Letters to my Characters

Dear Ice River Night Club

I am very sorry about what is going to come and also why are you stealing resources from Campfire Mountain Night Club. You are well off with resources and please enough with stealing their signs. They are not your rivals, they are gonna help you through the upcoming hard times. Also you won’t be prepared when it does come to these hard times, there will be a lot of pain and maybe deaths.

Your Author

Dear Phoenix Hawk Royal Hospital

Be prepared for lots of injuries and blood, you are the main hospital and will be depended upon.

Your Author

Dear CampFire Mountain Night Club

You might think you are out of danger zone but don’t be too sure. Something is coming and it might not be as big of Ice River’s thing but there will be damage.

Your Author

Dear La’ Hawk Cafe

Sorry about the sieges and second lifes and deaths. Stay strong and make those coffees. Your pain is over for now.

Your Author

Galactic Thunder Cafe

Be prepared, you are very close to the Ice River Night Club and will be affected as well.

Your Author

Phoenix Hawk Fire/Rescue Station

Sorry about all the work that will be coming your direction. You will be able to deal with it, I’m sure.

Your Author.


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