Kaboom! Torian looked up as he heard commotion coming from the front of the cafe.

He took a few deep breathes, reminding him that he was not at war. Taking another deep breathe, he walked to the front of the cafe.

First thing that he noticed was the song ‘A Thousand Years’ by Christina Perry playing.

He turned off the radio and he turned to see a pot plant had been blown up, dirt sprayed across the floor.

Lailea gave a whimper and Torian looked around for her, he found her cowering against her coffee counter. He knew something must had happened for the song to be a trigger for her.

“Lea, please. Talk to me, my Ohana.” He pleaded as he wrapped his arm around her. Lailea shook her head and she gave a sob.

“Before you came home, the cafe was robbed. I was only one he-” A sob interrupted her sentence and she looked at him quietly.

Torian realized to help her, he would have to tell her what happened to his arm.

He said “Let’s go home Lea.” he sighed looking around the cafe. “I think we need to talk about closing down or handing over the cafe to Paul. And the opening the gym, we always talked about.”

Two months later

Phoenix Health Academy opened in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Torian looked at Lailea as she sat on their bed. ‘La Cafe Musique’ now lived at the Academy as Torian and Lailea just couldn’t give it up, they didn’t have the heart to.

“Tori, what happened to your arm?” She asked gently as she looked at him. Torian tensed up at the question.

“You know, how I said the cafe as robbed.” Lailea said. “They attacked me, they used dragon pain magic on me.”

She fought back a sob. Torian pulled her close, he had gotten a prosthetic arm.

“Two of the rival soldiers, they abd-” He closed his eyes as tears fell. “They abducted me Lea. It was so horrible.”

He wished she had never asked.

Tears rolled down his face as she stroked his black hair. She placed her head onto his good shoulder. He was shaking when he began to feel nauseous. Closing his eyes tighter, he wrapped his arms around her.

His stomach did some knots and he swallowed hard, tears fell harder as Lailea put a bucket under his chin as he began to throw up.

Lying down on their bed, he fell asleep.

The next day, during his class, the boss of the health academy walked in.

“Just letting you know, I hired Emmett Claw and Julian Blood.” His boss informed him.

A lump formed in Torian’s throat and he nodded. Lailea walked into the area with two coffees. He turned to look at her as she walked over to him.

Letting out a sigh, he asked “Can’t you go an hour without seeing me?”

Lailea placed down a coffee, startled at his question.

“I thought you would like a coffee.” She said, frowning a little surprised and shocked at the question.

Torian scowled before he walked to his office.

Lailea walked over to the office and looked around the corner of his door.

“When you want to talk, I will be in my office.” She said as she walked in placing down his office on his desk. She kissed his cheek, thinking he must be stressed and didn’t mean his words.

“Just leave me alone!” Torian pushed her away. “I-I-I wish…I want space!”

Lailea nodded and walked out to her Holden Ute, hurt bubbled inside her. Space, well if he wanted space. Lailea muttered to herself, she drove home and parked her bags. She still an apartment in her name and what Torian had said, it hurt her badly. More then dragon magic.

Torian was finishing off his paperwork that was still unfinished that night at the gym. He placed down his pain as he heard noises coming from Lailea’s office. He sighed softly, he shouldn’t have snapped at her.

He walked into her office. Lailea looked up at him from her own paperwork. Her eyes were full of hurt and betrayal.

“I am just getting some paperwork.” She said, her voice was soft and she couldn’t met his eyes.

“Lea, I shouldn’t have snapped at you.” Torian said.

At first, she didn’t reply to that and sat down on her couch. Her shoulders slumped and she found the purple patterns on her carpet quite interesting.

“I know they hired your attackers.” She said. “Maybe-Maybe you need someone stronger.”

Torian looked down, that was when he noticed that her fingers danced with flames. But the flames seemed ot be going into her veins. That was unusual.

“You keep me strong.” Torian said, as he began to get really worried now.

“No I am not!” She screamed and flames bursted out of her fingers, taking out a wall, a palm tree, a treadmill and one exercise ball.

Torian pulled her into his arms holding her close.

“Wow, Lea. Sweetie.” He could feel her shaking.

“I can’t help you! I can’t protect you!” She tried to struggle. “Emmett said that I won’t be able to help you because of what he did to you.”

She was burning up and it was scaring Torian.

“Lailea! Please stop!” Torian managed to use his good arm to stop her from struggling and accidentally blowing herself up with her fire powers. “You make me want to live.”

“How?” She asked as she stared up at him. She felt exhausted and she laid her head against him.

Emmett and Julian walked in with smiles that creeped Torian and Lailea out.

Before Lailea could summon her fire, Emmett managed to knock her out with snake magic.

They grabbed Torian, forcing him into a black van at the front of the gym.

When Lailea woke up, she found the ambulance officers checking her over and Torian was no where to be seen.Despite of the searches that the police did, no-one could find Torian.

It was like he just disappeared and Lailea’s heart was broken.


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