An one shot

Natalie sighed as she did her paperwork, so much paperwork to be done. She heard Fabrian and Marc arguing about something. Daniella walked in with two coffees and handed her one.

“There they go again.” She grumbled.

In the kitchen Fabrian stared at Marc in horror. He waved his hand to the potato that was going around in circles in the microwave.

“Just what are you doing?!” He demanded. “Why are you nuking the potato?!” “It is quicker this way!” Marc said as he gave Fabrian a strange look. “Nothing wrong with nuking the potato mate.” “There is everything wrong with nuking the potato!” Fabrian yelled.

Daniella rolled her eyes as she and Natalie sipped at their coffees.

“Let’s remove the microwave, it is getting crazy.” Daniella suggested. Natalie nodded when she heard the familiar PLOP as the potato was thrown by Fabrian into a chocolate pot.


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