Madison glanced at the red gates that surrounded the new school that she was gonna be attending. She pulled out her student ID and waved it in front of the intercom which was red and shaped as a Phoenix.

The gate made a creaking sound and puffed out some silver smoke before it began to slide to the left side. It was the first day of the school year and some of the all around year students had a plan.

Madison watched as two white pegasus flew down from two towers on the main castle, and picked up her luggage, carrying it off the cabin.

She walked up to the large timber doors and fear started to boil in her stomach, it was real. She would be spending her middle and high schooling here. She had started middle school at another school but they had kicked her out after she got a B on her maths test.

That school had also been her primary school and she had noticed a lot of strange stuff.

She was twenty years old but had missed a lot of schooling due to time spent as a Lilac Bush, she looked like she was around 16-17 years old. Her mother had chosen to turn her into a Lilac Bush after Madison discovered that her mother was a wanted spy.

Madison took hold of one the timber door and pushed it open. Smells of chocolate and lavender floated around her as she stepped in.

The walls were a light red and the floors were pine timber. As Madison walked in, she looked to the left where the main office was and she noticed that it was busy with new students, and returning students. She began to have a look around when she found black leather seats in a corner, facing a support centre and what must have been teacher dorm rooms.

Madison settled down into the couch when she saw her old youth-worker and English teacher Timothy. He had disappeared in the middle of her 5th year at Sun Moon Academy, after being dragged out of the class by two huge security guys.

She remembered the frightened look on his face. Ice blasted onto the nearby wall, next to his wall and Madison cursed inwardly, she needed to learn to take control of her powers. Timothy looked confused as ice climbed the wall as he looked up from his notes.

Timothy looked in front of him and saw Madison who was staring at the wall in shock as she had never done that much ice magic before. She was shaking from the sudden burst of power.

“Sorry…” She said as she looked at him and she couldn’t help but noticed a scar on his mouth.

“It is okay Mads.” Timothy noticed how her blue eyes sparkled as he called her by his special nickname for her. She reached her arms out to him but then hesitated.

Timothy walked over to her, and he pulled her into his arms. Madison closed her eyes as she sunk into his embrace and Timothy became concern as she began to cry and shake.

Despite that she was twenty years old, her ice magic made her age and mature slower then humans. There were days where she still seemed like a little kid.

Madison had also spent time as a French Lilac Bush after her mother had turned her into one. This had made her age even slower.

“It is going to be okay Mads. It is going to be okay.” Timothy said as he took her into his office.

“No! No it is not! No it is not okay!” She sobbed before she said something in Hebrew or was it Arabic. Timothy wasn’t too sure, Madison was fluent in both Hebrew and Arabic as well as French and Spanish.

“What did you say?” He asked as he moved her hair out of her face.

“It was my fault.” She whispered.

“What was your fault? Timothy asked, looking confused as she sat on his couch. Her eyes studying the light purple carpet that lined the office.

“What happened to you!” She almost snapped the words out and Timothy shook his head.

“Wow! No!” Timothy sat next to her. “It wasn’t your fault!”

“If the class had listened and stopped talking-” Madison began to protest.

“Madison Rose Night, it was NOT your fault!” Timothy gasped, he hated knowing that she blamed herself for him getting fired. “I encouraged and still encourage my students to use their brains.”

Madison looked up at him and she admitted “We heard your cries from the principal’s office after you told us you got fired.”

Timothy blinked back tears as he hated the memories of that day and he said “Let’s go and get your welcome pack.”

“Welcome pack?” She asked as he walked with him to the office.

She noticed that his shirt had came unbuttoned and there were scars on his chest that was barely visible.

“Every new student get a welcome pack and an egg each.” Timothy said when they got to the office. “I will see you at English Class.”

Madison gave a nod but secretly, she wanted him to come with her. She played with her Hebrew necklace as she walked into the office.

She walked up to the desk and the office lady gave her a dark purple backpack which was her welcome pack.

“Miss, I will remind you that you are not allowed to date your teachers.” The office lady said.

Timothy walked to his classroom which was 4A, he tried to ignore the nausea that was building up and shooting bile into his throat.

He sit down on his chair and rubbed his face, there was five minutes to class.

His stomach began to turn and as Madison walked in, he was turning quite pale.

“Timothy, umm… Mr. Dawn are you okay?” Madison asked as she sat at the front of the class.

Timothy nodded as he handed her a notebook and he said “We are learning about-” he swallowed hard.

Madison took his hand and said “You have also taught me not to bottle up my feelings.”

“I will talk to you after class.” He whispered to her as the other students began to walk in. He began to write something on the board about different tribes throughout the world.

As the class went on, Madison did her work as Timothy said to but she began to notice that some girls behind her was looking in her direction before giggling to each other.

“Hey Madison!” One called to her. “Is it true that you got Mr. Dawn bashed up at his last school?”

Madison ignored the question and continued copying off the board.

“I hear that her parents kicked her out of home because she isn’t Kiowa enough.” The other girl said before snickering. Madison fought back the need to blast them in the face with ice.

“Girls, that is enough!” Timothy snapped at the two giggling girls. He placed a hand on Madison’s shoulder when the bell rang. “The class is dismissed.”

Timothy waited until the classroom got empty before he lost his battle with his stomach and began to retch. Madison managed to take him to his dorm room and into his bathroom before he vomited into the toilet. His breakfast all came out and he had to sit on the floor.

Madison sit next to him and played with icy wind.

“Mads, it wasn’t true what the girls said.” He lifted his shirt revealing tons of scars. “This wasn’t your fault.”

Timothy took a deep breathe as Madison moved her hands over his scars.

He let out a sob but moved closer to her. Her hands were warm and he wasn’t used to the scars being touched without the pain.

“Mads.” He said. “Oh jeeze that feels good.” as she massaged the scars. “But you should go to class.”

Madison tensed up at the thought of going to her maths class but she said “Okay.” however ice floated around her.

Timothy frowned as he knew that was not a good sign but before he could say something, Madison went to class.

As maths class went on, the more scared Madison got and then BANG! Ice covered her desk and the wall next to her.

Madison went quiet as the teacher called Timothy to come to the classroom. The sudden burst of energy made her feel dizzy.

She wanted to run but her legs were still to shaky for that. Timothy walked in and he helped Madison to her feet. But to his surprise Madison run off in the direction of her dorm.

She felt like what she saw in Timothy’s eyes were disappointment.

Timothy followed her and he managed to slip between her and the door, blocking her from going in. Madison stared down, the pine timber floor was suddenly very interesting.

“Mads, come here. You are not in trouble.” He said as he pulled her into his arms.

She struggled and Timothy took her to his office. He had seen Madison in this type of state when her father had died.

“Let me go! Let me go! Let me go!” She sobbed.

“Shh, I have you Mads. I have you.” He said holding her close.

Madison buried her face into his shoulder and tears began to fall. Timothy’s door opened and Madison looked up, she grew worried as two Sun Moon Academy’s security guards walked in. She then heard the slight sound of a lockdown which meant they must have barged their way into Phoenix Hawk Academy.

“Hello Timothy, it has been a while.” They said in unison and vines flew out of their hands tying him to the chair.

Madison tried to shot ice at the security guards but nothing happened.

“Run Mads!” Timothy begged her as one of the guards pulled his shirt off.

“I am not leaving you. I am not letting you get hurt, not alone, if my ice power can’t stop the pain.” Madison protested and Timothy could see that she wasn’t gonna give in.

Timothy screamed as the guard hit him in the chest with thorns. Madison threw out her hands and made a wall of Ice but the thorns smashed the ice to pieces.

Madison moved closer to Timothy’s side and force all the ice magic that she could, she blasted the guards hard.

