One shots

Group 3

Levi glared at the pile of homework.

“It is the first day of school, why do we have so much homework?” Ivory voiced his thoughts as she doodled on her maths book.

Ruby chewed on her pen while Bello flip through the TV when Breaking News: School has been cancelled for Phoenix Cove Region.

Cheers echoed throughout the room.

Group 7

Fox was sitting quietly in the back room of Light Skye Cafe.

Elandria walked in, she sat next to him.

“Heath and Martina wouldn’t blame you.” Elandria said.

“I escaped the seige…” Fox said.

He and Elandria gazed out of the window, up at the stars. Heath and Martina were up there now.

Group 1

Nina was going on a road trip with her friends.

Brett channeled surfed the radio and left it on Nova FM.

Jaime and Stella broke in howling cat cover of Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ which caused Nina to warn them to shut up or they are walking.

Group 4

Hunter walked back and forth in the hospital waiting room.

His mates and his girlfriend were injured due to one stupid decision.

Hope had only scratches, Horatio had a busted shoulder but Ronelle, his childhood friend, was fighting but could have permanent brain injury,

Just because Hunter looked at his phone while driving. He looked up as two police officers walked up to him.

He ruined his and his mates’ lives because one stupid mistake.

Group 6

Fergus sneaked through the house. He and his brothers Cooper and Diesel were past their curfew!

The lights turned on but to their relief, it was their big brother Scott getting an midnight snack.

Group 5

Jezebel hummed as she listened to her boyfriend Lenore’s band.

She looked over at the door as her bothers Lurius and Samuel walked in with KFC. This night just got a whole lot better.

Group 2

Kevin stared at the different types of strawberry yoghurt.

“She said strawberry yoghurt…what strawberry yoghurt..” He sighed referring to his wife Maisie who was pregnant.

Winter cried as her husband Roy bought in the wrong chocolate ice-cream. Being pregnant was hard when your husband didn’t buy the right food, Maisie and Winter discovered.

Group 8

Jett sighed as he walked his sons Conway and Kobe to school.

Tania had been gone for 2 months.

His youngest looked up at Jett.

“When is mum coming home?” Conway asked.

“Six more months kiddo.” He said. It was hard when she was on tour with her band.


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