuri said and some tears fell down.

“Yes, you may.” Pearlina said. “Zuri, it is okay to be sad about what you are dealing with.”

Zuri nodded as Pearlina carried her out to the kitchen. She scowled as Pearlina placed her into a Sky Paw Patrol High Chair.

The front door and her room-mate walked in. He was a duty manager for the cafe that she worked for.

“Who are our new youngsters’ names?” He asked smiling at the girls who each their own high chair and were for sure not happy about it.

Pearlina said “Meet Zuri, Margo and Isadora.” giving him a smile and she got some poppers out of the fridge. Zuri got Apple, Margo got Tropical and Isadora got Passionfruit. Zuri looked surprised that Pearlina knew her favourite flavour popper aka Fruit Juice Box.

Zuri noticed that Pearlina blushed when the young guy looked at her.

“Hi there, I am Levi.” He said. “I think it is time to go shopping.”

“You can’t go nuking Watermelon!” Chef Amias screamed at his fellow Chef Javan.

“Well, why do we have a microwave?” Javan asked, giving him an annoyed look.

Amias threw the watermelon onto the ground out of frustration and it hit the ground hard then it flew up and went flying into the front of Phoenix Cove Cafe.

The duty manager Kelton watched as the watermelon somehow managed to land into a pot chocolate leading to chocolate being splashed everywhere!

He blinked in surprise then sighed, storming to the kitchen to have a word to Amias and Javan about playing ‘bounce the watermelon’ in the cafe.

Ivy took the pot of chocolate and watermelon and set it aside on a bench behind her. She decided to see what would happen if she left the watermelon in there for an hour. Shania and Justin began to clean up the chocolate that was a puddle in front of the counter while the waitresses floated the hot drinks and meals to customers who was trying not to laugh.

A guy wandered up to the order counter.

“Welcome to Phoenix Cove Cafe. What can I get you?” Brianna asked.

“I will have apple crumble and a Nutella and Frangelico Hot Chocolate.” He said. Ivy got onto making the hot chocolate.

There was more customers wandering in as the lunch rush began to start

It was lunch rush time for Bonfire Cove City. The main cafe ‘Blaze Music Cafe’ was busy with different type of customers including business people.

Life was good for the most important city in Layesia, a country that depended on Element Magic. BonFire Cove City’s magic was fire magic and fire magic kept the city running.

Pearlina sighed as she watched the customers, they had beautiful wings but despite she was twenty six, no wings had appeared yet.

“Mami! That lady has no wings!” A young boy said pointing to her. Mami was what most young kids called their mums in Layesia.

“Oh that poor girl, not to have wings is such a shame.” His mami sighed as they ate their brownie sundaes.

Pearlina overheard this and fought back tears. Every resident got wings by the age of ten but she never did. It was rare at her age to develop wings, even if she did, they most likely to be tiny wings.

“What may I get you?” Pearlina asked trying to sound upbeat as a customer came up to the order counter.

“I would like to be served by someone with wings.” The elderly guy said. “Not some wingless freak.”

Pearlina went quiet and she went to make some coffee, she let out a sob which caught her duty manager Torius’ attention. She glanced up as Torius stormed to the counter.

“Sir, leave now! I don’t serve customers who insult my staff!” Torius ordered.

The guy shot a wave of black fire hitting Torius in the chest, shocking the other customers and staff. Black Fire was used only by demons! Pain shot through Torius’ body as the demon magic soaked through his blood.

Pearlina created a forcefield breaking off the fire power. One couldn’t go evil unless they used their powers for evil but demon magic was extremely painful and caused lots of problems within bowels and veins. Security rushed in with silver fire guns and Torius managed to limp to Pearlina’s side.

His orange wings wrapped around her as he saw tears in her eyes.

“Listen to me Pearl. You are not a freak.” Torius said through gritted teeth, the pain was increasing.

Pearlina sighed as she helped him to his office. She wanted to believe him, she really did but it was hard.

“Yeah, if I am not a freak why won’t anyone date me? Why wouldn’t-” She went quiet, she wanted him to be her wingmate more then anything. But she couldn’t admit it. Or she thought.

“I would.” Torius said as he stroked her brown hair. “I would date you.”

“You would? I would love you to date but why would you want to date me?” Pearlina blinked back some tears as she looked at him.

“It doesn’t matter if you got wings or no wings. Pearl, you are beautiful no matter what.” Torius said. “I want you to be my wingmate.”

Tears fell down her face as he kissed her, she was so happy. Five months later, they moved in together and signed up to get reverse kidlers.

Kids who was once adults but affected by reverse aging berries. Kids who needed a good second childhood.

