Lailea was writing names on coffees. La Cafe’ Musique was busy with the South Bank, Brisbane lunch rush. She looked at her duty manager Torian who was keeping an eye on things.

He was quiet and playing with his chain necklace, he had a look of unsureness on his face as he placed his back against a wall. Meeting his eyes, she knew that he needed her.

She walked over to him and asked “Tori, are you okay?” concern in her blue eyes. He tried for a smile but ended up shaking his head.

“I need a break Lea. It is too busy in here.” He sighed. He and Lailea had been dating for six years and she knew when he was getting overwhelmed.

Torian had been in an undisclosed location with his army squad, for a year and two months.

Lailea took his hand and they went to go to his office when one of the chefs Emmett walked over from the kitchen.

“Hey Torian, how did you lose your arm?” Emmett asked, knowing very well this would upset Torian.

Torian didn’t give an answer as he tightened his hand around Lailea’s hand.

She helped him to his office and he wrapped his arm around her pulling close, as he touched her left shoulder, she flinched a little.

“Lea?” Torian asked concerned, “What happened?” as he started moving her shoulder sleeve down. Just then he heard Paul and Keith arguing yet again over microwaving potatoes.

“I injured my shoulder lifting some boxes.” Lailea said giving him a smile. “You should go and make sure potatoes don’t go flying around.”

Torian looked concerned but she had a point, last time the potato argument broke out, potatoes were flying everywhere in the cafe.

That night, he had a counselling session.

Lailea was cooking a Roast Pork for dinner, she placed the pig into the oven when the song ‘A Thousand Years’ by Christina Perry began to play on the radio.

Images of a robbery that happened two weeks before Torian had gotten back flashed through her mind.

Torian arrived home to find her, sitting against the kitchen draws, sobbing her heart out.

He sat next to her, pulling her into his lap, keeping an arm around her.

“I have you Lea. I have you.” He whispered as he grabbed the remote to the radio and turned the song to their song.

“The cafe got robbed by Untamed Dragons Gang. I was only where there..” She couldn’t get her sentence right. She began to cry even more. “I told the police that they only stole money but..I shouldn’t be…”

Sobs shook her body and Torian managed to get her to the bedroom, lying her onto their bed.

“Lailea Grace Rose, you can come to me. Oh Lea, please let me help you.” Torian pleaded, worry flooded his dark brown eyes.

“They used dragon fire on me.” Her voice shook at the words.

Torian lifted her shirt to find that her left shoulder was glowing red with infection.


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