New Moon

New Moon (0-45 degrees, ahead of the Sun) – You are a cosmic new baby; you are a young soul with much to learn in this lifetime. The silver glimmer of the waxing Moon first becomes visible to the naked eye during this phase, at which point the lunar month is announced by haunting calls from the top of towers in Islamic countries.

There is a strong chance that your Moon will still occupy the same Zodiac sign as the Sun, but even if it has moved on into the next sign, the Sun sign will exert an unusually powerful magnetism within you and you will shine with its personality. It is vital that you come to understand it and appreciate its strengths and weaknesses, because therein lies the self awareness your instinctive naivety naturally lacks. You have been born to establish a new expression of that sign. You instinctively feel that there is a job to do, the nature of which again depends on the sign of the preceding new Moon.

Deep impulses that are hard to rationalise impel you to act and you can be incredibly focused and determined. There is often no choice. You may not know why you have to do something but you will find that the positive reactions and results confirm that it is just what the doctor ordered!

Self doubt won’t often trouble you. You are of one heart and mind. Your consciousness and your feelings both work to the same end – though you may not have a clear idea of what that is! Even your parents are likely to have presented an unusually united front to you as a child, making you feel the centre of their world whilst laying down very clear guidelines as to what was expected from you. This will have trained you well for your life work, but you need to redefine yourself in your own terms and by your own values. You are indeed Self-centered – start discovering who that Self is.

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