“Oh my gods.” Timothy said as she shook. The guards were mad! They began to kick and punch Timothy in his groin and sent the most painful of thorns through him.

Madison sat up slowly and ice blasted the guards into the window. Phoenix Hawk Academy walked in and took the evil guards away.

Timothy looked at Madison in surprise and amazement, she had tried to protect him. Timothy pulled her against him, she picked up the First Aid Kit and started to clean him up. He flinched at first but then relaxed as she used a little frost as ice packs.

Things were great for 2 months until a new student called Matilda arrived.

Madison hummed as she walked from her Pegasus Riding Lesson when she saw Timothy walking up to her. She smiled as she walked up to him.

“Hey.” Madison said cheerfully but then noticed his stormy expression. His hazel eyes were dark.

“Don’t you hey me.” Timothy said, his voice took on a professional tone. “Matilda says you have been bullying her.”

Madison looked shocked. She had been nice to Matilda since she had arrived.

“I haven’t. I don’t bully people.” Madison said. “I have been trying to be her friend.”

Timothy didn’t look convinced and he walked off.

Soon it was English. Madison sat in her normal spot and Timothy began to hand out assignments. He placed hers down on her desk.

“You got an F!” Timothy snapped. “Haven’t you studied?!”

Madison was silent, she could hear her bullies snickering.

“I did study.” She whispered. Tears sting her eyes.

“Well you need to study harder!” Timothy snapped.

“Yes sir.” Madison whispered but Timothy didn’t hear.

That night Timothy was busy finishing paperwork when he heard loud music form the students’ dorm level.

‘Juicy Wiggle.’ by Red Foo was playing. Madison was dancing on the table while her best friends had sneaked in Vodka through the pegasi.

Food was lined up on the tables. Timothy walked in and he sighed.

This was the last thing that he needed! He told the students to go to bed and that they would be punished in the morning.

It was visiting day, the next day and Timothy with the help of the chaplain Ella.

Timothy was walking around the gym when he heard yelling from the back of the gym and went to see what it was. As he walked over, he was alarmed by what he saw.

“A F! MADISON ROSE NIGHT!” A woman screamed, with a glare that looked like it would burn Madison at any moment.

“Yes Ima.” Madison whispered, her shoulders slumped and she was looking at the ground. Ima meant mum in Hebrew.

Flames surrounded the woman’s hands and Timothy threw his hands out using his water power to pull Madison into his arms.

The flames hit a table that was nearby and the table turned into a Butterfly Bush.

“Security!” Timothy called and Madison began to shake.

Security flew in and took Madison’s mum outside where she couldn’t get to Madison.

“You should have let her turn me into that bush.” Madison sobbed as she pulled away from his arms.

Timothy felt tears roll down his face at those words that she said.

“I can’t lose you Madison.” He admitted. “I know I stuffed up these past few days but..”

He knew it was unprofessional but he wrapped his arms around Madison.

“Timothy…” Madison was confused but before she could say anything else, Matilda stormed over.

Madison felt Timothy tensed up as Matilda got ear and Matilda reached for Timothy’s ass. Madison saw this and she waved her hand, sending Matilda flying into the bush.

Timothy took Madison to her room where she fell asleep. The End.


It was the start of February, the second bunch of new students were starting at Phoenix Hawk Academy which was giving Timothy, a lot of work and he was very busy. This also meant he had not had much time for Madison and accidentally double booked her appointments, a couple of times.

He walked to his English class and sat at his desk and started to take the roll to see if everyone was there.

“Madison.” He called.

No answer.

He looked up in surprise and at the desk she always sat at. It was empty.

“Anyone seen Madison?” He asked concerned.

“I haven’t seen Madison since Maths. She missed Pegasi Riding.” Stella, Madison’s best friend said.

Now that was not normal, Madison never missed her Pegasi Riding lessons.

At Madison’s dorm room

Madison grabbed her backpack and began to throw in clothes and other necessary things that she needed. She left the Hebrew star necklace on her side table. Her faith had abandoned her with what was going on.

Tears rolled down her face as she zipped her back pack up. How could her ex be one of the new students? How could he have been accepted.

She knew that Timothy didn’t mean to doublebook her appointments but she didn’t feel safe at the school. Madison wrote a note to Timothy explaining her decision.

She went to the pegasi stable and then to her pegasus’ stable. She got his saddle and saddled the dark blue pegasi, she hopped onto his back and flew off into the sky.

Timothy heard the bell ring and once the class had dismissed, he went to Madison’s dorm. First he knocked on the door and got no answer. He tried the doorknob, finding it unlocked, he opened the door. He stepped inside and found the room was empty.

Then he saw the note on the bed and he read it:

Dear Timothy,

I can’t stay at PHA, now my ex Toby is now attending. I have always had feelings for you and wish I could have told you. I am going to New Orleans.

Love Madison

Timothy felt sick to his stomach as he sat on her bed. He had to get her back, he couldn’t lose her. She made him feel safe and he wanted her home. He pulled out his mobile and called his New Orleans police friend Stef.

Madison was watching a New Orleans parade when a police officer approached her.

“Are you Madison Night?” She asked Madison.

“Yes ma-am.” Madison said, she knew better then to lie to cops.

“I am Stef. Timothy called me. He is very worried about you.” Stef explained as she sat next to Madison.

Madison let out a sigh, she couldn’t believe that at all.

“Why would he be worried?” Madison asked after letting out a scoff.

“Because he cares for you. Also you do the one thing for him that no-one else does.” Stef answered.

“Which is?” Madison asked, looking at Stef.

“You make him feel safe.” Stef told her and Madison looked shocked. “After everything he has been through, you are the only thing that makes him feel safe.”

Madison blinked back tears and she said “I will go back but what about Toby..”

“Toby has been transferred to a different part of the school. It has also been made clear that he can not go near you or he will be arrested and sent to jurvie.” Stef reassured her.

Madison listened to her iPod while Stef drove her back to the school. Tears silently fell down her face as she held onto her stuffed dog Everest.

She noticed that they were getting close to the gates of the school and turned off her iPod, she began to feel sick to her stomach.

Once Stef let her out and walked her inside, Madison pushed the sick feeling beside and she run to Timothy’s office. She knocked on the door.

A pain shot through her stomach. Timothy opened the door and Madison wrapped her arms around him. To her and Stef’s concern, Timothy began to cry so hard that he began to gag.

Madison helped him back inside and grabbed his rubbish bin, she held him close as he began to throw up into the bin.

“Matilda’s father…he…” Timothy tried to explain but his stomach kept on interrupting.

Stef walked in and she guessed what he was trying to say.

“Timothy, can you show us where he hurt you?” Stef asked going into police mode.

Timothy shook his head, he couldn’t. It was too soon. He looked at Madison who said something to him in Irish. He looked at her and said “Close the door.”

First he got Madison’s necklaces and slipped them around her neck.

Timothy shook so much as he struggled with his buttons of his shirt. He looked at Madison helplessy.

“Mads, please help.” He sighed. Madison unbuttoned his shirt and took it off.

He closed his eyes and Madison stared at the bruises.

“Harah.” Madison cursed in Hebrew. She noticed that the bruises were going below his belt line.

Madison walked into English class, an hour later and sat down. She tried to listen to what Timothy was saying.


She looked at Timothy startled. She had been so much in her own thoughts that she had not heard him speaking to her.

Timothy looked concerned, that wasn’t like her.

“Can you read the first line of the book out please?” He asked walking over to her desk.

Madison started to read when a sharp pain went through her stomach, it was so bad that she let out a cry. Timothy caught her as she fell off her chair.

“Mads, what hurts?” He asked concerned as she tried to curl up in his arms.

