One Shot

“Great!” Nathaniel muttered as he stormed through the gym. “Just great.”

His fellow personal trainers Piper and Kari glanced up at him concerned. Zach walked in chewing on an apple and looked at Nathaniel concerned.

“What is up?” Zach asked as he watched Nathaniel walking back and forth annoyed. Kari looked at her boyfriend in concerned while Piper moved near Zach.

“Nate?” Kari said walking over to him and pulled him into a hug. “What happened?”

“My group ate cupcakes!” Nathaniel said, his blue eyes dark with anger. “CUPCAKES! They are at this academy for health reasons and they ate cupcakes!”

His personal training group peeked through the door with their cupcakes, they don’t know what the result of eating the cupcakes is but they know that Nathaniel is mad with them. Sugar is hard to resist.


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