Pearlina hummed as she made various hot drinks, she turned and decided to move the hot pot of chocolate onto a different area of the stove that sit in the front of the cafe. The chocolate wasn’t melting as fast as Pearlina would have liked.

In the Kitchen

“You can’t go nuking mini watermelons!” Chef Eli yelled at Chef Shawn who was wanting to put the mini watermelon into the microwave.

“What is the point of having a microwave then?!” Chef Shawn yelled back as he stuffed the mini watermelon into the microwave.

“What is going on in here? And Shawn, mini watermelon explode in microwaves.” Torius said as he walked in to see what the yelling was all about. It could be heard from the front of the cafe.

Front of cafe

Lunch rush was in full swing. Pearlina was floating meals and drinks to their correct tables. Customers were lining up and chatting about various subjects. Some were gossip, others about works and the most popular, the news and weather.

Brianne looked up from the book she was reading as a good looking guy approached the order counter.

“What may I get you today sir?” She asked, checking out his shiny dark brown hair and handsome blue eyes. He was wearing a checkered shirt and dark blue jeans. He had a six pack! She did like the look of this dude.

Jaden and Elias who were writing down orders frowned. Something was off about this bloke. It made the two main waiters nervous.

Jaden walked to Pearlina when a mini watermelon flew into the pot of chocolate.

“I will have a Dragon meat pie and Pegasus green tea with leaves left in.” The bloke said.

“That will be four unicorn dust.” Brianna said, ringing up the order and nodded to Elias.

“Do you have security in here?” The bloke asked. Pearlina looked at Jaden, that was an unusual question for a customer to ask. She moved the watermelon around in the chocolate, watching the bloke out of the corner of her eye.

“Yes, we do have security.” Brianna said. She looked at the red button under the counter, making sure she knew where it was. Just in case.

“How much security?” The bloke asked and all the front of cafe staff glanced over. That was indeed a strange question! Alarm bells went off in Brianna’s head, she glanced at Pearlina who nodded to the cashier.

“Four unicorn dust please.” Brianna repeated.

The bloke sat down near a window seat, which was next to one of the side doors. He watched the staff and their behavior. Jaden and Elias thought it was strange and expected him to try and shop lift some mech.

“What are you doing with the mini watermelon in the chocolate pot?” Torius walked over to investigate the mini watermelon that Eli had thrown out. He glanced into the pot and Pearlina hugged him.

She was about to explain why when the guy shot a huge black flame ball at Torius hitting where his heart was. He collasped into Pearlina’s arms coughing up black blood.

“I love you Pearl.” He managed to cough out as he began to convulse. “I’ll see you in the stars.”

“No. You are going to be fine Torius. You are going to be fine.” Pearlina began to cry as she tried to heal him but couldn’t. Her heart broke as she said “I love you too.” tears fell down her face as she held him close.

The cafe fell silence and Brianna walked over, she took Pearlina into her arms as Torius’ body turned into dust. A star appeared and flew to the sky.

Five years past and the staff of Blaze Music Cafe had made the hard decision to shut down the cafe that they loved so much.

Two towns from where the cafe was located, the staff had decided to open a new restaurant near the ocean side. Torius loved the ocean side and they thought it was the perfect place for the restaurant to be located. Not to mention how busy, the ocean side got in holidays especially Stars Of Gifts Festival.

Pearlina had been chosen to become the duty manager of Chocolat’ La Musique Restaurant.

She had gotten bright blue wings after Torius had died.

This particular night, it was the Stars Of Gifts Festival so the restaurant was quiet. Pearlina had decided to give the staff a night off to enjoy the festival.

The song Remind Me by Conrad Sewell was playing on the radio. Pearlina looked up from the paperwork that she was doing when she heard the door bell buzzed.

A guy with dark blonde hair, icy blue eyes and orange wings walked into the restaurant.

“Beautiful wings.” He said, his british accent floated through the restaurant like music to her ears. She floated to him and she fought back the need to tackle him and hold onto him for dear life.

“Torius…hey.” She said as she wrapped her arms around him gently.

She knew that the second chance at life thing can be painful and at times traumatising, she had seen one of her sisters gone through it. The bruises and pain from what killed them didn’t go away and they had to go through the recovering process.

Fighting back tears, she sent a silent thank you to the stars for giving him a second chance of life.

It is quiet in here.” He noticed

Chocolat’ La Musique was buzzing with Lunch Rush. The popular Star Ocean Side Restaurant was booked out.

The duty manager Pearlina watched quietly, she would have loved it if her boyfriend Torius was here.

A week after he died, she developed big beautiful bright blue wings.

Pearlina walked to her office when swirling stars appeared in front of her.

“What?” Pearlina said puzzled when the stars vanished. Torius was standing in front of her.

