One shots

Group 8

Natalie sighed as she did her paperwork, so much paperwork to be done. She heard Fabrian and Marc arguing about something. Daniella walked in with two coffees and handed her one.

“There they go again.” She grumbled.

In the kitchen Fabrian stared at Marc in horror. He waved his hand to the potato that was going around in circles in the microwave.

“Just what are you doing?!” He demanded. “Why are you nuking the potato?!” “It is quicker this way!” Marc said as he gave Fabrian a strange look. “Nothing wrong with nuking the potato mate.” “There is everything wrong with nuking the potato!” Fabrian yelled.

Daniella rolled her eyes as she and Natalie sipped at their coffees.

“Let’s remove the microwave, it is getting crazy.” Daniella suggested. Natalie nodded when she heard the familiar PLOP as the potato was thrown by Fabrian into a chocolate pot. –

Group 3

Jaiden was staring at his test, his palms were sweaty and he looked over at Austin, wishing he could warn his best mate he was close to freaking out. He threw a note onto Austin’s table when his little sister Kailey run to his table, she was in tears.

“Jai!” She sobbed as their oldest sister Mikaela walked in concerned. “The other kids were bullying her.” Mikaela told him and Austin who walked over to his siblings. He picked up Kailey who buried her face into her oldest brother’s shoulder.

Jaiden frowned as he hugged Mikaela close and patted Kailey’s shoulder. Foster Care had many hard parts but this was just one of them. At least they were together and Austin and Jaiden was gonna keep it that way, no matter how hard they must fight or how far they must run, they were not being separated.

Group 6

“Great!” Nathaniel muttered as he stormed through the gym. “Just great.” His fellow personal trainers Piper and Kari glanced up at him concerned. Zach walked in chewing on an apple and looked at Nathaniel concerned.

“What is up?” Zach asked as he watched Nathaniel walking back and forth annoyed. Kari looked at her boyfriend in concerned while Piper moved near Zach.

“Nate?” Kari said walking over to him and pulled him into a hug. “What happened?” “My group ate cupcakes!” Nathaniel said, his blue eyes dark with anger. “CUPCAKES! They are at this academy for health reasons and they ate cupcakes!”

His personal training group peeked through the door with their cupcakes, they don’t know what the result of eating the cupcakes is but they know that Nathaniel is mad with them. Sugar is hard to resist.


Group 4

Faith stared at the cupcakes, chocolate cupcake! They were just there, sitting on the table. She looked over at her mates Brianna who was staring at the choc chip cupcakes while Ricardo was already digging into the Lamington cupcakes and Curtis was pondering over if he should eat the rockyroad cupcakes.

The temptation of the snacks were hard, Faith moved closer to the table and nodded to Brianna and Ricardo. One little snack couldn’t be that harmful to their weight loss…right? How below the yellow line could Team Black go. Commando was out and the cupcakes were there.

Would their trainer notice that they ate the cupcakes? Maybe not if they hid the evidence. The four members of Team Black smiled and digged into their snacks.

Group 7

Lightning flashed and rain poured. Zoey gave TJ, a look.

“What?” TJ asked.

“You had to go and upset Zeus!” Zoey said shaking her head at the son of Hades.

Sophia looked at Justin. The son Aphrodite wore a look of guilt as he had eaten Zeus’ slice of cake, double chocolate cake.

Group 5

The wildfire. It was the wildfire that got four friends in trouble. Sent to a special school for law breakers.

Madison glared at the wall in her room, plain white. Her emotions controlled her powers but there was a power block.

Alexia was pacing while Shane and Kaden started betting on two dragonflies. It was gonna be a long four months.

Group 10

Hannah and Evelyn quietly sneaked the X-Boxes that their boyfriends Paul and Keith obsessed over so much to their cars.

If the boys wanted to play their X-Boxes, then they must complete the list of quests that the girls had set.

Keith got home and made a face at the words ‘Take me clothes shopping.’ He loved Evelyn but clothes shopping..

Paul studied Hannah’s chihuahua then the amount of different types of shampoo. He hoped he didn’t accidentally turn the rat pink even if it improved the rat’s looks.

Group 9

Doggy day care was in full swing. A french poodle called Skye huffed at her food.

“Dry kibbles.” Her french accent was thick. “Can’t afford Gravy. How rude.”

She studied the door.

“Let’s escape.” A pali called March said in his Jarmica accent.

“They open the doggy door at 5.” Carla, the terrier yelped.

“Then we escape.” The Beagle, Landon said.

Group 1

Nikko studied the staff of their disability service.

10 minutes to go. Conner had set stink bugs in the behavioral rooms.

8 minutes to go. Kayla decided to get all their staff member’s wallets.

2 minutes to go. Hope got keys to Ferrari.

Soon they were off to Disneyland

Group 2

Phoenix Wolf Ranch was preparing a cattle drive.

Jocelynn was preparing the cattle giving them hay. Anabel was talking over plans with her husband Phoenix.

Cattle drives was a huge thing to do.

Phoenix started grooming the horses and stroked their hair before loading them.





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