One shot

Jaiden was staring at his test, his palms were sweaty and he looked over at Austin, wishing he could warn his best mate he was close to freaking out. He threw a note onto Austin’s table when his little sister Kailey run to his table, she was in tears.

“Jai!” She sobbed as their oldest sister Mikaela walked in concerned.

“The other kids were bullying her.” Mikaela told him and Austin who walked over to his siblings. He picked up Kailey who buried her face into her oldest brother’s shoulder.

Jaiden frowned as he hugged Mikaela close and patted Kailey’s shoulder. Foster Care had many hard parts but this was just one of them. At least they were together and Austin and Jaiden was gonna keep it that where, no matter how hard they must fight or how far they must run, they were not being separated.


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