“My sto-Mothy, I’m-” She swallowed hard as the pain made her feel nauseous.

She fought back tears and she tried to sit up as Matilda and her father walked in. She knew that seeing the guy would scare Timothy.

Stef saw this and walked over to the pair. This gave Timothy time to take Madison to his dorm.

She reached for Timothy’s hand and she gave him a look of support or tried to.

“I am here for you.” She said trying not to sob from the pain in her stomach.

Timothy said “It is okay to cry.” as he lifted her shirt.

Story 3

It was 9.20 am on a Thursday morning, this meant Madison had English. She walked into her English Class and nearly slammed into her own desk. It had been two years since Timothy had gone missing in the middle of the night. But there, standing in front of the class, was Timothy, he was ready to teach.

Madison felt upset, her police friend Stef haven’t even told her that Timothy had been found. Not even a phone call.

She sat down and as she listened to Timothy talk about the meanings behind popular myths, she began to feel nauseous to her stomach.

It felt as if the classroom walls were closing in around her. She had to get out and she had to get out now!

She jumped from her seat and run of the classroom. She heard footsteps from behind her and Timothy pulled her into his arms.

“Madi, Mads. Slow down. Talk to me.” Timothy said between breathes.

“Let me go!” Madison sobbed despite the twenty two year old had missed him so much and wanted to hug him.

“Shh, I have you, Mads.” Timothy said. “I have you.”

“Mothy…Mothy…I am gonna…” Madison let out a whimper and Timothy got her to her bathroom where she lost her cornflakes into the toilet.

Madison began to sob before she buried her face into his shoulder. She started to cry really hard and the only words that she managed to get out was “I thought I lost you!”

“You won’t lose me that easy.” Timothy promised her.;

Madison shouted something in Hebrew then began to ramble off in her different languages.

Timothy’s phone began to ring and it was the chaplain Ella. Ella explained that a new student Anaelle needed her help.

He looked a bit torn. Madison stopped her rambling and went calm all of a sudden.

“Anaelle needs your help? Go it’s fine.” Her voice was too calm and that scared Timothy.

Madison had learnt a long time ago that Anaelle was a special snowflake.

But to her surprise, Timothy did something different. He wasn’t gonna leave Madison’s side.

“No Ella, I can’t come. I have to take care of Madison.” Timothy hanged up the phone and he moved Madison’s sleeves up.

There was some burn scars and Madison knew Timothy could stop her from the self harm. She used her own ice power to freeze her skin till it burnt. She moved her shirt up revealing the newer burn marks.

“Anaelle is more important.” Madison whispered and Timothy carried her to her bed.

“No, she is not more important. Not to me. You are the most important person in my life, you are my girlfriend.” Timothy said sternly and he kissed Madison.

Madison deepened the kiss when his phone rang again, interrupting the kiss. Timothy turned it off, he didn’t give a damn care if Ella got mad.

There were other school counsellors. He cleaned Madison’s wounds when there was a big BANG! Madison knew they were fireworks but Timothy wasn’t sure.

Timothy tensed up and Madison pulled him into her arms, she didn’t know what he gone through but she knew it was it was in a warzone.

“Mads, I am scared.” Timothy admitted.

He pulled his shirt off and she stared at his chest. There was bruises covering his stomach fully and a bandage around his chest.

“They did worse to me on my lower half of my body but…” Timothy looked down.

Madison covered him with a blanket so he could change into his pajamas pants without her seeing what happened.

“I can wait till you are ready.” Madison told him. Timothy pulled her into his arms and began to stroke her hair.

The next day, Timothy was in a snappy mood. He was grading assignments when Anaelle run into the classroom in tears. He looked up concerned.

“Madison yelled at me.” Anaelle sobbed.

Timothy let out a sigh and calmed down Anaelle, before sending her to Ella. He went and found Madison sitting on her favourite window seat watching the pegasi seat.

There was a distant look in her eyes and Timothy called “Madison.”

He didn’t touch her as he sat across from her because he knew that would get him blasted with ice.

“Timothy?” her voice shook as she could hear him but couldn’t see him.

Timothy took her hand and said “I am taking you to my dorm room.”

Madison let out a whimper and pointed behind him. She said “Bad people behind you.”

Timothy felt electricity shooting through his back and he began to gasp out of pain.

He was forced onto his knees and he felt one of the bad guys pushing him to the floor. Madison sent blasts of ice towards his attackers. She was slowly gaining her sight back.

She let out a horrified screams as the bad guys forced Timothy onto a black dragon.

Four years later

Madison was sixteen again instead of twenty two. Local doctors had to reverse her age to save her life.

She had chosen to restart middle school at a new school in Ice Frost City and her powers had changed from ice to fire.

Her powers strength depended on her emotions and strangely, at times, the nail polish that she was wearing.

Madison was walking to social studies when her arch enemy Layla started to create a huge wall of water in front of her.

In turn Madison created a huge wall of fire in front of Layla. For ten minutes, the two students was making their walls bigger and were about to send them flying at each other when a familiar voice shouted “Enough! Put your walls down!”

Layla put her wall down and walked off to class but Madison ignored the warning.

“Madison Rose Night, I said put down your wall.” Timothy ordered again. Her disobedience was starting to really annoy him.

“No!” Madison snapped as he began to turn her wall of fire towards him.

Timothy moved and activated a power block on the nearby concrete pole which blocked all powers. Madison watched as her wall disappeared.

“My office NOW!” Timothy said in his strictest voice.

Madison crossed her arms and shook her head. She stomped her foot and glared at Timothy.

“Make me!” She taunted. Timothy looked at her, his face full of sternness and tiredness.

“Madison, I am not taking this attitude from you. I know you can listen to my orders.” Timothy said trying to stay calm.

He took her hand and Madison didn’t respond at first. Her fingers slowly moved over his.

“No.’ It came out as a whisper and then she muttered something under her breathe.

“Mads, what did you say?” Timothy asked as she pulled her hand away from his.

“Stay away, I am dangerous.” Madison repeated. “It was my fault. What happened.”

Timothy frowned as she bolted from him and he sighed.

That night Madison looked at Timothy’s dorm room’s door, she kept on walking up and down the wall. Stopped looking at the door again.

Timothy opened his door, he wanted to find Madison and he sighed in relief seeing her. He pulled her into his arms and closed the door. He kissed her deeply, needing to feel her lips against his.

A flash of pink light floated around them and Madison’s bracelet flashed that she was now physically 20 years old but her mental age stayed at 16 years old.

“Mads, please please please.” Timothy said, his words rushing out. “Please don’t push me away.” it came out as a plead. “I need you. I don’t know how to cope with what happened.”

“I was scared.” Madison said. “I was scared that you wouldn’t want me anymore.”

She looked at him up and down, he was wearing only boxer shorts.

Timothy let her study all his scars and bruising that he had.

“I wasn’t your fault.” He told her.

Madison heard helicopters which was quite common around this time of night but Timothy began to shake.

She wrapped her arms around him and he said “Mads…Mads…I feel really sick.”

She grabbed a bucket as Timothy laid on the bed and he curled against her as she laid wrapping her arms around him. Soon he feel asleep in her arms. The end.

Alyssa walked to the Phoenix Hawk Hospital. It was six at night. She had heard sirens on the way to work so she was guessing as one of the main emergency dept doctors that she would be busy as soon as she walked into work.

She walked though to see her resident doctor Elliot looking stressed out.

“What do we have Elliot?” She asked and Elliot looked at her, he rubbed his face.

“Three car accidents, four overdoses, a school cabon dixode incident.” He rubbed at his temples.

They turned as ambulances pulled into the ambulance bay. His stomach knotted as his head began to pound.

