Camp Nanowrimo updated

Madison glanced at the red gates that surrounded the new school that she was gonna be attending. She pulled out her student ID and waved it in front of the intercom which was red and shaped as a Phoenix.

The gate made a creaking sound and puffed out some silver smoke before it began to slide to the left side. It was the first day of the school year and some of the all around year students had a plan.

Madison watched as two white pegasus flew down from two towers on the main castle, and picked up her luggage, carrying it off the cabin.

She walked up to the large timber doors and fear started to boil in her stomach, it was real. She would be spending her middle and high schooling here. She had started middle school at another school but they had kicked her out after she got a B on her maths test.

That school had also been her primary school and she had noticed a lot of strange stuff.

She was twenty years old but had missed a lot of schooling due to time spent as a Lilac Bush, she looked like she was around 16-17 years old. Her mother had chosen to turn her into a Lilac Bush after Madison discovered that her mother was a wanted spy.

Madison took hold of one the timber door and pushed it open. Smells of chocolate and lavender floated around her as she stepped in.

The walls were a light red and the floors were pine timber. As Madison walked in, she looked to the left where the main office was and she noticed that it was busy with new students, and returning students. She began to have a look around when she found black leather seats in a corner, facing a support centre and what must have been teacher dorm rooms.

Madison settled down into the couch when she saw her old youth-worker and English teacher Timothy. He had disappeared in the middle of her 5th year at Sun Moon Academy, after being dragged out of the class by two huge security guys.

She remembered the frightened look on his face. Ice blasted onto the nearby wall, next to his wall and Madison cursed inwardly, she needed to learn to take control of her powers. Timothy looked confused as ice climbed the wall as he looked up from his notes.

Timothy looked in front of him and saw Madison who was staring at the wall in shock as she had never done that much ice magic before. She was shaking from the sudden burst of power.

“Sorry…” She said as she looked at him and she couldn’t help but noticed a scar on his mouth.

“It is okay Mads.” Timothy noticed how her blue eyes sparkled as he called her by his special nickname for her. She reached her arms out to him but then hesitated.

Timothy walked over to her, and he pulled her into his arms. Madison closed her eyes as she sunk into his embrace and Timothy became concern as she began to cry and shake.

Despite that she was twenty years old, her ice magic made her age and mature slower then humans. There were days where she still seemed like a little kid.

Madison had also spent time as a French Lilac Bush after her mother had turned her into one. This had made her age even slower.

“It is going to be okay Mads. It is going to be okay.” Timothy said as he took her into his office.

“No! No it is not! No it is not okay!” She sobbed before she said something in Hebrew or was it Arabic. Timothy wasn’t too sure, Madison was fluent in both Hebrew and Arabic as well as French and Spanish.

“What did you say?” He asked as he moved her hair out of her face.

“It was my fault.” She whispered.

“What was your fault? Timothy asked, looking confused as she sat on his couch. Her eyes studying the light purple carpet that lined the office.

“What happened to you!” She almost snapped the words out and Timothy shook his head.

“Wow! No!” Timothy sat next to her. “It wasn’t your fault!”

“If the class had listened and stopped talking-” Madison began to protest.

“Madison Rose Night, it was NOT your fault!” Timothy gasped, he hated knowing that she blamed herself for him getting fired. “I encouraged and still encourage my students to use their brains.”

Madison looked up at him and she admitted “We heard your cries from the principal’s office after you told us you got fired.”

Timothy blinked back tears as he hated the memories of that day and he said “Let’s go and get your welcome pack.”

“Welcome pack?” She asked as he walked with him to the office.

She noticed that his shirt had came unbuttoned and there were scars on his chest that was barely visible.

“Every new student get a welcome pack and an egg each.” Timothy said when they got to the office. “I will see you at English Class.”

Madison gave a nod but secretly, she wanted him to come with her. She played with her Hebrew necklace as she walked into the office.

She walked up to the desk and the office lady gave her a dark purple backpack which was her welcome pack.

“Miss, I will remind you that you are not allowed to date your teachers.” The office lady said.

Timothy walked to his classroom which was 4A, he tried to ignore the nausea that was building up and shooting bile into his throat.

