Writing Meme

1. Introduce yourself of course. Tell us a few interests; perhaps why you’re here on WordPress, or why you choose to write instead of draw (or both).

Because I write better then I can draw. I can’t draw for my life

2. Hmmm, that is interesting. Now that the formalties are out of the way, what do you write? (Poetry, stories, etc.)

I write stories, finishing them however haha

3. I see, I see. Well, so what do you like to write about? Go on, don’t be shy about it. Nobody’s judging you.

I like Fantasy and Romantic Drama.

4. I wasn’t quite expecting that from you, and think that I thought I knew you. Ok then, how did you really get into writing?

My mum has always bought me books and encouraged writing

5. Oh, I can probably relate that. You talked about why, what, and how, so, when did you really start writing?

I can’t remember, I guess since I could hold a pen

6. That long ago, really? Alright, one last little question, who got you into writing? Did you get inspired by an author, or maybe someone just got the idea into your head to write?

Rick Riordan is very inspiring

7. Ok, ok. I suppose that’s enough of 20 Questions. So why don’t you go ahead and show us a paragraph or a few lines of a poem (but it’s gotta be original for this, don’t think I won’t be watching!)

Don’t worry sweetheart, the stars are protecting you

Hold onto me, don’t worry

I’ll will stay with you through out the night, I will make sure the stars are visible

No-one will hurt you as long the stars are shining tonight


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