Main Characters

My Main Characters are:

Torius (Tori) Scott Night- 32 years old, long blonde hair and light green eyes. He is a fire fighter for Phoenix Hawk Fire/Rescue Station. He is quite stubborn and at times reckless when it comes to doing his job. He doesn’t always want to stop and wait for back up to come, this has lead to a lot of close calls and a second chance at life after he dies from a roof landing on him. 

Despite he has died once, he doesn’t care, he still is reckless despite his girlfriend Hallie pleading for him to slow down and think about what he is doing. He also forgets to care for his health. However he doesn’t want to lose Hallie, he is trying to slow down but he gets so determined about what his job requires, that he forgets.

He is half Leopard and knows that dating Hallie, who is Half Tiger is illegal but he loves her.

Hallie Rose Dawnflower- 30 years old, dark red hair and hazel eyes. She is an ambulance officer for PHF/RS. She is shy and timid but fiercely protective of her patients, family and friends. She worries for Tori and is trying to teach him how to slow down. She is very concerned about germs and known to wash her hands over 20 times. 

She secretly blames herself for Tori’s death and wants to prevent it which can lead to her being quite clingy and anxious. Sometimes it can lead to her snapping at him. She fears the law will one day cause them to break up and she couldn’t stand that. This keeps her up at night at least until Tori comes home and she feels comfortable enough to fall asleep. She has been with Tori for two years.

Mikael Shannan Zuma- 37 years old, dark brown hair and light blue eyes. He has light blue wings and power over ice. He is the duty manager of La’ Hawk Cafe. Mikael loves food and all things chocolate, which is what his cafe is all about. He is quite cheerful most of the time and encourages his employees to be the same. He is constantly coming into work, reminding everyone that it is gonna be a great day. He can be strict when needed but wants to make the workplace, somewhere fun.

He likes helping out everyone and is there to give a listening ear. He and Isodore has been together for four years. She is his world. He has a twin brother Derek who believes that he stole Isodore from him when in truth Derek drove Isodore into Mikael’s arms. Derek wants to see the cafe to go under because that would cause Mikael, the greatest pain.

Isodore Ella Phillip- 34 years old, long blonde hair and grey eyes. She works as a waitress at La’ Hawk Cafe. She can be sassy and very sarcastic at times. With her long purple wings and power over fire, she is stunning and she knows this. She can get a bit jealous over woman swooning over Mikael and she gets a bit protective over him. She doesn’t always like being bossed around and can stand her ground and argue if she feels like something is unfair.

Mikael has to remind her that he is the boss and when at work, she has a job to do and that she can’t go blowing holes in the roof when she is upset about something, that she has to come to him when she is getting over whelmed.

On the other side, she is caring and wants to make sure her family and friends are happy. She doesn’t like upsetting anyone especially Mikael. She loves animals especially Pitbulls.

Nikolai Jaime Smith- 29 years old, dark blonde hair and silver eyes. He was born with the power over Orchids, Yes like the plant. This is very shameful to his parents who has powers over time and space. Nikolai is a youth worker at Phoenix Hawk Academy.

He cares for his students and at times can get too involved leading to some hostile situations. He and his wife Iviana has a 1 year old daughter called Zoe. Zoe is his world and joy even if she has no visible magic powers. He is playful and doesn’t know how to be strict at work or at home.

Iviana Zoe Smith- 28 years old, dark black hair and ice blue eyes. Has the ability to mind read. She is a gym teacher and is very sporty. She likes to encourage healthy eating at home and at work. She can be mysterious and secretive and doesn’t like other residents especially her students to know bout her personal life.

Nikolai doesn’t even know some stuff about her but she is slowly opening up especially now she has Zoe. She feels a bit sad that Zoe is such a daddy’s girl. She has a hellhound called Lucy whom looks like a chocolate Labrador in public.

Phillip Zylen Wilson- 27 years old, chocolate brown hair and hazel eyes. He gained the ability to blow things up after jumping in the Dragon Blood River. He is a university student studying in medical.

Olivia Kayla Luka- 25 years old, silver hair and dark green eyes. She gained the ability to make plants grow after jumping into the Dragon Blood River. She is studying Crime.


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