He sit down on his chair and rubbed his face, there was five minutes to class.

His stomach began to turn and as Madison walked in, he was turning quite pale.

“Timothy, umm… Mr. Dawn are you okay?” Madison asked as she sat at the front of the class.

Timothy nodded as he handed her a notebook and he said “We are learning about-” he swallowed hard.

Madison took his hand and said “You have also taught me not to bottle up my feelings.”

“I will talk to you after class.” He whispered to her as the other students began to walk in. He began to write something on the board about different tribes throughout the world.

As the class went on, Madison did her work as Timothy said to but she began to notice that some girls behind her was looking in her direction before giggling to each other.

“Hey Madison!” One called to her. “Is it true that you got Mr. Dawn bashed up at his last school?”

Madison ignored the question and continued copying off the board.

“I hear that her parents kicked her out of home because she isn’t Kiowa enough.” The other girl said before snickering. Madison fought back the need to blast them in the face with ice.

“Girls, that is enough!” Timothy snapped at the two giggling girls. He placed a hand on Madison’s shoulder when the bell rang. “The class is dismissed.”

Timothy waited until the classroom got empty before he lost his battle with his stomach and began to retch. Madison managed to take him to his dorm room and into his bathroom before he vomited into the toilet. His breakfast all came out and he had to sit on the floor.

Madison sit next to him and played with icy wind.

“Mads, it wasn’t true what the girls said.” He lifted his shirt revealing tons of scars. “This wasn’t your fault.”

Timothy took a deep breathe as Madison moved her hands over his scars.

He let out a sob but moved closer to her. Her hands were warm and he wasn’t used to the scars being touched without the pain.

“Mads.” He said. “Oh jeeze that feels good.” as she massaged the scars. “But you should go to class.”

Madison tensed up at the thought of going to her maths class but she said “Okay.” however ice floated around her.

Timothy frowned as he knew that was not a good sign but before he could say something, Madison went to class.

As maths class went on, the more scared Madison got and then BANG! Ice covered her desk and the wall next to her.

Madison went quiet as the teacher called Timothy to come to the classroom. The sudden burst of energy made her feel dizzy.

She wanted to run but her legs were still to shaky for that. Timothy walked in and he helped Madison to her feet. But to his surprise Madison run off in the direction of her dorm.

She felt like what she saw in Timothy’s eyes were disappointment.

Timothy followed her and he managed to slip between her and the door, blocking her from going in. Madison stared down, the pine timber floor was suddenly very interesting.

“Mads, come here. You are not in trouble.” He said as he pulled her into his arms.

She struggled and Timothy took her to his office. He had seen Madison in this type of state when her father had died.

“Let me go! Let me go! Let me go!” She sobbed.

“Shh, I have you Mads. I have you.” He said holding her close.

Madison buried her face into his shoulder and tears began to fall. Timothy’s door opened and Madison looked up, she grew worried as two Sun Moon Academy’s security guards walked in. She then heard the slight sound of a lockdown which meant they must have barged their way into Phoenix Hawk Academy.

“Hello Timothy, it has been a while.” They said in unison and vines flew out of their hands tying him to the chair.

Madison tried to shot ice at the security guards but nothing happened.

“Run Mads!” Timothy begged her as one of the guards pulled his shirt off.

“I am not leaving you. I am not letting you get hurt, not alone, if my ice power can’t stop the pain.” Madison protested and Timothy could see that she wasn’t gonna give in.

Timothy screamed as the guard hit him in the chest with thorns. Madison threw out her hands and made a wall of Ice but the thorns smashed the ice to pieces.

Madison moved closer to Timothy’s side and force all the ice magic that she could, she blasted the guards hard.

“Oh my gods.” Timothy said as she shook. The guards were mad! They began to kick and punch Timothy in his groin and sent the most painful of thorns through him.

Madison sat up slowly and ice blasted the guards into the window. Phoenix Hawk Academy walked in and took the evil guards away.

Timothy looked at Madison in surprise and amazement, she had tried to protect him. Timothy pulled her against him, she picked up the First Aid Kit and started to clean him up. He flinched at first but then relaxed as she used a little frost as ice packs.


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