Alyssa walked over to the door as ambulance officers rushed in her daughter Macy. Alyssa was a single mother since her boyfriend Miles died.

“What happened?” Alyssa asked trying to sound as professional as possible. She looked at Macy whose wings were torn up.

Her own purple wings flickered anxiously. Elliot walked up beside her, he placed his hand on her shoulder.

“Her school bus crashed. Her seatbelt broke and she was thrown from her seat.” One ambulance officer said.

Two other daughters Luka and Lilac rushed over.

“We will take care of her.” Lilac told her.

Alyssa saw the vice principal Lena looking very worried.

“Alyssa, I haven’t seen Callie, Jude, Kaleigh or Tyler or Jase.” Lena said referring to her own kids.

“There are ambulances arriving.” Alyssa said when her oldest daughter Anabel was bought in.

“Mum!” Anabel cried and Alyssa rushed over. “It will be okay.” Alyssa said as Anabel grabbed her hand. Elliot frowned at how calm Alyssa was acting.

He knew Alyssa’s parents wanted custody so Anabel and Macie could go to a religious school.

It was Health Education class for grade 9 students; Silas, Levi, Anabel and Macie were bored as they listened to their teachers Phillip and Miles talk about healthy eating.

“We need to distract them.” Macie grumbled as she doodled on her notebook.

Alyssa walked into Phoenix Hawk Crime Station. She heard her partner Elliot screaming at a suspect.

“Alyssa, do me a favour and stop your partner from killing my suspect.” Miles, her other co-worker sighed looking quite annoyed at her.

She walked over to the interview room and she said to Elliot “Miles is getting quite frustrated about you trying to kill his suspect.”

Elliot looked over hesitated, he knew that she was completely right. He looked at the suspect who screamed “He is insane!”

“Yep.” Alyssa said. “That makes him a good partner.”

“Him being insane makes him a good partner!” The suspect said shocked.

Alyssa looked at Elliot who sighed and followed her out. He gritted his teeth out of frustration and she looked at him, he wrapped his arms around her.

“Breathe Elliot.” She said gently when their lips met. Silence fell thoughout he station and Elliot at first pulled her closer to him.

She deepened the kiss when he panicked and pulled away.

“I need…” He turned and walked to his office, leaving Alyssa feeling extremely embarrassed.

Elliot however stopped halfway to his office and turned to look at her.

He moved his finger towards him and said “Alyssa, can you come here.” there was a glint in his eye. Alyssa walked over to him.

He slipped his hand into hers and pulled her into his office. Elliot pulled her into his arms once he closed the door and kissed her again.

“I am so happy about this.” Elliot said against her lips. He moved her from her face as she nibbled on his lips.

Elliot was very happy with his life until one night changed it all. He was getting dinner from a local Korean restaurant when two men pulled him into a dark car park and assaulted him.

The next morning, Alyssa walked into the station to hear lots of smashing and banging, she stopped. Olivia who was just starting was behind her and looked confused.

“What is that?” Olivia asked when Miles and Lukas came running.

“Alyssa, you need to stop him. He has lost it.” Miles said, he looked very scared.

Alyssa shrugged, that statement wasn’t unusual for her to hear about Elliot. She noticed it was coming from his office.

“Okay.” Alyssa sighed before she went to his office to see that Elliot was full out taking his anger on his office.

He had thrown his computer and desks were flying around the place and chairs. Alyssa calmly walked up to him and pulled him into her arms.

“Elliot, Ell. Hey. Wow. What is wrong?” She asked as she noticed that Elliot was breathing hard.

“I was attacked last night.” He said between breathes. His whole body shook as he said the words. Alyssa began to stroke his shoulders as she held him close.

“I can’t go back to my apartment.” Elliot said. He was feeling sick to his stomach and he shut his eyes lying his head against her hair.

She said “You can stay at my apartment.” as she surveyed the mess of the office. “Want to go to my office?”

“Mhm.”Elliot said. As he and Alyssa walked out, he saw Olivia.

“I’m going to talk to Olivia, be one sec.” He said and he went to the coffee room with Olivia.

Miles said “You do realize that he used to be partnered with Olivia in New York.”

A sick feeling swirled in Alyssa’s stomach and she shook her head as a lump whirled in her throat. She felt like the walls were beginning to close on her as the information settled in her mind. As Elliot walked out of the coffee room, she run out of the station and kept on running.

Tears fell down her face as she kept on running and she was running out as breathe as she cried. Elliot managed to catch up to her and pull her into his arms.

“Let go!” Her words came out as sobs as he held her, she struggled until she began to cough hard.

“Lyssa, take a deep breathe. Talk to me.” Elliot said concerned about her sudden melt down.

“Idontwanttoloseyou.” Alyssa’s words rushed out and Elliot raised an eyebrow.

“Come again? English this time.” Elliot said as he sat her down on a bench. He wrapped his arms around her.

“I don’t want to loose you.” Alyssa sobbed.

“Loose me?” Elliot asked. “I told Olivia that you are my partner.”

“I thought since she was your old partner in New York….” she was interrupted by Elliot kissing her.

She kissed him back and he wiped her tears away.

“Olivia hurt me very badly in New York.” Elliot said. “After a fatal shooting in the SVU office, I had to-” the words felt like acid in his throat.

Alyssa took his hand and began to make calming circles.

“He killed a victim of a case that we were working on.” Alyssa looked in front of her as Olivia came storming up to them. She moved closer to Elliot.

“What was the circumstances?” Alyssa asked as Elliot bowed his head. She tightened her grip on his hand. “El, was your life in danger?”

“Yes.” The answer was a murmur but Alyssa could hear it. His shoulders slumped.

“He could have shot her in a different part of the body.” Olivia argued.

“Olivia, shut the fuck up!” Alyssa snapped at her.

Elliot began to retch into the bin next to him and Alyssa rubbed his back.

“Let’s go to my apartment.” She said. Then she looked at Olivia. “Sometimes making a fatal shot is the only choice.”

Elliot looked at her as she helped him to her Black Holden Ute.

As she drove to her apartment, Elliot asked “Lyssa, about what you said.”

“I had to kill my old work partner after he drew his weapon on me. He was going to shoot me.” Alyssa explained as she pulled into her garage. “I left Florida because the station said they couldn’t charge me but they could make sure I never work in another Florida police station again.”

Elliot followed her into her house, he watched as an orange fluffball thing came yapping at him.

“This is Lulu, my Pomeranian puppy.” Alyssa said as she locked the door.

He looked at Lulu and started to pat it. He was fighting back his tears.

“It is okay to cry.” Alyssa soothed as Elliot turned to face her. He shook his head as he followed her into her living room but as Alyssa sat him on the couch, tears started to fall.

“Lyssa, I didn’t-” He sobbed as she wrapped her arms around him.

“Let it out.” She whispered as he buried his head into her shoulder.

His whole body shook as he cried, he realized now he never felt safe with anyone before now. He fell asleep in Alyssa’s arms. The End

Alyssa/Elliot-Second story.

Elliot strolled into the station with McDonalds in hand, he went to his and Alyssa’s office and placed the food on the huge desk he shared with Alyssa.

He walked out when Olivia asked “Are you going my partner again?”

“Never.” Elliot said. He heard a loud bang echoed throughout the building originating from the interview room. There was only one other detective at work.

He run into the interview room to find the desk thrown against the wall and the suspect was bleeding from his cheek. Despite the fact, he wasn’t too concern for the suspect, he was concern for his girlfriend getting in trouble.

“Okay, time to talk Lyssa.” He decided taking Alyssa from the room.

Alyssa’s entire body shook out of anger and she blinked slowly.

“He said stuff about..” She attempted a lie as Elliot pulled her close to him, he began to stroke her hair as he took her towards their office.

