Worth More Broken

Worth More Broken

Lailea was making coffees for La’ Cafe Musique’s customer, she tapped her foot to the music that was playing on the radio. She looked up from the coffee that she was making as she heard footsteps behind her.

She turned around to find her boyfriend Torian, who was also the duty manager of the cafe standing behind her. He had been in the Army for three years in an undisclosed location. Tears welled up in her eyes as she wrapped her arms around him.

That was when she realized that he only had one arm, she raised her head, gazing up at him.

“Tori, I love you.” She said as he placed his right arm around her. His left arm was only a stump.

“Lea, I love you too.”

He seemed older, more older then three years. She could see pain in his dark brown eyes.

Torian had to fight back tears. Lailea called to Zahera to take over doing the coffees, she took Torian to their office.

He was shaking and Lailea sat him onto the couch, she kissed him gently when fireworks began to go off. Torian started to feel extremely nauseous and he placed his head against Lailea’s shoulder.

“I…It was horrible Lea. So horrible.” He said as he finally felt safe. Lailea snuggled him.

Four weeks past, and Lailea noticed that he was treating her more stricter then the other staff.

Lailea was working on an Expresso and a Flat white, she looked up in surprise as she heard Torian yelling.

“Lailea Grace Rose! MY OFFICE NOW!”

She blinked, he never used her full name before. Zahera walked over to her and Arabelle looked over from the cashier as she went to his new office.

Walking in, she closed the door. Torian looked MAD!

“What is wrong Torian?” She asked as she sat at his desk, concern in her eyes.

“You keep burning the coffees!” Torian snapped.

He wasn’t wrong, she kept losing control of her power over fire and burnt a couple of coffees but for him to be this mad, it didn’t end up.

“What else is wrong?” Lailea asked as she sat next to him.

“You are too slow!” Torian sighed, he twisted at his chain necklace.

“That is not what is wrong.” Lailea stated.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN?!!” He snapped, Lailea knew she was getting closer to the truth.

“What is wrong?” She asked again.

Torian muttered under his breath but Lailea couldn’t hear what he had muttered.

She took his hand gently and he pulled it away.

“Tori?” She said. “Talk to me.”

“WHY?! YOU DON’T LOVE ME ANYMORE?!” It came out as a wail as tears rolled down his face.

Lailea shook her head before she cupped his face in her hands.

“I love you Tori.” She reassured him. “Hun is this why you been sleeping on the couch?”

This got her a nod from Torian who wanted to look away from her.

“Hun, oh Tori. I love you so much.” She said, wiping the tears from his face.

“How?” He tried to make his voice sound demanding. “How can you love me anymore? How could you love someone with one arm?” He began to cry more.

“Because of your love for cooking, how much you care about your staff.” Lailea said wrapping her arms around him. “The fact you refused to give up even when I am going through dark moments.”

Torian held her close, lying his head onto her chocolate-blonde hair.”

“I can’t los-” He began to whisper but trialled off as his hand brushed a sore spot on her left shoulder blade.

He narrowed his eyebrows, moving her shirt sleeve aside to have a look.

“I injured my shoulder while lifting some boxes.” Lailea said, panicking a little bit.

Later that night

Torian was at a counselling session while Lailea was cooking Pork Belly for dinner. She was listening to the radio when the song “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perry began to play.

Memories of a siege that took the cafe under, two weeks ago flooded her mind. Two of the guys had injured her shoulder with full bursts of Dragon Fire.

She slid to the ground in tears. An hour later, Torian arrived home to find that Lailea was in a full flashback.

“Lea, sweetie.” He said as he quickly turned off the radio. “It is going to be okay.” He sat in front of her. He suspected that she had lied about her shoulder.

Lailea managed to look up at the sound of his voice.

“Talk to me, what is causing this?” He asked gently.

Lailea looked at him, her ocean blue eyes were full with concern.

“You got enough to deal with.” Lailea said, her voice shook as Torian tried to figured out what she was upset about. But he could tell, she was getting exhausted, he helped her up and rubbed her back as he took her to bed where she fell asleep huddled against his chest.

The End.


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