She hugged him and fought back tears. Pearlina sent a silent thanks up to the stars for bringing him home.

“I have missed you so much.” His british accent was like music to his ears.

Pearlina began to sob as she held onto him.

“I let you die.” She cried and all the emotions flooded her as the last five years have been rough.

The staff had shut down the cafe when Torius died and chose to open up in Star Ocean side, which was on the opposite side of town.

“Pearlina Rose DawnFlower, don’t you dare blame yourself.” Torius said as she wrapped her wings around him.

That night Pearlina was feeling achy all over and a little nausea. Torius was fast asleep and she kissed his forehead.

She felt her stomach turn and she rushed to the toilet losing the fish and chips that she had had for dinner.

A few minutes later, Torius walked in. He found Pearlina leaning against the toilet.

“Pearl, why didn’t you wake me up?” He felt her her forehead.

“You need your sleep.” Pearlina said as he got a bucket and a first aid kit.

He swing it on the clench of his arm and lifted her up. Pearlina looked at the bandage on his chest and she touched it. He had been abused while waiting to get his second chance at life.

He was wearing blue boxers.

“Pearl, please don’t push me away. Let me help you.” Torius begged.

“I feel dizzy Tori.” She admitted as he got out fresh pajamas for her. They had Jasiri from The Lion Guard on them.

He stroked her hair as she began to fall asleep lying against him.

Stella, India and Brett was bored listening to Phillip and Shannan talk about healthy food.

“Man I am so bored.” India muttered as she looked at Brett. “Let’s distract them.”

Brett texted his mate Hunter to pull the fire alarm.

Stella, India and Brett waited for the fire alarm to go off.

The noise rung through out the Bonfire Cove High School.

While the teachers were busy. Stella grabbed the credit cards and money from the teacher’s bags then decided to take their bags with the help of Hunter.

India and Brett got the Principal Miss. Rose’s keys to her Mercedes.

They drove to the Layesia Cruise Terminal where they bought tickets on the Carnival Layesia which was heading to America.

Chocolat’ La Musique Restaurant was buzzing with the lunch rush. It was the most popular time of the day for the popular Star Ocean Side Restaurant. The Star Gift Festival was also on so it was more busier then normal.

Customers were chatting while they sat at the metal tables and customers were lining up at the counter, orders were coming in fast.

Pearlina was floating meals and drinks out to their correct tables, when a man with dark black hair, silver eyes and wearing a blue checkered shirt with jeans walked up to her counter. His silver eyes seemed to stare into her soul almost.

“I want to see your duty manager NOW! I want to complain.” He snapped which took Pearlina by surprise. It was rare for a customer to be so angry and more wanting to see the duty manager Torius. Most customers only wanted to see him for compliments.

Torius was calming a fight down between the chefs and he looked up hearing the yelling from the kitchen. That was totally unusual. He walked out to see what the problem was.

“Hello there, I am the duty manager, Torius. How may I help you?” He asked with a smile. He took a step back and swallowed as the guy pulled out a Black Magic Crossbow.

“I want all the doors locked and all the staff in the middle of the restaurant.” He sneered. “Torius, you will regret crossing my path.”

Torius felt sick and worried for his staff members, they were like his family and Pearlina was his girlfriend. He didn’t want them to be injured or killed.

He looked at Christian and Ollie who were near the doors. He wanted to tell them to run but he knew that wouldn’t do any good.

“Do you want us to lock the doors?” Ollie asked, trying not to stare at the cross bow. Christian began to undo the door blocks and removing them.

“Yes Ollie. I am so sorry.” Torius said before he looked at the guy again.

“Please let my staff go.” He pleaded and he noticed Pearlina had nudged the police button near her foot. Luckily for them, it was a silent alarm.

“No, I want your staff to witness what I am going to do to you.” The guy hissed.

The guy forced Torius onto his knees and undressed him, wanting him to be as embarrassed as possible. Pearlina moved near Torius who stared at the ground.

“Torius, I dasamsev (Da-sa-m-sev-) [love] dusi (du-si) [you] Xabshti (Xab-sh-ti) [forever].” She said in the Layesia tongue.

He met her eyes when he felt black magic entering through his butt.

“Pearlina I damsamsev dusi sntixab (snt-ix-ab) [too].” He managed to say.

His stomach got heavier and he closed his eyes as he knew he was losing control of his bowels. The guy kicked him in the stomach and his nuts, he screamed in pain.

Black magic had made his stomach bloated and the kicking was shooting pain through it. The guy sneered and said “Did you know that doctors can’t help with black magic. You will just have to ride it through, young man. Ride it through. And it takes two months to come out.”