She tensed up as her anger was starting to build.

“Lyssa talk to me.” Elliot prompted as he turned to face her.

“I can’t! I can’t!” She screamed as she began to struggle from his arms.

“Why?” Elliot asked as he managed to take her to their office. He knew that she had been attacked on the day he had off but he wanted her to tell him.

“I’m afraid.” She admitted as she looked at him. “Afraid you wouldn’t want me anymore.”

“Look at me.” Elliot frowned as he watched her stare at the ground. She looked back at him. “Alyssa Zoe Field, there is nothing that will make me not want you.”

“I thought…I thought you might give up…” Alyssa took a deep breathe as she held onto him.

A guy with dark brown hair and silver eyes walked in, taking the pair by surprise. Alyssa shook with recognising him as the one who attacked her. Elliot was about to say something when a sharp pain went through his shoulder blade. He stepped back and glanced down to see blood pouring down.

“I told you Alyssa, that I am gonna make your life hell.” The guy sneered and run out of the station. Miles rushed in and called 911.

Alyssa placed her hand against Elliot’s shoulder who glared after the guy.

“No he won’t. I won’t let him.” Elliot said through gritted teeth.

Pain made him feel dizzy but he pulled Alyssa onto his lap.

Alyssa walked into Phoenix Hawk Police Station where she worked. As she entered the station, she headed for the break room and grabbed her Dark Blue Dragon Mug from the cupboard.

She went to the coffee machine and filled it up with pure black coffee. Footsteps came from behind her and she turned as her work partner Elliot scrolled up to her. He grabbed his plain black cup and joined her by the machine.

“I have something to talk to you about. In our office.” Elliot said and Alyssa nodded. She walked with him as she sipped on her coffee, as they walked into their office. She sat at her pine timber desk and watched as Elliot closed the door.

Alyssa placed her coffee down and concern full her blue eyes. This must be serious, she thought.

“What is up Elliot?” She asked as Elliot sat on the edge of her desk. He moved a little closer to her and waved his hand through her hazel-blonde hair before leaning in and kissing her. His lips brushed softly against hers.

Alyssa reached out, placing her hand on his shoulder so she could pull him closer to her. As she deepened the kiss, the door opened again and someone walked in.

“Umm.” The Police Chief Miles raised an eyebrow as Elliot turned so quick that he slid off the desk.

A woman was standing next to Miles.

“Hey boss.” Elliot and Alyssa said as Miles crossed his arms. He had never been too fond of officers dating each other.

“This is Olivia from Special Victims Unit, as you would know Elliot.” Miles said. “I am not sure what I have interrupted but do I have to remind you two about acting professional on the job?”

“No sir.” Both said but Elliot glared at Olivia. “Are we helping SVU on a case?” Elliot asked as he reached for Alyssa’s hand.

“Yes.” Miles said and Elliot tensed up. He closed his eyes, he didn’t want to see his old team. Alyssa squeezed Elliot’s hand watching as he went pale.

“Can’t we work on a different case?” Alyssa asked as she felt Elliot’s hand shaking.

“No.” Miles said. “Elliot needs to get over what happened.”

Elliot felt nauseous at the words and Alyssa glared at her Chief.

“Get over being abandoned by a team and a partner?” Alyssa demanded, her voice became thick with her latino accent.

“Excuse me! Watch your tone!” Olivia snapped at her and Alyssa flicked her hair back, giving her a look of distaste.

“Make me Vacca Stulta. (You stupid cow).” Alyssa hissed at her and Elliot looked at her, he was starting to feel really ill.

He swallowed, his mouth felt dry and his stomach was very nauseous. His face was sweating and Alyssa handed him a bucket, before rubbing his back.

Elliot shut his eyes leaning against her as she wrapped her arms around him.

“Do you know Elliot shot a victim?” Olivia asked her.

“I am sure he had a good reason!” Alyssa shot her a look. “Get out of my office!”

Elliot’s stomach lurched and he started to retch into the bucket.

Miles and Olivia walked out leaving them alone.

“She started shooting in the SVU office.” Elliot explained as he looked at Alyssa. “I had to shoot her.”

Alyssa frowned as she said “That doesn’t make you a bad person.”

Elliot laid his head against her shoulder and said “SVU don’t see it that way.”

He walked to the sink and rinsed his mouth out. As he turned around, he noticed that she was smiling.

“El, lets get back to our ‘chat’.” Alyssa suggest, a sparkle appeared in her eyes and Elliot raised an eyebrow.

He sat next to her and she moved onto his lap, kissing him and he held her close as she played with his chest hair.

Elliot smiled as he looked at her and said “You make me safe.”

Alyssa noticed that he looked very exhausted, there was dark rings under his eyes and he was leaning against her. Alyssa went and locked the door.

“You need to have a nap.” She said as she nodded towards the lockdown bed.

“Only if you join me too, you need sleep as well.” Elliot yawned and as they laid down, Alyssa snuggled into his arms. And for once in such a long time, they had a peaceful sleep.

You must trust and believe in people or life becomes impossible- Anton Chekhov.

Detective Constable Tillie Knight hummed as she worked on her paperwork for a recent closed case when the face machine beeped.

“Tillie, get that please.” Sergeant Smithy ordered her looking up from his own paperwork.

Tillie grabbed the piece of paper from the fax machine to see it was a poster for an escaped prisoner.

“It says there is an escaped prisoner. His name is Martin Delaney and his crimes are…” her voice trialled off. She stared at the crimes and shook her head, it couldn’t be true…Mickey, her boyfriend would’ve told her.

Smithy walked over, looking alarmed and he took the paper, looking at it.

“We need to tell Mickey.” Then he saw the expression on her face. “What is it?”

“He…” Tillie was shocked as she sat on her chair. “He was…” tears sting her eyes. Then she bowed her head, studying the blue carpet under feet which had became suddenly interesting.

Smithy frowned at her sudden change in personality. He asked “Mickey didn’t tell you what Martin Delaney did?”

Just as he asked the question, Mickey walked into the room and Smithy sighed, handing over the paper to him.

As Mickey read it, he let out a sigh but didn’t noticed as Tillie started to edge towards the door until she had dashed out of it.

“You never told Tillie about what happened?” Smithy asked Mickey who turned around to watch her leave the station.

“No.” Mickey sighed, he knew he should have told her.

“You need to go and talk to her.” Smithy sighed.

You must trust and believe in people or life becomes impossible- Anton Chekhov.

Zoielle walked into Phoenix Hawk Hospital, she noticed that her Resident doctor Timothy was looking flustered.


You must trust and believe in people or life becomes impossible- Anton Chekhov.

Alyssa rushed to work, she was late. She placed her bag down and noticed Elliot wasn’t in.

“He and Olivia went to a victim’s house.” Miles said. “He said that he wanted to work with her instead of you.” that was a lie.

“Oh.” Alyssa’s shoulders slumped as she wondered where she went wrong.

“He requested his own office.” Also a lie.

Alyssa nodded as she took her keys. She said “Did.”

You must trust and believe in people or life becomes impossible- Anton Chekhov.

Alyssa hummed as she walked into work when Miles called her into his office. She sighed as she wondered what she did this time.

“Yes sir?” She said as she looked at him.

“Elliot has requested Olivia to be his partner and his own office.” Miles said giving her, her keys.

“Did he say why?” Alyssa asked.

“That is between me and Elliot.” Miles said.

Alyssa nodded as she left the office. As Elliot stormed in, he glared at Olivia.

“Lyssa.” He looked relief but frowned as he saw the hurt in her eyes.

Alyssa wailed something out in Hebrew and threw a catcus plant at Elliot’s face. He ducked and Alyssa rushed to her office locking the door.

