Camp July Nanowrimo

Torius Austin Nightshade whom shall be played by Nikolaj Coster Waldau (in my dreams lol). He is the owner of La’ Musique Night Club-Restaurant. Torius is very strict and at times seem mean to his employees. He gets easily frustrated with the fact Hunter is constantly messing with the music speakers which on several occasions has caused the whole Night Club to go silent.

He loves Skyler but doesn’t always know how to show that. He likes quiet nights at home with his Pug.

Phillip Jerome Rivera would be played by Jackson Heywood. Phillip is always coming up with new drink combinations for the Night Club bar. He is a easy going guy who likes working in a place where there is music but has a dark past that he has yet to reveal to his fellow co workers but which will place the Night Club into danger. He will feel guilty about this especially it means putting Madison in danger.

Hunter Rafael Cole would be played by Lorgan Lerman. Hunter is quite the prankster and always taking something apart to see what is inside. As one can guess, this leads to things breaking. It is a miracle he has yet to be fired from his job. He is in love with Zoielle.  He can be quite protective of her.

Derek Fabian Castillo is played by Sam Claflin. The mysterious man who is the DJ of the night club. He and Abigail has been together for four years but yet is distant. His mates are unsure if they are actually still together. Derek is quite private and doesn’t like his life outside of the night club to be known.

Skyler Faith Tate is played by Keira Knightley. She is the Barista of the restaurant side of the night club. She is a silent type and doesn’t like much of a chat during work hours. She is the one who stops Torius from killing Hunter when Hunter has stuffed up yet again. She doesn’t like Torius’ pug or dogs in general, but she would never say this to him.

Madison Harmony Shields is played by Teri Polo and does various jobs. She knows Phillip is hurting and hiding something, she wishes he would just open up to her already. But fears he won’t and she will lose him because of that. She loves country music and changes the music to country when Derek ain’t watching.

Zoielle Sienna Mason is played by Tessa De Josselin, she works with the money side of things. She joins in with Hunter’s mysterious was and once exploded the entire plumbing! She and Hunter took shelter in her office pretending they had nothing to do with the said incident.

Abigail Lila Wolf is played by Margot Robbie. She loves Derek but prefers to stay professional at work. She says that he is still in love with her as the first time they met. But work is for work and home is for home. She does the signage and menus.

Austin Elias Savage played by Gary Sinise is the head of Phoenix Hawk Crime Squad. Tough but understanding, he likes the kicking down doors and prefers doing things before asking for permission. He forgets to get warrants but shrugs and gets the evidence he needs, warrant or no warrant. 

Raphael Scott Castillo is played by Bobby Cannavale. He has quite the attitude and is prone to breaking villian’s limbs. He is the one who takes on murderers and other red code criminals. He doesn’t take no for an answer and doesn’t care if someone gets hurt in the process even if it is him!

Nutmeg Colin Salinas is played by Scott Eastwood. He is the tech analyst. The kindhearted guy who would be the one to go and comfort the victims first then deal with the villians second. He has two daughters who were kidnapped by his ex wife and then alienated against him. This hurt Nutmeg deeply and worse his parents were killed in a bomb blast at a local park. This makes Nutmeg scared to get close to others and later stories he is sexually assaulted by his girlfriend’s ex boyfriend. (sorry Nutmeg)

Lucian Kayden Barnes is played by Tom Hardy. His motto is shot first and ask questions later. With a collection of fifty different weapons including one flame thrower, he is the action to go guy. He forgets that some people are not always guilty and gotten him red card plenty of times! He cares for others feelings however. He is protective of his time and won’t let anyone hurt them. He feels guilty after Nutmeg getting injured whom he thinks of as a little brother.

Matilda Kaitlin Sharp is played by Billie Piper. She is Lucian’s girlfriend and newest member of the squad. She is described as having quite the sarcastic attitude but this is to hide the hurt she feels. Instead of speaking about her feelings, she lets them boil up until they come out in a blizzard literally! Once her feelings were so hurt that her wings frosted over and nearly killed her, that devastated Lucian.

Hope Leila Oak is played by Emily Blunt. She likes collecting unclaimed stolen things and describes them in her office. She doesn’t like the talking to people part of solving crimes and likes to stay back letting Nutmeg do the talking. She knows about Nutmeg’s past and teaching him to trust again. She helps him through the flashback which breaks her heart. She understands the pain of trauma after losing her family in a shopping centre siege.

Indiana Esther Lake is played by Natalie Dormer. She is the main gang specialist but unknown to her squad co workers, she used to be part of a gang! She hasn’t even told Raphael who is her boyfriend. She would prefer if this part of her life stays silent since it was during a bad part of her life. Indiana fears that her old gang will come up in a case one day and she will lose everything that she has worked for.

Grace Sophie Hill is played by Michelle Rodriguez. As the main dog unit member, she loves all dogs but especially her German Shepherd Rex, named after Inspector Rex. She is in second of command after boyfriend Phillip. She is less strict then Phillip and is the one who reminds him about the warrants. She is also part of the Forensic Services Group. 


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