“Two months…but…oh Hades…It hurts!” Torius screamed as his stomach clenched and poo poured down onto the floor. Ollie said “It is okay Torius, we can clean it up. Nothing to be embarrassed about.”

Out of nowhere, Dragon Police stormed the restaurant with their own crossbows and titans. The guy began to laugh as he said “Have fun Torius.” as two Dragon Police Officers tackled him and handcuffed him, they looked sadly at Torius who was near tears.

He crossed his legs trying to stop his bowels from letting everything onto the floor. Pearlina walked over and helped Torius stand, she grabbed his spare clothes from behind the counter.

Each staff had spare clothes because mini watermelons and mini apples got thrown around in arguments a lot and usually landed in the various cooking chocolate pots around the place spraying the staff and customers with chocolate.

Pearlina helped Torian to the toilet, he looked at her pleadly and whispered “Please stay with me Pearl. I need to know you are safe.” he began to grunt as his bowels fought.

Torius spent a night in the hospital but convinced Pearlina to go home for the night.

She was reading ‘Phoenix Unicorn Stables Tails,’ when her mobile began to buzz which was a text. She glanced at the text and her stomach churned when she saw it was from her ex Molses.

“Oh Hasas {Ha-sas}…” She whimpered as he had wrote that he had escaped prison. Tears fell down her face but she made the decision that Torius couldn’t know.

Two weeks later, Torius made the decision to return to work due to the fact his attackers had gotten the death penalty by Dragon Courts.

Pearlina was making a chocolate pot when she began to panick. She swallowed hard but it was no use. She run off towards her office, Molses had attacked her and injured her both of her wings. Tears fell down her face when Torius walked in.

“Pearl, what is wrong?” Torius asked as he noticed that she was shaking.

“I am fine.” Pearlina said, meeting his eyes. “How are you?” She wrapped her arms around him. Torius looked at her wings and his eyes widened in shocked especially at the state of the right wing.

“Pearl who did this to you! Please, please, stop pushing me away!” Torius pleaded.

Her stomach turned and she swallowed hard.

“Tori- I feel- Tori!” She began to swallow more as bile raised up into her throat.

“Did Molses do this?” He asked as he teleported them home, into their bathroom.

“Yes.” She whimpered as she began to throw up. “I think he has infected your wings. I know you was protecting me but Princessa, I want to take care of you.” Torius said. “As much as you want to take care of me.”

He slowly lifted her up and took her to the local hospital- Bonfire Cove Royal Hospital.

She buried her face into his shoulder as Dr. Quinn gently stretched her left wing out. There was a hot pink tear going down into the middle.

“Tori, it really hurts!” Pearlina sobbed into his shoulder. She felt his stomach clenching and she tried to pull away from him. “You need to go to the loo.”

“Pearl, don’t push me away. Please.” Torius said. “You need me. I love you.”

She sniffled as she looked up him when Dr. Quinn began to slowly pull her right wing out.

“No! No!” She began to wail because Dr. Quinn found that the right wing couldn’t be pulled out fully, and kept trying to fold back.

Her wails broke Torius’ heart as he felt her shaking.

“I love you Pearl. I am here.” Torius said as she buried her face into his chest. She bawled her eyes out.

Dr. Quinn casted her wings with special cloth, gave her antiobotics cream and pain relief.

Torius was napping while Pearlina watched ‘My Dragon Rules’ when he began to thrash and toss in his sleep.

She sent a light wave of wind waking him up and Torius shook from his nightmare. She kissed his forehead as he held him close.

“It was my fault, you got hurt yet you stay with me.” Pearlina said.

“Because it wasn’t your fault.” Torius said when without warning, Pearlina threw up everyone.

“Oh Princessa, I think it is time for a bath.” He said as he got her some fresh pajamas which had Jasiri from The Lion Guard.

Pearlina watched him undress and she said “You got a nice chest and butt.” then blushed.

Torius smiled as he helped her out of clothes which was hard since her wings were not fully folded. They had to be stretched as far out as possible for the best healing.

But Torius would have to unwrap them from the cloth cast and stretched them a little bit more, bathe them and put antibotic creams which had wing vitamins in the cream on the wings.

He helped her bathe before helping her put on her pajamas. Pearlina looked surprised as he gave her a present. She unwrapped it to find a Mystery unicorn plushie. Mystery was her favourite unicorn from ‘Phoenix Unicorn Stable Tails’.

“Thank you.” She said when she heard loud bangs of fireworks.

Torius was a Jupiter vs Layesia war veteran and fireworks were his second worse trigger. He took deep breathes.

“Let’s go to the spare bedroom. It is quite soundproof.”