She sat on the floor since she had to buy furniture for her office. Five minutes later, she heard Elliot screaming at Miles about lying.

Elliot was horrified that Miles had lied to Alyssa.

She heard footsteps minutes later and then she felt Elliot place his arms around her.

“Miles lied, you are the only one I want as my partner.” Elliot said. Alyssa didn’t respond but she blinked back tears.

Two years later

Alyssa and Elliot had been separated after Elliot had gone missing.

She had started at Dragon Wings Crime Squad but every partner she had been paired with, either she nearly killed or they had gotta fed up with her sassy attitude.

Her boss Brett walked in and said “You partner is here. Hopefully he can pull your head in.”

Alyssa rolled her eyes then smelt a familiar cologne and she looked up from her case folder as Elliot walked in.

She saw bruises on his face but she guessed there was more that she couldn’t see.

“We got to go and investigate a crime in Ice Frost City.” She said as she grabbed her roll on suitcase.

“I know.” Elliot said as he followed her to the car. She threw her suit case in when she realized she havent gotten the keys and turned to see that he had the keys.

Alyssa wrapped her arms around him and Elliot held her close. Tears flowed.

“I have you Lyssie. I have you.” He whispered.

Alyssa stayed like that for two minutes before she got into the car. Elliot got into the drivers seat.

“It has been very hard without you.” Alyssa whispered.

Alyssa walked to Griffin Hawk Police Station. Her boss Hunter met her at the door.

“The Special Victims Unit are helping out on a case. Elliot is most likely to be on edge since Olivia is here.” Hunter warned.

She sighed as she walked to find Elliot waiting by her office door.

“Are you okay?” She asked and he sighed at the question and he reached for Alyssa.

Alyssa walked to Griffin Hawk Crime Station. As she walked into the main office, she noticed a different team were around the planning board and she walked over to see who they were.

“Hey I am Alyssa. One of the main detectives here.” She introduced herself to the blonde haired woman who seemed like the boss of the team.

“I’m Olivia. Main Detective of Special Victims Unit. Hunter called us in to help with a case.” The woman said.

There was a loud bang that originated from the south east interview room.

“Alyssa! Go and calm you partner down before he is banned from interviewing suspects!” Hunter, her boss yelled.

“Your partner has anger issues.” Matilda pointed out.

“I’m working on that Matilda. And his anger issues is only with suspects.” Alyssa said.

She walked to the interview room and knocked on the door. She got no answer and she opened it.

“Elliot, I need a word please.” She got no response which mean he was in a stubborn mood. She gave a sigh as she crossed her arms.

“Elliot Stabler!” Hunter barked. “Listen to your partner!”

Alyssa turned around to face Hunter who looked very annoyed by now, he was standing by his office with his hands on his hips. Alyssa made a signal that meant let me handle it.

She walked into the interview room and grabbed Elliot’s arm, pulling him out of the interview room. The Special Victims Unit members looked shocked to see him, least they knew he had retired.

“El, look at me.” She could feel that he was shaking. He looked at her and she asked “What is wrong?”

Elliot looked up to meet her blue eyes and he pointed to his old team, letting out a sigh.

“My old team is here.”

“You know Elliot, in all the four years that we have worked together, you have never mentioned your old team.” Alyssa said as she walked with him to their office.

Elliot stopped and turned looking at Olivia who seemed to be following them.

“Because they turned their backs on me.” He said this in Hebrew.

The next day Alyssa had gotten two coffees but when she got to work, Hunter met her at the door. She looked surprised when he said “Elliot has gone back to work with the Special Victims Unit.”

“Okay.” Alyssa said fighting back all the hurt she felt, she wasn’t going to break down in front of Hunter.

“You have gotten a job offer at Phoenix National Crime Headquarters. They need an answer now.” Hunter pointed to his phone.

Her eyes lit up and she said “I’ll take the offer.”

Three years later

Alyssa was in her PNCH office when her boss Brett walked in.

“Your new partner is here. Hopefully he will make you pull your head in. Please don’t try to kill him.” Brett requested and he sighed as she rolled her eyes.

She looked through her newest case file when a familiar scent of Blue Encens Cologne wave through the office.

Alyssa groaned and grumbled before she muttered “We have a case in River Creek City.” she glanced up at Elliot. She looked at the bruises on his face and a look of fear in his eyes.

She got the keys to her car and Elliot followed her to the Black Toyota Rav 4.

“Lyssa, slow down please.” Elliot requested but Alyssa muttered something in Hebrew. However she turned around as he began to vomit.

“Elliot, you didn’t go back to the SVU did you?” Alyssa asked.

The look in Elliot’s eyes made her heart break, they were full of pain and fear. She had never seen that before in his eyes.

She walked over to him and pulled him into her arms.

“I was abducted outside my house.” He explained as he held onto her. He felt safe holding her.

“You been held hostage for three years…I…what did they do to you?” Alyssa asked.

“I will tell you in the car.” Elliot said. “I can’t drive because of my injuries.”

Alyssa let out a sob and Elliot moved her hair from her face.

“I let you down.” She looked down and she let out a shaky breath. “I am supposed to be your partner.”

Elliot kissed her and she closed her eyes.

“You didn’t let me down. Hunter lied to you.” Alyssa opened her eyes when two men hit them over the heads.

Three years later

Alyssa looked at the house where Elliot’s kidnappers lived.

“He is tied up in the barn, that will teach him to try and escape.” One of the kidnappers said.

“Alyssa go and get Elliot.” Matilda said. “Goren and I will deal with the kidnappers.”

Elliot was shivering as the kidnappers had stolen his clothes when a tumble weed bush came into the barn. He tilted his head as Alyssa rushed to him from the bush and he asked “Do you know that is a very strange way of sneaking?” as she undid his ropes.

Tears fell down his face as he wrapped his arms around her and she said “I have you El, I have you.”

“Where is your partner?” He asked.

“I am holding him.” Alyssa said and Elliot looked at her. “You are my partner and no-one else.”

Elliot held her close and kissed her and Alyssa kissed him back.

That night Alyssa was staring out of her window when she heard a knock on her front door. She walked through the hallway to the front door and opened it to find Elliot standing there in the cold. He had some pajamas with him.

“I couldn’t…I needed…” He began to shake and Alyssa wrapped her arms around him.

“El, you are supposed to be in the hospital.” Alyssa scolded gently.

“I don’t want to be alone.” Elliot gave a whimper as she took him to the bedroom and she laid him softly onto her bed.

Alyssa said “El tell me something.” as he got undressed.

“What is it Lyssie?” Elliot asked as she helped him into his soft pajama pants.

“What did they do to you?” Alyssa asked and Elliot laid onto her assortments of fifty or so pillows.

He pulled her into his arms and she snuggled into his embrace.

“They forced me to let them do stuff.” He took a deep breathe, it hurt to talk about. “First time I said no, they hit me in the head with a branding tool.”

Alyssa looked at him as she stroked his chest and said “I wish I could take away your pain.” Elliot stroked her light brown hair.

“You make me feel safe, you give me stability.” Elliot said when Alyssa let out a yawn. “Lyssie, when was the last time you had a good night sleep?”

“None that I can remember.” She said softly and Elliot pulled the blanket around her.

Alyssa fought back sleep but as Elliot stroked her hair, she fell asleep. The end.

The winter chill floated through the city of Phoenix Cove City.

Elliot walked into work to find Brett looking concerned and Brett said “You and Alyssa has a case in Silver Frost City.”

Elliot gave a nod as Alyssa walked to him and she said “A six day road trip. How Fun.” as she swirled the keys around her finger.

Elliot flinched as Brett accidentally brushed against him. Brett frowned and asked “Are you up to this Elliot?”

