See You Again

Iviani hummed as she made coffees for customers of La’ Hawk Cafe when her duty manager Mikael walked up. He said “Iviani, umm, can I talk to you in private?” He placed a hand on her back. She looked over him and noticed he was heading to his office.

She shrugged and called for Ellie to finished up the coffees. Iviani walked to Mikael’s office and he closed the door.

“I..Iviani, well..umm, will you like to go to dinner with me?” He played with his cafe badge and Iviani smiled at how flustered he was getting.

“Yes.” She said as she took his hand and gazed up into his blue eyes.

Mikael pulled her close and brushed her blonde hair out of her face. He was about to lean into her when there was a crash from the front of the cafe. He glanced up as he heard yelling and he sighed “Better see what is going on.”

Iviani walked out with him to see a guy with short red hair and red eyes glaring at one of the waitresses.

“I want to see your duty manager, NOW!” He yelled and Mikael walked over.

“I’m Mikael, the duty manager. What seems to be the problem, sir?” Mikael asked as the waitress Lucy walked to Iviani.

The guy made a fireball in his hand and bounced it up and down.

“Sir…” Mikael tried to stay calm. “I’m sure I can fix whatever the problem is, just put out that fireball.”

The man regarded at Mikael and bounced the fireball.

“I don’t like how that waitress looked at me.” He said as he looked at Mikael and then threw the fireball at the centre of his chest.

Iviani gasped and the customers began to run out of the side entrys, Mikael stepped back into Iviani who wrapped her arms around him, stroking his dark brown hair. Elllie kicked the emergency button under where she was standing.

The man looked at the staff and said “Remember this day.” and walked out of the cafe disappearing into the shadows.

Mikael looked down to see it was grazed and Iviani helped him to the first aid room. She grabbed the first aid kit and began to clean it. Mikael began to cough and pain shot through his body, he tried to sit up as he retched.

“Iviani..” He muttered as she held him against her as he began to throw up into a bucket. “Let’s do dinner next week. I think I’m gonna go home and sleep.”

“Are you okay to drive?” Iviani asked concerned.

“Yeah Ivi, I’ll be fine.” Mikael said as he slowly stood up and grabbed his keys.

That night Iviani closed up and called Mikael’s mobile but he didn’t pick up. She guessed he was asleep and drove home.

As she walked into her house, her cat Mr.Meow bounced up to her and placed his white paws onto her leg. He began to meow as she walked in and he played with light purple wings.

“Okay, Okay. I’m getting your food.” She said as she walked to the kitchen. She grabbed some Whiskas Sea Range Tin Can Food out of the lowest cupboard and got Mr. Meow’s dark blue food bowl.

She glanced out and noticed there was one star more brighter then the others.

“Looks like someone else went to join the stars.” She said to Mr. Meow as she put the food into his bowl.

Iviani went and turned on the news.

The news blurted out: Breaking news….body found in an apartment at Phoenix Wings Apartments. Looks like he was hit with a fireball directly at the heart.

Iviani’s stomach turned, Mikael lived at Phoenix Wings Apartment. She grabbed her phone and dialled Mikael’s number again. Nothing. It couldn’t be him…could it…

Her hands shook as she tried to dialled the number a third time.

She shook as she grabbed her keys and her heart pounded in her ears as she rushed down to her Black Holden Ute. She sped through a couple of red lights and into the street where Mikael lived.

Iviani run to the apartment block and the police stopped her.

“My friend Mikael Zuma lives here. I need to see if he is okay.” Her Russian accent was thick.

The main police officer said “Ma-am. I’m sorry but he was found dead in his apartment, an hour ago.”

Iviani shook her head and she wailed out “No!” her voice shook as she rambled off in Russian. Her legs buckled as she fall to the ground and she cried.

Her purple wings folded against her back losing colour and the police officer knelt down, he asked “Is there anyone I can call for you?”

Iviani nodded as she got Lucy’s phone number from her mobile. Lucy drove up after ten minutes and got out of her car. She walked over to Iviani and wrapped her arms around Iviani.

Two years later

Iviani was working on coffees when she heard a pop and then Raphael run behind the counter. Chocolate went spraying everywhere as the lid on one of the chocolate machines flew off and Iviani ducked.

“Not again!” She groaned as Chase began to slowly commando crawl towards the off button. Justin and Ellie watched as chocolate painted the ceiling and the wall.

Raphael watched Chase and Iviani nudged him into the ribs.

“What?” Raphael asked looking over at her.

“Dude, ask him out already!” Iviani said. Raphael began to blush and he found the tile pattern quite interesting.

He looked over at Chase who was soaking wet from chocolate and walked over to him.

“Hey Chase, lets go get cleaned up and then we can clean the chocolate off the walls.” He said.

Iviani walked over to check what caused the chocolate machine to explode again! She stepped back as a huge blob of chocolate fell off the ceiling.


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