Pearlina laid on the spare bedroom’s bed and she held onto Mystery as Torius began to unwrap her wings. She gave a small whimper.

“They are still so beautiful.” He said. “Princessa, I’m gonna stretch them now.”

“Do you have to?” Her voice shook as she laid her head onto his lap, and tears fell.

“I am sorry, Pearl but I must.” He held her against him so she could lay her head against his chest. “Which one do you want me to stretch first?”

Torius stroked her her wings, he had to do this, stretch them. But he thought that giving her the choice of which wing to do first would give her some control over it.

“Right one.” She whispered as he listened to his heartbeat.

Torius took the top of the wing, avoiding the valuable tips at the end of the wing. The tips were easily ripped off.

The top of the wing had more muscle making it easier to stretched it out. She shook as he slowly started to stretch it out a few more, and then started bathing it with dragon crystals.

He then gently dried it off with a towel and put on the cream. It was only a quart to being fully extended.

“Which cloth colour?” He asked showing her the choices. Pearlina chose the Royal blue with red sparkles cloth which he wrapped her right wing in, gently tying the ends of the cloth.

Kiara, Sienna and Antonio were bored out of their mind as they listened to their staff Kaden and Carmine talk about healthy eating.

Antonio tapped his pen when he got an idea and he smirked as he signed Kiara and Sienna the idea who grinned. They nodded as they looked towards the two staff. They knew that they would not think twice about leaving them alone if something threatened the behavioural group like a fire alarm.

He texted his best mate Gianni who was sulking in the ‘naughty room’. Gianni sneaked out of the room and to the fire alarm which sit unguarded near the back corner of the centre.

The alarm rang throughout the centre which sent the staff running to the behavioural rooms.

While the staff was busy, the plan started. As expected the four clients were left unsupervised, Kiara and Gianni got the staff’ wallets while Sienna and Antonio got their boss’ keys to the boss’ Yellow Mustang and used the secretary’s macbook to book rooms on the popular cruise liner Carnival Layesia which was the main cruise liner for Layesia.

The first place that they were going to was California, USA then they would be taking Pegasi Airlines to their other holiday destinations. They had convinced their favourite pegasi to take them, they had saved the pegasi and the four pegasi felt they owed the clients. The clients didn’t take up the offer but decided to this time.

It was an hour before Kaden and Carmine realized that they were gone. Due to the fact Amethyst room was way too quiet! They run to find that it was empty.

“Oh Hasus!” Carmine yelled. “We lost them again!”

“What do you mean by WE?!” Kaden protested. “You lost them! This is the millionth time you lost them!”

“I think that is an overstatement.” Carmine pouted.

“We need to find them before Olivia discovers-” Carmine was interrupted by Kaitlynn who rushed in.

“They stole all the credit cards from all the staff’s bags!” She said as Madeleine walked in.

“You might wanna take the reversable aging injection.” Madeleine said handing them a box.

Carmine put the box into the suitcase and checked his bank statements.

“It says they booked the top seats on Canival Layesia.”

“Oh Hasus!” Kaden cursed. “Those cost over 600 dragon gems.”

Anusha was working on her homework while listening to The Top 90 hits of Layesia on her floating radio. She picked up a hot double choc brownie and chewed on it, trying to figure out a difficult maths question. She looked up as the music stopped, an eerily silence went on for about a minute.

Then a high pitched wailing siren began to echo from the radio and through out the house. Eee Woooo EEWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

The a message began to repeat itself over and over.

The message was: ‘This is a National Emergency Alert. Parents please get your teenagers prepared for pick up by the Layesia Federial Police. They will be at your house in exactly five minutes. This is not a drill.’

Her mother who was reading ‘Layesia Woman’s Day’ went to the kitchen and walked over to Anusha with a cup that contained some pink liquid that seemed to be bubbling.

“Anusha, drink this now. I am no longer your parent.” Her voice was cold, not cheery and warm like usual. Anusha sniffed at the liquid which had dragonberry smell to it, her favourite fruit.

She gulped it down and placed the cup onto the table.

“Don’t worry, you will love you second childhood.” Her mum said as she opened the front door and two Layesia Federal Police Officers walked in.

“What are you talking about?!” Anusha demanded and she looked worried but her mum walked out of the house. Anusha began to feel dizzy and fainted. When she woke up an hour later, she found herself in a grey cot which meant she must have been in a Layesia Hospital.

Layesia High School was busy with new students for the boarding who was starting the new school year.

Grade 9 students- Jayla Night, Kaelyn Smith, Pablo Merrick and Carmine Schulte were listening to their teachers Gianni Beasley and Silas Harmon talk about healthy food.

“Man, this is boring!” Carmine muttered. “We need to distract them.”