“Yes sir.” Elliot said as he grabbed his go bag. Alyssa looked at him and he noticed that she was a bit pale.

“Lyssie, are you feeling okay?’

“You killed that guy!” Eames yelled at Goren who was making rounds around the desks of Phoenix National Crime Squad. Eames wouldn’t let him get to his own office.

“The evidence proved that he didn’t kill Julian Night.” Goren stopped circling as his partner Matilda walked in sipping on a Dr. Pepper.

He looked relieved to see her.

“Tillie.” The words rumbled like thunder as she handed him, a Flat White Coffee. “Thanks.” He sighed as she wrapped her hand around his. He had called her when he had found that Major Case Squad was helping out on a case.

Matilda glared at Eames when two detectives approached them.

“Bobby Goren, you are under arrest for the murder of Julian Night.” One detective began to say and Goren reached for Matilda.

Matilda pulled him into her arms and said “You have no evidence.”

“My detective is right.” Her boss walked up to them. “You have no grounds for an arrest.”

One of the detectives grabbed Goren and forced him onto the table really hard.

“Tillie!” Goren began to panic and he reached for his partner who rushed to his side but Eames kicked her against a wall. She hit her head hard. “No! Don’t hurt Tillie! Leave Tillie alone. Brett!” he let out a wail.

Fear stucked him as Matilda lay there motionless. As Brett and Elliot rushed over, pulling the detectives off him, he rushed to Matilda.

“You can do anything to me but NO-ONE hurts Matilda!” He yelled at Eames through tears of fear. He knelt down by Matilda’s side. “Tillie…”

He lifted her into his arms gently and began to search for a pulse. He couldn’t lose her. He needed her more then she would know. “Please Tillie. Be okay. You have to be okay.” He let out a sob. “I need you, I need you.”

Minutes seem to tick past before Matilda began to stir and she opened her light blue eyes. She reached for Goren wiping his tears away.

“You are not losing me that easily Goren. Gore, shh. It is okay.” Matilda soothed as he held onto her, she wrapped her arms around him.

A detective from Major Case Squad pulled his gun from his holster and before anyone could stop him, he had placed it against Goren’s lower back near his butt.

Phoenix National Crime Squad pulled their weapons out but it was too late. A huge bang echoed as the detective forced the gun into Goren’s ass and pulled the trigger.

Brett and Elliot shot the detective while Matilda pulled out her phone calling 911.

“Many injuries throughout my careers, this has to be the strangest so far.” Goren muttered as Elliot and Alyssa laid some pillows down.

Matilda laid him onto his side.

“The ambulance is on the way.” Matilda said as he laid his head onto her lap.

Six months later.

Matilda was doing paperwork when Goren walked up to her.

“Hey, we got a case in Ice Cove City.” She said and Goren asked “What happened when I was away?”

“Always direct as usual.” Matilda sighed not wanting to get into that conversation, she was embarrassed about it. They walked to his Black Rav 4. Brett was not comfortable with Matilda’s driving, he said that she was too fast.

She got into the passenger seat and Goren flinched as he slipped into the driver’s seat.

“Let me drive.” Matilda begged and Goren said “You know what Brett will say. Please Til, tell me what happened.”

“Lukas broke into my apartment, stole my journal and then read my journal to the rest of the squad.” Matilda sighed. Goren started driving to their location since Matilda was on a no fly list.

As they got near their hotel, he asked “Was it true what you wrote about me?” he smirked at her.

“Yes.” A blush crawled up her neck.

Goren smiled as he parked the car and he asked “Why didn’t you say anything?” before he got out.

She followed him to a nearby bench. Goren slowly moved his finger over her lips as she sat down.

“I was scared.” She admitted as she looked at him.

“Scared?” Goren asked pulling her into his lap which sent shooting pain through his body. He kissed her and Matilda deepened it.

Soon they got to Ice Frost Police Station, Goren and Matilda walked in. Goren noticed that Special Victims Unit and Major Case Squad were setting up but worse Nicole Wallace was there. His arch enemy but he froze, something didn’t feel right.

His throat started to burn with bile when Eames said something that bought back bad memories.

“Matilda, maybe you should tie or strap up Bobby to see how he reacts.” Eames said. “Or my detectives could show you.”

Matilda pulled her gun out from her hostler as she saw the fear in Goren’s eyes when Elliot and Alyssa rushed in. Brett had figured out that it was a trap and sent Elliot and Alyssa in to help.

The Major Case Squad detectives threw smoke bombs blinding them and Goren screamed for Matilda. She tried to grabbed his hand but it was just too late.

As the smoke cleared, Matilda looked panicked and horrified at Alyssa and Elliot.

“We need to find him.” Matilda cried as she began to pace and the fear she was feeling was making her head pound.

Five years later

Matilda stormed to an old mental hospital where she found out it was Goren was being held. She kicked the front door down not waiting for Alyssa and Elliot to catch up, she could hear Goren’s cries of pain and fear coming from the hallway.

Alyssa and Elliot followed her and she kicked down another door. Goren watched the door go flying against the wall and he cried out Matilda’s name.

He was strapped on a metal bed but his kidnappers were no-where to be seen.

Matilda unstrapped him and Goren sat up burying his face into her shoulder. She held him for ten minutes before helping him to her car. Goren sat in the passenger seat and asked hoarsely “Tillie do you have water?”

He noticed how tired she looked and wondered when the last time she slept was. Matilda got her water bottle when Goren asked “You got a new partner? Where are they?”

“You are my partner.” Matilda said as she held the water bottle for him. “Small sips.”

Goren kissed her gently. Soon they got home and for Goren’s safety as well as recoverment, they decided to get a house together or so they told Brett.

Matilda was making dinner when panic swept over her as her throat began to hurt and she was about to cough all over the food.

She bolted from the kitchen was and was out of the front door in seconds. Goren followed her as she began to cough really hard which bought her to her knees.

“Tillie! Tillie! Stop!” Goren yelled and caught up to her. Matilda began to cough even harder and began to throw up.

“I’m fine.” She whimpered as she shook.

“Why are you lying to me?” Goren asked worried.

Tears fell as he picked her up and held her close.

“I’m used to dealing with things alone.” Matilda admitted.

Goren asked “Alone?” as he took her home.

“My parents used to say to suck it up and do my chores. They said if I was lucky I would get dinner.” Matilda explained.

Goren stroked her hair and said “That is parents for you.” He moved her hair and spotted bruises on her neck and shoulders.

“I got hurt riding Rosie.” Matilda said referring to her Palomino horse.

Goren looked at her, he didn’t like being lied to and he shook his head. He and Matilda had worked on enough assaults for him to know what bruises caused by hands looked like.

“I don’t like being lied to.” Goren sighed upset. “Why are you not being honest?”

“I’m afraid.” She whispered as she looked at Goren, she was surprised by the tears in his eyes.

“Afraid of what?” Goren asked, he held her closer.

“I don’t want him to harm you.” Matilda sobbed. “You have been through enough.”

She swallowed hard and threw up all over them.

“Tillie, I want to protect you.” He whispered as he walked to the bathroom. He got her fresh pajamas which had Zuma from Paw Patrol on them.

After changing, Matilda went to sleep.

Matilda hummed to herself as she walked into Phoenix Hawk National Crime Headquarters. She stopped humming, hearing Goren screaming from the north east interview room as she walked past desks.

She glanced at her friend Alyssa who was working on paperwork, Alyssa’s partner Elliot was snoozing in his chair.

“At least it isn’t your partner this time.” smirked Matilda but frowned as she heard banging, and run to see what was riling up her partner.

But as she run in, she saw Goren was close to seriously hurting the suspect. She had to push Goren onto the desk to stop him from bashing up the suspect.

