Phoenix Hawk City

Welcome to Phoenix Hawk City! First thing first, this city is populated by Half Species, Magic and Special Powers.

Magic- you are born with

Special Powers- You get by swimming in the dragon blood river or eating nuclear, be warn however, it is a risk cause there is a 50% change, your skin shall melt off instead.

Half Species- Half Animal, Half Human. Important thing to know you can’t date someone of a different species. Half Leopards can only date Half Leopards. If a Half Leopard and say a Half Lion are dating and get caught, they might be lowered into the pit of lava.

Technology is very evolved and you will get a bracelet that is a phone, credit card, security card, keys (to everything) and ID all in one. It also holds your medical records and controls special powers.

Missions really depends on your species. Humans are rare and viewed with distrust because there was a group of paparazzi who revealed the location of this city to the world and had their stories broadcasted all over.

Cameras are not allowed if you are human, the residents wish their city were still a secret like it used to be. They like their privacy and wasn’t worried about being cut off from the rest of the world.

They care about family and parties. Every Saturday, all the towns get together in the main town square to have huge party. There is food, alcohol, soft drinks, music, market stalls and more!

The police get involved but they can’t drink alcohol if in uniform. The police in uniform are there to make sure everyone is safe and no fights between Half Jaguars and Half Leopards break out (they can get quite hostile at times).

Half Jaguars and Half Leopards have always had some sort of rivally going on but why, neither of the species will tell this. They might attack you. Or if you lucky, they will hit you in the face with their tail and walk away.

There is all sorts of houses, but mansions is cheapest now. And in living caves, depending on the size of the cave, the price can go up to 30,000 dragon gems which is 70000 AUD.

Lots of jobs but at this time in 9877, hospitals are in need of doctors and nurses. A lot of hospital staff got attacked in the black ages where the gang Dragon Blood Gang attacked.

Dragon Blood Gang is the largest dragon untamers gang, they don’t care for no-one, not even their own members. They are trained in black magic and riding un tamed dragons. Pissing them off will indeed put you and your family in danger.

In 9800, there was a cafe attacked and the duty manager was killed in front of his staff by a member of the gang because he refused to let them in the cafe, the day before.

Now to the stars.

The stars take away those who are died and help with births. They can also give second chances of lifes to residents they feel deserve it.

Those who get the second chance of life will appear in front of the person they care about in a swirl ball of star. But they will remember how they dead. And there might be some personality changes.


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