Pablo smirked at the suggestion as he grabbed his MagiPad. He used his MagiPad to hack into the fire alarm system and succeeded in setting off all the fire alarms using his MagiPad.

A loud wail went through the entire school and building- EeeeeeWooooooooo! EEEEEEE! WOOOOOO!

The teachers and students began to rush for the exits including the office staff. Everyone rushed to where the evaluation point was and then realized that it was a drill. But due to the panic, there was a couple of injuries including burns cause those with fire power accidentally set some people on fire and some people’s wings got ripped a little bit during the crowds.

Teachers began to tend to the wounded which included Gianni and Silas who had to take care of some burnt victims. The principal sighed about pranksters.

While all the teachers and staff were busy, the four students started on with their plan. They sneaked through to the offices. Pablo and Kaelyn got all the staff’s wallets from their lockers while Jayla and Carmine got the keys to the principal’s silver Lamborghini.

It was an hour and half later before Gianni and Silas went back to the building, and noticed that it was extremely quiet. Way too quiet in the 6C room. They realized they forgotten about their students in a wave of panic.

Gianni’s blue eyes widened and he rushed into the room, and run to check if he could find the students. But oh course, he couldn’t. He rushed back to the room.

6C Room was for those doing Dragon Taming Lessons. And Jayla, Kaelyn, Pablo and Carmine were the only ones in the class.

There had been some incidents which involved dragons eating students, turning them into charcoal and simply just stomping on them that lead to not many parents and students wishing to be involved or taking the class.

But Jayla, Kaelyn, Pablo and Carmine were from the four top Dragon Taming Champions Families.

Gianni stared at the empty class and he went to his lockers and went to get his wallet only to find that it wasn’t there. Silas opened his locker and also saw that his wallet was gone too.

“No! Not this again!” Gianni whimpered. “This is the millionth time we have lost them!”

“What do you mean by we?!” Silas asked scowling. “You lost them!”

He pulled out his tablet and went onto the Topioca Flower Bank website which had a beautiful pink Dragon Hibascus logo. He clicked onto his bank statements. He checked his latest bank statements, and then he facepalmed.

“Six Thousand Dragon Gems spent on Carnival Layesia Cruise Line Rooms. Four of them.” He groaned.

Gianni pulled up the Cruise Line’s Destination lines and discovered that the Carnival Layesia Cruise Ship was going to California, United States of America.

“I have a feeling that they are going to Disneyland.” Gianni said.

It was six pm, Lightning Cove City time. Zoiana had finished her grade 6C Maths homework while listening to Top Layesia Hits of 3645 when the radio went eerily silent.

Then Wooooo! EOOOOOO WAI EAOOOOOOOOOO! Which meant a National Emergency Message was about to be delivered. Her mum walked over to listen. A robotic male voice said “Parents of Layesia, please prepare your dependants over the age of twelve for transfer by Layesia Federal police.”

Zoiana was thirteen years old, she had blonde hair and grey eyes.

Her father was in the Layesia Navy, he was the chief. Zoiana’s mother walked to the kitchen and bought Zoiana- a light purple liquid in a dark blue cup.

“Drink this.” Her mother’s voice sound extremely cold. Zoiana had a sniff of the liquid and found it smelt like grape. In Topicana Flower City, Alyson was watching “Phoenix Cove Paw Tails.”

Her maid put down some Dragon Gem Cookies in front of her. Her parents were secret spies and in Allyson’s opinion didn’t have time for her.

The television went black screen and then beep beep beep beep. More silence. Then BEEP EEEEEE WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Then a message appeared on screen which said “Guardians of those of Layesia Minors under Sixteen and over the age of eleven. Please prepare them for Layesia Federal Police pick up.”

The maid got two pink candies and handed them to Allyson.

“Miss. Night key, take these now!” The maid ordered. She took them and took deep breathes as she felt nauseous.

In South Crystal Ice City. Two days later.

Madelyn was talking to her husband Phillip when her phone beeped. She looked at the phone and said “They have two reversable aging kids for us. Two girls, they are ages two and six.

Zoielle stared at the large blue building that was surrounded by a green fence with spikes.


It was a very hot day for Brisbane, Queensland Australia. Grade 8 students Zoielle, Emilie, Gianni and Brett were listening to their maths teachers Carmine and Phillip talk about the importance of maths.

Emilie let out a yawn as she doodled on her maths book, Carmine could really ramble for the hour they had maths. Brett was playing with his phone under his desk when he got an idea.

“Let’s distract them.” Brett said, a sparkle appearing in his light green eyes.

Gianni looked around and then spotted the fire alarm, just outside the door on the hallway wall. He pulled out a Granny Smith Apple, from his blue billabong backpack and hit the fire alarm with it.