“Can you restrain him while I take the suspect to another interview room?” Elliot asked as he grabbed the suspect and Matilda moved so she could restrained Goren easily as Elliot took the suspect out of the room.

Goren started to look panick, he was hurt emotionally that Matilda was doing this. Matilda froze as she saw the look on his face, he didn’t even struggle but the hurt on his face made Matilda feel like she had been stabbed.

She stepped back away from him and she knew in her heart that she could have stopped him using other methods. She cursed at herself, she had to go and use the one thing that he was afraid of.

“I’m sorry.”

Goren could barely hear her words as he sat up slowly. He reached to pull Matilda into his arms but she bolted to her office, locking her door.

Tears fell as she slipped onto her couch when her doorknob wiggled and then the lock turned around.

“Go away!” Her voice broke as sobs interrupted.

“I can’t do that.” Goren said as he walked into the office. “You was acting according to Headquarters policy. I am proud of you.”

“Don’t be proud of me!” She spit which made Goren raise an eyebrow, he knew that she had been hiding something from him and the rest of the team.

Goren knelt in front of her and he moved her hair from her face.

“Matilda, you need to talk to me.” Goren said sternly. “Now.”

“I did something that I couldn’t tell anyone especially you.” Matilda bit back a sob.

“What did you do?” Goren asked.

“I angered Jett’s gang.” Matilda said referring to her ex husband. “By shutting down of the chapters.”

Goren pulled her into his arms and sat on the couch.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He asked. “What was you afraid of?”

“I thought you wouldn’t want me after Jett…” Matilda began to cry really hard now.

“Listen to me Matilda Faith Pablo, there is nothing you can do or have done to you, that will ever stop me from wanting you.” Goren held her close rocking her, “I love you Tillie. I love you so much.”

He was confused by the look of guilt on her face when Jett walked in. He tensed up, he started to worry now. Jett had a hold over Matilda but he knew it was more then the fear of her life.

“You know what to do Matilda.” Jett sneered at her. “You know the risk if you don’t.”

Matilda forced Goren onto his desk and tied his arms and legs to the desk.

“Tillie…” Goren began to get panick, tears welled up in his eyes. “Tillie stop. Please stop!” He pleaded as she tightened the straps.

Tears fell down her face and Goren couldn’t even struggle. He knew she didn’t want to do this.

“Good Matilda.” Jett smirked. “Maybe you will see Faith again.”

“You said I could have custody if I did this.” Her voice was so scared that it broke Goren’s heart.

He looked at her and said “Tillie what was the deal?”

Jett watched as Matilda moved to Goren and kissed him passionately. Goren blinked as she slipped on top of him and she said “To do this to you against your own free will but if I am not getting custody, I can’t go through with the rest.” she unstrapped the restrains.

Goren wrapped his arms around her and held her close.

“Faith is my five year old.” Matilda whispered before she gave another sob.

“Hear my words, you shall never see Faith again.” Jett sneered. Goren squirmed slightly and then let out a soft sigh.

“Goren?” Matilda looked puzzled before raising her eyebrow as he was blushing.

“That did feel good.” He admitted which made Matilda smile.

That night, Goren made sure that Matilda had a good sleep while trying to figure out how to get Faith back.

The End.

Abigail Rose Kassina walked to the Behavioral Analysis Unit Headquarters where she worked, she heard that her main partner Hunter was back for duty. As she wandered to the elevators that would lead up to her office, she paused. Wondering if she take them, she also started hoping that no-one told Hunter that she was responsible for saving him.

Abigail turned to see Hunter heading her way and she began to scale the nearest wall out of pure panic. Hunter frowned as she managed to get to her office by climbing the wall.

“Okay…” He sighed. “What is up with that.”

He knew that she only did the climbing stunts when she was avoiding someone or someone. Unfortunately, for some reason, it seemed to be him this time.

He walked up the stairs and to her office, he opened the door and stepped in. Abigail cursed out loud in Russian for not locking the door as he walked in.

“Okay, time to talk Princessa. What is wrong?” He asked sitting in front of him.

“Nothing is wrong!” Abigail snapped at him, she couldn’t get to any wall to scale. Hunter tsked at her, he knew better then that.

“We have worked together for six years.” Hunter reminded her. “Don’t shell me out Princessa, please.”

“I nearly lost you.” Abigail whispered, tears fell. “Seeing you tied to that bed with your pants…” She closed her eyes.

Hunter felt his stomach knot as he came to realized that she must have saved him.

He reached for Abigail and pulling, he took her into his arms.

“I am proud of you.” He soothed stroking her honey blonde hair which she tensed up at.

“Don’t be proud of me!” She snapped before taking a couple of deep breathes.

“You need to talk to me.” Hunter prompted. “Now. You don’t use this attitude with me normally.”

“I used to date who abducted.” Hunter could barely hear her.

He sighed as he placed his hand under her chin so she looked up him, her green eyes were full with pure guilt.

Abigail sipped on a Vanilla Hot Chocolate as she wandered into Phoenix Behavioral Analysis Centre, she an hour before work started because the roads were quiet for once. It was unusual for the roads of Brisbane, especially on a Monday morning.

She went to her office and noticed that her partner Hunter’s desk was tidy and empty. He was usually in earlier then she was.

“His Ford probably broke down. I told him to buy a Holden.” She chuckled to herself as she began to work on her paperwork. An hour went past when her boss Carter walked in.

“Hunter has called in sick. You will be working with Stuart, perhaps for a few days.” Carter said.

Abigail looked at him in confusion. She shook her head before she said “I didn’t think Hunter got sick.” She thought over it. “He hasn’t taken a sick day since we have been partners.”

“Or five years before that.” Carter sighed. “He has chosen a quite bad time. The case is well, for your sake, I wish Hunter was here.”

Abigail gave a nod but slipped out of the police station before Stuart came in, she knew better then that but she couldn’t shake off her concern for her partner. She walked to her Red Holden Maloo Ute and drove to Hunter’s house down in New Farm.

She walked to the door and noticed that it was unlocked. Concern nagged at her more and she walked in.

“Hunter!” She called as she locked the door behind her, it was New Farm! Having unlocked doors were not smart.

“Abi, I’m in…” She heard him retching in the bathroom. She headed down the hallway to where the bathroom was, to see him shaking and leaning against the toilet bowl.

“Hunt…” She walked over to him. “What happened?” His clothes were ripped and oh the stars…she saw bruises on areas that made her stomach swirl.

“Nothing happened!” Hunter snapped at her which made Abigail stepped back. “I don’t want you to know because I don’t want to deal with your nagging and over-protectiveness and clinginess.”

Abigail stood silently for five minutes and she opened her mouth before she closed it. She had no response before she nodded and went back to her car.

Tears fell as she drove off and she didn’t know where to go so she went back to work when Carter walked up to her.

“You have been offered a job at the European Major International Crimes Centre in Norway. They need an answer now.” Carter explained.

“I’ll take it.” Abigail answered immediately, she always wanted a job at EMICC. “Tell Hunter that I said goodbye…” she gave a sigh. “Not that he will care.”

The next morning, Hunter run to their office, to find Abigail’s desk was empty with only a piece of paper on it. He picked it up and the piece of paper was thanking Abigail for accepting the offer at EMICC. He shook as held it.

The last thing he had said to her was words of anger. She had been his assigned partner for six years and he had pushed her away.

He sped through red lights to Brisbane International Airport before having to go around the car parks almost five times before he found a park.

Running to the Departures level, he saw the plane that Abigail was on take to the skies and he knew that Abigail would be sitting in her seat as the plane left Brisbane skies. He sunk to the cold floor as he buried his face into his hands. Tears fell as he realized he was too late.


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