Untitled for now

Madison went to headquarters of Phoenix Federal Police where she worked. As she walked in and towards to her office, she heard her co workers Austin and Julian arguing.

She went to the breakroom to see what the Hades that they were arguing about.

Austin was leaning against the counter and his eyes were dark blue which they got when he was pissed off. He went to yell something else but instead began to heave, Madison managed to get an empty container in record time and held him as he began to lose his breakfast.

“Julian, what in Zeus’ name did you do?!” She asked.

“Just said that he deserved what happened to him.” Julian gave a shrug.

“Excuse me.” Madison’s Irish accent came out thick. She managed to help Austin to her office. “It wasn’t your fault Austin. It wasn’t your fault that you got abducted and addicted to-”

“It is so hard Maddie. But I love you.” Austin said glancing up at her green eyes. “I want to beat this addiction for both of us.”


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