A loud wail went through out Phoenix Brisbane Academy for Girls and Boys. Teachers and Students started to rush to various exit, from the different buildings including the office.

During the chaos, Zoielle and Brett got all the staff’ wallets from the different rooms while Emilie and Gianni went to the office, and got the keys to the principals’ Alfa Romeo GT 2.0.

They drove through the gates of the school, then through The Clem 7 tunnel to the Brisbane’s Max Brenner in South Bank!

Brett got a Spectacular Choc-Fudge Brownie Sundae, Gianni got a Choc Banana Pizza, Emilie got Banana Praline Crepes and Zoiana got a 80’s Milkshake.

After they had their food and milkshakes, the four students drove to the Brisbane International Airport.

They got tickets to California, United States of America. For some reason, security didn’t find it strange that four minors had no adults with them.

Three hours later, they were flying first class, feeling a bit ill from all the snacks and soft drink they had ate.

Carmine walked towards the dorms when he realized that the Amethyst Dorm was way too quiet! He paused realizing he left his wallet in the classroom, he went to get his wallet and realized that it was missing.

He froze and run to the Amethyst Dorm, finding it empty and all the suitcases GONE! His light blue eyes widened in horror.

“No! Phillip we lost them again!” He shrieked.

“Who?” Phillip asked walking in trying to figure out why Carmine was shrieking like a banshee.

“We lost Zoielle, Brett, Emilie and Gianni AGAIN!” Carmine flapped his arms panicking.

“We?” Phillip scoffed. “Bro you lost them.”

“This is like the millionth time!” Carmine sighed loudly. “They are the houidinis of the school.”

“Well, you will have to find them before their parents notices.” The principal walked in with two other teachers. “Kayleigh and Madison will help you.”

Carmine tried not to blush as he looked at Kayleigh. She had long blonde hair and silver eyes, and those eye lashes, man she was beautiful.

“We will use the age reversable injections.” Madison said but didn’t notice how Phillip was staring at her.

“That is a bit harsh isn’t it?” Carmine asked, a little concern.

“We need to stop them from repeating the act.” Madison said, placing down the box.

It contained four pink capsules which turned teens and adults into children of random ages, under eight years old.

The four studnets had gone to Layesia- Phoenix Cove City by the time that Madison, Carmine, Phillip and Kayleigh got there.

Layesia was found in 5689 and it was now 7066. Magic run the world now but airplanes, floating trains and cruise ships were used by Demigods and those without powers that could be used for transport.

“They went to Layesia, And booked rooms in Phoenix Cove Hotel.” Madison said. “That was way too fast. Bleh.”

It was first day of the school years for Hibcasus Cove Academy.

Sarskia stared at the massive light pink fence, she grumbled about rich schools. Her parents were in the Navy and wanted her to be in a high security school. She

Gracie was watching TV “Cupcakes Royal” was on. She studied the delicious desserts that the contestiants were making when the TV began to beep then silence.

The TV turned black then EEEE OOOOO WOOOO!

Millie run through the back garden then into the front garden but yet her search came up with nada. She run back into the house.

The white Maltese Cross Poodle was in a panick, a state of distressed. And she looked at Sunny.

“Sunny it is AWFUL! Mummy is missing!” Her French accent came out thick as her panic rised. “That thing with flashing lights STOLE HER!”

“Calm your fur. She never misses feeding us dinner.” Sunny said, as he stared down from the table. The Burmese studied his dry food.

Jack, the black Labador edged towards Millie’s food which was near the back kitchen’s door.

“STAY AWAY FROM MY FOOD!” Millie barked, rushing over.

“Don’t hurt me!” Jack begged running to the opposite side of the room. “Michele will be back for our walkies down the street. Maybe we shall see the llamas.”

Millie paced back and forth in front of her food.

“She won’t be back if the thing with flashing lights stole her!” She barked. “Mummy didn’t let me from stopping the guy in green from taking her!”

“Calm down Millie!” Sunny said. “Let’s wait till dark.”

Millie sat down as she chewed her dog food. She went and laid down in the living room.

Dark soon came, Millie was distraught! And she run to Jess who was watching Criminal Minds.

“Mummy and daddy is missing!” Millie wailed as she jumped on Jess’s bed. “The guy in the green took her in the flashing lights thing! And he stole her! I don’t know where daddy is!”

Jess picked her up into her arms stroking her fluffy ears which Millie didn’t want at all. She hated snuggles!

“NO SNUGGLES! WHY IS IT ALWAYS SNUGGLES?!” Millie complained. “We need to go and save mummy and daddy! She has never forgotten to take us walkies before!”

She realized that she, Jack and Sunny to find Michele and Jason as well as save them. She even tried to tell Theresia but humans couldn’t understand the barking.

Unknown to the dogs and cat; Beanie, an evil Chihuahua had installed a listening device in the metal water bowl with the help of his sidekick Maja, a black giant Schnauzer’s help. The two planned to take down the two dogs and the cat. But luckily Millie had a allie, Maja’s brother Jimmy who was a terrier.

Jimmy, the small terrier was waiting for them at the back gate.

A young sixteen year old girl with long brown hair and silver eyes, wearing a dark blue shirt and light blue skirt with a necklace called Leila was watching ‘Paw Patrol’ on the television while she was doing her Six C Maths Homework when the TV flashed to black then EEEE OOOO WOOO EEEE WOOOO!

She put her purple Paw Patrol pen as the loud noise meant there was a National Emergency about to be delivered and start. She glanced up as her maid came in with her dark green serving tray, she had grey hair and dark brown eyes, and wore a light green apron.

The TV was silent then let another loud EEEEE OOOOO WOOOOO EEEEEE OOOOO!

“This is a National Emergency Message; Those who are guardians and/or parents, please prepare your dependants under the age of sixteen for pick up by the Brisbane Federal Officers. This is not a drill, I repeat this is not a drill.”

“Miss. Rose, what is going on?” Leila asked as her maid started packing her stuff into her dark blue Chase Paw Patrol Suitcases.

10 pairs of T-shirts: Pink Skye Paw T-shirt and a dark blue cat T-shirt was her favourite T-shirts, 11 pairs of underwear, 5 nighties (of all the Paw Patrol Characters), 5 Pajama Sets which was also Paw Patrol, 7 Dress Shirts in matching colours, 9 Causal Shirts, 2 dresses- in Pink and Blue (Which Leila scowled at because she hated dresses but her spy parents insisted she wore them), Her Skye Paw Patrol Tooth brush and Floss.

In her Skye Paw Patrol Suitcase, she had: Chase Paw Patrol Liquid Soap, Roxina Shower Fresh Deodorant, Herbel Essences Shampoo and Conditioner and seven skirts.

In her light blue Chase Paw Patrol Roller Suitcase which had dark blue wheels was: Four Sweaters (In Blue, Pink, Purple and White), 2 swimsuits (Silver and Gold), her purple beanie, Her Dallas Cowboys Cap, her red gloves (for gardening), her pink winter gloves, two dark green scarves and a Marshall Paw Patrol Umbella.

In her carry on, she had her iPhone 6, her MacBook, her mini iPad, Chargers, List of Medications since Leira had Chronic Pain Disorder, High Funcationing Autism and was half blind. Her credit card with 6000 Australian Bucks. In her last suitcase which had Rumble Paw Patrol Pup on it, was: Her Favourite books which was Twilight, Fifty Shades of Grey, Narnia and A survival guide, spare black headphones, a pink travel blanket, a grey travel pillow, a Skye Patrol Pink Eye Mask, Tissues, Strawberry Lip Balm, a snack bag with Honey Roasted Peanuts, Her Samsung Camera, her Passport/Visa and her eighteen plus age of proof ID.

Forty Dollars in Cash and another credit card with extra 9000 dollars for emergencies, Strange Looking keys, her black journal which had a picture of Ryder from Paw Patrol on the cover with a silver pen and a red Marshall Paw Patrol Notebook.

Her parents Lucy and Hunter were spies for the Australian Federal Police but there was rumors that they were corrupted and on the wanted list. Her parents were rarely home and Leila sometimes wondered if they even cared about her. She hardly even knew her parents and that hurted.

She grabbed her stuffed Promise Pets Calico Cat when her maid gave her two hot pink pills.

“Take this.” Her maid said she handed Leila some orange juice. Leila took them when she heard loud knocking on her front door. The officials were here.

Chapter 2

Hope was reading “Blizzard Stables Tails- Volume 1” while her Sony Portable Radio Player was playing Nova 106.9 F.M, while her mother was complaining about how her grades were bad.

Just because she got a couple of Cs; in Science, Maths and B in Art. Just because her grades were not all As like her cousins’ grades were. She preferred English, Health Ed, Biology and Dance. She didn’t even want to take Art as an Extra Subject, she wanted to do Marine Science but no, her mother wanted her to do Arts.

“I am trying my best in school!” Hope complained as she glared at her mother.

The radio went silent then an eerily EEEEEEEEEEE OOOOOOOOOOO WOOOOOOOOOOOOO EEEE OOOOOOO WOO BEEP! Echoed through out the house.

“This is a National Emergency Message. Those who are parents of chosen dependants, please prepare them for pick up by New Zeland Officials.”


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